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She adamantly forced his wandering hand away and then wearily again after it returned but at the third attempt she conceded defeat as it gained the high ground, moving up under her halter-top conquering the supple hill. Two fingers crossed the aureole and then finding the protuberance, one circling it gently. She gasped from the strange new feeling of a man’s hand where only her own had dared before.

Fervent promises of everlasting love breathed seductively in her ear as lips nibbled the lobe followed by an imperceptible whisk of the tongue and a gentle wind of heated air. She shivered with apprehension, not knowing whether from fear or desire, as lips barely touching, caressed her long neck interspersed with wet momentary contacts. Those lips then moved, fleetingly crossing the cheek finding hers. She gasped again, modestly turning her head inadvertently presenting the opposite earlobe, for the whispering of more persuasive words.

Her hands, mysteriously disconnected from her will – caressed the back of this seemingly irrepressible knight on a white charger invading her previously impregnable protective tower – leading him on. A sweet firm kiss on her neck resulted in her lips parting as she uttered a long ecstatic sigh sending shivers throughout her body. Suddenly his lips were upon hers and an alien tongue entered her warm inner wetness. She froze momentarily, shocked but unable to resist the daring intruder who now explored her sacred inner sea. Withdrawal became a non-issue as the two adversaries twirled about each other, then becoming playmates teasing and tantalizing in a passionate game of hide and seek.

Suddenly she realized that her hill was no longer occupied, having been abandoned by an underhanded scheme to invade another area of greater strategic importance. Having landed on her knee the interloper furtively and under the cover of camouflage gained substantial ground in his strategy to conquer her virginal forest.

Initially, contact pleased the mound as the forward unit of five digits scouted the sacred approach. Her body’s defenses however, transmitted emergency signals, first to the mound, which feeling stimulated ignored the warning and deliberately deceived central control. That center though, quickly raised the alarm and called on drastic defensive measures. Her right hand caressing his back now become airborne on a defensive maneuver, converting to a battering ram as it Kurtköy Escort landed, forcing a hasty retreat. There was no resistance until the invaders had fallen back to the knee, once there they refused to budge. A truce was called on the condition that all hostilities would cease and the delectable approach to the mound became a designated no-digit-land. The control center was not satisfied and thought the truce was precarious at best but the mound relishing the titillating signals from the knee thought it would be safe to enjoy them because of the truce and managed to appeased central control.

Meanwhile the game in the warm sea above had halted and another assault on the neck was in high gear. That led to another duel in the sea, which central control reluctantly accepted, provided the truce at the knee was strictly adhered to.

Before long however, central raised the alarm again. The invader had moved onto no-digit-land, breaking the truce and advanced to within a few digits of the forest mound. The thighs, which had been seduced into spreading innocently to allow the five titillating digits access, now slammed shut on the digit carrier.

Her hand was again instructed to fly a defensive maneuver but was only able to clasp the invading carrier’s line of support

Central now sent emergency signals to the hips twisting and jerking them desperately. The danger could have been foiled, had it not been for the cowardly conspiracy of the mound, which now began to negotiate independently with the hypnotizing enemy for an honorable surrender.

The invading five digits retrenched slightly and then dug into the softest part of the long approach refusing to budge. The duel in the sea became gamely again while her hand eased its grip on the line of support and his returned to his back.

Central control was now desperate and proceeded to flash images into her mind’s eye. She saw a young virgin in a wedding dress walking up the isle; her mothers face when she gave her that speech about the bird’s and those irresponsible and dangerous bees; her priest in the confession booth; rice being thrown; a groom carrying his bride to the bridal bed and finally blood on a white sheet.

The forest mound persisted with its negotiations, nodding, with the help of a cooperative pelvis, to the enemy entrenched so close to approach with its titillating extremities. Central still controlling the Pendik Escort thighs and some abdominal muscles desperately attempted to thwart the enemy’s progress by slamming the thighs shut and twisting the hips. A slow but determined forward crawl by the five however, numbed the nerve endings in the entire inside thigh, generating electrifying shock waves reverberating though the entire lower body region.

Another daring foray made it possible for the digits to dive under the mounds protective camouflage and bury themselves in the thick bushes. Central now made a last ditch effort to save the day by shaking the entire body but to no avail. The intoxicating delight felt by the mound having capitulated to the invaders, now spread like wildfire through the adjoining regions culminating in a loud eruptive sigh from the upper sea. The mound being actively explored by the digits now assumed control of most of the body.

One digit accidentally stumbled into a long hot canyon. Finding and touching a small hill set of a violent quake through the entire body resulting in an even louder eruption from the upper sea. The digit continuing in its quest and then nearly stumbled into a deep well, oozing with a deliciously honeyed nectar.

Sending a message back to its own control center for permission to submerge, the digits were ordered to fall back and make preparations for a more powerful weapon better suited for such an operation. The five digits obediently regrouped and proceeded to remove the mounds camouflage cover. Her pelvis, having defected to the enemy, readily cooperated by lifting the lover body and the thighs closed reluctantly but only temporarily to facilitate the removal.

Having completed its task, the digits received orders to uncover and prepare the missile for immediate deployment. Its cover was quickly unzipped and opened; revealing the one-eyed monster fully engorged and being loaded for firing. The protective cover was peeled back by the dexterous digits exposing the monstrous mushroom warhead. The dept charges for the coming underground exploration was brewing in two chambers below the fierce weapon. The digits now clamped on to the lethal missile, guiding it to the recently discovered well.

After aiming the throbbing warhead to the hot oozing well, the digits, their mission accomplished, traveled up to the soft hill it had originally conquered as a diversifying tactic, Mutlukent Escort sedating the body for the brutal submersion of the warhead.

Words of true love and solemn promises were now exchanged though the seas. Her apprehension about his future intentions was temporarily extinguished by the euphoria of the moment. Central control was now totally disabled save only for the basic life support systems.

She now capitulated completely; setting aside all doubts and resistance as the warhead gently tested the rim of the well. Suddenly in one quick stroke, the warhead itself penetrated, ripping and bloodying the thin protective covering. Another powerful trust and the entire missile rammed deep into the well. There was a loud shriek in one side of the sea and a triumphant groan in the other. Her long fingernails dug into the perpetrators back, half in revenge and half in relief that the long feared ordeal had become history.

The missile now launched a piston movement, picking up speed like a steam locomotive departing a railway station, priming the dept charges. The seas parted, as the one side began a series of egotistical grunts, timed to the movements of the missile. The other side, gasping at first then with lips wide open, moaned like a mercenary wailing women at an Irish funeral, since that function was still directed by central control.

The grunts and the piston strokes slowly increased to a fever pitch, those strokes however began to be perceived by the receiver as being more of a battering ram. Doubts from central control began to introduce the realization that the mound had committed a treasonable act. All defenses were down however and the enemy invasion was now irrevocable.

That speed and the resulting friction of the missile now reached a critical stage where the pressure on the ammunition chamber relief valves below, rose to the bursting point. The explosive charge erupted in an unstoppable surge in three separate volleys; the recoil resonating throughout the enemy’s body like a drug induced rush. The warhead ejected the charges deep into the well, propelling their contents, containing millions of little charges into the depths where they searched and competed for a medium with which only one could join and initiate a mutual replicating process.

The moans and wails slowly abated as the rush wore off and reality set in. Central control now slowly regained control of her entire body and then for spite commenced to flash images to her mind’s eye again. This time she saw a bride in street clothes at city hall; her mother crying; her priest crossing him self and a cheap motel room with no blood on the off-white sheets.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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