Milk Does The Body Good

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Jennifer looked impatiently at the clock. She was getting highly agitated with her breast pump wishing now she would of gotten a mechanical one. Her engorged breast was filled to a bursting point with the abundance of milk she had. The breast pump was only producing a trickle, which was not enough. She was about in tears. Damn she was pissed. She hated everything that was happening in her life right now. It didn’t take much to agitate her since her husband left her for his secretary when she told him she was going to have a baby. He left the next day with his clothes telling her he wasn’t ready to be a daddy.

Now she was sitting here single mother alone trying to get her breasts so they weren’t so sore and full. She knew that her client would soon be showing up as they had made arrangements to have dinner and talk about the new business proposal that she had been working on for months. In desperation she started to massage her breasts trying to relax to speed up the process. At the moment the doorbell rang she knew she couldn’t stop now so she yelled for him to come in hoping he would stop at the door and wait for her. Jennifer face flushed with embarrassment when she saw Steve standing in doorway to her kitchen. Steve was fresh out of college and inherited his daddy’s money and business. She imagined how it might look and regretting asking him to come in.

“I’m sorry, I know this must look awful not to say unprofessional. But I have been having a bitch of time with this pump since I weaned my baby onto formula” she said.

Steve recovered quickly from his shocking trance and stuttered “No hmmm no I guess I just wasn’t expecting it and when you told me to come in. I should of just waited by the door for you instead of barging in and interrupting you. I’m the one that needs to apologize.”

Steve had not taken his eyes of her for a minute and Jennifer noticed that his look went from shocking to fascination.

“Does that pump hurt?” Steve asked, “I see that you were rubbing your breast, what does the rubbing do?”

Jennifer knew that Steve had been sheltered while growing Escort Bayan up being an only child to a wealthy business man like his father and going to a all boys school his whole life. With embarrassment Jennifer explained to Steve the best she could, and told him once again how sorry she was and that this had to be an awkward situation for him and that he could go into the other room and turn the T.V on until she was done.

“No, its okay” Steve protested “I don’t know that much about breastfeeding but I can see that your not getting anywhere with what your doing so why don’t you let me help.”

Jennifer was speechless “Oh no I couldn’t, I would be more uncomfortable than what I am now and I couldn’t ask you to do that.” Asking herself why in the hell did I let myself get into this predicament?

Steve said “Look yes I’m young and no I haven’t had a lot of experience with women but I can see your not making any progress here and I do know we are going to be late for our reservations if I don’t help you out. And besides I have always been curious about what it would be like to be with a woman who was lactating.” Actually it has been his fantasy but he didn’t tell her that.

Jennifer’s breasts were hard and very hot by this time. And she couldn’t take much more of the breast pump only letting out a few drips at a time. With a sigh she agreed to let him help.

Steve walked over and started to massage her swollen breasts as they moved to the front room where he had her lay down on the couch. At first it was hard for Jennifer to relax she felt ashamed and embarrassed. But she knew unless she did her milk would not be released. Steve whispered in her ear and told her to lay back and close her eyes. When she did she could feel how good his hands actually felt. Steve continued to massage Jennifer’s breasts and doing so her milk started to run. A trickle at first and than a sudden stream from both breasts. Steve was leaning over her now and was enjoying this way too much to stop.

Jennifer could smell his cologne and she could feel the rhythm his hands were making Bayan Escort on her breast and she started to feel a tingle between her legs and this surprised her enough she opened up her eyes. Steve was looking at her and smiling. Jennifer started to rise up off the couch only to find resistance from Steve.

He told her to lie back down and enjoy. Jennifer moaned and shook her head no, but he overpowered her and the sensations she was feeling was overwhelming

Steve than leaned over her and took a nipple in his mouth. Gently at first he began to suck. Jennifer closed her eyes and let go all of the tension she had been feeling about this evening. Steve began sucking harder and she could hear him swallowing her milk. She imagined what it felt like having her warm milk streaming out of her breasts in his mouth. Steve than switched to the other breast and Jennifer grabbed a pillow to slip under his head so he could rest while he sucked on her breast. Steve continued to suck with long slow sucks. She tried not to notice the bulge in his jeans and that he was stroking himself with his hand but she could not remove herself to not watch.

She played with his hair and whispered in his ear. “Let me help you with that” as she ran her hand down to undo his jeans. Jennifer slipped her hand inside and grasped his throbbing hard cock. Steve continued to drink her milk as she stroked his young hard cock. She could feel him growing harder in her hand and was unable to deny the desire that was building up inside her. The pain in her breasts had subsided and she was feeling nothing but passion as Steve sucked and massaged her nipples. She pumped his cock harder and he was moaning softly. His mouth was sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. Steve’s hand came to rest on her thigh and Jennifer thought she would die if he didn’t slide it up under her skirt and touch her. She started to move her hips to the rhythm of his sucking and as if he could read her mind he started to slide his hand up her thigh.

When he finally reached the lips of her wet pussy Jennifer moaned Escort and she pushed down on his hand, his fingers easily slid inside of her. Jennifer took his thumb and showed him how to massage her clit as he slid his fingers in and out of her. She felt his cock pulsate in her hand and she increased the strokes. Jennifer could hear Steve moaning and could feel his hips and cock thrusting in and out of her hand, sucking harder on her breasts.

All of a sudden she stopped and pushed Steve’s hand away from her wet pussy. She got between his legs and rubbed her wet nipples up and down his shaft driving Steve wild with desire. Jennifer wraps her breasts around his pulsating cock, jiggling them up and down as she teased the head with her expert tongue. Lapping up all the precum.

Jennifer let his cock fall from her lips and quickly removed his pants and straddled him. Guiding Steve’s hard cock inside her hot wet pussy, while pressing down on his chest making sure it is deep inside of her. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts as she slowly starts riding him. Her tight pussy was contracting in and out on his cock while bucking her hips up and down.

Steve grabbed her left breast in his hand, lifts up his head and began sucking. With that, Jennifer body tenses up and she climaxes over and over again saturating his cock and balls with her juices. Her milk squirts all over Steve’s face as he sucks hard and swallows all he can swallow.

Watching her lost in the pleasure zone that he started makes him want to giver her more. Seeing this woman orgasm over and over while fulfilling his fantasy. He took Jennifer’s right nipple between his lips and nurses the milk from it while thrusting his manhood deeper and deeper inside her. His hard pulsating cock pumping in and out of her pussy. While she had another orgasm, with her cunt clamping down tighter and tighter on his shaft, he finally spills his seed deep inside her womb. Both of them exhausted shuddering in pleasure. They fell to sleep in each other’s arms

When Jennifer woke she knew Steve was gone, as she turned over she noticed a note on the table that read,

Business deal done we will go ahead with your plan, I am looking forward to being partners with you.

P.S. Dinner reservations at 8:00 tonight I will bring the cookies.

You are wonderful


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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