Lucy the Temtpress

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My name is Lucy, I’m a 21 year old student in England. I am about 5″5 with shoulder length hair that I dye red or mauve-y purple. I’m slim with curves, if that makes sense! I’ve got 34D boobs and nice hips. My legs are pretty long too. In fact, I really like the way I look. Yeah I’m pretty sexy. And I love to dress up to make myself even sexier. High heals, stockings, good lingerie. I know how to dress, which skirts draw attention to my hips and pert arse and which bras and shirts will highlight my breasts in just the right way. There is something about dressing up that makes me feel good. Every morning when I roll my stockings up my leg I feel a twinge of excitement in my pussy. Sliding my feet in to very expensive heals rises my confidence and heart beat. I love it when I see people’s eye moving across my body, mentally undressing me, because although I look fabulous in my carefully chosen clothes, they know, I looked even better underneath. And this though drives them wild. I like that.

Day to day I dress sexily, knee high boots and well chosen skirts or dresses for lectures at uni. Nothing too risque, but just enough to tempt people.

But it’s in the evening that I really get dressed up. I put on my finest and go out to see who I can seduce with just my body. On a typical night I’ll get many offers for guys who think that they might try their luck with someone way out of their league. They are of no real interest to me. Sure, I love to be pounded by a hard cock now and again, but most of the time what I really want is another woman.

Tonight, I was in my full get up. I had 5inch black patent leather stilettos, shear stockings with a black line running up the back of my leg, disappearing under my tight black pencil skirt that hugged my hips and arse. Underneath I had a black lace suspender belt holding the stockings up and of course, no knickers. I was also wearing my favourite top. My fully metal boned black silk corset, that pulled in my waist and left my breasts suspended precariously, my nipples only just covered. My hair and make up was done to perfection. I was looking sexy as hell and I knew it. Before I’d even left the house I was already horny as hell as well.

Almost as soon as I entered my favourite bar I knew who I would be taking home. At the bar was a bursa escort tall blonde in a sexy little business suit. Her hair was pinned back in a severe but sexy bun and she was dangling one of her shoes from her perfectly manicured toes. I made eye contact, she smiled, I winked and my pussy twinged again. Yes, definitely her. I ordered a martini at the bar, and shot a few more glances in the blonde’s direction. She was holding my gaze just for a second and then letting her eyes trail down my body. Time to make my move. I picked up my drink and strode across the bar towards her, watching her eyes flicker and her tongue sneak across her perfectly formed lips. She was certainly picturing me naked.

“Hi, I’m Lucy, may I join you for a drink?”

“Oh please do! I’m Maya”. Her voice was deep and sexy, with the wonderful twang of a Russian accent. I love foreign girls, especially ones from Eastern Europe, they are fantastic lovers.

Now I was close I could smell her perfume and see that her suit covered wonderfully pert tits. I sat opposite her, positioning my legs carefully so that they would brush against hers.

Conversation was easy, there was a spark and soon I was returning to the bar for two more martinis. She was Russian, in England for business and only a few years old then me. As we talked I held eye contact and touched her arm or let my leg brush against hers. Pretty soon she began to do the same. We flirted, at first it was very mild and subtle, but it soon stepped up, until the tension was almost palpable. It was time to make a move, I was so horny I got feel my pussy growing wetter every time we touched. I finished my drink,

“So, another drink, or shall we just get out of here?” I glanced over her body and touched her wrist as I said it. She knew what I was asking and almost without hesitation said,

“Oh baby, lets get out of here. I’ve simple got to fuck you.”

Oh how I long to here words like that. Knowing that, as ever, my plan has come together and soon I be enjoying another beautiful woman.

We left the bar and found a taxi.

“My place or yours?” Maya purred at me.

“Mine.” I said firmly, so she knew that I was in charge form that moment onwards.

We were silent in the taxi, not touching, altıparmak escort but undressing each other mentally and picturing what we were going to do to each other.

As soon as we were out of the taxi in my house, I lead Maya to my bedroom. It’s more of a boudoir, with a huge four poster bed, covered with red sheets. Everything in my boudoir is luxurious, with sexy lightening and tactile fabrics. I like to dress my room as much as I like to dress myself. I closed the door behind us and flicked on the fairy lights that form a canopy above my bed and turned my iPod on too low, sexy music.

Only then did I kissed Maya.

She truly had wonderful lips, full and smooth. Our kiss was slow and sensual. Our hands moved across each others curves. She broke away for a brief moment, to unbutton her jacket, letting it fall to the floor and revealing that underneath all she had been wearing was a hot pink bra that barely suppressed her rock hard nipples. We kissed again, more passionately, my nipples now as hard as hers, poking over the top of my corset. Now I pulled back. I needed to cum and I needed to cum fast. I slowly unzipped my skirt, which slid to the floor. I stepped back, letting Maya see my shaved cunt framed by the suspender belt. She licked her lips again,

“Oh baby, you are a very dirty girl aren’t you?”

That Russian accent was stronger now she was excited and it send a new flood of excitement to my pussy.

“Very dirty indeed,” I pulled her towards me and kissed her. “Now show me how dirty you are. Make me cum.” I demanded.

She didn’t need telling twice, moving quickly to bite each of my nipples with just enough force to by painful yet exciting. Her hand moved down my corset to grip my arse and pulled my cunt on to her waiting mouth.

I groaned with long over due pleasure as her tongue parted my lips and founded my throbbing clit. Maya flciked over my clit with her tongue a couple of times, and then she licked all the way a long my dripping pussy before drawing back and saying,

“God you taste delicious.”

Then her tongue moved expertly across my cunt, licking and flicking all the right places. I was moaning in pleasure within moments. She circled my clit and licked down and around my wet görükle escort hole, her tongue just slipping gently inside for the slightest moment and then moving back to my clit.

She caressed my arse with her long fingers, then to my delight slipped one finger in to my tight arse hole and ran her thumb underneath to slip it inside me while her tongue danced on my clit.

I wanted to enjoy the pleasure for as long as possible, but it was almost too much. And then she moved another finger inside me, plunging deep into my wet cunt while she sucked my clit. My cunt spasmed and I cried out as I came hard. Waves of pleasure rolled through my body

“Oh fuck! FUCK! Oh God! That was amazing!”

I felt Maya’s mouth smiling as she licked the cum from my cunt.

“You really are a naughty girl aren’t you?” I said,falling back on to my bed.

“Oh yes, I most certainly am.” She lay down next to me and kissed me. I love kissing girl after they’ve made me cum. I love the taste. But now I desperate to taste her, “And now, I’m a very horny girl as well.” She grinned and pulled her skirt off. To my delight, she wore nothing underneath and instantly I could smell her wet cunt. She was mostly shaved with a very thin line of blonde hair on her mound… just the way I like it!

I kissed her again and then undid her bra to release her nipples. I sucked them and bit them. She groaned, “Lick my cunt. Pleaase, I need you to lick me cunt…” The Russian accent was stronger still. I ran my tongue down her perfectly toned and tanned stomach and she spread her legs, begging me to lick her.

Her cunt was beautiful, for a second I just looked at it, with it’s perfect pink folds that glissened and begged to be licked. As I parted those lips with my tongue, I took in her wonderful taste. God I love to eat pussy, especially when it tasted this good. Her clit was large and as I traced my tongue around it she moaned loudly. I licked her hard and fast and the really slowly, just to drive her as wild as I could, before I slid two fingers into her wet cunt. I pulled them in and out while I flicked her clit. By now she was moaning in Russian. I slid another finger in and one into her tight arse. The moaning was louder and I could feel her start to cum. I sucked hard on her clit and move my fingers in and out of her wet cunt fast, as she spasmed around my fingers and she came very loudly.

“OH god baby! You are a seriously good fuck.” She gasped, trying to regain her breath.

“That was nothing… Just you wait and see…!” I licked her cunt one last time and grinned at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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