Master and Four Subs

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This is a fantasy written by myself for fun. It contains spanking, humiliation and fetish; if this bothers you please seek other authors. All characters are 25 years old or older.


The rule is simple: I ring the doorbell and let myself into Master Daddy’s house. Susan, my 25 year old personal assistant, is with me. She is in charge of me at work. She immediately takes my right ear and walks to the nearest chair and sits down. I stand in front of her with my eyes lowered and hands behind my back. She is beautifully dressed in a tight dark blue business skirt, white blouse and jacket. Her skirt is short showing her tanned thighs, and her blouse is translucent displaying her perky nipples. I dare not look or I will be spanked.

“Were you a bad sissy boy today, Little One?” speaking to me as if I am a child.

“Yes, Auntie Susan I was a bad little sissy boy,” I answer in a full sentence. My face is bright red. I am a 38 year old owner of an internet business. I am well-built 6:2 muscular man, who attracts many women and men. However, Susan has total control over me at work as specified by my Master Daddy.

“What happened at work, Sissy?” She asks knowing the answer, but wanting me to repeat it.

“Auntie Susan I was a bad boy and lifted my voice to one of the women, who works for me,” I answer respectfully still standing in front of her, as she leans back in the lounge chair and crosses her leg. I get a slight glance of her tights under her skirt.

“What happened next, Little One?” She asks deliberately enjoying my embarrassment.

“Auntie spanked me with my sissy underpants and trousers down at my ankles. I was over your knee.” I answer nearly crying from mortification.

“Then what happened, Princess?” She asked?

“Auntie Susan, you put me in my shame corner in front of all the women at work for 30 minutes. I was bare bottomed showing my very sore and red fanny.” I answer shamefully.

“Very good Little One,” She said, as she rose from the chair making sure her skirt was straightened and not revealing her thighs. She was about 4 inches shorter than me in her heels, but she intimated me with her blue eyes and stern manner. I was still fully dressed in my grey business suit.

I hear her say: “‘when I am reviewing your day where should your trouser be, Sissy?” I know the answer: “Auntie Susan my trousers should be at my ankles revealing my frilly underpants.” I answer deeply mortified.

I am dressed in a gray business suit, pink tie, and pink long sleeved shirt. Susan reaches and loosens my belt from my trousers undressing me like a small child. My trousers are pulled down to my ankles revealing my white cotton school girl frilly panty. The waistband and leg holes are covered in lace and my panty seat is frilly like a toddler would wear. I stand quietly with my heels together and my hands clasped submissively behind my back. My head is down looking at the floor. I feel foolish standing in in my sissy boy cotton panties. My head and the remainder of my body is shaved smooth of all hair. Daddy does not wish for me to have any pride in my hair. Besides he feels I should look like a sissy boy. Under my panty I am wearing a medium size anal plug in my rosebud. I also have on a chastity device which cages my tiny little penis. He calls it my tiny wee-wee.

“Bend over boy,” She orders. I do so quickly, as she takes me under her left arm and smacks my two round globes with her hard palm several times making me sniffle. She lets me rise to do my spanking dance like a little boy, who was spanked by his Mommy.

The click-clack of heels approaches me. It is my former wife, now my mistress, and my Master’s submissive. Mistress is 36 with long blond hair in a ponytail. She is shapely with long legs and a firm rounded backside and cute perky breasts. She is wearing a short yellow sundress, which flairs out as she walks revealing her shapely thighs and legs. She is confident of herself. However, seeing Susan she lowers her eyes and quickly curtsies in front of the still standing Susan. Her skirt raises high above her hips as she dips in front of Susan revealing her school girl knickers. Master has designated Susan in charge, when she is present in the house, even though she is the youngest.

“Ma’am may I help you in any way?” I hear my former wife, Patricia; ask still holding up her yellow sundress. The knicker is tight around her front forming a camel toe and the back is snug revealing her lower cheeks.

“Yes Patti, turn around and touch your toes leave your panty on display,” Susan answers.

“Yes Ma’am,” Patti answers, not liking the childish name, as she turns away from Susan touching her toes. Her legs are straight, as she bends forward. She is very flexible from the yoga class she attends three times a week. Susan lifts Patricia’s skirt high over her back. Her much too tight undies disappear into the crease of her bottom cheeks revealing two rounded globes.

“I expect you at the door quickly when the bell is Escort Bayan rung. Is that clear? I am going to give you a reminder lesson so you won’t forget, Young Lady.” She says.

Susan gets the spanking strap which hangs from the wall. I am smiling inside to see my former wife being so dominated. “Relax your cheeks Patti, or I will place a ginger fig in your button hole so you cannot clench.” I can see Patricia relax as best she can, as the strap whistles through the air landing full force across both of her bum cheeks. It stings even over her panties. I hear my wife yelp and start to rise when another swish lands just below the original stripe. Four more swings and four more stripes and Susan is finished with the strapping on her buttocks. Susan takes aim at her upper thighs and adds another four stripes. They land from her sit spot to her upper thighs leaving red stripes on her thighs.

“Will you be prompt from now on, Missy?” says Susan holding Patti’s chin and looking directly into her teary eyes.

“Yes Mommy I will be on time from now on,” She answers quietly.

Mistress lets go of my former wife, who is now hopping from foot to foot holding her cute firm buttocks. I am still smiling to myself, as Susan places the strap back on the wall. My wife stands still rubbing her skirted backside and looks at me with tears in her eyes. She dominates me with her eyes daring me to say anything. I know better not to say a word, until she asks me: “Do you need to go potty my sissy boy?”

I know t best answer the embarrassing question quickly and respectfully, or she will use the spanking strap on my tushy. If she does use the strap I won’t sit comfortably for a long time.

“Yes Mommy,” I reply quietly and respectfully. When she treats me like a child I must respond like a child, even though I tower over her 5:4 height. “Did you go potty today my Little One?” She asks?

“Yes Mommy,” I reply. “Did you ask Susan to take you potty, Sissy?” She asks?

“Yes Mommy, Auntie Susan helped me go potty,” I say now totally mortified.

She places a thin pink collar around my neck. It has brightly colored costume jewelry decorating the collar as her pink leash clips to the collar. My two testacies are swollen from not being allowed to cum the past two weeks. “Crawl sissy and let’s get your sissy potty,” She says pulling on her leash.

I follow obediently, as she pulls on my pink collar. I am now crawling on all fours still in my grown up suit jacket, pink tie and shirt. My frilly panty slides into the crack of my cheeks, as I crawl submissively. My blushing face is downwards. I catch a glance of my Mistress’s long tanned legs under short sundress. Her breasts are perky and her nipples are hard and protrude through her dress. Her 36 year old backside is firm and rounded and I can see it wiggle, as I crawl walk behind her. Susan is next to Mistress, as we reach the stairs.

We begin to ascend the stairs one step at a time with me crawling. I am so close to Susan and Mistress I can almost see their panties under their dress clothes. I can see Mistress’s red stripes on her upper thighs through her short dress. She is walking stiffly holding my pink leash.

The pink potty is located in the potty room on the second floor. I wait for Mistress’s command to lower my sissy undies. When she issues the command: “Panties down and squat over the little sissy potty.” I comply immediately lowering my cotton frillies to my ankles and squat over the potty As soon as I squat with my panty at my ankles I say: “Mommy may I have permission to go pee-pee in my potty like a good sissy.”

“Wait sissy while I place the little boy pee guard, so you squirt into the bowl,” She says as she attaches it to the front of the potty. She unfastens my chastity device with her key from around her neck. There is one key at home and one at work controlled by Susan. She pops a pacifier into my mouth and indicates it is time to go pee-pee and to do it quickly or I will be placed into diapers and given a spanking.

She holds my tiny little member downward commenting on its size. “What a tiny little dickie, sissy pee-pee boy. Why did I ever marry such a sissy? I now have a real man.” My face flushes bright red from this comment as I try to wee. After a minute or two my bladder finally gives in and I expel the pee into the potty. She wipes my tiny cockette, and stands me up pulling up my sissy undies.

She walks me over to the bedroom with the leash still attached to my collar. Once inside she strips me of my suit jacket, tie and shirt until I am standing in just my panty with the frills on the seat. She gets a white cotton nightshirt from the drawer and places it on me. It is short barely covering my underpants. She announces we are going to see Master Daddy. I am still sucking on my pacifier, so I just nod my head.


The three of us head to Master’s office. Susan and Patricia are walking together and I am squat walking behind them, as I am still tethered Bayan Escort to my collar. My view of their backsides is up close. I can almost see their tight panties through their dresses and my tiny little dickie is getting hard.

We reach Master’s office knocking quietly and respectfully. We are apprehensive and nervous until we hear the words “Enter.” Inside the three of us walk to the center of the room directly in front of Master and curtsy nice and low. I am now standing with my nightshirt raised over my hips revealing my frilly cotton underpants. Patricia has raised her yellow sundress revealing her cotton panty. Susan wiggles as she raises her tight pencil skirt over her hips revealing her tights and bikini. Susan did not expect to see her Daddy tonight, and is not dressed according to his specification. She can see him glare at her outfit. One of his rules is no pantyhose ever unless he authorizes it, which she remembers too late.

Tink, which is short for Tinker Bell, is Susan’s former husband and now is Master’s 45 year old sissy boy. He is dressed in his school girl uniform. Tears are flowing down his face, as he is being scolded for some infraction. He is about to be spanked by Daddy. Tinker Bell is nicely built with strong firm legs and a swimmers body. He is dressed in a red plaid short skirt, white blouse, blue tie and long white socks reaching to his knees and Mary Jane shoes.

Master places his foot on top of the spanking chair and in one motion reaches between Tink’s legs and grasps him by his testicles forcing him over his bended knee. He is dangling in the air with his head on one side and his backside on the other side. We hear him sobbing knowing he is about to be spanked. Master lifts his tiny skirt over his back revealing his white cotton frilly school girl panty similar to mine. “Tippy fetch the hairbrush from the wall hook,” He orders.

“Yes Daddy,” responding to the sissy name he has given me. I leave my night shirt raised, and quickly rush over retrieving the hairbrush as requested. I hand it to Daddy handle first. I am happy I am not in Tink’s position.

I head back to my spot and watch as Master turns Tink’s undie inside out and down to his knees. “Did you dribble pee-pee inside your panty Missy?” Master taunts Tinker.

“Yes Daddy,” says Tinker still sobbing like a sissy boy.

“Why did you dribble pee you bad sissy?” says Daddy?

“Daddy I am nervous and frightened,” says Tinker still sobbing.

His firm, rounded, bouncy buttocks are facing us. I can see an anal plug like mine wedged in his rosebud and a chastity cage on his tiny little dickie. Master pins his schoolgirl skirt to his blouse, so it won’t fall over his buttocks.

Master takes the hairbrush, which is made of hard oak and is in an oval shape, into the air and lands a swat on Tink’s right cheek. I can see the indention as the brush lands full across his right buttock leaving an oval mark. Again the brush is in the air and another full force swat lands on the same cheek. Tinker is now crying loudly like a child of 5 years old. The brush continues to wallop his right cheek over and over. His other bottom cheek is left pure white.

Master snaps his wrist and in a ‘rata-tat- rata-tat’ sequence lands one swat after another all on his right side. The spanks land from his cheek to his cheek crease to his upper thigh. Tink’s backside turns from a light pink to a crimson shade of red to a bright apple red. The blows are hard and fast until Tink is blubbering promising to behave over and over. Finally, the spanking ends and Tinker Bell is placed on his knees in front of his Daddy.

Tinker is crying from the hard spanking with tears flowing down his face. Master sits on the spanking chair and helps Tinker on to his lap. Tink winces as he sits and tries to stay seated on his left cheek. Master takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and has Tink blow his nose.

“You were a bad little boy, Sissy,” says Master.

“Yes Daddy I was a bad boy,” Tink answers still sniffling like a child.

“What happens to bad boys, Tinky?” says Master.

“Bad boys get spanked by Daddy on their bare bum-bum,” Tink answers.

“How old are you, sissy?” Master asks knowing the answer?

“Daddy, Tink is 45, but acts like he is 5 years old,” answers Tinker Bell.

“Auntie Patti is going to diaper you, and you are going to bed early, Sissy.”

“Yes Daddy,” He answers still sniffling from the spanking and the embarrassment.

Master signals for my former wife, Patricia, to come over to him. She does as instructed still holding her sundress high over her hips. She is walking stiffly from the strapping she received a short while ago. Master notices and asks her what happened. Patricia explains that she was strapped by Susan for not answering the doorbell promptly.

Master asks? “Did you explain to Susy that you were with me?”

“No Daddy, she strapped me before I had time to explain.”

“Turn and bend over so I can Escort see the marks from your strapping, Young Lady.”

“Yes Daddy,” She says with a red face. Patricia turns so her bottom is facing Master, as he sits on the spanking chair. She bends in half and flips her sundress over her back revealing her buttocks encased in her tight undies. The undies slip into the crease of her backside showing her two firm rounded red globes. The strap marks are on display from the middle of her rear end down to the top of her thighs. There are bright red strap marks, which are painful to see. They will most likely last a few days.

“Hmmm I will soon deal with Susy,” says Master. I see Susan shudder to my delight.

“Take Tinker and put him on the changing table in the corner. I want him diapered and cover his diaper with pink plastic undies.”

“Yes Daddy,” She answers as she stands up from her bent position. Her dress falls down covering her underpants. She takes Tinker Bell by his wrist and heads to the changing table. Tink is shuffling with his thumb in his mouth following Patricia. Patricia guides him over to the changing table, which is adjustable. Patricia undresses Tink by removing his short dress, white blouse, long socks and shoes. She then removes his frillies until he is totally naked except for his cage and anal plug.

“I am not pleased with you little boy, Auntie is going to give you another spanking before bed,” says Patricia as she smacks his backside on his right cheek.

“Yes Auntie, I deserve another spanking,” answers Tinker Bell.

The changing table is low so Tinker can climb up and lie on his back until Patricia raises the table to her waist. He is totally naked. His tiny little wee-wee, as Master calls it is trapped in the chastity cage. I have to stifle a giggle looking at him totally hairless, smooth and naked with his knees bent almost touching his chest totally exposing him.

Patricia has diapered me many times and performs the action on Tink with ease. First the baby oil to prevent any rash, then the baby powder then a big boy nappy pinned on him and a pair of pink plastic panties. She lifts him up and puts a Princess Night shirt on him which barely covers his panty. I see Master walking over to him, as he lies on the changing table with his knees touching his chest.

Master points to a spot for Patricia to kneel beside the changing table. Master reaches the changing table and presses a button and Tink’s head drops backwards over the front end of the table near Master’s zipper.

He unzips his zipper and out comes his huge, long, thick cock, and Tink’s head flops backwards and down as the headrest disappears. Tink’s head is dangling underneath as Master inserts his cock slowly into his mouth. Daddy’s huge bibulous head fills Tink’s mouth, as I hear him say: “Suck my cock.” Tink begins to suck slowly as the huge cock fills his mouth. Master places his hands on his throat as if he were to choke him, as he slowly thrusts down his upside down mouth. I can hear his baby pants crinkle from moving back and forth.

His eyes are filled with tears as he gasps to catch his breath. Master’s thrust is long and deep as he face fucks Tink. He continues to thrust his member down his throat past the gag reflex until he reaches the end of his shaft and he pulls out then back down my throat. Tink just about catches a breath, as the next thrust begins. After several deep long thrusts Master is ready to explode.

Master slowly removes his cock allowing Tink to breathe normally and turns to Patti. She is kneeling next to him with her mouth extended widely. He explodes his cum over her face with load after load until her face is covered in cum and spittle.

“Clean me slut,” He orders thrusting his cock down her mouth. She opens wide and begins to lick his large long shaft making loud sucking noises. Her mouth can only handle so much as his cum dripples down her chin onto her dress. Her face is covered with spittle and cum, which will remain until Master orders her to clean up.

“Take sissy and put him to bed and you shower and be kneeling by my bed,” He orders as they both leave the room.


Master stands and walks over to Susan, who is trembling knowing she is dressed incorrectly. I watch as Master snaps his fingers pointing to his boots. Susan bends face down to his boots as she licks each boot over and over until each boot is clean. “Pull your tights down and your bikini panties to your ankles and spread your cheeks wide. I am going to give your anal hole a spanking with the dowel stick.”

“Yes Daddy,” She says submissively. She does as she is told pulling her pantyhose and bikini down to her ankles. Her hands reach back to spread her buttocks wide showing her anal hole. I am enjoying her being disciplined but cannot show my glee. I do not wish to receive the same punishment.

I suddenly hear my name called: “Tippy, my sissy, go get my dowel rod. I am going to use it on your Aunties Susie’s anal hole.”

“Yes Daddy,” I say as I quickly go to Master’s desk and get the required rod. I rush back and bowing deeply showing my panties hand it to him. It is about 18 inches long made of smooth wood and is rounded. It stings like crazy when it hits your anal hole.

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