Lydia and Andrew Ch. 01

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Lydia was walking in to the front door of her apartment with the shopping. She held one bag of groceries in her hand, using the other to text her daughter, Sulama.

She didn’t even know what had hit her. The shopping fell from her hand, the contents scattering loosely across the floor. She looked up with shock to see a tall, middle aged gentleman wearing a pint striped suit. He was wearing black rimmed glasses, was thin and had a receding hairline, the front of his forehead clearly visible, with strands of grey interspersed with the natural light brown of his remaining hair.

“Sorry. I should really look where I’m going,” he said, bending forwards to help pick up items of fruit and vegetables which lay scattered on the concrete landing.

“Oh….it’s er…OK,” Lydia smiled nervously as she bent down to pick up the remaining items of shopping.

“I’m sorry we had to meet this way. I’m Andrew. I’ve just moved into number six.”

“Lydia. I live in number 12. Don’t worry. It’s been nice to meet you. Anyway, I’d better get inside.”

“Ok. Well maybe I’ll see you round”

Andrew smiled and then turned to continue walking up the stairs to his own apartment. Lydia paused for a moment before retrieving her keys from her coat pocket and turning to open her front door.

“What a nice man,” Lydia thought to herself as she turned the key and entered.

She had no sooner packed the shopping away than her phone made a ‘ping’ sound, indicating that her eldest daughter, Sulama, had responded to her earlier text. She walked to the kitchen table and picked up the phone, before pressing a few buttons and opening the message.

“I’ll be over at 8. Looking forward to it,” it said

She closed the message and then realised that she would have to go and pick up her young son, Robert from school. He was twelve, his father Gerard being the only partner Lydia had had since the father of her two daughters, Sulama and Shaahira, had gone to prison for a brutal murder almost fifteen years ago. Gerard himself had died of a heart attack at the age of seventy, eight years ago.

Lydia had become used to her own routine. She was forty four years of age and still took care of her appearance. She still had an impressively slim figure and black hair, which reached just beyond her shoulders. Her face showed the lines of years of having to bring up three children largely single handed, as well as the trauma of losing two husbands.

Munner bin Fareed had swept her off her feet when she was only sixteen, and they were married shortly afterwards. He was Moroccan and had seemed romantic, dark and mysterious. It was only a matter of moths into their marriage however, that she ended up on the receiving end of his furious temper. He thought nothing of sleeping round with other women and, with the birth of their two daughters, Lydia had to separate from him to protect herself and the children. He later helped his sister murder her husband and lover, who were having a torrid affair behind his sisters back.

Shortly after Munner went to prison, Gerard Meo, a rich sixty five year old businessman, took an instant shine to Lydia. She was flattered and, even though she was only thirty at the time, the age gap didn’t seem to matter. She had Robert, before Gerard’s untimely heart attack.

Lydia picked up her car keys and walked out the front door.

When she picked up Robert from school and returned to the apartment, she was surprised to see Andrew walking down the stairs once again.

“Oh. Hi there,” he waved.

Lydia smiled back.

“Is that your new boyfriend?” Robert asked with a cheeky smile.

“No it certainly is not. Less of your cheek!”

Robert laughed as they both went into the apartment and Lydia shut the door.

Sulama stood outside the apartment and rang the bell. She had long, dark hair. She was already several months pregnant by her husband Kent, the bump of her soon to be born already clearly evident.

“Hi, come on in,” Lydia said on opening the door.

Sulama walked in, hugged her mother and walked towards the living room, leaving her handbag on the coffee table in front of her as she gently lowered herself onto the couch.

“I’ve made coffee if you want any?”

“Thanks mum. That’d be great”

Lydia brought two steaming mugs through and sat next to Sulama.

“So how are you and Kent looking forward to the birth?”

“Well, how can you really prepare for such a big event? We’ve got nappies, got a plan for when I go into labour, started talking about baby names….what else can we do?” “You know I’m really proud of you. After everything with your father, you could have gone in the wrong direction. I’m just glad you’ve found happiness with a man you really love.”

Sulama pursed her lips before speaking.

“What about you though mum? I want you to be happy. Robert isn’t going to be around forever. He’ll leave home when he’s older and then what? You’ll be stuck in his place with no-one around.”

“Well thanks!” Lydia responded bakırköy escort with mock dismay.

“You know what I mean. Everyone gets lonely. You don’t get out much. You should get out more and have some fun. Aren’t there any guys you have your eyes on?”

Lydia laughed.

“What? What is it? Sulama smiled broadly.

“That’s exactly what I used to say to you when you were younger. Shaahira was always the wild one. You always just wanted to hang around the house. I had to try and find new and ingenious ways to get rid of you so I could get some space!”

“Now it’s my turn to ask for thanks!” Sulama let herself fall against the back of the sofa laughing.

“Anyway….I’m forty four now. I’m not exactly a spring chicken. You have your whole life in front of you. I’ve lived enough experiences to fill two lifetimes and I just want to rest and do without the hassle.”

They sat chatting for a couple more hours before Sulama got up to leave.

“You need plenty of rest now in your condition. You get tired easily so just take I easy OK?”

“Can you stop worrying mum?? I’ll be fine. I’ve got Kent to do all the shopping, cooking and cleaning and stuff, so I just put up my feet and relax for the evening”.

Lydia saw her daughter to the front door and then closed it as Sulama left.

Robert was upstairs in his room, playing on his latest Xbox game. Lydia turned the TV on and started watching a documentary on orang-utans. When that had finished she went upstairs to his room.

“Time to go to bed. You’ve been on that thing since you got back from school.”

He scowled, placing the game controller on the floor sullenly and getting up to prepare for bed.


“Goodnight Mum.”

That night as Lydia lay in bed, she thought about the man she had met outside the door of the apartment. He looked to have been about the same age as her and it was the first time in a long, long time that she could remember a man smiling at her the way he did.

‘No, it was just nothing. He’s probably got a girlfriend or is married,” she thought before gently dozing off to sleep.

The next morning Lydia was standing outside, with the bonnet of her rusty old car raised. It wouldn’t start.

“Maybe if I look as if I’m playing around under the bonnet without having a clue, someone might actually come to my aid!” she thought to herself.

The thought had barely left her head when she heard a voice behind her.

“You OK?”

She turned round, almost hitting her head off the bonnet. It was Andrew.

“Cars! I just want to get in one and go. Damned thing has broken down!” Lydia responded in a frustrated tone.

Andrew placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“Hey. Why don’t you let me give you a lift to wherever you’re going and we can sort your car out at a less urgent time. I’m guessing at this time you need to get to work?”

“Yeah. What about you though? I don’t want you to go to any special trouble and be late yourself.”

“The joys of being a self employed entrepreneur! Come on, come with me and I’ll give you a lift in.”

He turned on his heel and started walking towards a dark blue BMW Z4.

“Very nice,” thought Lydia.

Andrew opened the door for her before she leaned down and climbed in. Then he went round the other side and got in the driver’s seat.

“I don’t know how I can thank you!” she said as they sped along the motorway.

“Well, that’s easy. Let me take you out to dinner tonight.”

Lydia felt her heart thumping in her chest. It had been so long since a man had shown any interest in her company, that she felt she had almost forgotten how to react.

“Erm….well, we hardly know each other.”

She looked downwards, demurely.

“Yes I know. That’s why I want to take you out to dinner.”

He turned and smiled.

“I’ll need to get someone to look after my son. I have a twelve year old son.”

Andrew rolled his eyes.

“Well, here’s what to do. I’ll drop you off and then give you my number. If you’re interested then give me a ring by lunchtime, so I can get a table arranged. Just take it easy.”

She suddenly felt the tension easing. She smiled nervously. They were almost at the school where she worked as a Maths teacher.

When they got there he stopped the car. There was a seconds pause, before he leaned over and gently pecked her on the cheek. Lydia felt the warmth of his hand resting on the naked flesh of her thigh, just above her knee, as he kissed her.

That simple touch sent a thousand pulses of pleasure to Lydia’s brain. When he leaned back in his seat, she shuffled nervously with her handbag, before getting out the car.

“Hey, here’s my number!”

Andrew handed her a scrap bit of paper through the passenger window.

“Thanks. Thanks for the lift too.”

She walked up the path towards the school and turned around briefly when she got there. He was gone. But when she walked into the school building she had a smirk on her face.

That bakırköy bayan escort lunchtime, when she came out her classroom, Lydia realised with a groan that she hadn’t arranged to get a lift back. She pulled her mobile out. Then she felt inside her pocket for the crumpled note that Andrew had given her, with his number scribbled on it.

Hesitantly, she dialled the number.

“Hi, Andrew Berger speaking.”

“Hi Andrew, it’s Lydia here.”

There was a moment of startled surprise on the other end of the phone.

“Hey! Lydia. You phoned so soon? What’s up?”

“Well, I’ve just remembered that I don’t have a lift home. I wondered if we could have dinner straight after work?”

“Sure. What time will that be?”

“Say half five?”

“Ok. I’ll be there. Looking forward to it already.”

She spent the remainder of that day filled with thoughts of Andrew, the tall bespectacled man, with thinning hair. She wondered what he thought of her and whether, at forty four years of age, she was getting too old for all this. Then she would smile and think to herself that she enjoyed the thought of some male company. She texted her younger daughter, Shaahira, asking if she would like to look after Robert for the evening. Lydia was thankful that she agreed without questioning why.

That evening when she had finished work, she gathered her paperwork, bundled it into a folder, slung her handbag over her shoulder and walked outside.

Andrew was already sitting in his BMW waiting. He smiled out the drivers window as she approached and as she got close enough, rolled it down.

“Good day?”

“Yeah not bad. You know what kids can be like! Where are you taking me?”

He smiled.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Seconds later, she was in the car and they drove off. Lydia looked nervous as she put her handbag in the footwell. Andrew turned and glanced at her for a second before refocusing on the road ahead.

“You OK?”

“Yeah, of course. Just a bit nervous that’s all.”

“Don’t be. We’re just going for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks. Don’t build it up in your head.”

‘Yeah, easier said than done,’ she thought to herself as they entered the car park of a large restaurant. She looked at the name. Carpaccio’s was written in large green neon on the sign outside. Lydia smiled as she remembered the last time she had come here with Gerry, fifteen years ago. It had been their first anniversary and she certainly had fond memories of that evening.

They both stepped out of the car and Lydia noticed that Andrew was dressed in a jet black suit, with gleaming black shoes to match. He extended his hand and she nervously took it as they both strode towards the entrance. When they got in, Lydia tried to curb her feelings of excitement. The restaurant was massive, and the dim lighting provided an air of romance. A waiter approached.

“Table for two please. Booked for Berger?”

The waiter led them to a booth, leather benches either side of the table, with high walls behind each person to allow them some secluded privacy. They each sat down and lifted the menus which had been left on the table. The waiter left them to make their choice in peace.

“I feel really under dressed for this place!” Lydia smirked across the table at Andrew.

“Stop worrying. Like I said, it’s just something to eat and a couple of drinks.”

That ‘something to eat and a couple of drinks’ lasted until 12.30am when the owner of the restaurant finally decided to kick them off the premises as tactfully as possible. Lydia felt Andrew’s arm link with hers as they exited into the cold air outside.

“I’ve had a really nice time.”

“Good. That was the idea. You know you’re a beautiful woman. Too many women in their forties just give up on life You’ve looked after yourself….which is why you’re so gorgeous!”

Andrew pulled Lydia against him and gave a startled yelp of surprise before smiling up at him. His hands stroked her neck as he leaned closer and their lips touched. Tenderly, he edged his tongue inside her mouth and she sucked on it, enjoying its soft moistness. They stopped kissing after several seconds, their faces almost touching.

“Sorry…I….I don’t know what came over me!” said Andrew.

“Don’t be silly. I’m OK. I’m not made of glass you know. You can touch me without me breaking,” Lydia smiled back with a coy expression.

Each of them relaxed their embrace as they turned, holding hands as they walked the short distance to the car. Ten minutes later, they had parked up outside the apartment block. Andrew opened the drivers door and walked round to the other side of the car, where Lydia was getting out. They walked hand in hand towards the main door at the bottom of the stairs, before Andrew opened it with his key.

“Ssssh! Try not to make any noise,” Andrew whispered as he stepped gingerly up the stairs, Lydia’s high heels clacking on their concrete surface.

They reached the second floor, where Lydia’s bayan escort bakırköy apartment was. There was an awkward pause.

“Are you coming in then?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yeah,” Lydia looked downwards demurely. Andrew moved towards her and gently held her hand for a second.

“We’d better get inside then,” he whispered tenderly.

Lydia nodded and turned towards the front door, pulling out her key and turning it in the lock. When they entered, they walked through the hallway. Shaahira had already come out to greet them from the living room. She gave her mother a hug.

“Good date?”

Lydia looked nervous, turning her head and casting a glance at Andrew, who was standing behind her, before turning back round and responding.

“Yeah, it was nice,” she smiled in a non-committal fashion.

Shaahira had barely walked out the door before Andrew reached his hand across Lydia and started stroking her thigh. She felt an instant shiver of excitement at his touch and they both turned towards each other. She couldn’t help letting her hand drop so that it rested between his legs. She pressed her palm firmly against the unyielding hardness which she found there.

“Are you inviting me to stay the night?” Andrew asked between sighs of pleasure.

“Er….yeah….I think so,” Lydia responded hesitantly.

He took her hand, gently lifting it as he rose from the sofa. They tiptoed up the stairs and Andrew stood on the landing, still holding Lydia’s hand as she eased the bedroom door open, leading him inside and then shutting it behind her.

He took his jacket off and started to unbutton his shirt. “Aren’t you going to get undressed?” he asked.

“Oh….sorry….I-I’m just not used to this”.

He had already unfastened his belt and was pulling his trousers and boxer shorts off before she started to unfasten the buttons on her blouse. He was extremely slim, his pale white arse clearly visible in the moonlight which penetrated the curtains. When he was fully undressed he lay on the bed, on his back waiting for Lydia to finish undressing herself. He had an admiring smile on his face as he watched her. She felt a twinge of self consciousness as she pulled her bra over her shoulders and unhooked it at the back and then pulled her knickers down, stepping out of them and leaving them lying on the floor. She walked the couple of steps to the bed and then lay next to him.

He immediately pulled her close and almost without any trace of conscious thought, she rolled onto her back. He turned his body, so that he lay on top of her. They kissed and she felt him sucking on her tongue, his hand wandering down and pressing gently between her thighs, urging her to open them. She did so, allowing him to rest his lower body between them, as she felt his fingers exploring her pubes, which were already moist from a mixture of perspiration and the fluid which was oozing from her as a result of her increasing state of arousal. She sighed deeply as she felt his forefinger and index finger squeezing inside her.

“Oh Christ,” she gasped between kisses.

His fingers moved slowly back and forth in her while his thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion. Her hips started to move to the same rhythm as his fingers. She tentatively reached a hand down and grasped blindly until she felt the thick firmness of the distended shaft of muscle pointing towards her from between his thighs. She pushed his foreskin back, teasing his bell end, before rubbing downwards and enjoying the soft texture of his nuts cupped in her hand. She squeezed. He moaned. He stopped kissing her mouth, pecking her neck while his fingers continued to probe her by now slippery wet vulva. She could feel the pounding of blood through the swollen organ she held in her hand and was overcome with a desire to feel it inside her.

“Please…..please fuck me,” she whispered softly, gently pulling his pulsing cock towards her.

Andrew stopped fingering her, pushing himself up on his forearms. Lydia lifted her thighs so that they were spread wide, her ankles hanging either side of his hips. A second later she felt the warm smoothness of his erection against the inside of her soaking cunt, as it was thrust firmly into her. She was tight. It had been eight years since Robert’s father Gerard had died. Eight long years since she’d been fucked. She reached her hands round and pressed firmly down on his arse until he’d buried himself in her up to his balls, until she could feel their softness pressed against her. She could feel and hear them slapping against her with each downward movement of his arse between her thighs. It wasn’t too long before the slapping changed to a wet, squelching noise as the area between her legs became soaked in her own fluids.

She opened her eyes and looked up at Andrew. By now, he was thrusting more vigorously, a steady groaning of mattress springs clearly audible as their fucking grew more frenzied. His jaw was clenched tightly, the lines on his face deepening as it twisted into an intense grimace. Then he stopped, flopping onto his back next to her, breathing deeply. She could see his cock pulsating.

“Fucking hell….I was nearly there…..why did you stop?”

“I…I didn’t want to cum too soon..”

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