Maggies Moment

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They were married. They were always married.

Maggie always got there too late, but her intentions were good.

She made one last house call to her dear friend. He was always there for her, for whatever she needed. He knew she lived alone and knew she was always in the right frame of mind.

That last night was the one he’d remember though. They met in a public parking area in broad daylight. She was there to say her farewells and he was not quite sure why he was there. Times together were repeatedly innocent and happy and never left him with doubts over her intentions.

Last night, she finally let her emotions show on her sleeve.

Before they met, she ended her hours at home with a strong two shots then brushed her teeth. With a hurried and more than excited pace, she rushed out the front door, letting it slam behind her. Unsure of whether she locked the door or turned off any lights, she continued on her way to see him. Maggie knew what she would say when she saw him, because she practiced in front of the mirror for hours to get it right.

Her sleeveless top and long straight skirt were ironed with precision and the rain was not going to ruin anything about her outfit. She dressed for him, but still dressed in a way that made her feel sexier than ever ( and she dressed for herself rather than him tonight). First it was the long tailored skirt with pleats that met the long slit up the back that matched the spread of the back of her legs. Well shaven, without panties and stockingless, she was feeling quite hot –literally and figuratively – this particular evening. He blouse was new and selected especially with him in mind.

The both knew the other would be there, but she tried to be so casual about it. He blew her off as usual in public places. She knew he would, but it did not stop her from longing for him. When their eyes met, she felt an immediate wetness. She did all she could not to linger with the feeling, but he was so sexy and attractive to her that anything he could possibly do was always the right thing.

Later on, she decided to get some fresh air. There was a fantastic secluded area where she could go to be alone and not bothered by any possible intrusive party-goers. She slipped out when she thought she was not being watched. The door closed silently behind her as peaceful yet pensive stroll along the river began.

She left her high heeled shoes on the sidewalk outside the door, as they only would have pierced the soft ground beneath her steps anyway. Barefooted again, after so many years brought her back to her youth and the carefree days of living life to its fullest. She walked slowly, watching the swirling stars overhead rather than watching her footsteps. The view into the starry night sky elevated her spirits and kept her floating in that fantasy-like place of peace.

The only sounds surrounding her were the late night departing barges and the incoming tide crashing on the shoreline. Distant boats and the clanking lines of sailboats rang in time with her footsteps. Soon, she came to rest against a large boulder that broke the even horizon of the shore. He legs extended straight in front of her with her ankles crossed. Her back propped comfortably against the rock and head was tipped back to stare straight into the night sky. Many songs played though her mind, enough that she began to sing one or two lines form a few of them. As she silenced herself to enjoy the music of her natural surroundings, she sensed another’s presence.

Her eyes closed to brush off the sound as her imagination. Finally, a whistling was denoted and as she slowly opened her eyes, tilted her head and looked over her shoulder, there was a masculine shadow nearby. Samsun Escort She tried to seem unsuspecting about looking that way. Slowly, she returned her head to the tilted angle bent over the rock and her heart rate increased thinking it was him, that man of her fantasies.

The voice was unmistakable. It was him! She swallowed hard. Her breathing shifted and her heart was in her throat. She uncrossed her legs and pretended she was calm and collected about it all. Casual. Be casual she kept telling herself. It was not working. In a matter of minutes, she crossed and uncrossed her ankles at least 5 times. He tried to engage her in general conversation, but she fumbled over every answer to every question. In the middle of the barrage of questions, he asked what she was thinking. “You”. Ummmmm was her reply. She fumbled to think of something better, or more profound. Her mind was empty. He would not have believed her anyway after all the mumbling and fumbling she had just done.

She looked up towards him, seeing only a shadow, but she smiled in that direction. He could see all of her in the light of the moon. All she could do was to keep silent. Her hand slid from her waist and hit the grassy spot beside her. He thought it was her invite to sit. So, he sat. She didn’t mean that, and was becoming nervous by him sitting. He was always so untouchable and unapproachable in such an intimate way.

Suddenly, he was beside her and they were alone in the middle of a romantic setting, and alone. Very alone. She could hear herself breathe, almost even could hear her own heartbeat.

When he sat, he sat so close that she could smell him – his sexy cologne mixed with his own natural scent that ordinarily just made her moist. Tonight, she was instantly wet over it. As he sat, he misguided and landed on the ground right beside her. Their hips touched, he was so close. She gasped and closed her eyes and opened them fast thinking she imagined it, but he was still there when she got the nerve to look again.

He watched her as she went through the motions of amazement. When his hand rested gently on her thigh, she tightened it for a flash of a moment then settled into the feeling. Hot, strong, masculine hand on her thigh. The idea of only a thin layer of material separating their flesh played repeatedly through her mind.

She inhaled strongly enough to catch his attention. As she exhaled, she kept her lips tight and looked out of the corner of her eye at him. The expression was received as such a sexual turn on. He turned his face to look her square in the eye and leaned forward to kiss her. He pulled back to see her reaction. A brief chuckle followed by his response of telling her how pale she became filled the next minutes.

With her jaw lowered, eyes widened, skirt wet and heart racing, she pretended it was nothing. It would have seemed believable except that she could not move. Oral replies were inaudible. Mumbles emanating from the back of her throat kept his interest, since he was the one to cause the paralysis.

Never had she wanted a man more than this moment. Slowly, she extended her leg to cross his. He reached for her knees and the separation between them. His strong hand was a comfort to her at this moment. Even as he proceeded in all her numbness…and vulnerable moments…

That hand was so knowing, and comforting. He touched her like no other man. She parted her legs to allow him to go further up her skirt and stop whenever he wanted. She hoped he wanted to go as far as she hoped he would.

His hand went along towards her inner thigh, as he squeezed at her soft flesh, with an index finger roaming a bit to see how far it was from her wet pussy. Samsun Escort Bayan He assumed it’d be wet – and rightfully so, as she was always hot for him. He evidently knew by the way he looked at her. The tilt of her head to match the sway of her eyes as she fluttered her lashes at him. The smile on her face matched the seductive gleam in her eye and he felt it right through to the core. The core of his essence as well as the core of his hard shaft.

She placed her hand on his thigh as his hand made its way upwards. She could feel his cock head blocking the otherwise smooth path up his leg. He looked so deep into her eyes that she proceeded to lay back as his face neared hers trying to engage in what was about to be the hottest kiss.

He slowly closed the space between their lips. She could feel the heat rush to her mouth when she felt the sensation that his were so near. A final last quick licking of her lips wet them enough for his kiss.

Soft flesh pressed to soft flesh. Parting after a full second to allow the sucking and the hot wet tongues to dance the most intense dance within their mouths. Back and forth, the frenching continued into a deep throated tongue procession. She went limp in his arms, fell weak under his spell. Anything he wanted to do with her right at this moment would have been more than fine with her. When she reached for his hand, it was to invite him to hold and fondle her stimulated breast with the harder than ever nipple pushing against her shirt.

He took liberties to feel further than the outer covering of her smooth blouse. As the kiss ended briefly, he complimented her on her choice of outfit and apologized for not paying much attention to her while inside. Pretending she understood, he was there with her now, and nothing else made a difference. But, it was admirable that he acknowledged his actions. She looked closer into his eyes and they kissed again. Hid hands made way to her jaw from their comfortable positions between her legs and on her perked up tit.

While his hands were in place, she moved hers to his lap. She felt around like a teen trying to find all the right parts and all the right angles. He was enjoying the feel of Maggie’s hands on him as he marveled at her innocent way of not knowing what to do with his cock.

He kissed her again, as he took her hand and placed it on his cock as if it were his own hand getting ready to masturbate. She followed his lead and reached far enough into his sexy pants to grab for his balls and wrap a couple fingers around those delectable balls. He moaned in a surprised amazement that she really knew what he wanted. With a shift of his ass on the grass beneath him, he set them free from the ridged seam of his pants that was parting the boys. The minor adjustment made so much more space to fit her hand. They hung loose in her palm while her fingertips tickled the tightening skin shrouding his shaft. Hardening in seconds, she was wetter and wetter with the feel of his tongue dancing with hers. She was wiggling to keep from a full explosion. Being with him like this was unreal to her. A fantasy of hers came close, but it did not include such a heart rate – he did not smell the same in her mind and feeling his hand between her legs was somewhat of a high school flashback that she thought only felt so good during her time as an exploring youngster.

He touched her in that way again and she melted. Her moan got a moan right back from him. She had to concentrate on not climaxing immediately when his middle finger tapped her clit.

When the other two fingers parted her lips to expose that hot throbbing button, she gasped in ecstasy and he continued – squeezing the base Escort Samsun of her clit between two fingers as another tapped away. Wetness was an understatement. She was becoming so wet that he had to press his fingertips harder against her flesh and bones for her to feel all he was doing. What he was really doing was driving Maggie wild.

The arm resting on her thigh felt her relax her muscles even further with every stroke of her pussy, with every tap of her swollen clit, with every glide through her nectar. A softened leg soon became a melting torso and she gave in to all of him. He knew she was now his sexual world to explore and endeavor at will. In a fast and fluid motion, he flipped a leg over hers, his body following the lead. On his knees between Maggie’s, he took his fingers from her pussy to life her by the back of the knees and lift her ass off the grass. Her skirt naturally slid up to her hips. Those fleshy garnet lips glistened in the light of the full moon behind him. The sight of her womanhood stunned him. All he could do was try to keep his balance and stare at the sight.

Visions he gleaned through his fingertips did not pay her beauty any justice. When the blood began flowing through his veins again, he leaned forward, hands now outside her thighs on the ground. In a push-up like fashion, he lowered himself to the ground before her. She helped with a wider, showier separation of her bare smooth legs.

Maggie focused on his face and the sexy expressions he was unaware of making. A slow licking of his lips as he stared between her legs at that glorious pussy let her ready herself for his tongue to work its wonder. She laid back, propped on her elbows so she could still see him. She was loving what she saw: widened then narrowed eyes; parted lips with a slight smile and a panting held behind his teeth. His jaw lowered in readiness for his first taste. Just as his cheeks were even with the mound at the top of her hairline, he watched that nearly perfect pussy drip with the anticipation of his mouth making love to it.

As he licked all around, she yelped and gasped and grabbed at the grass beside her. The feel of his strong tongue with the gentle rhythmic flicking upon her nearly made her sit straight up! Her hands were grabbing for anything that may offer enough resistance to let her exert some energy he was sending through her body. She was so heated up that she could hardly sit still.

When she wrapped one leg around his back, he pulled his tongue away long enough only to tell her how hard to wrap him in her legs. The taste of her, the feel of the sweet wet nectar dripping form her pussy was the remedy he wanted for the end of the day. The breeze that cooled his somewhat sweaty back also cooled his wet chin. She could feel the breeze and also enjoyed the sensation it added to her hot lips. One stiff plunge of his tongue into her pulsating hole released such a scream of joy and surprise from her that he had to tip to his side to allow his cock more growing room.

He was harder than rock that hid them from the rest of the group. As hard as she tried to finagle her foot beneath him to feel that hard cock, she had no power in her body. A slurp escaped his lips as he sucked on her lips with his tongue pushed through them to dabble at her clit. He felt her muscles clench on his tongue and release and continue to pulsate for the next minute which was all it took to make her cum. She screamed his name through her tightly clenched teeth. When her thighs closed a bit on his cheeks, he sucked harder, probed with a firm then flat, soft tongue before continuing to lick and lap and suck on her until she was pulling on his hair, begging him to stop.

Just as he pursed his lips and finalized his amazing sucking, she grabbed hold of his fluffy, un gelled hair and pulled him – guided him – to her face. She kissed him a kiss he’d not soon forget before she held his side belt loops and guided him further up her body so she could take his cock into her mouth.

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