My First Experience

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My First Encounter

Hi, all of you I am Tina. I am a very coy Indian housewife who has been brought up under a lot of conservative values. Before the Marriage I was a virgin (really) and never thought of doing it with any other person other than my hubby. Till a few years of our marriage it was plane and simple, and we would do everything in our bedroom out of the eyes of anyone else.

Soon I started liking the Blue Movies, which my hubby used to get from the local shop and we started to fantasise about another guy or a couple fucking me in front of my hubby. Initially it was just what we used to think about when we were fucking in our room. Soon we thought of having it turned into a reality. We came across this a lot of adult friendship sites on the Internet and decided to post our Add in a few of them. Our aim was to contact some good sexy like-minded friend/s with whom we could live out our fantasy and in general have some good adult fun. We got a lot of false starts but then we hit upon a couple who was as interested and had tried this a couple of times earlier. This couple was very rich and lived in a different city, it took us time to set up a meeting. In the meanwhile we did some video chat with them and there he told me to strip. I was a lot hesitant but he kept pestering me and then he threatened me that if I do not strip for him he would not come to meet me. As I was quite desperate to meet him I very hesitantly took off my top, but could not hold my clothes for long as he demanded to see me absolutely naked on the web cam. Ultimately we both got ourselves stripped for the benefit of all four of us. He wanted my hubby to tie my hands behind my back and show me to him. He tied my hands tied behind my back with a leather cuff and then showed me to him, all my body parts were shown in details. Then this guy, wanted my hubby to tie up my size 34D breasts, for a nice show for them, reluctantly he did so. The chats used to Pendik Escort continue for about a couple of hours.

The day we planned to meet this couple was very busy and so was my hubby. My hubby (Mr S) came home at about 09 Pm and confirmed to me that Mr and Mrs V are coming home for the night we were waiting for. They got delayed and came home at about 10:30 PM. Anyway Mrs v had got a very sexy backless Black halter neck blouse and a pair of heavy-duty handcuffs for me. We settled down and talked to soften up the atmosphere and Mrs V handed over the clothing to me. My hubby soon told me to go and change into that blouse and wear something sexy, and I went in to change. I took his wife too to change into something sexy for my hubby. When we came out I was wearing the blouse with a sexy short black and white checked skirt with some nice makeup and my lovely 5 in black heels. My back was absolutely bare other than a couple of strings that held the blouse. When I entered the room, Mr V greeted me, and I could see the lust in his eyes, it was as if he could not wait to strip me off and fuck me then and there. This was the set of eyes I had been waiting to see for a long time. Well I settled on the sofa and soon my hubby got up and pulled me over. He got my hands behind me and put those handcuffs on me, and then as if gifted me to Mr V for the fucking session. Mr V was very delighted to see me in that state and smiled at me as if he had got his prize. He made me sit on his lap and gave me a deep kiss, I could feel his hands going all over on my 34D breasts and he kept kissing me and pressing them. Very soon he got the blouse off and then I lost my skirt. With the cuffs still on he played with my breasts and his other hand played with my pussy, rubbing it and then pushing deep into my cunt. I was getting real hot and had started to take deep breaths. I was not allowed to be free and soon he got me on my knees and took out Kurtköy Escort his massive cock. This was a real big cock for me; it must have been at least 7 inch long and real fat. At first I thought that it would tear my pussy apart if I took it in too fast. Mr V held my head and made me suck him deep. I had no control on anything but he was excellent as he forced me to keep sucking him till he simply came all over my mouth and face. Once it was over he as if pushed me off and joined my hubby who was busy with his wife. It felt as if he had used me and then discarded me once he was spent. I was a very powerful feeling to feel as if being used and abused this way.

After some time he again came to me and release my hands and then took me to the bed for the final fuck. He again made me suck his cock to a big hard on and then he got down to eat me. Ohh God how do I describe this … he was there lying between my legs and eating me off, it was the best sensation I had ever had, very different from what my hubby does to me. I came once during this and I could feel the juices flowing out and him lapping up all of them. He then turned me over and pulled my legs up to expose my asshole. Initially I thought he was just playing with the hole but soon he put one finger in and pushed it in deep, then two and soon three. His hands did magic to my asshole and suddenly he pulled them out only to be replaced by his tongue. Later I told my hubby that it was the best job I had ever got in my life. Then it was time for the final assault on my womanhood… he told me to spread my legs and he pushed his cock slowly inch by inch, and it felt as if it was really tearing my pussy lips apart, I could not stand the pleasure and let out a deep cry, only to arouse him more and get him to pound real hard. He was a big strong guy and he went on like a big battering ram for god knows how long. During this I came once but he showed no signs of giving up. Ümraniye Escort He then got my legs pulled up and continued, it felt as if I was going to break up with the heavy battering but somehow I took it well. Soon I was about to come again and I started to moan louder and louder. I could now feel the urgency in his battering and then he let out a sharp cry and came. This time we both came together.

I think that it was the heaviest pounding a girl could get from a cock that fat, and it all was real. I checked my pussy the next day and sure enough there was a tear on the side. Imagine a girl who was fucked about 10 years ago now gets a tear again, this only tells that how fat that guys cock would have been. Mr V rang up my hubby the next day and told him that he really enjoyed fucking his dear wife and he would love to do it again, the next time he is in town. He also gave my hubby a warning saying that, he would be inviting us over to his place to introduce me to his other girls and my hubby dare not refuse this as it would not be too good for my health. During our first encounter I had come three times and got myself fucked like a real whore, which I could have never imagined earlier. Now we are looking forward to our next experience, where I could get two guys to fuck me at the same time. Probably get a bit kinky with them and get my ass spanked hard, as I feel I am made to entertain such friends. It would me fun only if I am made to do all this with my hands in those heavy duty handcuffs, my naked ass being spanked by a good whip / paddle and then the guys coming in my mouth one by one, and yes all this in the presence of my dearest hubby. I could also do a grand lesbian act with a sexy lady. All I have to say is THANK YOU Internet for getting me fucked so well.


We are looking forward to couples and single ladies who are out there to help make our sex life better. We would love you to send us some sex games to be played within ourselves and in a group, you too could play them with us……. Lets be friends….. Please do show your appreciation by voting and I’d love to hear your comments and feedback on the story. I promise to reply to every one of you.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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