Little Bo Peep

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Double Penetration

Martha: Don’t you think she’s too big to play Little Bo Peep?

Henry: I like big gals besides she’s perfect for the part.

Little Bo Peep was out in the meadow watching her sheep.

Martha: There stuffed.

Henry: Yeah well we couldn’t afford real sheep and it might not be a good idea to have them around the studio.

Martha: Why?

Henry: You’ve heard the expression fucking the dog.

Connie was a sexy blonde with big knockers, she was wearing a white and blue bonnet with a matching dress with lots of petticoats.

Holding a shepherds cane she looked like Little Bo Peep with cleavage.

Henry: Lets do an upskirt shot. Oh yeah that’s it. The camera looked right up her dress. Connie was wearing a pair of light brown seamed nylons with white garters and pink panties with white lace trimmed ankle socks and black strap shoes.

Connie: Little Boy Blue let me blow your horn the sheep are in the meadow and we need some porn. Rick was wearing a little boy blue outfit. Together they went over to the pleasure grove.

Martha: Is that grove or groove?

There was a canopy bed set up under a shady tree.

Connie: What about my sheep? Rick: They can wait you look like more fun. Rick pulled her Escort Bayan down on the soft feather bed. Martha entered the set dolled up as Mother Goose.

Martha: Well if it isn’t Big Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue Balls, mind if I watch?

Connie: You could watch my sheep.

Martha: Fuck your sheep there stuffed just like your cunts gonna be when Rick gets done with it. Connie was giving Rick a blow job.

Martha: That’s not how you do it here let me show you. Connie watched as Martha went down on his big hard cock. She went all the way down and got it all wet.

Connie: Hey this is my show. Rick pulled up her dress and petticoats and then pulled her panties down. They were dangling around one ankle as he started licking her pussy. Martha watched for awhile and then showed him how it should be done. Now watch, when you lick a womans cunt hold it open and lick it up and down like this. Connie moaned as Martha licked her pussy.

Martha: Get her nice and wet and push your tongue as far in as you can see how she responds. Rick went down on her again licking her pussy slit and sucking on her protruding clit.

Martha: There I think she’s wet enough, are you ready for some cock baby? Connie just rocked Bayan Escort her hips forward. Rick moved in between her open legs. Martha gave him a quick knob job and got his cock wet. Connie looked up at him as he rubbed his cock head in her wet pussy lips.

Martha: Now slip into her cunt, that’s it all the way in, now fuck her. Rick held her legs and pushed his cock balls deep and then started fucking her with a steady rythmic motion.

Martha: Cut let’s take a break.

Connie: What we can’t quit now.

Martha: We can take up right where we left off. Around a table at Misty’s Malt Shop they talked about the new video.

Henry: We can call it Nasty Nursery ryhmes. Connie was enjoying her milk shake.

Martha: We need to have a bang up ending for this one. Rick: Where do I cum?

Connie: You can cum on my tits.

Martha: No we need somthing different.

Connie: You can cum all over my face.

Henry: Too standard that’s what everybody does.

Connie: You can cum in my mouth.

Martha: That’s better but we need somthing nasty.

Connie: What’s naster than that?

Martha: A creampie.

Connie: You mean let him cum in my cunt?

Martha: Yeah Escort that would be a perfect ending.

Henry: What do you think Rick? Rick: Sounds good.

Connie: Gee I don’t know I’ve never done an internal cum shot before.

Martha: You’ll like it we’ll have the camera zoom in real slow so we can watch it ooze out. Connie finished her milkshake, well ok I quess I’ll try it.

Henry: Great let’s get back to the studio.

Martha: And action. Rick was holding her hips as he fucked her. Connie was moaning and pushing her pubus up to meet his.

Connie: Fuck me fuck me, oh yeah harder I’m gonna cum. Rick watched as his cock slipped in and out of her wet pussy folds, she looked so sexy with her petti coats and dress hiked up around her waist. He kept fucking her with a steady motion and then felt his orgasm starting, I’m gonna cum.

Connie: Cum baby cum inside me, fill me with cream. Rick moaned as he pushed all the way in and let go. Connie wrapped her legs around the back of his and felt him shooting his hot load deep inside her. Rick waited until he was drained and then slowly pulled out. Connie sat up on the bed and held her petti coats out of the way. The camera moved in for a perfect close up of her wet cunt. Connie squeezed her pussy lips and the held them open as Rick’s thick white cum flowed out of her, she kept pushing until she got most of it out then she played with her pussy and made even more ooze out.

Martha: That’s a wrap, nice creampie Connie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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