Master! Master! Pt. 03

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Part 3:

“Momo! Momo!”

Sonja and I were wandering around the property, calling out her name. It was getting dark and she still hadn’t come, and every minute that passed was making me more worried. Had she gotten lost? Had she eaten something poisonous? Had she tripped and sprained her ankle? Had people found her and taken her?

“Master, over here!”

I followed Sonja’s voice to the front of the house, where she was crouched down, her noise to the ground.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Momo was here, I can smell her.” She then began to crawl, keeping her head down and moving along the driveway. “She went this way, towards the road.”

From where Momo had stood, I turned to the house and could see into the bedroom. She must have seen us and run off. Good thing Sonja was originally a dog; she may not have been a bloodhound, but her nose must be hundred times stronger than mine. “Can we follow her?”

“Yeah! Come on, Master!”

She started running towards the road with me chasing after her. I wanted to get into my car and follow Momo’s trail that way, but I knew Sonja wouldn’t be able to pick up the scent. We would have to go on foot. We reached the road and Sonja paused, moving from side to side with her nose low.

“That way!”

She pointed down the road and we both started running, hoping that we were moving faster than Momo was. Minutes passed, my low stamina soon taking effect. I wasn’t fat, but I spent all my time on either on the couch or in the office, and after moving all my stuff and having sex with Sonja, what little strength I had had been used up. Regardless, I pushed myself to keep up with Sonja, running ahead of me with her fluffy blonde tail bouncing. Every kilometer or so, Sonja would stop and smell the ground, making sure that we hadn’t skipped over any place where Momo might have turned and gone the woods. She was moving consistently alongside the road, but no matter how far we ran, it seemed like there was no change to it. The woods on either side stayed the same without any sign of the growing distance.

I was just glad that no cars passed by us. This area wasn’t between anything important and I was the only person for miles around. I had to hope that no one did come down this road before we started chasing Momo. Hopefully she was still wearing her clothes, and anyone driving by would be going too fast to see her tail. I just had to keep on hoping, but that hope was running out. The sun eventually set, but with the cloudy overhang, we lost the light before it even reached the horizon. Miles from home, the mosquitoes biting us, we were forced to the slow down. Even Sonja’s canine energy reserves and fit body couldn’t maintain such a pace. Soon enough, the last stroke came, a drop falling from the sky and landing on my nose. I looked up as the summer storm began, a slowly building deluge. On one hand, the rain was welcome, cooling us down and quenching our thirst, but on the other hand, it was a whole new problem.

Kneeling on the ground, Sonja turned to me with a worried expression. “I can’t follow Momo’s scent, the rain is washing it away. Master, what do we do?”

“We keep going. I don’t care if I have to follow this road until sunrise, I’m going to find Momo.”

Sonja looked at me and smiled. “Right!”

We continued moving, trying to return to our original pace. Summer storms in Maine are beautiful but fierce, with warm winds pushing everything over and thunderous downpours drowning the land with grape-sized raindrops. The gales made us struggle to keep our balance and so much rain hit our faces that it was like we were staring down the nozzle of a garden hose.

“Master, I think I see her!”

I looked ahead, past Sonja, and saw something dark on the side of the road. “Please let it be her.”

We rushed over, finding Momo sitting on the side of the road, hugging her knees to her chest, her hood pulled over her face. I crouched down and pulled back her hood. “Momo, what are you doing here?!”

She gave me one look and pulled her hood back over her head. “Go away!”

“Momo, do you have any idea how worried we were about you?”

“Why do you care?”

I paused, flabbergasted (yes, flabbergasted) that she really didn’t understand. “Because I love you, you furry little idiot.”

She looked up at me, her face wet, but with tears or rain, I couldn’t tell. “Master loves Sonja. Momo saw you two.”

“Yes, I love Sonja, but I love you just as much. How could I not love you? You’re like family to me.”

“But Master likes playing with Sonja more! Momo knows Master likes her big boobs!”

Goddammit, why must she make me laugh at such a tense moment?

“Ok, you’re right, she’s got a big pair of rockin’ tits, but yours are great as well. Momo, if I didn’t love you, would I really have come running all the way down here after you? Come home with me.”

“No! Master and Sonja can go without Momo! Momo will be fine!”

At that, tearful Sonja threw her arms around Momo and held her close. “But I looooooooooove Momo!” Held to Sonja’s chest, the Escort Bayan look on Momo’s face was one of shock. “Don’t leave, Momo! I don’t want you to go!” Sonja wailed.

“See? Sonja loves you too, just like I do. All this time, you’ve thought of her as a rival or even just an annoyance, but she’s loved you from the day you two met.” I then wrapped my arms around them, sandwiching Momo between Sonja and I. “And I love you too. Momo, no matter where you go, you’ll never find anyone who loves you as much as we do. Weird as it may be, the three of us are family, and that tiny cabin is our home. Please, don’t leave us.”

Momo began to tremble, and over the pouring rain, I could hear her cry. We stayed there like that for several minutes, Sonja and I shielding Momo from the spray, letting her cry it all out. Finally, the rain began to lessen and so did Momo’s sniffles. She soon stopped and we all stood up, cold and wet, but happy. Exhausted from the long day, we began the trek back home, the girls on either side of me, my arms over their shoulders. It took over two hours to walk what we had run, the forest road so dark that we almost passed by the entrance to the driveway.

Stepping inside, we shed our soaked clothes, sighing in relief. Wordlessly, Momo and Sonja went to the kitchen, each grabbing a can of cat food and dog food respectively. Looking half dead with exhaustion, they opened the cans and ate the meaty mush inside with their fingers. I was certainly in the same boat, only having enough strength to pour myself a bowl of cereal. They finished eating before I did and went upstairs to brush their teeth and go to bed. I finished soon afterward and left my bowl in the kitchen sink. Heading upstairs, I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, my red toothbrush next to a pink one smelling like mint and cat food and a yellow one smelling like mint and dog food.

More exhausted than I had been in a long time, I stepped into the bedroom, desperate to fall asleep, but stopped. In the center of the bed were Momo and Sonja, their naked bodies interlaced and their foreheads pressed together, sleeping soundly. It was such a sweet sight, I almost didn’t want to disturb them. But of course, I climbed into the bed and pushed them over so I too could get under the covers.


“Sonja, you left the door open again!”

It had been a quiet Sunday afternoon, when without warning, Sonja saw a squirrel outside and rocketed through the door to chase after it. Closing my laptop, I sighed and got up to find her. She was outside, jumping up and down next to a nearby tree and yelling at the squirrel.

“Who are you?! What are you doing at my house?!” Her tail then dropped. “Please come down! I want to run around and play!”

“Sonja, come over here and close this door!”

“But Master, there’s a squirrel! He looks tasty! I want to lick him!”

“Leave the squirrel alone! You left the door open! Now come over here and close it!” Sonja trotted over with a pout and closed the door. I patted her head, making her feel better. “Listen, I’m glad you can go out whenever you want, it’s why I bought this place. But you have to remember to close the door every time. When the door is left open, mosquitos can get in, and since you’re always naked, they’ll eat you alive. Not to mention that winter will be coming and we’ll need to keep the heat in. Got it?”

“Yes, Master.”

I wanted to believe her, I really did, but we had had this conversation almost six times already. Tomorrow, I was planning on going to the hardware store and seeing if they had any springs or mechanisms I could use to have the door shut automatically.

“Good, now do you want to come back inside or stay out here?”

“I’ll come in.”

I let her back in and we returned to the living room, where a movie was playing on the TV. Actually, it can’t really be called a living “room”, more like the living quadrant. We took our usual positions on the couch, me in the middle with the girls on either side. Momo had taken advantage of us leaving the couch and stretched out, showing her true cat nature. A few pats on the thigh got her to move and we sat down.

“Master,” asked Sonja, “since I couldn’t lick the squirrel, can I lick your cock instead?”

I couldn’t help but grin. “Of course, baby, anytime.”

I removed my manhood from its denim prison and stood it upright, letting Sonja crawl over and take it in her mouth. Her head started bobbing and I groaned in bliss. As she worked, I rubbed her ears to thank her. Beside us, Momo watched with slight interest, but not the jealousy she had before. In the weeks since I deflowered Sonja, the relationship between the three of us had greatly improved. Momo no longer tried to keep us apart and didn’t seem to mind sharing me. I had made it clear that I loved her just as much as I loved Sonja and that I would always keep her with me, and every day, I proved that. I always gave the two of them plenty of attention, letting the sexual barriers become more fluid. Sometimes she would Bayan Escort still get jealous, though, especially when it came to “playing”. I would pull out of Sonja and Momo would demand I fuck her next. But on the plus side, her relationship with Sonja was definitely better. They started being affectionate with each other, Momo aloof but open and Sonja a limitless geyser of love. They were even starting to close the distance in the bedroom.

All in all, everything was going great. With this new place, I no longer had to worry about the girls being discovered. They finally had the freedom they wanted, often spending as much time outside as inside. I had fully settled in to my manager position at work and was enjoying the big new paycheck, giving me enough money to take care of the girls and pay for the mortgage.

Now my thoughts were starting to drift to the long term. How long could I keep this hidden? What would happen to them if I died? Without me to look after them, they could starve to death, or someone could snatch them up, either held in captivity by some pervert or spend the rest of their lives in a lab somewhere. Women typically outlived men, so I would need to figure out a way for them to be safe in their old age after I was gone. Maybe we could move to some remote village in a developing nation, where we would be worshipped as gods or something, somewhere that no one from the outside world would ever find them.

That also brought up the issue of their lifespans. Did they age like humans or animals? Sonja had experienced two winters before meeting me, making her almost three years old, but in dog years, that could put her in her late teens or early twenties, which certainly matched her appearance. Did that mean she would only live another ten more years? Was it the same for Momo?

Also complicating matters was the fact that they didn’t appear to experience menstrual cycles. When Momo first turned into a human, I’ll admit, the idea of her having a human period was definitely an unsavory thought, especially since she was always naked, but no such thing had happened so far, for either of them. I had looked up menstrual cycles for both cats and dogs, but Momo and Sonja never showed any symptoms, meaning that they likely weren’t ovulating. That was certainly a blessing for me, as pregnancy would open up a whole new can of worms. I had originally operated under the assumption that Momo was still spayed from when she was a regular cat, but I had doubts that the same was true for Sonja, considering the kind of home she came from. Perhaps her previous owners did it simply to avoid having more dogs. Hopefully the two of them were sterile in their humanoid forms, sort of like how animal hybrids like mules and ligers can be born but they themselves can’t reproduce.

Maybe it was about time to try teaching them life skills so that they wouldn’t always have to rely on me. I had tried before, making Momo more humanlike, but it didn’t quite stick. But hopefully if I taught them skills rather than rules, it would work this time.

“Master, can Momo have a turn?” the feline asked, sitting up and leaning over.

“Sonja?” I asked.

The blonde beauty sat up, wiping the saliva from her lips and grinning. “‘Kay!”

Momo then crouched down and began sucking me off, lapping up Sonja’s spit without any kind of hesitation. There’s just something wonderful about pulling your dick from one girl’s mouth and then sticking it in another. Like with Sonja, I rubbed Momo’s ears as she worked, making her purr and her tail curl. After a minute, she gave it up so that Sonja could have another turn. She started slurping on it with gusto, as if Momo’s saliva added an extra deliciousness to it. Again and again, they switched the job between them, the turns growing shorter and shorter, as well as the girls working harder and harder, even using their hands. They were really trying to coax an orgasm out of me, perhaps even trying to see who could get it first. My lap was becoming a wet and sloppy mess, but that is just proof of the heaven I had reached.

“Girls, I’m about to cum.”

Momo and Sonja closed in, pushing against each other to win their gooey prize. Pulled free from their mouths, my cock released a white geyser, splattering on their faces. With their salty dessert having missed their mouths, they simply sat up and licked it off each other’s faces. Considering their animal personalities, it was quite expected and innocent, but of course sexy as hell at the same time.

“Ok girls, when this movie is done, we’re going to try something new.”

They both looked at me with curious excitement.

“A new kind of playing?” Sonja asked with her tail wagging.

“No, I’m going to teach you both how to read and write. It will help you understand things and let me trust you with tasks.”

Momo’s ears dropped. “This isn’t going to be like eating with a fork, is it? Momo likes having her bowl on the floor.”

“No, no, it won’t be like that. Think of it as a good way to pass the time when I’m at work. It’s an important skill Escort to have.”

Once the movie was done, I brought the girls into the kitchen and sat them down at the table. Gathering some pencils and paper, I started out by writing out the alphabet and showing it to them.

“See these? These are letters. When you put them in order, they form words and can be used to save messages and information.”

Momo made some small swipes at the paper, daring the letters to show this amazing ability I had mentioned. Sonja just smiled and wagged her tail, dumb as a rock.

“Each letter has a name, which helps tell you what it sounds like.” I put my finger on the paper and moved it down the line. “Their names are A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Say those with me.”

I read through the list again, saying each letter and having the girls repeat me before I moved onto the next. We did this almost a dozen times, making sure they had the names memorized. Then I started picking letters at random and having the girls give the names. It took a bit of time, but they soon figured them out.

“Ok, now, how about I show you how to spell your names? Momo, look at these letters and try to guess which ones are used. Sound it out.”

I slid the paper over to her and she squinted at the letters. “Hmm… oh… mmm… oh.” She looked through the list, trying to remember their names. “Is it… M-O-M-O?”

“That’s right! Very good!”

I wrote her name down at the bottom of the paper. She stared at it, her eyes full of wonder and her ears twitching. “Momo is Momo,” she whispered.

“Me next! Me next!” Sonja exclaimed.

“Your name is a bit harder and the letters sound different. Try and guess the first three letters, the “Son” part.”

I gave her the sheet and she looked through it. It took her a moment, I could see her mouthing her name over and over again. “S-O-N!”

“Very good, your full name is S-O-N-J-A.” I wrote her name down and she held up the paper proudly. “I’m Sonja!” she announced.

“That’s right. Now, I’m sorry to do this, but I have to complicate things further. I told you that each letter has a name that hints to its sound, but not all letters sound like their name. Some can even have two sounds.” You could almost see smoke coming out of their ears. It was impressive enough that they had gotten this far in one sitting. “Actually, how about we go for a quick walk, let you two air out?”

Sonja jumped up and rocketed outside, the idea of a walk making her drunk with happiness. Momo followed at her own pace, just glad to have a break. We set out into the woods, taking a path we had figured out since moving in. As usual, Momo and Sonja were naked, enjoying the summer air and sunlight. They didn’t even mind being barefoot, walking on sticks and leaves as if they were wearing hiking boots. Right now, they were happy, but soon they would be begging for the clothes they hated so much. A part of me eagerly awaited the satisfaction of seeing them have to suck it up and face the cold with pants and sweaters. Though I would certainly miss seeing those bouncy titties 24/7.

“So why does Momo need to read?” the feline asked, walking alongside me as Sonja orbited around us.

“Well, I’m sure you get bored waiting for me to come home. If I could get books for you, you could read them during the day. I could get you books about cats.”

Her ears twitched at the idea. “Hmmm, Momo isn’t sure. Momo is busy during the day.”

“Playing with yourself all day doesn’t count as being busy.” She looked at me as if I had just spoken in gibberish. “Besides, I’d like it if you and Sonja could start helping around at home. You know, I could leave you a list of things to do during the day. Maybe I could teach you two how to cook so you could make dinner.”

Momo groaned. “That sounds like a lot of work.”

“And that’s why I’m asking you for help, because I can’t do it all myself.” I wrapped my hand around hers and kissed her forehead. “We’re family after all.”

“Hmmm, it’s not fair when Master asks like that. Ok…”

“Good, then let’s head back. Sonja, ready to go?”

Sonja was down on all fours, trying to fit her head into a hollow space under a tree. “Just a second!”

As hilarious as it was to see her bare ass sticking out with her tail standing like a lightning rod, I had to pull her away to spare whatever poor creature she was bothering.


“Ok, so what are the letters of the alphabet?” I asked, having returned with the girls to the kitchen.

“A B C D E G I J K N M O P Q R S T U V Z!” they chanted.

“Close, but not quite right. Now, for the sounds of the letters.” I went back through the list, sounding out each letter and having them repeat it. We did this over and over again, drilling the alphabet into their skulls.

Afterwards, to give them another break, I simply had them point things out or pick words and I would spell them. I would put sentences together using the simplest words I could and have them read them out. They were certainly fast learners; I couldn’t remember how long it took me to learn to read when I was a kid but they had definitely swept past me. But once again, when it seemed like smoke was going to start pouring from their ears, I stopped.

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