Meeting Cammy

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Joe got the opportunity to meet a cosplay babe after winning a lucky draw but to his surprise the person who he ended up meeting was one of the last people he expected to show up.

He read about different character stories and history as the cosplay act and he were supposed to hang out as part of a bigger social experiment. Joe and the ‘cosplayer’ would then write about the experience they had.

He picked a Friday evening for their ‘date’ and having no knowledge of who’d turn up, he just ordered some pizza prior to the cosplayer’s arrival. So Joe sat on the couch watching telly and waiting for the pizza and his guest.

When the ball rang it was his neighbor, Kelly with a bag in her hand. Joe invited Kelly in and she revealed she was his date to his surprise. Both of them previously had awkward exchanges at times so Joe was cautious to ask her about this secret cosplay thing she had been hiding.

“I’ve never seen you in a while and never looking like… this.” said Joe.

“And you care about what I wear and why?” she asked.

After some silence Kelly left to change and Joe couldn’t stop thinking about how her attitude backed up by her beauty would always turn him on.

“I’m back.” Kelly shouted when she returned. Joe was shocked to see her standing nude with only the signature Escort Bayan red army cap that the Street Fighter character Cammy wears on top of her head.

Her oiled hourglass figure with perky tits and a shaved pussy showing her amazing camel-toe gave Joe a giant boner.

“Alright rookie suit up and get ready to earn your reward.” she said with her hands on her hips covered in oil and some paint which Cammy has just like the video game.

His ‘suit’ was only a pair of boots, a green jacket and a speedo. He wore them on as Cammy looked eagerly at his privates.

Cammy put on some shades and ordered him to lie on the floor which he did. She sat next to him and put him in headscissors. “It will only hurt if you want it to, so don’t move unless I tell you to kay?” she ordered.

She shut his face between her legs as Joe tried to control himself. Cammy slowly smothered and rubbed her clitoris across his face as he would timidly lick it. His penis would get harder by the moment and more so whenever Cammy would moan and even more when his lips would touch the insides of Cammy.

She told him to not resist as she dragged him near a door with a metal pipe on top of her head. He understood what she wanted to do.

Cammy stood tall but now she asked Joe to go down from the Bayan Escort top slowly. “Its still you in there. I mean I’m surprised why you of all people would be here doing this” he said.

“I haven’t had sex in two weeks that’s why. Now do what I asked.” she replied.

The foreplay ended quickly as Joe kissed her everywhere while she rubbed his penis with her warm soft hands. They looked at each other when Joe crouched and held Cammy up with her crotch and his face stuffed together.

The oil and her pussy set off an odd and seductive aroma which made looking anywhere elsr impossible for Joe because all of his senses for invested in what he was doing with Cammy.

Cammy grabbed the metal pipe and moved up and down with Joe carefully caressing and eating her pussy. The sweat, oil and cum was dripping everywhere as Cammy’s body got more wet and sexy.

When she got tired she casually pushed Joe back with her crotch. As he fell she looked at him with a feet on his chest and finally took off her cap and shades.

He started kissing her foot but she pushed him away again. It was almost as if she was toying with him and was asking him to find creative ways to please her.

“Let’s rumble.” he said.

“What?” Cammy murmured when Joe tackled and her put her in a bear Escort hug.

“Wrestle me at your own peril soldier.” she said assuring Joe she was in character.

Joe hugged her hard trying to avoid getting distracted by her breasts or her snatch so close to his body again.

Cammy countered by grabbing his head and pressed her boobs in his face. She smothered his face across her pale white and wet chest.

Joe lost his grip and they both fell with Cammy falling on top of him. Joe tried to wriggle away but Cammy grabbed his head and started smothering it with her breasts again.

Joe fapped and flapped but he was beaten by his Cammy. He tried to get away by using his legs but Cammy locked him and herself tight by using her legs.

Cammy eventually made Joe give up. She put his head on the wooden floor and Joe was seemingly out of breath and sweating like a bucket.

She sat on his chest, declaring herself the winner of the bout and claiming she had better of the social experiment.

She flicked her long blonde hair in his face and flicked them back. She made a winning pose flexing her skinny arms and legs basically mocking Joe.

‘Cammy’ went back to change again and returned as Kelly. Joe meanwhile, was on the floor jacking himself off. She ignored him and left a note which just had ’10/10′ written on it.

Joe was overjoyed and won a prize due to the combined score of a perfect 20 based on full marks given by him and Kelly.

Joe dated Kelly for a year after that and would have a ‘battle’ with her weekly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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