Lucinda Finally Gives It Up

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….another true one

Working at the same café I talked about in ‘She Didn’t Seem To Mind’, I walked in one morning and saw this vision of Kansas, flipping an omlette with long curly hair, a simple cotton dress, and hiking boots on. She had a tooth gaped grin and a very familiar way about her. Everyone took to her immediately and she was hired.

We all came to find out that she was an incredible cook and worker. In addition though, we soon found out that she was quite the drinker. As was the usual in this breakfast/lunch place, only it was that you we’re allowed ‘A’ drink after work. I was a dishwasher and was often the last one there working to watch Lucinda hang out there with the cook, prep cook, exterminator guy,…etc,etc,etc at the counter drinking at times which seemed to me, a case of beer. As I was working, I didn’t imbibe. (But at times, I was doing obviously other things as stated in ‘She Didn’t Seem To Mind’). She was always the longest lasting when it came to the drink thing. It was when I started to look at her.

Lucinda was built like tank and that’s no insult. Since it was a local café, and she was a cook working on a hot grill with minimal ventilation, she got to cutting her hair short and wearing next to nothing clothing which revealed her lush figure to the delight of male AND females employees and patrons alike. She would often wear short skirts and dresses in the beginning but then, to my appreciation, she started wearing tank tops and skin tight biker shorts which showed off her magnificent ass,….and I’m not an ass guy! She had smallish but incredible breasts which always poked out of her shirts and always got me going.

To get an insight into her personality, we once got robbed in broad daylight as a guy came in the front door and proceeded to make the waitress/cashier near the door, give her the register drawer in front a full house of 20 tables. Lucinda saw the whole thing and proceeded to hurl a large Tabasco bottle across the dining room and perfectly hit him in the back of the head on his way out the door. He falls face flat on the ground, dropping the register drawer and change sprawling everywhere on the sidewalk. He gets back on his feet and ‘scrambles’ out, leaving the cash behind. She was hailed as a real hero with applause from the customers and employees alike even though

the cops said, “never do that again, he might have had a gun”

She was like, “Yeah, right! Nobody takes my money!”

At the drunken after work discussions though Bostancı escort at the front counter, (remember,’s them, not me) She would often brag with the cooks and act like ‘one of the boys’ about riding horses and talk like a cowboy from Kansas which she was. She talked a whole lot of shit about a lot of things, but it was obvious to me that she was a person out of time. If you’ve never seen a mid-westerner in California before, then it’s like a big time culture shock. As we were adults when the moment arose, when we were alone. She would drink and I would work talking and arguing about politics, religeon, our lives etc. As you all know me, I got the conversation turned to sex.

At some point, she fell in love with one of the cooks. She often said that she would never fuck someone if she wasn’t in love with them. We both had already discussed our opinions on oral sex. It means everything to me and she said blowjobs didn’t mean anything to her. It was like breathing After five years, she finally saw me differently. She was still drinking heavily and still looked awesome. We were still one of a core group of employees.

My brother had flown in from New York to visit for my 50th birthday. On the night before my birthday and the start of 3 days off, she asked what I wanted for my birthday and in my candor,

I said, “a blowjob”.

She said “that can be arranged”.

I said, “don’t bullshit me, I’m tired of being teased!”.

She stated that she wasn’t kidding and proceeded to stall, debate and watch me pace back and forth behind the line/counter. She would snicker and giggle while always sipping her beer, making me wait for it while I tried my hardest to keep on working to get MY job done in hopes of leaving early.She went across the street to the store and got us some Canadian Mist (if you’ve never tried it, you really should) She came back and by now, she was very lit and I was stone cold, sober and horny as hell.

We drank a couple of shots as she insisted on heating hers up like sake(?) I finally had completed my tasks by 7:30 which is when I would normally leave. Remember, she normally gets off work by 2:30 and would hang out till 4, 4:30. I sat at the counter with her while we drank. After all the hours of teasing, I finally took her hand and made her rub my cock while through my pants while she literally howled at my delight. After another sip from both of us, we ‘headed’ into the bathroom right by the counter.

My brother was still waiting Anadolu Yakası Escort for me at home some 6 blocks away. I got my cock out of my pants. She just got down on her knees and started sucking and groaning like it was the best thing she’d ever had.

She said, “I love the way your cock tastes and it’s just the right size for me”.. (I’m only 6″)

While she faithfully sucked, I tried to get her clothes off. She insisted on having the bathroom light off, for some bizarre reason because her body was hot! I loved feeling her ass and pulling on her very pert nipples while she blew me.

Although the bathroom was the dark, the door was still open and the light from the cafe bathed the room in a buzzed glow. She gleefully sucked my cock naked in mulitple positions. I told her not you use hers hands as I had told her years before. I love watching a female mouth on my cock. She was awesome and I kept it up for hours. Hands behind her back,…me sitting on the sink while she bent over and me fucking her mouth while she sat on the toilet.

As is case sometime, with some guys on their first time with a female, I couldn’t come. We went at for a couple of hours, got dressed minimally, and retired to the counter to take a break and drink some more.

After about 20 minutes, she was giggling and insisted that I cum. We got back in the bathroom. I felt very comfortable fucking her mouth at this point. She moaned so much as she licked and sucked my cock in obvious joy. I loved feeling her lush body up as she did it, although she still wouldn’t let me touch or stimulate her pussy in any way. I still couldn’t cum, but what a session of cocksucking I had never experienced before. She always told me, she really enjoyed it, because of the way my ‘package’ looked and felt in her mouth.

When we left the building, it was 1:30 in the morning. I called a cab for her and her bike and I walked home. We only lived 10 blocks apart. My brother was obviously asleep when I got home. I let him have my room and I slept on the couch as I had 3 other roommates.

The next day was my birthday. My brother actually took me to the place where I worked for lunch for some unknown reason. Lucinda was off and invited everyone to come to my karaoke party later that evening. My brother rented a taxivan and had me, him ,Lucinda and a couple of other friends to a Japanese karaoke bar that I had been frequenting for the last couple of years. We picked her up first and discreetly I asked her how Kadıköy Escort she was.

She said softly, “Other than a minor sore throat, I’m fine.”

We got there at about 5, in the evening on a Monday night and had a wonderful night of debaucherous behaviour with lots of food, sake, beer and wine, including Lucinda’s eyes closed, beer in hand, singing, “Country Roads”, by John Denver note for note, with all the cowboy tweeks and her intination was perfect. As a former musician, I was amazed.

It inspired me to want to take her back in the alley of the club and ask her to blow me again because of my frustration from the night before of not being able to cum. I, in my wisdom chose not to. She was funny and everyone loved her, including the Japanese people. Everyone got home safely thanks to the van/taxi guy. My brother ended up sporting the whole bill, which he did without complaint, except for Luncinda’s generous $20 considering how much she drank and the rides.

In the next two weeks, Lucinda and I really bonded at work. At another afterwork dayender, I was again closing sober, while she drank at the counter.

The sun was still out. We talked about my birthday and ‘the incident’. She gave me homalies about how long I was hard and how much I was into it. She reiterated how much she liked the way I tasted but was dissapointed about the fact that I hadn’t cum.

She was wearing a tank top and a short hulu skirt kind of thingy. I told I could I could get off if we were very quick about it. She was actually eager to taste my cum. We went down to the end of the counter which was hidden from the street. I took her top off and fondled her and had her sit on the rail underneath the counter facing out with her chin on the seat (see my story, “She Didn’t Seem To Mind”)

I was so hard in the daylight and pulled my pants off, sat on the stool, fucked her mouth and came on her face in a wonderful orgasm. She got up with cum still dripping off her face, grinning and said while she reached for her beer,

“I wanted to taste it but you came all over my face” and proceeded to lean over and continued sucking on my cock and groaning from the taste of more cum in her mouth.

As things went along, in the cafe bathroom, one evening before a company softball game, I got her to pose for some photos of her topless with my cock in her mouth while she said she wouldn’t suck it, because she said, she got paid for photos. She was always so curious. I actually ran around the bases that night with her Polaroids in my back pocket. Good thing, I never dropped them.

I left the cafe at some point and still kept in touch with her but she eventually got embarrassed locally and ended up moving to work at a seasonal resort in Yellowstone. Still one of the hottest babes ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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