More Than I Bargained For

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[ also known on various sites as horny_dad and lexxjld ]

(Note: Because of the length of time it has taken me to finish this story, I am submitting it whole. If you have kept the first parts, this replaces them. Enjoy!)

1: Fantasy

I stared intently at the small video playing on my computer screen, even though it was the fourth time I’d watched it. Only three minutes long, yet it fed into one of my wildest fantasies – of being made to come just by being fucked, without anyone touching my cock.

The man being fucked in the video was about my height and build: 6’3″ with a slim tight body and a thin cock about 8″ long. Like me he had very little body hair, and large sensitive-looking nipples. The man fucking him was shorter and hairier, with a medium-sized but quite thick cock.

Thin man was lying on his back, his knees drawn up to his chest. His cock was firm but not fully erect, his asshole glistening with spit or lube. Hairy man knelt between his thighs and in one smooth movement slid the big head of his cock straight in, followed by the rest of his length. Thin man gasped and immediately his cock hardened, standing straight up from his belly like a steel rod.

Hairy man moved slowly and carefully to begin with, probing thin man’s insides until he found the right spot, then he gradually began to thrust harder and harder. Thin man started groaning, and bubbles of precum started to appear at the tip of his uncut cock. The thrusting continued, evidently hitting thin man’s prostate, because his cock throbbed and burped out more precum at each stroke.

Leaning forward more, hairy man wet his thumbs and stroked thin man’s nipples, while continuing his inexorable thrusts. Thin man moaned loudly and began to raise his hips to try to match his partner’s motions. The flow of precum was now almost constant. The camera zoomed in, showing the fucker’s hairy stomach sliding over the bottom’s balls, and the pool of precum in his navel.

Sharp barking sounds now came from the fuckee at each thrust, and the video clearly showed the swelling of his cock at each jolt to his lovenut. Hairy man began to be more vocal, muttering, “Take it, take it!” over and over again. Then a quiet wailing sound started to be heard, gradually building in intensity until suddenly the bottom cried, “Oh my god, you’re making me come – oh! – oh!! – oh shit!!!” and a ribbon of white cum launched up across his belly and chest. He writhed in ecstasy, and at each push of the cock inside him, more cum sprayed from the tip of his dick. The video ended with a close-up shot of the streaks and pools of cum.

I leaned back in my chair, almost on the verge of coming myself. Usually I’m a top, but just occasionally I fancy a cock inside me. The only problem is that my boyfriend Sean isn’t a very good top (perhaps I don’t give him enough practice!) and his cock isn’t quite big enough to work me right up to a hands-free orgasm. Don’t get me wrong: I certainly enjoy it when he fucks me, and he has a particular knack of timing his wanking me off so that I come just as he does, which makes him groan and me scream. However, I can tell that it’s not as intense as coming hands-free while being fucked would be.

“Fancy having that done to you, do you?” The voice from behind startles me – I didn’t know that Sean had come in. He’d obviously watched enough of the video, and my reaction to it, to know what I was thinking.

“Oh yes, I wish someone could fuck me like that and make me come without touching my cock.”

“Not satisfied with the way I deal with you, then?” (this said with amusement, not bitterness).

“Oh yes, you’re fantastic when you fuck me. But I would like to experience the added intensity …”

“… of a hands-free orgasm,” he completed my thought. “I’ll have to hire in a big-cocked rentboy, then, who can fuck you into submission.”

I blushed (not something I usually did for any reason). “No, I really want to experience it with *you*. I’ve nothing against rentboys (and some of the ones I see advertising in the gay papers almost make me come just looking at them!) but I feel that it would be such a special moment if you and I could just manage it while you’re fucking me.”

“Stay there and hold that thought – but don’t you dare come. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I glanced round at his back as he left the room, and I heard the living room phone click before he closed the door.

2: Meeting

We had met some months before one Saturday night in a horrible bar in north London. Vile glittering decorations failed to hide the peeling damp wallpaper, and the whole place had a smell of decay and cigarette smoke. It wasn’t a regular haunt of mine, but it was fairly close to home, and the beer was surprisingly good. Occasionally they put on a show with a stripper; on those nights there were enough men around to cruise and, occasionally, pick up to take home. On this night, though, there were just a few regulars propping up the bar, and one man sitting alone in the far bursa escort corner. His face was too shadowed to see him clearly, but he often seemed to be watching me.

I walked up to the bar and asked the barman (‘Crusty’, his nickname was) for another pint. As I paid I glanced sideways and saw that the man had come to stand close to me and was looking at me with a very peculiar expression of mingled lust, shyness and fear. (I’m a 6’3″ skinhead with a mohican haircut, and quite a lot of men are scared of me at first.)

He was somewhat shorter than me: 5’10” I guessed, and had rich longish black hair, huge green eyes, and what looked like a solid body. His lips were slightly parted, looking eminently kissable. Above the neck of his t-shirt a riot of black hair curled. I licked my lips as I visualized running my hands through it (I’m fairly hairless, but hair on other men always turns me on). He raised a hand to nervously brush his hair back from his forehead, and up his loose sleeve I could see (and smell) fresh sweat glistening in the luxuriant mat of hair there. I went from flaccid to achingly erect in about a second – fresh sweat is *such* an aphrodisiac for me.

He opened his mouth to speak, and was very surprised when I put my finger to his lips to stop him. I grabbed his arm and lifted it so that his pit was exposed, and buried my nose and mouth in the dank cavern. As I thought of rooting my cock around in that moist hair, I nearly came on the spot, it was wonderful. He just looked confused; I don’t think anyone had ever worshipped his armpits before.

“Do you want another drink?” I motioned to his almost empty glass.

He glanced down at the glass, picked it up and swallowed the last mouthful. Then he gazed up at me for a moment, his expression unfathomable, and said quietly and slowly, “No thanks. But I hope you want to take me home with you. It would be undignified to beg, but I will if I must.” He grinned at this last thought.

I grinned back, “As long as I can fuck your armpits,” I said.

“You’re a pervert.”

“Yes, I know – but that’s not all I’m going to fuck. You want it, don’t you?”

His knees almost gave way at the thought, but he muttered, “Oh, yes. Oh, *yes*!”

“I suppose we’d better introduce ourselves. I’m Jethro. During the day I’m a gardener. At night, when I get the chance, I’m an ‘uphill gardener’.”

“My name’s Sean, I’m a computer programmer, and you can plough my furrow any time.” He seemed more confident now, and was able to banter with me. “Let’s go – if we stay any longer I’ll tear my clothes off and leap on you.”

“That’s how I feel, as well. Come on then, bring your coat.”

It was chilly outside in the wind, and we pulled up our coat collars while we negotiated the pedestrian crossings over the extremely busy ring road. When we reached my block of flats, I turned to Sean and said, “Right, this is it. Last chance to back out and save your sanity.”

“If this is insanity, I’m quite happy with it. Lead on!”

“There’s no lift, and I live on the third floor.”

“That’s OK, when you’ve fucked me so hard I can’t walk, you’ll have to carry me downstairs.”

As soon as we got into the flat and shut the door, I turned to him, seized him in a bearhug, and kissed him passionately. Man, he was a good kisser! I was rigidly erect, my cockhead almost poking a hole in my jeans, and I could feel precum running down my left leg (I never wear underwear). We pulled apart, both breathing hard.

“Let me have a piss, while I still can,” he said, and headed off into the bathroom. I rushed into the bedroom, moved my computer off the bed, threw dirty clothes and socks into the corner, and rummaged in a drawer to find condoms and lube. When I turned round he was standing there in the doorway, beginning to take his t-shirt off. I stopped him, and told him to kneel down. There, he was at just the right height for me to thrust my aching cock into his hairy armpit. At first he found this very strange, but when my cock was glistening with his sweat I pulled it from his armpit and brushed it under his nose.

“Fuck,” he breathed, “I never realised before how sexy that smells – how sexy *I* smell. And the sight of your cock, so hard, so …” His voice tailed off, his eyes glazing over with lust. I prodded his lips with my cock and he stuck out his tongue and licked just the tip. I swear that the burst of precum this produced felt almost like coming. He avidly licked it off, then opened his mouth wide ready to suck my whole cock in.

I pulled back and stopped him. “If you suck me you’ll make me come, and I don’t want to just yet. Stand there and let me undress you.” As I had hoped, the black hair continued down his hairy chest and across his flat belly. It was in strong contrast to his creamy white skin. I followed the trail down to his waistband with my finger and he groaned. While I undid his jeans I looked into his eyes. He still looked surprised, as if he couldn’t believe this was happening görükle escort to him. My lips met his just as I unzipped him. He gasped and his eyes widened. I pushed him and he fell backwards on to the bed, his feet still on the floor. Quickly pulling off his shoes, followed by his jeans, I buried my face in his white briefs and savoured the musky smell of a man in heat.

It doesn’t take much imagination to work out how we spent that night and most of Sunday. Every time one of us came we smeared the hot cum all over our chests and nipples, which just seemed to spur us on to more inventive fucking and sucking. Sean proved to be an insatiable bottom – so much so that we ran out of condoms and I had to get dressed to go and buy some more. While I was out I also bought some bananas to prevent potassium starvation and give us enough energy to carry on. When I returned, he was lying relaxed on his back on the bed. The room reeked of cum and sweat, which gave me an instant hard-on again. Despite all the times he had come, his erection was sticking up rigidly. I quickly threw off my clothes, lubed up my arse, rolled a condom on his cock and sat down hard on it. I’m usually a top, but enjoy a good fuck from a man I like and trust. After his initial surprise he soon got into a rhythm, and when I held on to the headboard and got into a squatting position, he really hammered his cock into me until he yelled and squirted.

So far it had all been wild sex, but we were now both shattered, and just lay there cuddling and chatting quietly about our lives. He rolled over until he was on top of me, and started to kiss me gently but passionately, while stroking my mohican. Suddenly I noticed that he was crying. “What’s wrong, Sean?”

“Nothing,” he sniffled. After a pause he wiped his face and continued, “This has been so wonderful I don’t want it to end.”

“It doesn’t have to end,” I replied with a grin, “we can meet again and fuck like bunnies.” He started to cry again. “I’m sorry, isn’t that what you want?”

“Oh yes, don’t get me wrong – the sex has been absolutely sensational! But Jethro, I feel so close to you now, emotionally … Oh shit! I’m such an idiot!”

Totally confused now, I said gently, “I’m sorry, I really don’t understand. Why do you think you’re an idiot?”

“Because to you this is just a weekend shag-fest. Next weekend you’ll find another victim to seduce – you’ll soon forget about me.” More tears. “Oh, Jethro …”

Glimmers of light began to gleam in my sex-fuddled brain. To him this wasn’t merely sex, it was a deep emotional experience. But was he right? – was this just a shag-fest for me? Would I immediately forget about him and find another hunky man for the following weekend? I pondered this question for a while. It was certainly an accurate description of my life so far: a man each weekend – more if I could get them – and some of them so fleeting that I couldn’t remember their faces or their names (if I ever even knew their names).

With my thumbs I gently wiped the tears from his cheeks. This just made him cry more, and he stretched out on top of me, buried his face in my shoulder and began to sob. It was as I put my arms round him to comfort him that it suddenly came over me in a rush. Although it hadn’t occurred to me before, this weekend *had* felt different from all the others. I did care about this man. Hesitantly I said, “I – could – love you, Sean.”

He stiffened and raised his head to look at me in amazement and confusion. Quietly he said, “Whatever you do, don’t just say what you think I want to hear … I may be an idiot, but I’m not *that* much of an idiot.”

I drew his head down to mine and kissed him, at first softly, then with growing passion. He resisted for a while, then avidly joined in, his tongue snaking into my mouth until we were both gasping. “You’re not an idiot, and you’re wrong,” I said. “Oh, you’re right about the usual pattern of my weekends – I’m not one to remain celibate for long – but this weekend *has* been really special, *you* are really special, and I’ll say it again: I could love you, Sean. At the moment I can’t say more than that – but I can tell you that you’re the first man I’ve ever said it to.”

He slid off me, turned and sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me. I could tell that he was crying again, and I didn’t know what to do for the best. “I’m going to make some tea,” I muttered, “we need to sit down quietly and talk about this.” He sobbed, but nodded.

The tea had its usual calming effect, and we sat there side by side on the bed in companionable silence until we’d finished it. Then I half turned towards him and said, “Look, I’m going to be absolutely honest with you. If you’re expecting, or even hoping, that I’m going to be monogamous with just you, then this is a non-starter. You’ve probably noticed that I’m a horny fucker …”

“Hah! You can say that again!” Through his tears he grinned.

“And I *always* look at other men when I’m out. It’s just my nature. bursa escort bayan And if they look back and seem interested, well, I’m not going to say no …”

“You must have a queue at your door sometimes?”

I grinned. “Let’s just say that there have been afternoons when I’ve only just had time to straighten the sheets and dispose of the condoms and used lube tubes before my next man arrives. And afterwards I’ve still gone out to the pub and been sucked off in the back room.” Even I blushed at the next part: “It took an orgy with five insatiable bottoms and a sling to knacker me completely!”

Sean laughed at this. I was glad to discover that he wasn’t shocked by my total promiscuity. He really was a very special man, and I didn’t want him walking out on me. He looked at me thoughtfully for a while, then said, “I’m not nearly as experienced as you. I’ve had my fun, certainly, but it’s tended to be with one man on and off for a while, before we go our separate ways. But I’ve never ever felt for any of them what I feel for you, just in this short time. Oh, the sex has been *fantastic* – actually that’s an understatement, it’s been out of this world – but there’s a lot more to it than that.”

“Yes, I sense that, too.”

“So if you think we could be more than fuck-buddies, I’d like to try that, and I don’t have any problem with you looking at other men – or shagging other men. Or even having orgies, as long as I’m invited and I can watch.” He smiled. “It would be extremely horny to see you in action with lots of other men, knowing that afterwards we’d be going home together and I could snuggle with your sweaty spunky drained body until you recovered enough to fuck me.” As he said this I noticed that his cock was thickening again and rising from his thigh to half-hard. I bent over and stuck my nose in his armpit and my cock immediately shot to almost painful throbbing rigidity.

“Just one demand …”


“You are *never* to wear deodorant or cologne. I want to be able to find you, even in the dark, just from the fantastic sexy smell of your armpits.”

“Is that your *only* demand?”

“Oh no, now I demand that you get on your knees while we get started on this new pack of condoms.”

3: Loving and Living

At the end of the following week he gave up his rented room and moved in with me. Even though my flat was small, we never seemed to get in each other’s way or get on each other’s nerves. He was (fortunately) much tidier than me, and managed to keep the floor reasonably clear of dirty clothes and used condoms, and the kitchen sink clear of dirty pots and pans. For my part, I really did try to be tidier and cleaner, though it wasn’t in my nature.

One afternoon I came home from work and found him washing up, dressed only in a pair of my trackie trousers, very loose-fitting on him. He began to turn to hug me but I said sharply, “No, stay exactly where you were.” As he turned back to the sink I got on my knees behind him, pulled down the loose trackies, and buried my nose and then my tongue in his arse crack. He moaned softly and moved backwards until he could lean with his hands on the front of the sink, which opened up his arse even more and my tongue slipped inside.

After a few minutes of concentrated tonguing, he began to chant, “Fuck me, oh, fuck me, please, fuck me …”

“Just a mo, I’ll go and get a condom.”

“Wait. Don’t use a condom. I know you’ve always used them with other men, so have I – so you don’t need them with me.”

My brain thought of numerous things I should say or ask, but my clothes flew in all directions as I stripped while dashing into the bedroom for lube. He was so worked up and open that my cock slipped right in until I actually lifted him off his feet, and reaching round I found, as I expected, that he was already leaking precum, which I smeared round the head of his cock. He brought one hand down to start wanking himself as I fucked him, but I smacked it away and said, “No, that’s all mine.” Gathering more of his precum I slicked up his nipples, which made them as hard as diamonds and made his arse contract rhythmically round the shaft of my cock.

I fucked him as slowly as my body would let me. His insides actually rippled, gripping me and then releasing me, and I gradually timed my thrusts to get the maximum friction. Just when I began to feel his prostate contracting rhythmically, bringing me closer and closer to exploding, I gently pulled out of him.

He half turned and looked over his shoulder with an amusing (to me) expression of mingled frustration and surprise. “What …?”

“Quiet,” I ordered him, “remember that I’m in charge here.”

The flush spread from his face down his chest and reached his cock, which became so hard that the skin on his shaft shone. He was clearly extremely turned on by my domination, even though we both knew it was only in play. I seized his arm and pulled him into the bedroom. Putting a towel on top of the blanket box I told him to lie down on it on his back, and to hold his legs up behind the knees. Then I sat astride the box and shuffled forwards until my cock grazed his twitching arse hole. He moaned. I nearly came, but managed to restrain myself by reciting Latin plant names to myself for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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