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The last thing I heard before I fell asleep was the birds singing their Good Morning song. My dreams were full of Mandy and the things I had hoped we would do to each other. I could only hope that someday it would happen.

When I woke up the sun was shining through the blinds of the hotel room. I reached over and found no warm bodies next to me. I sat up and Dan and Jim were both gone. I through the blanket around me and walked to see if the trucks were still there. I was relived to see that Jim’s Chevy Z71 was still parked in the same spot. I glanced around the room and saw a note. I read it only to find out the guys went to go get breakfast and they didn’t want to wake me, that they would be back soon. I felt very sore so I emptied the hot tub and filled it with steaming hot water and climbed in. The water and jet streams felt so good on my body. All the sex from the day before was finally catching up.

My vagina and rectum felt like it was on fire, they both had been fucked hard the night before. I laid there and tried to remember all the details of my sweet dreams of Mandy.

I couldn’t get all the details straight but remembering as much as I could was making my nipples hard and goose bumps run up and down my body. I went to touch my pussy but it was too raw to even touch. So I laid my head back and thought of the dreams again.

I guess I must have dozed off, because I never heard the guys come in. Dan came over to me and kissed my head and told me to wake up before I drowned. I woke with a startle, Dan patted my shoulder to reassure me I was safe and it was just them. Jim handed me a towel and I slowly got out. I was in a lot of pain and it showed. Dan asked if I was all right and I told him yea but I’m very sore.

They both gave me a sympathy look and Dan said well there goes our morning sex. I told him I was sorry but he said he was just joking and today I should rest. Jim handed me a McDonalds bag, I shook my head and told him I wasn’t hungry. Boy was that the biggest mistake I ever made, they both yelled at me and told me I needed my energy back and that if I didn’t eat they would hold me down and force feed me. I took the food this time and slowly nibbled on the hash brown and drank the orange juice.

It was about 11 when we finished eating. The guys quickly cleaned up the room and got all our stuff together. Dan and Jim talked about doing this again some time and shook hands. Jim came over to me and kissed me and said that I was everything he imagined I would be and that Dan was a lucky man again. We all walked out the door together and went to our trucks. I looked back at Jim and he smiled waved and winked, I waved back and got in the truck. I was to sore to reach over and open Dan’s door and he got in and kissed me and said he understood. We pulled out of the parking lot and drove back to his place.

When we pulled in and parked Dan told me to stay put he came around the other side and opened the door and helped me out of the truck. Sometimes he could be a controlling asshole but times like these I loved him. We walked upstairs and went in. I went to put the stuff away but Dan grabbed the stuff and led me to the couch and told me to lie down and not move unless I had to pee. He handed me the remote and told me to stay put while he took a shower. I laid back and closed my eyes and the only thing I saw was Mandy.

Why was she in every dream and almost every thought I had since we met yesterday?

I could feel my body starting to heat up and my nipples got hard again. God this had to stop I couldn’t relieve myself, I was too sore to touch myself.

Dan came out and kissed me and asked me if I minded if he went and played a few rounds of golf with his Top. I told him no that I didn’t mind. Dan kissed me again and told me he would be back in about 4 hours and walked out the door. When I heard him pull out I jumped off the couch and went to the bedroom and got Mandy’s phone number out from the pillowcase where I had hid it.

I grabbed the walk around and laid back on the couch and hesitated about calling her. I didn’t want to hurt Dan but this woman was dominating all my thoughts. I had to find out why. I pushed the talk button and pushed it off. I must have done this 3 or 4 times before I got the courage to call. I heard the phone ring and was just about to turn it off when I heard her sexy voice say hi Brandy. I quickly put the phone back up to my ear and said hi.

Mandy asked how I was and I told her sore and tired, she asked why and I went on to tell her what had happened the night before. For some reason I didn’t feel ashamed telling her what I did. Mandy told me she understood and that’s why she only had sex with men every once in awhile. I asked her if she preferred females and she made me blush by saying she preferred me. I felt my pulse increase and my body temperature rise; I was getting so aroused just talking to her.

Mandy asked where my master was and I told her golfing. She said so you’re all alone? Antep Escort Bayan I told her yes and she asked for how long I told her about 4 hours. Mandy paused for a minute and asked if she could come over. I was shocked; I didn’t know what to say. How was I going to explain her being there if Dan came home, but on the other hand the thought of her in the same room with me alone was very appealing. Mandy asked if I was still there and I said yes, she asked yes to what? I said to both. Mandy squealed in delight and asked me for the directions, I gave them to her and she said she’d be here in 15 minutes.

I quickly got up and jumped into the shower and quickly watched my hair and body and did a quick reshave of legs and pussy. I rinsed off and got out, as I was drying off I heard a knock at the door. I wrapped the towel around me and went to the door. I asked who it was and a voice that sent shivers through my body said its Mandy. I opened the door and she walked in. When she saw that I was only wearing a towel, she smiled and told how sexy I looked. I told her thank you and to have a seat in the living room while I put some clothes on.

Mandy said I didn’t have to put clothes on, I looked fine just the way I was. I blushed and said I had to and walked into the bedroom and threw on a pair of Dan’s boxers and one of his long t-shirts. I quickly brushed my hair and teeth and walked back out to the living room.

Mandy was sitting on the couch and when she saw me she let out a low moan. I sat beside her and proceeded to tell her about my dreams and the thoughts I was having of her. I told her that I felt bad and didn’t think I should be thinking these thoughts about her. Mandy asked why I shouldn’t be and I told her because of Dan. Mandy smiled and said what he didn’t know wouldn’t kill him.

I was getting a little uncomfortable so I quickly changed the subject by asking her if she wanted a drink, I went to get up and she grabbed my hand and pulled me back down and closer to her so that we were face to face.

I was looking into her beautiful blue eyes and feeling her warm soft breath on my face. Mandy took her hand and moved the hair off my shoulder and moved it behind my back, as she gently caressed the back of my neck. Oh it felt good having her hand touch me, my nipples were the first to react. Mandy grabbed my hair lightly and pulled me closer and she kissed me lightly. I tried to move back but she whispered it’s all right I won’t hurt you. She kissed me again but this time a little harder and when she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue against my lips, my whole body went crazy. Mandy used her tongue to part my lips enough for her to touch my teeth with her tongue.

I clenched my teeth but when she pulled my hair back I opened my mouth and unclenched my teeth. Mandy took that brief moment to slip her tongue in my mouth. When our tongues met I felt electricity run from her body to mine and it went right to my nipples then to my sore pussy down to my toes. I closed my eyes and just let our tongues probe and the electricity run through my body. I felt so free of worry and so turned on I thought I was going to explode.

Mandy stopped kissing me and when she looked at me she had this tender but lustful look in her eyes, she asked me if I liked kissing her and it was like a cat had my tongue all I could do was nod. Mandy but her hand on my chest and pushed me back on the couch and moved my legs so that they were on the couch. She laid on me and kissed me again, having her this close to me was making every hormone I had stand up and say YES. Our bodies were almost one. I could feel Mandy grinding her body into mine. I ran my hands down her back until I got to the bottom of her shirt and I lifted it up and when I touched her warm soft skin she let out a soft purr and grinded her pussy right into mine.

The fabric of my shorts hit my g-spot and made me buck into her. For what seemed like hours I ran my hands up and down her back and we grinded our mounds together. When I grabbed the back of her hair she started moving on me in circles. I could tell she was about to cum because her eyes were closed tight and she was moaning through her clenched teeth, seeing how close she was and feeling her pelvic bone grind into me, I felt my own orgasm coming to. Mandy started moving faster and harder and I met every move she made until I could take no more.

When I came I tilted my head back and she came after me, biting my neck softly and moaning when she did. We laid there flushed and breathing hard for a few minutes, me on my back and her on her side with her leg over mine. Mandy started running her fingers up and down from my neck to my stomach. I opened my eyes and turned my face towards her and slipped my tongue into her mouth, she grabbed my tongue and started sucking on it.

My body was again reacting to her touch and her hands were rubbing and pressing hard to me. She reached the bottom of my shirt and put her hand up it. My body felt hotter then it had ever before felt. She ran her smooth hand up between my breasts and her wrist grazed my nipple, my body reacted with shivers and she smiled. She rubbed my chest very softly but never touching my erected nipples. I leaned my head back and bit my lip in agony. Finally she used her fingers to tweak my nipple and it caused me to moan loudly. She played with my nipple till it was as hard as it could be then she played with the other until it reached it’s peak also.

I was so turned on that when her tongue met mine I latched on to it and rolled over on my side. Our bodies were face to face and tit to tit. I ran my hand down the side of her body and back up the front. I slid my hand between her squished 38C tits and up to her chin, I tilted her head back and ran my tongue down her neck till I reached the collar line to her shirt. I put my hand behind her and adjusted her so that she was on the bottom and I was on the top.

I kissed and rubbed my body into hers and worked my tongue back down her neck. I wanted to suckle on those perfect shaped tittles. I ran my hands and mouth down her shirt till I got between her breasts then I slowly kissed my way over until I felt her hard nipple under the fabric. I nipped and sucked at it until she was moaning and at was showing through the shirt, I worked my way over to the other one and made it match it’s twin.

I worked my way farther down and got to the end of the shirt and used my teeth to move it up then I kissed and licked her stomach. I could feel her rubbing her pussy against my thigh. I worked my up her stomach until my knee was point blank with her hot mound and my face was right between her luscious melons. I grinded my knee into her crotch softly and she let out a loud purr. I kissed between her tits and around them and used my tongue to work around the nipples, all the while her pussy was gyrating against my knee.

I could torture her and myself no longer and I latched on to her nipple working it between my teeth, boy did she buck, her head went back and she let out a loud moan. I continued suckling her nipple and I moved over to the other one. I used my hand to caress her other tit while my tongue and teeth tortured the other one.

Mandy couldn’t see me suckling her tits so she pushed me back and sat up. I knew what she wanted so I grabbed her shirt and slowly took it over her head and threw it on the floor. Then I saw how perfectly shaped her stomach and tits really were. I let out a sigh of awe and kissed and licked her stomach and worked my way up to her tits again.

Mandy pushed me back up and told me it was only fair she got to see mine too. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt the same time as her and we pulled it off together and threw it in the same direction as hers. Mandy grabbed my arms and pulled me back down to her. When our nipples met my heart raced. Her skin was so soft and her nipples were as hard as mine were. We kissed as our nipples played tag. I moving my pussy all around hers and when I thought I was going to come. Mandy whispered that she wanted to feel all of me on her.

I was kind of hesitant at first but when I looked into her eyes and saw the lust I knew I had too please her. I sat up and helped her to her feet and as I unbuttoned her shorts she was kicking off her shoes. By the time I got her pants completely unzipped she had my shorts down by my feet. I finished removing her shorts. I had to catch my breath at the sight of her standing there completely nude. Mandy took my hand and led me down the hall to the bedroom. I tried to stop her, I told her that I couldn’t do it in Dan’s bed that is was bad enough I was doing this behind his back but to do this was really wrong.

Mandy gave me a wink and pushed me up against the wall and kissed me so hard and passionately that Dan was the last thing on my mind.

I let Mandy lead me over to the bed, and I sat on the edge. Mandy kneeled between my legs, I looked down at her and she smiled and put her hand on my chest and pushed me back. I felt her mouth whisper that she was going to make me feel better then Dan ever could and that by the time she was done with me Dan would be a distant memory.

I thought to myself, that would never happen I loved Dan way too much. Then I felt it. Oh God did it feel good.

Mandy was kissing and licking the top of my foot, I felt the shivers run up my body as her tongue moved over to the other one. Mandy ran her finger up the bottom of my foot and I jumped. I grabbed her hair and told her I was ticklish and not to do it again She gave me a puppy dog look and I saw the grin slowly cross her hot mouth.

Mandy told me to lie back down. I did as she asked and she put her tongue back on me. I closed my eyes as her tongue worked its way up. When Mandy got to the top of my thigh she stuck her nose to my pussy and inhaled. Sparks ran up my body when I felt her hot breath whisper into me that she bet I tasted as sweet as I smelled and she quickly ran her tongue down my pussy. I jerked my body away from her mouth and she looked at me and told me that was nothing compared to what was in store.

I thought oh shit I’m I in trouble as she worked back down my thigh and up the other one.

This time Mandy didn’t stop just at the thigh, she worked her tongue and body all the way up. Our tongues met as our pussy’s touched each other. I could feel her warmth and moisture on my swollen clit. As our bodies touched and my hands ran up and down her body our pussy’s rubbed against each other making us moan in pleasure and torment.

Mandy asked me if I was ready to touch the stars and I whimpered yes as she licked down my neck. Feeling her teeth clasp on my nipple made my pussy moister. As she worked he way down I looked at her and she was smiling teasingly. As her lips got to my pelvic bone she ran her finger down my slit and flicked my swollen button, my body reacted with goose bumps and shivers. Mandy got to my wet opening and dipped her finger in me never going all the way in just moving the tip in and out fast and gently.

I was sure if she kept this up I would blow. Mandy must have known my thought so she shoved her finger fully into me. I bucked and my head went back and I bit my lip so just not to cry out from the pleasure. Mandy said damns your wet as hell as she slipped another finger in me. I grabbed a pillow and put it over my face to muffle the moans. Mandy removed her fingers and yanked the pillow off me and said she wanted to see the pleasure on my face.

Mandy put her fingers back in me and added another one and I threw my head back and clutched my teeth and eyes. I felt her hot breath very close to my clit and I looked down and she stuck her tongue out and lapped me. Oh God did it feel great. Her tongue worked my clit; I could feel her tongue ring flicker against it every once in awhile. Her tongue and fingers worked perfectly in and around me. I felt the blood rush to my head and as it worked its way back down the tingles and the numbness took over.

Mandy grabbed my clit between her lips and started sucking on it moving her head back and forth like a dog with a chew toy and I came so hard my head felt like it weighed a ton and my body was covered in goose bumps. I let out a moan that I’m sure the neighbors heard. I tried to get away from her because she didn’t stop she kept licking and sucking and ramming her fingers deep in me. My pussy was so sensitive that my body jerked with ever movement of her tongue and fingers.

I grabbed her hair and tried to pry her away from me but she fought me and just worked me harder and faster. I couldn’t take it my body was going crazy and then she stopped fingering me. I thought it was over until she grabbed my legs and lifted them up. I felt her tongue work its way down to my very juicy hole and she stuck her tongue deep in me working it in and out. I had never felt anything like this she was getting her tongue deeper and deeper into me. I felt my orgasm tearing through me like a tidal wave.

I screamed that I was going to cum again and she whispered yes baby let me taste your sweet nectar and when I came she fucked me harder and deeper with her tongue. I came so hard I left claw marks on the headboard and I wailed like a banshee. I begged her to stop that my body couldn’t take no more but she just grunted and moved her tongue in circles inside me like she was trying to get every bit of juice.

Mandy slowed her tongue down and I removed my fingers from the headboard. My heart beat and pulse was ringing in my ears and my whole body was numb. I looked down at her and she had this look like the torture wasn’t over yet. All of a sudden she smiled and worked her tongue down to my pucker hole and licked all around it. The feeling was like no other. I begged her to please not do this but she continued probing my ass with her tongue.

Mandy slipped her tongue in my hole and my body went into a whole new level of horniness.

I could feel her hard tongue opening my tight hole and feel it trying to completely reach inside me.

I begged her through clenched teeth to stop. But she just continued until I was lubed enough to slip a finger into my tight wet ass. I tried to get away but she just fingered my hole harder and faster until I didn’t want to go anywhere. Mandy moved her mouth back up to my clit and started sucking on it harder then before.

I couldn’t take it my head was going numb again. Then Mandy put another finger in my ass and put 2 in my pussy and fucked me hard and I do mean hard. I was being crammed in both holes with her tongue and teeth working my clit. It came with such a gusto that my mind wasn’t prepared for it. Mandy must have felt it coming because she quit with my clit and removed her fingers from my pussy. She put her tongue deeper into my pussy and put another finger in my ass.

I came so hard that my nipples were and inch and half off my chest and my body had goose bumps everywhere. The shivers and shakes I got were like and earthquake. My juices erupted like a volcano. I heard Mandy say oh God you taste great and I blacked out.

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