Lucie and Jim and I: Exploring

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I had chatted with Jim and Lucie a few times and exchanged pics. They were attractive – actually, he didn’t interest me overly, but he wasn’t unattractive and she was smoking hot! Also, they seemed interesting and compatible, so eventually we had agreed to meet one Saturday afternoon. Jim had a fair bit of experience in the lifestyle. His new wife did not — it was her first 3sum; he wanted to introduce her to the lifestyle and she was eager to explore the idea of having two men. Same for me — I had never been with a couple before, but was eager to watch another couple fuck, and then join in as much as, and in any way, they wished.

A bit of background. Someone had sent me a picture, a while back, purportedly of the Russian women’s national hockey team. The picture showed five gorgeous women, all in early 20s, showering in a communal shower, completely naked. Below their waists, all sported hard cocks protruding from an athletic woman’s body. It was a joke, a clear photoshop job (but quite well done). The women were gorgeous; anyone would have fantasized about kissing and touching them, especially in the shower. In my own fantasies, as my hands explored their backs, tits and ass, I found myself touching and checking out their cocks as well — it was a part of them, and well, just more of their skin to enjoy. There wasn’t anything homoerotic in the fantasy. Later, the fantasy developed — I am inclined to be very oral. So, when I was kissing and licking the girls’ bodies, I found myself licking all of the skin that was presented to me, including their cocks. Weirdly, I didn’t object or think it strange; it was just about getting to know their skin.

So, fast forward to the 3sum. I had shared this story with them as something that could potentially be on the table, if it felt right in the moment and all were comfortable with it.

When I arrived at their door, I was invited in and directed to the basement, where a bed and a shower awaited. I was asked to freshen up before we started, as they were doing the same. When I emerged from the shower, I was brought to the bedroom where Lucie joined me. She was wearing a camisole and nothing else — just enough concealment for a bit of mystery, but clearly indicating her availability. I took her in my arms and we started to kiss. She was not only gorgeous, but a great kisser. We moved to the bed and kneeled on it, staying upright as we continued the kiss and began to explore each others’ bodies. I didn’t notice Jim arrive, but sensed his presence beside me. He watched us for a minute, and with his erection now rampant, stepped onto the bed and approached us. He removed her camisole so there was nothing preventing full contact between all of our skin. I was too absorbed in the kiss to notice much else, but soon I felt his leg brush against my shoulder. He was standing above us, cock in hand, and began sliding his cock along Lucie’s cheek — he was moving it between our lips as we kissed.

I was focused on Lucie’s mouth, and didn’t really pay any attention until I found his cock coming between Lucie’s lips and my own. I was a bit stunned — my lips were actually touching another man’s cock! However, Lucie Şirinevler escort didn’t skip a beat — she continued to kiss me, over and around the intervening object. Turns out, it wasn’t really that much of an obstacle – evidently, our tongues could still continue to play. So I followed suit, ignoring the cock in front of my mouth. I suppose there was contact between my mouth and his cock, but it felt like the contact was incidental rather than sexual. I was surprised but it didn’t bother me. In fact I was more surprised that it didn’t bother me! As his cock continued its travel between us, our tongues continued to duel, over and around it. When my eyes opened to look at her, I could she see was excited by the sight and act of sharing her husband with me. It clearly turned her on, so I was very much ok with that aspect of it.

Jim’s cock slid fully between our lips and then retreated. I was thinking that while I didn’t object to the cock (his skin tasted kind of rubbery), it was good to have her lips and tongue to myself again! I breathed a sigh of relief that I had passed the test (and experienced something new for myself!) when his cock returned and resumed a slow advance between our mouths. I was surprised again – but this time, I was already used to it, so I did the same as before — I accepted the intrusion but otherwise ignored it. Apparently I was ok with the idea of at least some contact between his cock and my mouth.

His cock receded a second time. I thought we were done this exploration when I felt him shift his stance to adjust his aim and move forward again. This time, he approached us at an angle, with his cock aimed to just enter Lucie’s mouth. As he moved forward, we continued to kiss and her lips parted such that the head of his cock was sliding between her lips and moving diagonally into her mouth. We kept kissing, but it was harder to reach her tongue now — everything was so wet that I didn’t notice at first that my own tongue was bathing the cock in her mouth rather than her tongue. When I did notice, I was surprised, but quickly resigned myself to the idea of having my tongue in contact with his cock– I had done it (not deliberately), and apparently nobody really minded. After two strokes between us at that angle, I felt him adjust again. When he moved forward, I sensed that he was now directing diagonally, but this time towards my mouth.

I was surprised and shocked – I froze. Meanwhile, the head of his cock was slowly pushing through my lips as Lucie kissed me. She alternated between licking the cock and my lips, continuing to search for my tongue. I tried to ignore the intrusion again. Eventually, I came back to awareness. Yes, the head of his cock was now in my mouth, but in my mind it wasn’t as if I was sucking him or anything. So I gradually relaxed and accepted it. I even allowed my tongue to search for that of Lucie. When my tongue brushed against the cock in my mouth, well, that was just part of the experience. Besides, she seemed fine with it, and it was really turning her on. So I could accept it. I even discretely licked his cock (deliberately!) a few times, to see what it was like, and how Şirinevler escort bayan it would feel. To my surprise, the world didn’t end and I didn’t feel my eternal soul starting to burn or being assigned to nether regions… it just felt like I was discretely exploring something new. There was no judgment other than the look of excitement in Lucie’s eyes.

Despite this, I was relieved when his cock receded from my mouth and I felt him readjust his position again. I was pleased, though – I had gone a bit further than I had before; I tried something new and didn’t freak out — I passed the test.

When he readjusted again, he started right beside my head, and slid straight towards Lucie’s mouth. I tried to continue kissing her, but his cock and body kept getting in the way. I found myself inadvertently licking his shaft as he slid back and forth through her lips. When his cock emerged from her as I was kissing her, I realized it didn’t bother me when my lips and tongue wrapped briefly around the head of his cock. I mean, it had already been in my mouth — this was nothing new, right?

Finally, he pulled out of her; Lucie and I continued to kiss. I thought this was the final test — I could taste his precum in her mouth. I was startled at the realization but eventually accepted it — its really the inevitable result of oral sex and, well, it wasn’t much different from tasting my own, anyway.

Then I noticed that he wasn’t finished. He adjusted his body angle again, starting from near Lucie’s head. His body (his cock!) was aimed directly for my mouth, and already sliding forward towards me. With my mouth still partially open in anticipation of Lucie’s tongue, I guess I froze again. His cock parted my lips and slid into my mouth. Inch after inch of his shaft moved through my lips and I felt his cock moving along my tongue. About half of his cock was in me when I felt him pause and wait for a few minutes. I’m not sure whether this was for Lucie’s benefit, for her to see his cock in another man’s mouth, or for mine — to process the idea and express objection, if I was going to. I was too shocked to object. His cock slid out of me, then slowly back in. I was still too stunned to make an objection. THERE WAS A COCK IN MY MOUTH!! He paused a bit, and then slowly started to move back and forth. I could vaguely feel Lucie’s lips on mine as she tried to share the experience with me. I looked at her — she was mesmerized at the sight of the cock moving in my mouth. This turned me on and I thought, well, roughly half of the people on the planet like to suck cock. That means billions of people seem to like doing this (and many really love it!) — how bad could it be?

I was thinking that since I’ve already gone this far and I’m very unlikely to ever be in this position again, I may as well explore the experience a bit to see what its like. I’m all for new experiences, and trying things at least once. So I allowed myself to lick his cock a bit the next time it came through my mouth. When, again, the world didn’t end and I didn’t feel my skin begin to burn from that touch of hell, I did it again. Then my lips closed tighter escort şirinevler over his cock, and my tongue started to explore it. Eventually I found myself lashing his cock with my tongue as it moved through my mouth. When I felt his cock touch the back of my throat, I opened my eyes to see nothing but his belly. My lips were pressed against his hips, his balls were pressed against my chin. My God, I was taking all of him! Am I really sucking a guy’s cock? He continued for a few more strokes, and I realized I was eagerly anticipating his slow thrusts. When he stopped and pulled out of me, I was stunned at the sight of a thread of precum extending from the head of his cock into my mouth. My first blowjob, and I was turning him on!! I was even more stunned to find myself reaching for his cock with my mouth to claim the precum that I had earned. The look in Lucie’s eyes was nothing short of pornographic as I took him back in my mouth and sucked the precum from his open slit.

We repositioned on the bed. I ate her pussy, marveling at the thought that now I have the combined tastes of both cock and pussy in my mouth. Then Jim took a turn eating her. It wasn’t long before she pushed him away – after watching us, she needed to be fucked. Jim obliged, thrusting hard into her as I watched. I had never seen anybody fuck up close before, it was amazing to watch her respond to him. I put my cock to her mouth to see her with two cocks in her — she took it eagerly and sucked me as Jim fucked her. I loved seeing the way her tits bounced in response to the force of his thrusts. Eventually he stopped and indicated for me to take my turn. I moved down on the bed and the sight of her pussy, so wet and sloppy, made me want to taste their combined juices — I had already tasted his precum and her pussy juices, so this was just more of the same, right? It was delicious… After a few minutes I felt her body shudder as she came on my tongue. Later, I slid into her easily. While I am pretty big (I’m told I’m bigger than most), she had no trouble accommodating me and I enjoyed the sight of her tits bouncing again, this time from a different perspective, to my own rhythm.

After a brief rest, she announced that she wanted to have two cocks in her. I was too big for her ass; she wanted us both in her pussy. We held our cocks together (it seemed weird to touch another man’s cock. But, well, not long before, he had been in my mouth, so I guess contact was ok!) We lined up at her entrance and started to push. It was a very tight fit. We couldn’t move. She had to force herself down onto us while we held our cocks together. Eventually it worked and we entered her together. It was VERY tight. She came again after only a few strokes on our combined mass inside her.

When were all sated, she commented that she was surprised I went down her that second time — Jim had just cum in her and she was surprised (but delighted) that I wanted to eat her while full of his fresh cum. For me, it wasn’t deliberate, nor had I realized it. But I loved doing it, and certainly enjoyed the taste! It slowly dawned on me that I liked the taste of another man’s cum. Go figure…

So, I left their house with lots of new experiences under my belt. As I got in my car and drove away, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief at the realization that not only did I suck a guys’s cock, I found myself enjoying doing it, and would do it again! What a strange world… but now I find myself eager for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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