Mary Ch. 02

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John woke up slowly, feeling the morning dew flowing in through the open window on a gentle breeze. He woke to the almost musical sound of Mary’s laugh coming from the pool just outside his window. He casually eavesdropped on the conversation between his mother and Mary noting that it was nothing other than idle chatter, but the sound of her laughter caused his thoughts to once again drift back to the previous weekend. He would never forget the experience with Mary in the hotel room. He vowed to never stay at a different hotel chain, that particular chain would always hold special meaning.

His hand slid down to the ever present morning erection that is as regular to 20 year olds as the rising sun. He had come to a conclusion over the past week. He had a fetish and it was only confirmed after his experience with Mary. He absolutely loved the sounds, the expressions, the uncontrollable shudders of ecstasy that happen during the female orgasm. He vowed to become the master of providing orgasms to women.

As his hand slid slowly up and down his length, almost absent mindedly, he thought back to when Mary had thrown her head back and abandoned herself to the pleasure. Mary had been more expressive, more responsive than any other woman he had ever been with. She seemed confident in a way that he’d never expected from her, but still slightly insecure, still human, still warm.

His mind’s eye focused on an image of her nipple as she neared her climax, and focus was immediately lost as his thoughts turned to her spending on his hand. He couldn’t describe it as anything else. The flow of liquid that flowed from her as she came was one of his life’s most amazing experiences. One he desperately wanted to relive. One small problem… Mary was the one person that he really cared what she thought of him. He didn’t want to seem the over anxious 20 year old he didn’t want to…

The tingles now flowed from his hard cock, finally breaking through and taking over his thoughts in an instant. They flowed down his legs up into his body, his legs began to twitch as they thrust his hips, his cock thrusting into the warm cocoon his grip had become. A brief flash of backing down, of stopping now to continue his musings was rapidly overcome as his seed began to shoot in thick pearly white streams to land on his chest, his stomach, to become a flow drooling down over his hand to pool at the base of his cock, mingling with the course hair that marked his manhood. Keeping silent was always a challenge for John and he hoped his moans had been quiet enough not to be heard by the pool.

Mary, chatting with Maureen about nothing that mattered, the content of their morning chats more than most of the time, heard just a faint moan on the breeze, almost drowned out by the sounds of the birds singing in the morning dew. She loved sitting by the pool, the coolness, the dew that would become oppressive humidity by late morning, felt so good as it caressed her skin. Even the water in the pool, yet to be disturbed by the gentle breeze that flowed through her blouse, seemed so pristine, seemed to resemble the clean slate that every day begins with.

In that instant, where her mind registered what it was that she had heard, she flashed back to her experience with John. God! She’d had a good time. He was so attentive, so eager to learn, so eager to please. She wondered if it was his age, or if it was just in his nature. She could feel the breeze sliding the fabric of her blouse across her nipples and she could feel them harden, lengthen, becoming even more sensitive, heightening the sensation, the breeze becoming a sensuous caress.

“I need another cup of coffee, you want one?” Mary asked Maureen.

“Just a half a cup please.”

As Mary walked into the kitchen John came down the wide staircase and turned the corner. Mary looked at John and watched the color of his face darken just a bit, just a touch of pink flushed his cheeks and Mary couldn’t keep herself from smiling, almost imperceptibly really, just a slight turning of the corners of her mouth, but as she looked at John again, and watched the flush increase in depth she knew, that he knew…

“Hey Mary, how ya doing this morning?” his customary greeting.

“Doing great! And you John?” her grin seemed infectious as he started to smile, then to chortle. He knew he was caught and that it wasn’t bad.

Mary’s voice dropped as she realized she had to try it one more time; that until she did she would never be able to think rationally again, she had almost become obsessed about their experience, and her desire. “Doing anything tonight?” her head dropped, her eyes looking at the floor she looked up between the tresses of her hair, an intense depth to her eyes that was not lost on John.

“I was supposed to meet some of the guys, but we were just gonna hang out, nothing I can’t get out of, why?”

Mary’s voice dropped again, almost to a whisper, and simultaneously, her nipples again hardened and her cheeks flushed. “Do Şanlıurfa Escort you want to meet again?” She had an instant of almost panic as John hesitated in answering, her insecurities flashing to a bright inferno of self doubt, if only for that brief instant. She never even considered the fact that perhaps he wouldn’t want to meet.

John looked Mary in the eye, his stare penetrating deeply into her soul. “I’d love too.” Simple, short, so John.

“same place? Eight o’clock?”

”I’ll be there” He sounded so aloof, almost as if it wasn’t consequential at all.

Wow!… Wow and Wow! John thought. He wanted to do cartwheels, to jump up and down, to exclaim proudly “she wants me! I’ve gotta be the luckiest guy in the world” but didn’t want to give the wrong appearances. John knew he’d have to settle in for one of the longest days he’d ever experienced, he knew that the clock would slow down and he’d spend the entire day waiting for that time to come.

A short cell phone conversation on the way there and he walked down the hallway to the room. 1001. ‘As in 1001 nights of pleasure?’ John wondered and chuckled to himself. ‘I really crack myself up sometimes’ he thought as he knocked quietly on the door, as nervous as he ever got. Mary answered the door dressed in a T shirt and jeans. John was almost shocked, thinking that she’d at least answer the door wearing something sexy, some black negligee, a black lace bra and panties, completely nude even, something… The casual manner in which she opened the door and, saying not a word, walked into the room, made John wonder if he was wrong, if he had made a mountain out of a molehill. His posture got defensive as he walked in the sitting room of the suite. Mary sat in the armchair placed at a 90 degree angle to the couch. John settled into the overstuffed couch.

“Is everything Ok? Did I do something wrong?”

“No John… I just wanted to talk a little, I just wanted to make sure you really want to be here.”

“Mary! What d’ya mean do I want to be here? Of course I want to be here!”

“No John, what I mean is if you don’t want to do this anymore, or um… meet me anymore, just tell me. Ok? I mean it won’t hurt my feelings or anything…”

“Meaning that you don’t care about this? That this means nothing to you?”

Mary could see that this wasn’t going well. She only wanted to make sure that he didn’t feel like he had to do this, she didn’t want him to feel pressured. She knew she had to act and now. She slid down off the chair onto her knees and slid across to John. She put her hands on his knees kneeling at his feet and looked him in the eye.

“John, this is the most exciting thing I’ve done in a very long time and there is absolutely no one I’d rather be here with.” Her hands slid up John’s thighs as she looked up at him and smiled. Her smile was the most erotic, sensuous filled smile John had ever seen. He never knew that a simple smile could be so… erotic, and he realized there was so much to learn about Mary, about women in general. “You just seemed, well, tentative when I asked you if you wanted to meet me, this morning.”

“I was so excited! But I was afraid… well, afraid of looking stupid. Umm…” John’s words trailing off as Mary undid his belt. “I was thinking of our last time when I woke up this morn… uh this morning.” John was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up a steady flow of conversation as Mary’s hands slid into his boxers and she began to run her fingertips lightly over the shaft of his hardening cock.

“Is that what you were thinking of when you came this morning?”

John flushed, his eyes averting from her face. “You heard me?” He knew she knew but he never imagined that she would actually mention it!

“Just barely, if I didn’t know what to listen for I wouldn’t have noticed, but, I’ve been thinking about this a lot, how much I enjoyed last time, how much I wanted to enjoy this time.”

“Oh god Mary, that feels really good, you better be careful or I’m going to, umm… I’m unh… getting close…” John’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“I want to teach you John, I want to show you what makes a woman feel good, what to watch for, to listen for, to feel. I want to teach you that to give pleasure is as pleasurable as receiving it.” Her hand still traveling the length of John she leaned her head down and he groaned as her tongue made the first contact with the crown of his cock. Her lips separated as they traveled down his length, encircling, her tongue still doing hidden pleasure dances bringing his crescendo forward in a rapid burst.

“Oh god! Mary! I’m gonna… oh! I’m gonna… can’t… can’t stop it…”

Mary looked up at John burning the vision into her memory as John’s head went back and she felt the unique taste, the sudden flushing into her mouth, onto her tongue. She watched his expression as his body tensed, becoming rigid, lifting his ass off the couch and vibrating, seemingly hesitating… She felt the sharp spurts of John’s Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan orgasm against her tongue, swallowing with each burst, the act of swallowing adding additional sensation to John’s orgasm so his hips once again rose uncontrollably from the couch, reaching to get deeper in her mouth.

John held back as long as he could, the sparks of pleasure from this soft wet and warm mouth that had encompassed his cock were almost more than he could take. He was afraid to actually let go in her mouth, he wanted to be polite. Almost on the verge of panic, he announced his impending crisis, but the warmth of her mouth, the wetness of her mouth, the frictionless manipulation of his cock was more than he could bear. His mind went blank as his cock reached a crescendo he had never felt before. He couldn’t quite get over the edge, and hung there somewhere slightly beyond the point of no return but not quite at a full blown orgasm.

His cock seemed to spurt in one steady flow, his body taught, the pleasure all consuming, his vision reducing slowly to blackness as he squeezed his eyes shut against the almost unbearable pleasure. When finally he released, it felt as if his entire body was coursing through his cock, to explode deep within Mary’s throat. The relief more than he ever considered could be possible. He took in a deep breath of gloriously fresh air as he realized that he’d been holding his breath and his body began to slowly settle back onto the couch, tremors of pleasure like aftershocks of the earthquake that had just claimed his body.

He looked down at Mary while she still slowly stroked the length of a cock still harder than either of them had imagined possible, traces of his spending at the corners of her mouth. John just smiled as he caught his breath.

“Feel good baby?”

“Oh my god! That was… oh fuck that was awesome!” John tried but couldn’t quite keep himself from giggling. “That was the most amazing… oh my god! But you’re still fully dressed… I mean…” and John reached down to pull Mary up by her arms, more of a gentle tugging really.

Mary kissed John gently on the cheek. “Do you want to learn John, I mean really learn what makes a woman tick?”

“Mary, if I can give you one tenth the pleasure I just felt I’d be happy, but I want to learn how to give you 100 times better.”

“We’re just getting started. Come on” and Mary grabbed John’s hand and pulled him up off the couch and into the adjoining bedroom. As they entered the room Mary turned to face John and he stepped closer to her, his hands sliding up her back his face burying itself in her hair as he nuzzled her neck. He kissed the side of her chin, her cheek, her eyelid to duplicate the process on the opposite side.

“Hmmmm you’re learning fast,” Mary said as she stood there and let him kiss what he wanted. John’s hands slid up under the fabric of her shirt, along her sides, hesitating at the base of her breasts. John could feel the weight, the slight tuck where her breasts met her stomach, he could feel the ridges of her ribs. He thought about reaching up to cup her breasts, to feel her nipples but again slid his arms around her pulling her tight against him and again was rewarded with a groan.

“I want to explore you, I want to know what makes you feel good Mary.”

John gently backed Mary up until the backs of her legs hit the bed. John kept Mary moving, holding her as she slowly lay back onto the bed. John’s hands pulled up on the hem of her shirt slowly, inexorably, exposing her flesh until the base of her breasts came into his view. He hesitated, leaned over and kissed her soft skin, his hands sliding up beneath the fabric to finally cup her breast, feeling the nipple harden beneath his hand. Mary’s impatience took hold and she reached down to pull the shirt up over her head exposing her full breasts to him.

John’s mouth slid upward, tongue tracing his path, leaving behind a cooling streak in the air conditioning behind him as he traced a path to her nipple. He took the nipple in his mouth and suckled gently while lightly flicking it with his tongue.

“You know that makes me crazy John, but if you stop I’ll kick you.”

While John continued to suckle at Mary’s breasts alternating between one and the other his hands were busy unbuttoning Mary’s pants. John concluded that the time for finesse was over for now and pulled Mary’s pants and panties off in one fell swoop leaving Mary laying on the bed naked. John stood up, pulled back a little and stood there just looking at Mary. His gaze was deep, intense almost to the point of making Mary uncomfortable.

“What are you looking at John, come here…” and she held her hands up. John smiled and pushed his pants down off his hips, and as he stepped out of them he pulled his shirt up over his head dropping it on the floor next to them as he lay down on the bed beside Mary. His hands once again slid up Mary’s torso to cup her breasts, jiggling them slightly, John smiled Escort Şanlıurfa again as he watched her nipple once again extend, harden, darken on the pinnacle of her breast.

John ran his finger lightly around her nipple just outside of its sphere of influence, smaller circles, watching the dark pink circles crinkle, her nipples reaching their maximum hardness. He gently flicked her nipple and his smile grew as her entire body jumped. He grinned as he leaned over to once again take her nipple between his lips to tease it with his tongue tracing small circles, pressing it. Her hips began to undulate subtly, not quite a pumping but a gentle movement. John took it as a sign to move onward and began to slide down her body.

“John, slow down, not yet baby… listen to what my body tells you…”

John looked at Mary with a question on his face. “But I thought, well, you were ready…”

“No baby, my body was telling you what you were doing felt good. You know, I can come just from my nipples?”

“Really?” and John got the expression of, the smile of, a small kid finding out that there is a second Christmas every year. He once again took her nipple into his mouth and again gently suckled, feeling her hips begin to move a little more, feeling the tension grow in her body, her breast grew taught and he saw out of the corner of his eye her hands grip the sheet in a clump. He listened as her breath caught, expelled in short quiet bursts as the mild orgasm flowed through her body.

As she settled down onto the bed and her hand relaxed John pulled back. “That was an orgasm? You really just came?”

“They’re not as intense that way, but they are pleasurable just the same.”

“But I want to make you cum as well as you made me…”

“You will, a woman’s body has to build up to it a little more slowly than a man’s John… Just keep reading what I tell you, like you have been…”

“Mary, why don’t you just tell me what to do?”

“We’ll get there John, but you have to learn to read what a woman’s body is telling you. You won’t always be with a woman who’s comfortable expressing in words what she wants… but every woman will tell you with her body.”

“You women sure are complex…”

Mary’s laugh caught in her throat as John’s hand slid down her belly to trace a tingling path down over her pubis, his fingers lightly tracing her lips. “You’ve got such a nice touch John…” Mary said as his fingers continued to coax her wetness from her depths. A slightly increased pressure separated her lips to release her moisture, his finger tracing a path from just below her clit to just above her hole.

“Ohh John…” a quiet sigh, John’s finger crossed over her clit. “John! Gentle, build me up slowly, too sensitive…” Mary said as her body pulled up from the bed.

John laughed quietly. “I figured that out all by myself Mary…”

Mary took his fingers under hers and showed John how to apply just the right pressure on her clit, through the clitoral hood. She showed him how to lessen the sensation enough, using the clitoral hood as a muffle, how to trace the small circles that felt so good, how to gently flick her clit back and forth beneath his fingers, from side to side.

John knew he was having success as Mary spread her legs wider, as wide as they would go, giving him unlimited access to her pleasure center. He pressed slightly harder, the speed of his circles increasing as her expression tensed. Her muscles all beginning to twitch as her crescendo approached and John watched Mary’s face, the expression one of almost pain, as she neared the edge. Mary threw her head back raising her body off the bed and once again her hand clenched the sheet, this time pulling against it, pulling the sheet up, pulling it off the mattress, the muscles of her arm clearly defined, the tendons of her hands taught, knuckles turning white. Mary had thrown both arms wide, both legs spread wide, both hands grasping at the sheet, and her body convulsed, pulling her head up off the pillow, once, then again, and again as the pulses of sensation raced through Mary’s body.

The sounds that erupted from Mary’s body were the most amazing sounds he’d ever heard. She started off with a low rumble in her chest, almost a purring, which rose in both volume and tone to almost a wail. When her body began to convulse her breath burst from her in time with each convulsion. John had heard some awesome things in his relatively short life, seen some really wild things as well, but never had he seen and heard anything even remotely as intense as what he’d just witnessed.

“Oh god John… That felt so good baby… so fucking good… ohh….”

John chuckled and said “Mary, could you call me darling, or lover or anything other than baby?”

Mary laughed out loud. “John! Of course honey, lover, I’m so sorry…” but it was said with such an amused tone of voice. “Ok John are you ready for the next level?”

“Absolutely!” and John began to slide up over her body.

“No John… Patience. I want you to feel inside of me. I want you to find the spot that really makes me feel good, the one your cock drags against each time you’ll thrust into me. If you know where it is it’ll make it easier for you to know how to adjust your thrusts to maximize pleasure for both you and the girl.

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