Medical Marijuana and Daughter’s Ex Ch. 03

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Camel Toes

This is the third installment of a series about a beautiful middle-aged woman who, in a weak moment after taking her first dose of medical marijuana had a lusty serendipity fuck session with an eighteen-year-old jock. She was so amazed at how she enjoyed the erotic experience that afterwards, they trade cell numbers for arranging another session. This installment, she texts him and hot sex results. Do read the first two chapters. This one stands alone but the first two are a horny read I think you will enjoy.



My cell beeps. A text has arrived.

“Hi Matt. This is Ann. Kimmie is going on a holiday to Europe with her father, my ex. Why don’t you come over on Saturday night? I’ve missed you.”

Whew, I was pretty sure she would contact me when she asked for my number the morning after our fuckfest. I’m just surprised the horny lady took a week. She likely thought I’d call first but I’ve dated her daughter Kimmie a couple of nights and visited my new university. It’s a busy time.


It took all my nerve to send that text. I’ve been battling within myself as to whether I should hook up with Matt again. It’s not like me to have sex with an eighteen-year-old boy. My mother taught me better. But that hot sex session we had was beyond amazing. It was an accident. I wasn’t seducing the boy like some trampy cougar. I just happened to take my first, new, medical marijuana prescription pill and got all horny with it. He, an amazing male specimen, happened to want to chat in private. It was pure chance, forgivable. But, I knew if I contacted him again it won’t be an accident. I would be the slut. But Matt has rocked my world. I’m wearing out my vibrator every night fantasizing about his muscular body and amazing sexual equipment. I just need more, or I’ll go batty. I’ve posted my profile on a dating website. When I have a man my age to be with, this obsession about sex with this young man will hopefully stop. I hope.


Let’s have a little fun here with the prim and proper, Mrs. Young who wants to get laid. I’ll text her back a few instructions. Hmmm. What would I like her to wear? I’ve got it. Something like my hot high school history teacher wears.

Text to Ann

“Sounds like a plan. Do me a favor. Wear a white blouse and dark skirt with high heels. That’s a turn-on for me.”


What a cheeky boy. I wonder what those clothes are all about. Hell, I’ll be asking a few favors from him too. How long will that blouse and skirt be on, anyway. I want him getting anything sex-wise he needs from me and knowing everything is on the menu. That will keep him coming back.

Text to Matt

“Of course Matt, whatever you want.”

Matt, Thursday, the day before the big meet-up.

It’s been five days since I made the date with Mrs. Young. A lot has happened since. I’m falling hard for Kimmie, her daughter. We’ve gone out the last three nights before her trip. She’s such a super person and a great fuck, the full meal deal. I even promised her last night I wouldn’t go out with other girls. We are a unit. She’s even applied and been accepted at my new university. I’m really going to be faithful and not fuck up like last time.

I’d love to go over tomorrow and fuck Mrs. Young but I just can’t do it. My problem is that if I disappoint her, she might out me with Kimmie and ruin our relationship. That, I don’t want. But I have a plan.

Brad Simpson is a new friend of mine. He’s a good-looking rugby player that got an athletic scholarship like me to the same university. His high school is across town and we even played rugby against each other. I told him about lusty Mrs. Young and my booty call with her. He agreed to go with me and do a switch where he takes over from me and I leave. It’s the way I can stay true to Kimmie and her mom gets what she wants, sex with a young guy.

Ann on Saturday

On my lunch hour on Friday, I had a great time shopping for a new bra and panty set. It’s a push up bra that makes my breasts spill over with a sexy deep cleavage. It opens conveniently at the front. I got a surge of adrenaline when I envisioned Matt undoing it. The panties are a Brazilian style, wider all around than a thong, but very sexy. The crotch has a see-through mesh that shows my pubic hair through it. Matt was so taken with my pubes. I thought it was a good idea to shows them off. The bra and panty set are a matching deep purple with red lace trim, classy and sexy.

I’ve been fixating on this night since we exchanged texts. Yesterday, I even went to a salon for a manicure and also a waxing of my pubic hair down there. I wanted just a small amount of hair waxed off on the sides in front. They call this a bikini waxing. That leaves lots for the young man to run his fingers through. More importantly I needed her to wax all the hair on my lower girlie parts and especially around my anus. I hope Matt wants to go down on me and a clean runway would make it more attractive.

The white satin blouse and black skirt I had for my business attire. But Sinop Escort the skirt was too long and loose around my hips. It’s not appropriate to wear tight skirts at the office nowadays. So, I went out and bought a tight one a few sizes smaller that showed my butt nicely in the store mirror. The hem is a tarty six inches above my knees. My work skirts are a more conservative length. I’ve been feeling so sexy as I get ready for another amazing session. I’m so looking forward to this.

He’ll be here in about a half hour. I’m showered and dressed. The fridge has beer. I have hard liquor if he wants. My nerves are all abuzz. I took a medical marijuana capsule a half hour ago. If it’s like the other night, it should kick my libido in soon. My goodness, I felt so horny before taking it, who knows how much the grass will boost my senses further. I’ll open another button on my blouse. He liked to look at my cleavage. This push-up bra is so slutty. What would mom say? Hell, I’ve decided to be a slut for Matt, so I’ll go all the way. When he’s off to university, it’s back to my conservative life and finding a man my age. Why not have some guilty, secret fun?

I hope I didn’t put on too much makeup. When he saw me last, I had none. I want him to see me at my best this time. The bright red lipstick is so sexy.

Matt should be here soon. Oh damn, I should go upstairs and put on some perfume.

Matt and Brad outside.


“Here is her place. Now remember bro, just go with the flow. At nine o’clock, my buddy will be calling me and I’ll tell her a big story that I have to leave for a short time while you stay. Later, I’ll call her and say I’ll be a lot later. You’ll be alone with her. She’s the only older woman that I’ve been with but she was so horny for a fucking and so easy. Just treat her like your other chicks.”

Brad says, “Dude this is amazing. You are amazing. We are going to have a blast in university.”

I say, “Wait ’till you see her. She is very beautiful. I’ll ring the bell.”


There’s the doorbell. My heart is racing, and my head is swimming. The grass buzz has hit me.

Hi Matt, great to see you. Oh my, and who is your friend?


Holy shit, this lady is a knockout. Beautiful face, long perfect hair, nice boobs and shapely hips. The full package. Can this be happening? She is certainly dressed to impress, just how Matt told her, blouse and skirt with high heels. Look at that cleavage. I’m a breast man and those look so good. Her face is all tarted up with makeup and that dark red lipstick is so slutty.

Fuck, this is really going to happen.

Matt says, “This is my new friend Brad. He’s got a rugby scholarship too to the same university. We’ll be playing together this fall. He lives on the other side of the city. We even played against each other.”


My goodness, he’s as tall as Matt and with an athletic build too. They are in front of me shoulder to shoulder like a high wall of handsome young men. The marijuana makes me giggle at the thought. Ann, get a grip. You are the adult here.


Look at the way she’s giggling like a schoolgirl. She’s stoned just like the other night. Kimmie told me she takes medical marijuana. This will be so easy for Brad.

I love the way she dressed just like I said. I’m getting a woodie just looking at her. With that makeup, she looks so young, beautiful and so classy.

Ann stops giggling and puts out a hand to Brad who shakes it.

“I’m Ann.”

I say, “I thought the three of us could chill for a bit and then Brad would head out.”

Ann replies, “Of course Matt, that’s okay. Let’s go downstairs to the rec room.”

I say, “But first give me a hug like your glad to see me.”

She hesitates and looks guilty at Brad.

I continue, “Don’t worry about Brad, I already told him we are lovers. He lives way across town and doesn’t know Kimmie or any of her crowd. Your secret is perfectly safe.”

She smiles in relief and comes into my arms. Our lips meet. Her lipstick tastes of perfume. I grab her ass, our lips part. She tenses a bit at my groping but resumes kissing and relaxes.

I say loudly, “There’s that sweet ass. That great ass I love to hold.” I like Brad to hear my dirty talk so he knows I’m the man.

Ann blushes and says, “You naughty boy. What will Bad think of me?”

“He’ll think you are the hot sexy woman that you are. Okay, I admit it. I wanted to show you off to impress him and make me look good. You caught me.”

She smiles and gives me a light slap on the cheek and says, “You naughty boy.”


Matt is so immature but the last thing I want to do is piss him off. Who cares what this other boy thinks? If Matt want to show me off like I’m his tart, it’s all good.

I say boldly with the help of the weed, “Hell you don’t need me to look good. You are an incredible guy that any girl would be lucky to be with. I feel very lucky.”

Matt says happily, “That’s what I like to hear.”

I step Sinop Escort Bayan back and say, “Okay boys down these stairs.”

These high heels make it tricky to go downstairs but that’s what he wanted. The boys are behind me as we descend.

At the bottom I say, “You guys make yourselves comfortable. What would you like to drink, beer, or…?”

Matt says, “Beer is great, any kind is fine.”

Brad agrees, “Same for me.”


As she goes up the stairs her ass swivels so sexily. That slutty tight skirt shows off her bum so nicely.

I turn and whisper to Matt, holy fuck man, she’s even more beautiful than you said. My God, I’ve never fucked any girl over twenty. Will she go for me? I don’t know.”

Matt whispers back, “Like I said, older babes are incredible. They love to fuck and get super horny. You’ll see. Don’t let her beauty intimidate you. Just dive in there and act like she’s lucky you want her. I’ll show you how much of a tart she is. Just watch me.”

I say, “Thanks bro. This is so fucking radical. I can’t believe it.”

Matt looks around the semi-dark room for the best place to sit. There is a L shaped sofa at the far corner.

Matt points and says, “Let’s sit at the middle V of the sofa with Ann in between us. I’ll be beside her and you will be kind of in front of us to the side but close to Ann just the same. It’s perfect.”

Ann upstairs

Matt looks so good I could almost eat him. I’ve been getting hornier all week and today I’m vibrating. The smell of him and the taste of his mouth make my body melt. Hopefully Brad will leave soon so I can rip Matt’s clothes off. I’ll have a beer too. Down I go.

Damn the stairs are even trickier in heels with three beer in your hands. The guys are over there on the sofa.

“Here’s your beer guys.”

Matt says, “Before you sit down, take a slow twirl. I love that outfit your wearing. It’s so sexy. What do you think Brad?”

Brad grins and says, “Yes, it’s very sexy.”

Matt continues, “Stop right there. I want to see it from behind. There’s that sweet ass. Gotta love it.”

Brad says, “Beautiful man. Very nice.”

They’re seeing me just as a sex object on display. Fine. I’m using Matt as my sex object later too. I don’t care if he uses me just so long as the lusty fucking happens later. I’m not looking for love.

Matt pats the cushion beside him and Brad and says, “Sit down love.”

I sit, and the hem of my skirt rises up to mid-thigh. I’m not used to wearing such a short skirt. I keep my knees tightly together in a lady-like way. Matt places his big, warm hand on my knee. I can see Brad is very focused on my legs. It’s nice that young men find me attractive. I do a lot of exercise to keep fit.

Matt says, “Brad, why don’t we smoke a joint. You don’t mind Ann, do you?”

“No, go ahead.”

As they get a joint ready, it gives me a chance to check out Brad. He seems a nice young man with a friendly manner. He’s very handsome with light brown hair, high cheek bones and square chin. He’s dressed conservatively in slacks and golf T-shirt. He looks like his family has money. As an elite athlete, I’m sure he has a toned body under those clothes like Matt. He surely has no problem with getting girls.

They take a toke each. Brad laughs and says, “Wow, that weed is fucking great.” Matt asks me, “Want some?” I nod yes not wanting to look the prude. He inhales, then locks his lips on mine blowing the pungent smoke into my mouth. I take it into my lungs. The effect is almost instantaneous as a wave of pleasure rolls through me.

We all giggle hysterically. Matt gets up and says, “We need some tunes.” He goes to our music equipment and plays a nice slow Ballad.

Matt reaches his hand to me and says, “Okay Ann, let’s dance.”

In my marijuana haze, I seem to float up to him. Our bodies come together, and I rest my cheek on his muscular chest. He wraps his arms around me and I’m in heaven. I float with the music. His hands go to my bum and massage it so wonderfully. It’s just him and I in our little bubble. The song ends too soon.

The next song is a fast rock tune and we are laughing and dancing fast and loose.

Matt yells to Brad, “Get up here and dance with us.”

He gets up and we dance. They twirl me and I feel hands on my bottom and even my breasts but it all just harmless fun. The action is so fast and my head is in a grass cloud that I don’t know which boy is touching my private areas. Hell, it’s all harmless fun. Next is another slow song. My head is spinning. I’d like to sit down but Matt says, “Brad, dance with Ann. I have to take a piss.” He goes to the stairs and disappears up.


Ann seems okay with this, so I take her in my arms with my hands on her waist. She lays her head sweetly on my chest. Her flowery perfume is so feminine. I’m getting a huge erection. Should I move my hand to her ass? She’s an adult and my social training doesn’t include feeling asses of grown women. But she’s acting Escort Sinop so loose with Matt. Its hard not to let her maturity and beauty intimidates me. Fuck it, I’ll do it. I hold her ass.


Oh heavens, Brad just put his hand on my bum. What should I do? What should I say? Hell, it’s harmless. These boys likely dance like this all the time. Oh shit, there’s his other hand. Best to keep quiet. I don’t want to make a scene.

He whispers brazenly, “Matt’s so right, you have a great ass.”

He massages deeply. Matt will be back soon. That will end this. I don’t have to be a party pooper and remove his hands.


Her body is snug to mine. She must feel my erection and know how she’s turning me on.

I say, “Matt is such a lucky guy to be with an attractive woman like you. I think you can feel how sexy you are making me feel.”

She says in a sexy voice, “I’ll take that as a compliment Brad. It’s okay to feel my bum but please stop when you hear Matt coming back.”


This young man’s strong hands working on my bum is so naughty but so nice. Being held by an athletic jock is very erotic. My pussy is waking up.

Brad takes my hand and moves it to his hard erection and says, “See how you are turning me on.”

I take my hand away but not before checking its substantial length and girth.

This isn’t good. I tell him, “No Brad. I’m with Matt. Be a good boy.”

Thankfully the song ends and Matt returns. We sit.

Matt turns to me and we kiss. His hand cups my breast. I’m shy that Brad is seeing this but as Matt pleasures my breast and kisses me so passionately, I forget he’s even here.


Look at her. No modesty. She is groaning as he plays with her tits. Her legs are splayed wide as they kiss, and I can see high up her legs almost to her panties. Matt told me she has a hairy beaver. I’d love to see that.


Our lips part and I realize Brad is with us. The grass and beer are making me get carried away. I straighten my blouse.

Brad says, “Could I have another beer?”

I nod yes and go upstairs. In the kitchen, I grip the side of the counter to steady myself. My emotions are running wild. The marijuana and being with those young studs is such a turn on. My body feels so sensuous and alive. I shouldn’t have smoked more. It puts crazy, sexy ideas in my head about Brad. I’m sure he is perfect and beautiful under those clothes like Matt. It makes me feel good that he finds me attractive. All good, but I want him to leave so I can be with Matt. My pussy is on fire.

Brad downstairs

“Matt, I was groping her ass while we danced, and she let me. She even said it was okay.”

Matt says, “She is getting very horny buddy. This is going the way I planned. It’s almost nine, time for our call. Can you take over from here when I leave?”

Brad says, “I think so. Hell, I know so.”

Matt continues, “I’ll tell her I’ll be back in twenty minutes. Then I’ll call back later and say it’ll be four hours. She’ll be so horny by then, she’ll be ripping your clothes off. Shh, here she comes.”

Ann comes forward with two beers and hands them to us.

Matt chirps up, “Hey give us another little sexy twirl and show off that sexy body.


I turn slowly like the last time and remember to stop to show my bottom like Matt wanted.

Matt jumps up and puts on a sexy rap song with a strong beat.

He shouts lewdly, “Here’s some music for you, baby. Dance for us. Twerk that bottom totally sexy like. Give us a show.”

The grass and my very needy libido are affecting my behavior. None of my friends would believe this as I bend over and twirl my butt to the heavy beat towards the boys. Oh, sweet Mary, here I am a forty something business executive, dancing for two young men. And yet I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. I wanted an erotic experience tonight and I’ve got one.

I swing my bottom in a circular motion as the boys shout their approval.

Matt shouts over the music, “Turn around baby.”

I turn and see them both cheering and eating my body up with their eyes. I rotate my hips as close to a belly dance as I can manage. My God, I feel so sexy. I dip my chest unasked and let them see down my blouse, to my breasts spilling over the push-up bra. Brad is holding the tent in the front if his slacks with a lusty look on his face. When he sees me looking over at him, he moves his hand away quickly with a guilty look on his face. I could just eat the horny young man up.

Matt yells, “Show us some leg.”

I grasp the hem of my skirt. The boys cheer. I lift to my upper thigh. They yell for more. I shift the skirt higher. It is just below my panties. In the heat of the moment I remember that the panties have a see-through mesh at the crotch. I shouldn’t go higher. I can’t. I’ll lose all modesty.

Matt forces the issue. “Show us your panties, your panties.”

I chicken out and turn away from them and pull my skirt high showing my panty covered bottom. Its too much to show the see-through mesh in the crotch of my panties to Brad. That’s meant for Matt’s eyes only. The music ends. When I turn to them, my face is flushed from the lust and adrenaline shooting through me. Both men are looking my body up and down hungrily.

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