Love Me Like You Do

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This is a very short story but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


When I saw you at my best friend’s wedding, it was the first time I’d seen you in over seven years. We’d had a tempestuous on/off affair from the first year at Leeds University and continued to our mid-twenties. Despite the arguments and pain, you were and I guess still are, without doubt ,you the love of my life. The pain felt by us both was long gone, at least on my side, there was a part of me that would always feel something for you.

By the time we finally ended it, our friends Karen and Mark had dating and things were awkward for a while when out in a group. But then thankfully you’d moved to the other side of the world with work and as your yearly visits back to the UK were short, we hadn’t seen each other. I saw the odd status pop up on social media, due to our many mutual friends, but knew relatively little about your life now. Karen didn’t really talk about you to me, aside from the times she and Mark had been to visit you in your new life.

Even at the wedding, we barely spoke, aside from the polite obligatory pleasantries when our old uni group had met up the night before. You still had your jet black hair, though now you kept it shorter than you had at uni. In all other ways, you looked as I had remembered. I’ll admit I had butterflies in my stomach when I shook your hand, touching you for the first time in so long. As though I was shaking hands with a stranger I’d known for years. But as the night went on, and we gravitated towards opposite ends of the long table in the hotel restaurant, the butterflies went away and I relaxed.

Today, you’d barely even looked at me, and since we were on separate tables during the meal, we didn’t have to make polite conversation. It was a strange feeling, to see someone who’d once been Trabzon Escort my everything, to now be nothing. I was neither happy nor sad as I pondered this, as I stood outside in the gardens of the country hotel, taking a breather in the summer air, as the wedding reception was pretty hot.

When I made my way back to the room, the song “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding just started. I love this song but not one a single girl can dance to alone, unless she wants to look like a tragic spinster.

As I was about to sit down, I felt someone take my hand and was surprised to see that it was you. My heart raced as you led me to the dance floor and pulled me close. I was surprised at how our bodies seemed to remember each other so well, and we moved entirely in sync with the other. You twirled me round, you dipped me backwards and we just moved and danced together to the music as though we’d never spent the past seven years apart.

By now, it wasn’t just my heart racing for you, but my whole body was singing out for your touch. I was wasn’t thinking straight at all and time seemed to stand still. You must have felt this too; seemingly in tune with the music, as Ellie sang the lyric “what are you waiting for?”, you leaned in to kiss me. My head was spinning around as we kissed. I didn’t even care that everyone would have been staring at us; all I cared is that you and I were kissing.

I don’t even remember leaving the dance floor, my mind was so cloudy. The next thing I remember is of being in my hotel room with you. Every part of me was tingling and longing for this. The look in your eyes showed that you were feeling exactly the same as me. We didn’t speak. We didn’t need to.

You wrapped your arms around my waist and pulled us close together and began kissing my neck. Your hand moved up Trabzon Escort Bayan my back and you expertly pulled down the zip of my bridesmaid gown. You had always been good at undressing me.

You the stood back and let the dress fall to my ankles. We smiled at each other as I stood in my lacy white bra and matching lacy shorts, which nicely accentuated my tits and hips. You knelt down and lifted my feet and put the dress over the back of the dressing table chair. I then felt your hands run up my legs, over my hips, to my waist, as you stood up to be face to face with me.

We kissed more passionately and urgently than before, our hands all over. I began to undo your shirt and was pleased to see you still had the mass of black hair on your chest, which I’d always loved about you. I ran my hands through your chest hair as you playfully slapped my arse.

The more we kissed and touched the more I wanted to feel our naked bodies together, so I ran my hands to your trousers. I unbuckled your belt, the button and the zip on your fly and your trousers were soon around your ankles. I could see your cock was already hard through your underpants and I couldn’t control myself any longer. I needed your cock. So I started to push your underpants down and started to kneel, to take your cock in my mouth.

“Claire, no, I just need you,” you whispered.

You then lifted me up and I instinctively wrapped my legs around your waist as you carried me over to the king size bed. You laid me down at the bottom of the bed and I felt your naked body on top of me. I took a sharp intake of breath as my body and heart leaped with sheer joy.

You removed my bra and panties almost without me noticing, so we were both naked, aside from the diamante sandals I was still wearing. You pulled my legs so they were Escort Trabzon straight and you proceeded to take off the sandals, kissing my feet and ankles as you did so. Your kisses then slowly moved up, first my right leg and then my left. I was tingling with lust by the time your mouth eventually reached my clit and you began lightly teasing me with your tongue.

Soon your lust took over and you began fucking my pussy with your tongue. Your lust took over further when you stood up and rested your body on mine. We looked into each other’s eyes, not needing words to know we both needed this as much as the other.

We groaned together as you pushed your cock into my wet and waiting pussy for the first time in so long. At first you just stopped and we enjoyed the moment. You then began to gently thrust into me, and my hips moved to meet you, to take you deeper into me. I squeezed your buttocks as you thrust harder and harder.

As we got closer and closer to our orgasm, you stood up and pushed my legs backwards so you could push deeper and harder. You maintained eye contact throughout as you fucked harder and harder, making us both more and more breathless and noisy as we reached our mutual orgasm. Nobody in the past seven years had ever fucked me and satisfied me the way you do. And tonight proved that our bodies were still as compatible as they had been.

“Fucking hell,” you said, as you collapsed next to me.

“Yeah, what you said,” I said, still recovering from my explosive orgasm.

“I needed that. I needed you, I mean, as soon as I saw you yesterday. I thought you didn’t want me,” you said, still a little breathless.

“Honestly, Josh, I didn’t know how much I wanted it until we danced,” I admitted.

“Well then I’m happy that we danced,” you said, kissing my hair. We then naturally moved to make ourselves more comfortable on the bed and I turned to lay beside you, with my arm across your chest. As I fell asleep, I realised I was happy too. At this point in time, I didn’t care what the future had in store, but that night and that fuck, was perfect.

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