Mother Dear Pt. 08

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She pushes back hard against me, wiggles to get it all the way into her. I feel her weight as she sits back onto me. I feel her cheeks spread and engulf my face completely. She holds her butt in place and starts to grind. I feel her wetness all over my chin, feel the tight little hole of her rear end push against my nose as she sits back on my face.

“Ooooooo, right there, honey! Don’t you fucking move an inch, this is my favorite part. That cute little nose of yours is right where it was meant to be. You have no idea how good you make mama feel, baby doll.”

She laughs through her heavy breathing and moaning.

“Uh, uh, uh…oooo, fuck! Uh, Uh…”

She grinds around in little circles. She is rubbing herself up and over my face. My face soaked by her wetness, she is literally dripping.

Her pussy is filled with the 9″ rubber life-like cock dildo that is strapped to my face. She is fucking the facial dildo she has strapped over my head. Leather straps around my cheeks, chin, and up over my head hold it tightly in place at the back. It is locked to my face and head by a small metal padlock that I feel bumping against the back of my neck between my shoulders as she pumps and grinds. My wrists and arms are pulled back behind me. They are cuffed to my ankles, all of which is cuffed together and locked to a spreader bar behind me holding me in an upright kneeling position. This positions me perfectly such that she can mount the dildo and my face by lowering her rear onto it, she can sit on my face and use me as a stool, a chair. She bends slightly forward at the knee, her butt in my face covering it, she squats onto me. Her hands steady her as she grips the back of the bar in front of her.

We are in my mother’s basement, her play room. The facial dildo I’m wearing was a birthday present, a birthday gift from my loving mother. Standing before her as I am always dressed when I am in her house, dressed in lace panties, thigh high stockings, heels, short little-girl’s dress, made up and hair done the way she trained me to do it three months ago, she presented the gift to me. She gave me a large gift wrapped box, big bow, the card read, ‘Happy Birthday to my special little boy, to my loving son! Love, Mother Dear.’ I remember the look on her face, the smile on her lips as I unwrapped it and looked at it, looked at the huge facial dildo. And I remember her fitting me with it, putting it on me and explaining that when in the house it would be a new and very regular part of my ‘outfit’. There was a second present that came in a smaller box. It was a CB6000 penis restraint, a locking harness that prevents erection. It was a birthday I’ll remember for some time. I now wear them both in her house, the cock harness both in and out of her house. She holds the key.

I’ve been her ‘loving son’ as she calls me for over a year now. I remember the conversation we had shortly after she found out I was a ‘submissive little fag boy’ as she calls me sometimes, shortly after she sent me to please a male friend of hers. She told me that my father was submissive too and her kinky slave years before I was born, that he built the ‘play room’ cleverly hidden behind the furnace room in her basement, the room that is now mine, my special room. She told me he built it to her specifications, complete with ‘X’ cross on the wall, two whipping horses, one short and close to the floor, the other large and capable of suspending two people over. She told it all to me. She told me she loved my father dearly and that Escort Bayan when he ‘up and died’ on her, as she told it, it broke her heart. He was the love of her life. He was also her submissive cuckold husband. She told me that theirs was a very special relationship. And now that she found out about my sexual fantasy and ‘dirty little ways’ she intended to exploit it all to the fullest, make ours as special a relationship as she’d ever had with my father. I have willingly become her submissive house boy. I am addicted to her, addicted to the way she rewards and punishes me, her ‘loving son’. I love my mother dearly and will do anything to please her, anything to earn the touch of her hand.

She is fucking hard, holding the bar in front of her tightly, looking at the mirror on the back-bar behind it. She grinds the dildo deeply up into her pussy, grinds little wet circles all over my face. Her panties delicately displayed down around her ankles, her skirt up over her back, her naked rear end is all over my face.

“Uh, uh, uh…oooo, fuck, uhhhh…”, she cums hard.

She explodes as she always does, soaks my face with her juices. I smell her pussy, her scent as she rubs it up and down across my soaked chin. I feel her start to rock gently up and down, feel my nose run up and down across her tight little hole, up and down between her slippery butt cheeks.

“Ahhhh, yes!”

She rises and falls several times, the full length of the rubber life-like cock moving in and out of her pussy. She slows, pulls up gently, pulls away. She is finished with it. She is through with me, I know this. We’ve done this so many times before.

I see her pussy lips glisten and close together at the end of it as she gently slips up and off of the rubber cock. She steps away from me slightly, panties holding her ankles together above her shoes, leaving the dildo bobbing on my face behind her. She wipes herself quickly with a small bar towel and tosses it to the floor. She bends slightly and raises her panties up over her knees, slips them back up over her beautiful rear end and then lowers her skirt. It was up and over her back, flipped up quickly as she moved her rear into position toward my face almost half an hour ago.

“My, my little boy, you do amaze. Or maybe it’s me that amazes me. All I know is that I never cum harder than when I fuck that face cock of yours.”

She sips the half full glass of wine on the bar in front of her, sits on the bar stool and spins slowly on it to face me. She looks down at me restrained and kneeling on the floor at her feet, my face glistening with her juices. The huge dildo stands straight up. A permanent erection for her to use at will. It still has the condom one that that she always has me apply before inserting into herself.

“Even Doris doesn’t come close to getting me off like that thing does, honey. That was a very good choice on my part. It was the perfect gift for you, honey.”

She sips her wine.

“You made mama very happy, baby. You always do.

Tell me you like that, baby. Tell me.”

She listens as I stammer, mumble through the huge ball gag that is in my mouth, the ball gag on the other side of the facial cock harness I have locked to my head and face.

“Mm yeth, mmth, ethh I uh lv…”

I am unintelligible with this huge ball in my mouth. I feel my mouth filled with saliva and her juices around it, can taste and smell her all over me.

She laughs, giggle girl like.

“Speak up Bayan Escort little boy, I can’t hear you. What did you say, honey?”

She stares down at me as I struggle, yammer on and look up at her. It’s just gibberish from a plugged and gagged mouth.

“Shhhh, that’s okay. Mother understands.”

She stands and walks to me. She takes the key from the bar, the key to the lock at my ankles and wrists. Bending forward, she unlocks me. I feel my wrists fall to the side, semi-numb.

“Stand up, honey.”

I do as she tells me to do. Stand before her in leather wrist and ankle cuffs, in heels and stockings, white lace panties conceal my locked penis harness. My short dress barely covers my butt and panties. I am baby smooth, waxed and moisturized. She insists on it. If she feels any stubble on me at all it’s a trip to the whipping horse. I have learned well. I don’t disappoint her.

“Want me to touch your little thing? Do you, baby?”

She sips her wine, looks at me sternly over the rim of the glass.

“Uhh, yeth, thhh, ythh.. pleth, pleth…”

The 9″ permanent rubber erection bobs up and down as I nod my head ‘yes’. This makes her burst out in laughter, loud laugher.

“You’re precious, baby boy. You really are. If your ex wife could see you now.”

She laughs as she leans forward, her breasts pushed tight into her blouse as she bends and uses the small key on her necklace to unlock my cock harness. She quickly eases the plastic tube off of it, my cock falls out semi-erect.

“Look at that little thing, baby boy. Not much like the one on your face, is it?”

“Nnnoo, nooo, mthrrr.”

She smiles at me, always reminds me that I am small. I feel her hand cup and cradle it. She leans forward and kisses my forehead. She moves the rubber cock off to the side of my face with her other hand and looks into my eyes. I feel myself start to get hard in her hand. She says nothing, just looks deeply into my eyes and strokes me gently to erection.

“Good, baby, very good. You know I love you, couldn’t love you more, honey. You know that. Many would find the relationship we have difficult to understand. But I think it’s more than appropriate, don’t you? I love my little man. And if your father were still here he’d approve too. He’d have no choice.”

She laughes, kisses my cheek through the dildo straps.

My little erection slides through her hand, pre cum lubricating her hand as she runs it over the head.

“Ooooo, yettthhh, yeeeeths mtha…”, I whimper as I stammer and try to speak.

“Shhh, just enjoy this, honey. I love doing this for you. You really are a good boy. You know when you were very little I’d sometimes do this to you. Changing your diapers, I just thought your little thing was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Sometimes I’d push it around with my index finger, listen to you coo, see you smile up at me. Your father never knew I did that. I liked that it was between you and me. I even kissed the end of it.”

She strokes to drive me crazy, slow, methodically, runs my penis through her hand. She addicts me to her hand every time she does this.

“Want me to put it in my mouth, do that special thing I do for you sometimes?”

I feel her take my penis in her hand tightly and pull me up and onto my toes. She moves to the front of the dildo mounted on my face and slowly puts it into her mouth. Staring into my eyes she starts to masturbate and suck the end of it. She moves the dildo in and out of Escort her mouth teasingly. She pulls back slowly off of it.

“I like the way I taste. I’m all over this thing.”

She smiles, pushes it back into her mouth. She sucks the rubber cock as if it were a real man, all the while holding me up on my toes by my penis, gripping so tight it hurts. I whimper and moan softly, muffled by my ball gag. Her sucking on the penis pulls and pushes my head back and forth.

And then she pulls back off of it. A loud ‘pop’ as her mouth pulls back and away. This makes her laugh.

“I do that for my boyfriend just like that honey. He’s not quite as big but he’s good sized, a real man. I like the taste of me on him too. Only difference is that he gets to cum in your dear old mother’s mouth.”

She smiles at me, kisses my cheek. She drops to her knees. I feel her quickly put me into her mouth. I freeze as she takes me all the way in, feel her tongue start to work the end of my erection, feel her tongue push into the hole.

She concentrates, knows what she’s doing to me. She reaches around behind me and takes my cheeks into her hands, holds me firmly.

“You cum and I’ll whip this little thing off of you. Understand, little man? You cum in my mouth and it’s over the whipping horse with you. It wouldn’t be proper for a boy to cum in his mother’s mouth.”

I feel her slap my rear with her right hand, hard.


She ignores me, puts me back into her mouth.

For the next fifteen minutes the only sound in the room is her mouth on me and my muffled whimpering. I have tears in my eyes, feel her tongue all over my erect little thing.

When she finishes she stands, just pulls off of me quickly and moves to the bar. She takes her glass of wine and tosses it back.

“Now that had to feel good.”

She looks at herself in the mirror over the back of the bar.

“I’m a total fucking mess. A fright.”

She matter of factly takes my cock harness back up off of the bar where she placed it and starts to stuff me back into it.

“Don’t make this hard for me, little man. Lose that erection! Now.”

She looks up at me as her hands fumble to force me back into the harness. She squeezes my balls hard, makes me scream out, scream loud.

“Lose it, baby boy.”

She holds my balls tight as I jump from foot to foot, my erection going soft as I do.

“That’s better.”

She slips the penis sheath back up and over my little thing and I feel her lock it in place.

“Now I think you’ve still got housework to do and I’m going up to freshen myself and do some reading. I’d like dinner tonight at 8pm. Doris is coming over so it’ll be dinner for two, honey.”

She reaches down and pets my rear, strokes my cheek.

“Tell your mother you love her.”

“I loff uu, mthhhaa…”

She smiles up at me through my mumbling, kisses my cheek again. She walks to the stairs, her beautiful rear end swaying as she moves.

“I know you do, honey. Believe me, I know you love me.”

I hear her heels click on the stair as she leaves the basement. I hurry to remove and dispose of the condom on my facial dildo, hurry to straighten and clean up the area. I move to the laundry room to continue what I was doing before she came down into the basement an hour and half ago.

I feel my penis strain at its cage as I think of nothing but her. I think of the way she looked as she raised her skirt and lowered her panties after restraining me into position for face fucking, watching her ‘unwrap’ herself before lowering onto my facial dildo. She is gorgeous like that. I feel my penis strain at its restraint. I can still smell her scent all over me. I think of nothing but her, my mother dear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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