Midnight Shift Ch. 2

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He pinned me to the floor on his knees with his legs pressed tightly against my hips, his crotch a few inches above my navel.

“Are you really wearing boxer shorts?”

“Test me.”

Slipping my hand under his pants I felt the fabric that told me at least it wasn’t one of those men’s panties in a tube that I detested, but I couldn’t tell for sure by touch alone. I looked him dead in the eyes as I unbuttoned the top and slowly slid the zipper down. It was done in a movie once and I thought it was incredibly sexy. Apparently he thought so too because I could feel his cock spring against the cloth and into my hands. Sure enough, he had the cutest pair of blue boxer short on, built with easy access for feminine hands. My kind of guy.

Dr. Prospero pulled the t-shirt I was wearing over my head with a single tug, commenting, “No bra either.”

“What purpose does it serve? I’m still young. They hold themselves up.”

“And very nicely so.”

Dr. Prospero actually growled as he lowered his head and took my lower lip between his teeth, nibbling softly before biting my chin and soothing it with a kiss. His tongue traced erotic patterns down my throat and at the cavern between my breasts.

As he took one of my nipples into his mouth I thought, if I am ever going to lactate it will be now. He sucked in such a way that I could swear he was taking me inside out. It was like all the pleasure fluttering around in the pit of my belly was being sucked up through my nipples into his mouth. I used to think breast erotics were a creation of a group of horny men, but now I’m not so sure. My body trembled in anticipation as though it was trying to come.

Ring. Ring.

“I have to get that.”

“No. Ignore it.”

“I can’t. It could be a real emergency or another doctor calling in.”

I crawled out from under his grasp. It took some struggling. Apparently he wanted to let me go about as much as I wanted him to. Damn!

Plugging myself back in, “Good morning. Southside Women’s Care. This is Caresse. How may I help you?”

I felt his hand come around me from behind and latch on to the buttons at the front. One by one he pulled them loose as I tried to get information from the patient.

“What is your name?” I could feel the air being pushed from the air conditioner like a crisp breeze against my labia. I was unbelievably wet. It must have been longer since my last time that I thought.

What is your phone number. Area code first.”

I felt my shorts being pulled to my knees as my legs were lifted one by one by Dr. Prospero’s surgeon’s hands. The clothing finally removed from my body, I really was answering the phones naked.

“How many months pregnant are you, istanbul escort Ms. Johnson?”

I know that was not his hand that slipped between my thighs nor his tongue tracing the line of my slit. “Mmmm. I’m sorry Ms. Johnson, can you repeat that?”

“Nine months? Are you going into labor?”

He opened me with swift fingers and instantly went to taunting my clit. It was all I could do to keep from moaning out loud and giving my secret away. If only Ms. Johnson knew that while I was paging the doctor I was naked, kneeling at my terminal while another gorgeous doctor was on his back between my legs doing tricks with his tongue that I thought only my ex-girlfriend was capable of doing.

“Oh, stop Doctor. I have to concentrate so I can punch the numbers in the Doctor’s pager.

“Come and I will.”

My body trembled and that could only mean he was applying direct pressure to my clit. Oh, the things doctors can do with a lapping tongue! To add to the pressure building inside me he penetrated me with his fingers taking me over the edge.

“Come for me, Caresse,” he mumbled against my clit. “You know you want to.”

And I did. Like a wild woman, my hands clasp tight to his hair and my head thrown back in ecstasy. I was breathless with abandon as he leisurely drank from my body the fluids I gave in abundance.

“Oh, my,” I sighed as I rested my head on the desk a few inches away from my keyboard. “You couldn’t have possibly learned that in medical school.”

Underneath me I saw him grin like a naughty boy who was not about to give up his secrets then he rose and kissed me again, letting me taste myself on his lips. It drove me crazy. All I could think about was coming again, feeling this man’s cock buried between my legs. I would have done anything to get it.

Ring. Ring.

“Damn. Damn. Triple damn. I swear these phones maybe ring once every thirty minutes this late at night, then it’s like they know I am having fun…”

“Good morning. Southside Women’s Care. This is Caresse. How may I help you? Yes, Dr. Hernandez. Carol Johnson’s water just broke. Yes, I can put her number directly into your pager. Thank you.”

“Good, that is probably it for a little while,” I laughed then eyed the raging erection pushing against the revealed section of his boxers.

“My what a wicked grin you have there Ms. Mandylor.”

“The better to… Oh, what the hell! Here. You take the phones. Press talk then answer when something rings.”

He looked seriously confused when I took my headset off and placed it on his head, positioning the mouth piece above his delicious looking lips. But it dawned on him quickly kadıköy escort that my mouth was going to be somewhat occupied. He took the instructions in good spirits.

He sat in my chair and lifted his bottom for a moment so I could pull his pants down to his ankles. It was the most beautiful erection I had seen in a long time, almost throbbing for release inside his shorts. Why not agitate it a little just to see how far I can push him?

With slow, teasing fingers I massaged the bulge until I drove a soft moan from his lips then licked at him, through his shorts, enjoying the wet stains forming in the front. I wondered how much of it was my saliva and how much of it was his own precum. I sucked at it to make a more educated guess but all I could taste through his clothing was heat and hardness.

“Hee Hee. It’s my turn, Dr. Prospero. Try not to gasp too orgasmically when the calls start coming in.”

I revealed his hardness with short tugs and was impressed. He looked so delicious; the head of his thick shaft already purple with anticipation. I just had to have a taste. I pulled his cock up and pressed it against his belly displaying the tender underside for whatever I felt like doing to it. Let’s start with a strong lick from the base of his cock to the tip. Mmmm. There’s the flavor I was looking for.

I lapped at each vein in his throbbing member as I worked my way back down the underside to the softness of his testicles where I sucked them into my mouth and had him praying that phone didn’t ring. I pulled away for a moment to move up, slip the mouthpiece out of the way and kiss his lips before going back down and taking the head into my mouth. With each bob of my head I took more and more of him between my lips, enjoying the way he filled me. Dr. Prospero was as hard as a rock and twitched inside my mouth with such strength that I had to hold him at the base with my fingers.

“Oh, you’re good,” was his only response.

Just wait. I wasn’t through yet. I wanted him crazy with lust and wouldn’t accept anything else. Once, by e-mail, he called me the randy Ms. Mandylor. Well, I had a reputation to maintain.

I began to caress his testicles as my lips moved on the cock above them, squeezing them in rhythmic strokes, wanting to feel his come boil and rise until it exploded like Old Faithful. I had him, his hips moving in response to my fingers and tongue, but suddenly he yelled, “Stop! I want inside you.”

“Well, what do you know? I want you inside me, too.”

I stood up and spread my legs, so I could slip easily into his lap and on command take him deep inside me. “Yes, that’s it,” he sighed as he opened my kağıthane escort labia and caressed the interior walls with his bulging tip.

“Dr. Prospero, I had a call tonight from one of your patients who was upset because you gave him a prescription that kept him from rising to the occasion.”

“Yes, Mr. Smith.”

“Uh, huh. But I can see you don’t have that problem.”

“Nope. Not on any medications.”

I wiggled a little as I hovered above his hardness, still in tease mode, but he quickly had his fill and grabbed my thighs, pushing me down on him in a single, powerful thrust.

“Ooooooh,” I shouted, my cry echoing through the deserted boardroom.

“That’s the sound I want to hear coming from you,” he patted my bottom as he gave further instructions. “Now move up and down like so. I don’t want the phone to ring mid-orgasm until you learn to ignore it.”

At first I moved slowly, wanting to feel every vein and crevice on his hot cock as it pushed and pulled in and out. “Ooooh, stick your fingers there, Doctor. Massage my clit. Ummmm, your cock feels so wonderful, so deep inside me. Yeah, keep your fingers right there, ohh just a little harder… yes… yes…”

I started bouncing on his lap like a maniac, not being able to take him in fast or deep enough. I could hear the chair squeaking in rhythm with my ride and for a moment wondered if it would break under the pressure. Then I just didn’t care.

His grunts and groans matched mine in intensity. “I think I am going to come, Doctor, ohhhhh…yes…I’m coming…” My body became a mass of trembling, liquid head as I collapsed against his shoulders, my orgasm squeezing him tightly as it pulled every ounce of available come from him. The hot, creamy ejaculation felt divine as it moved slowly from its starting point deep inside me towards the opening of my sex.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to gather my composure. It had been a long time since I had come that hard.

Taking the headphones, I put them on and gathered up my index cards.

I dialed out, and as it rang, Dr. Prospero rained kisses on my chin and throat. “Good morning, Dr. Phillips. This is your two a.m. wake up call. I’m sorry I’m a little late. Thank you. Have fun on your fishing trip.”

I took the occasional call, still sitting naked in the good doctor’s lap, as we talked about this and that. After a while, Dr. Prospero dressed and said he needed to get some sleep. “I have a shift at the hospital in about five hours. But I will have to come back here tomorrow night. You’re working, right?”

“Yep. So, why are you so sure you’ll have to be back tomorrow. I don’t trust that grin.”

“Well, that check we put on what’s-her-name’s desk? I forgot to sign it. Besides, we still haven’t eaten that cake.”

“Strawberry shortcake?”


“Then I will definitely have to wait for you naked. That way, while we are eating it off of each other we don’t have to worry about stains or stickiness that can’t be licked off.”

“My kind of girl.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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