My Husband. My Love. My Sissy. Ch. 01

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Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. I’m not trying to be demeaning, cruel or diminish my husband in any way. I’m actually extremely proud of his honesty and his courage, and I’m convinced that the fact he’s a Sissy is one of the reasons I fell in love with him. It’s also one of the reasons our marriage is so strong, wonderful and rewarding. Tony is the love of my life, my soul mate and the only man I have ever loved totally and completely. And yes, I’m not kidding – he really is a Sissy.

Now, before you go making assumptions about Tony, there’s something I’d like you keep in mind. And that is: we are all “Something”. We’re either Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual or Straight. We’re Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Dominants or Submissives, and the list goes on and on. My point is, all of us have some kind of sexual orientation that we’re comfortable with. If you try to live your life in a false orientation, your life can be full of pain and guilt. So, please, don’t find fault with Tony because he’s a Sissy. That’s just who he is.

By all appearances, we’re a perfectly normal couple. I’m very petite, and he’s of average build — being five feet and ten inches tall and, about 160 pounds. People always tell us we’re an attractive couple. I guess that means we look good together, and I agree with that. When I’m out somewhere with Tony, be it out to eat or grocery shopping, I feel proud to be seen with him, and each day our love for each other grows stronger and deeper. I’m not trying to say these things to convince you that we’re happy together – I’m simply stating the facts. And, don’t think for one minute that me referring to my husband as a Sissy is anything less than my adoring song of love for him.

So, how did I come to fall in love with this wonderful man? How did I fall in love with a Sissy?

When I was going to graduate school, I shared an apartment with my friend, Kayla, who I knew from my senior year at FSU. Kayla and I became the best of friends, each other’s confidant, and before long we were as close as sisters. Kayla had spoken many times of her brother, Tony, who was her “Little Brother”. Actually, Tony and Kayla are twins, and even though Kayla was born twenty three minutes before her brother, she had always jokingly referred to him as her “Little Brother.”

As the Christmas holidays approached in 2004, Kayla asked me if Tony could come to visit her for ten days. Explaining how he wouldn’t be any trouble and how he could sleep on the couch, she unnecessarily pleaded her case until I stopped her and assured her it was fine with me. Besides, all I was doing was going to classes and studying, and since I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time and neither did Kayla, I didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t have a guy at the apartment for ten short days.

The day Tony arrived, I was completely overwhelmed and taken by him. Tony was so, so cute. He was warm and personal, and there was definitely something about him that immediately took my breath away. In my whole life, I had never felt this way about a guy I just met, and I spent the whole first day hanging around them and doing my best to casually let him know I was interested and available. Apparently, it worked because as I was getting ready for bed that first night, Kayla came into my bedroom and told me Tony was asking her a lot of questions about me – even saying he thought I was pretty and saying he’d like to take me out on a date. You can’t imagine how much my heart soared that night and I barely got any sleep at all thinking about what I’d say, or do, the next day to try to encourage his interest in me.

Lying awake in my bed that night, I must have rubbed myself to at least five full blown orgasms thinking about Tony. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my panties as I fantasized about him holding me, hugging me and kissing me. Down inside, I just knew the slightest touch of his fingers against my skin would make me melt into a pool of absolute nothingness.

I spent the entire night dreaming up situations between us and touching myself repeatedly as my mind whipped my insides into a passion I’d never experienced before. When I woke up the next morning, my poor underpants were literally sopping wet in the crotch — and that’s not an exaggeration! They were almost wringing wet, and I can remember turning red and giggling to myself when I got up and found the slimy, wet patch inside my pink panties. It was a wonderful feeling, and as I held the panties up in front of my face, I shook my head and wondered how a guy I just met could have such an affect on me.

Unfortunately, I had to run several errands that morning. Along with that, I’d made an appointment to have the oil changed in my car at one of those jiffy oil change places. So, wanting to get all that out of the way so I could spend the rest of the day with Kayla and Tony, I got up early and got in the shower as quickly as I could.

While I was showering, I shaved my legs and as I was doing that, Maltepe Escort I decided to completely shave my puss, too — you know — just in case things went really well with Tony that day. I just wanted to be ready if something happened and it wouldn’t hurt to be soft and smooth down there if he saw me naked. Hey, you can’t blame a girl for thinking ahead, can you?

Once I was satisfied with the smoothness of my legs, pits and pussy, I tiptoed quietly back into my bedroom, dressed in a jogging suit, and silently crept into the living room and stood next to the couch and watched Tony sleep for a few minutes. My stomach was filled with butterflies as I stood next to him, watching his chest rise and fall with each breath. His eyes were fluttering as I watched him sleep, and I wondered if he was dreaming……. dreaming of me.

I drug myself away from the couch and left a note for Kayla on the kitchen counter saying I’d be back around noon. Then, sneaking out of the apartment as quietly as could, I ran to my car thinking the faster I got everything done, the faster I’d get back to see Tony again.

I had an 8:30 AM appointment for the oil change, and I got there right on time. While they were working on my car, I sat nervously in their office wondering if Kayla and Tony were up yet. While I waited, I couldn’t get Tony off my mind. I even closed my eyes in the empty solitude of their office and dreamed up a vision of Tony taking a shower after he got up — and about him being naked in the same shower where I’d just been naked and shaved my pussy bare….. for him! I could feel myself getting wet thinking how he’d be standing in the shower exactly where I’d stood earlier — and he’d be naked! I imagined him soaping up his penis and washing it, maybe even getting himself hard — maybe even thinking about me.

I was woken up out of my dream by the service man who was standing in front of me trying to explain that I needed a new something or other….. and a new hose. I vaguely remember asking how much it would cost and how long it would take. The guy explained that the hose looked like it could break any minute, so I begrudgingly agreed and settled back into the chair for another hour while they finished the oil change, and replaced the whatever it was, and, the hose.

The time was well spent though, because I was able to drift back into fantasy land and picture Tony in the shower. But, this time, we were in there together…… kissing and hugging and touching each other in the throes of unbridled passion. I became so worked up, I closed my legs tighter together so no one would be able to see the wet spot I just knew would be soaking through my jogging suit as tell tale evidence that the lubrication juices from my wanton and eager vagina had overflowed the fresh panty I’d put on this morning. It was such an exhilarating feeling thinking about Tony — the newness of meeting him and the way I was fantasizing and dreaming about him — and all of that was causing my panties to get wetter and wetter.

When they finally came to tell me my car was ready, I made the decision right then and there to forget the rest of my errands and just go back to the apartment and stare at this hunk of a man that made me feel like jello inside.

It was 10:15 by the time I got back to the apartment, and as I turned the key in the front door, I carefully peeked in to see if Tony was still asleep on the couch. Curiously, he wasn’t on the couch anymore, and as I stepped inside and carefully shut the door behind me, I glanced into the kitchen. The lights were off and I didn’t see a trace of him, or Kayla, either. But, looking down the hall towards the bedrooms, I saw Kayla’s door open, and mine was too. I was sure I closed my door when I left — I was absolutely positive of it because I didn’t take time to make my bed when I hurried out this morning and there were clothes strewn all over the floor and I didn’t want Tony to see my room like that.

As I carefully inched down the hallway, I came to Kayla’s room first and peeked around the door frame into her room. Just like the front room and the kitchen, Kayla’s room was empty, and unlike mine — it looked clean. As I began to wonder where they had gone, I heard a sound a few steps further down the hall, obviously coming from my room. Immediately, my heart sank with the knowledge that little miss perfect housekeeper, Kayla, and her cute brother, Tony, were probably in my room — undoubtedly making fun of the untidiness there.

Wrenching my head around the edge of the door frame to see what they were doing, I was shocked out of my wits by something I could have never envisioned. There, in the middle of my room stood Tony and he was naked! Well, he wasn’t completely naked — he was wearing a pair of white, women’s panties which had been pulled down to his thighs, but other than that, he was naked!

It only took a fraction of a second for me to notice some other startling Anadolu Yakası Escort things — such as he had a rippling chest, with a six pack across his abdomen much like you see on male models, and, he was wearing a blindfold. But, the most startling thing I noticed was Tony’s penis. It was hard as a rock, straining out in front of him and to me, it looked big and thick. And, as I looked closer, the head of his cock was an angry pink color and it was easily the biggest, thickest and most beautiful penis I’d ever seen.

Kayla was standing next to him with her hand on his chest and she was fingering his nipples as she looked up at his face. Quickly, I pulled my head back into the hallway and covered my mouth with my hand so I wouldn’t scream. I wasn’t sure what shocked me the most; the fact that Tony was standing in my room with a pair of panties pulled half way down his legs, or the fact that Kayla, his own sister — his own flesh and blood, was standing right next to him.

“Here you go, Tina. Hold you hand out.” I heard Kayla say.

“Tina?” I said to myself. “Did she mean Tony?”

Peering around the door again, I saw Kayla holding something in her hand and then Tony’s hand reaching out, as if to take it from her. In the next instant, I was mortified to see my pink panties…… the ones I’d slept in last night…… the ones I’d masturbated in…… the ones which were sopping wet with my slimy female juices and the ones I’d left on the floor in my bedroom appear dangling from Kayla’s fingers. I watched in stunned silence as Tony reached up and took my panties from Kayla’s fingers and immediately held them to his nose and he inhaled deeply.

“There’s no rush, Tina.” Kayla said. “Take your time and enjoy Kelly’s panties.”

I felt my face turn red and my cheeks burned like fire when I heard Kayla say my name. I didn’t even have time to wonder what Kayla meant about enjoying my panties before I saw Tony’s other hand reach down and grip his erect penis and start stroking it up and down.

“Kelly likes you, Tina.” Kayla said to him. “Believe me, I can tell. You should have seen her eyes sparkle last night when I told her you said she was pretty. I don’t know how she would react if she knew you were a virgin, or about our little Sissy game, but, if you like her, you’re going to have to find a way to tell her about being Tina.”

Tony didn’t say anything. He just stood there and held my panties to his nose and continued to breathe in deeply while he stroked the cock in the palm of his hands. He started to speed up, and when he did, Kayla dropped her hand and grasped his beautiful cock, effectively stopping his masturbation.

“Slow down, Tina.” She said softly. “I don’t know if you’ll get a chance like this again with Kelly’s panties. Go slow….. you know it’s always better for you if you go slow.”

I watched from my hiding place behind the doorframe for another two or three minutes before Kayla spoke again, saying, “I can tell you’re getting into it, Tina. Those are definitely nice panties, aren’t they? Fresh, soaking wet and sticky with her girl juice…… I bet they smell nice, too.”

“Oh yeah.” Tony croaked, gasping for air between sniffs of my panties. I could see the wet, slimy juice from my panties around his nose and mouth when he pulled them away to speak. Then Tony asked, “Do you think she’d be open to me being Tina?”

“I don’t know.” Kayla answered quietly. “Kelly’s had some problems with men lying to her in the past.”

“But,” Kayla continued, “if you’re being honest with me about your feelings for her, I’d suggest you think about confiding in her before you get too far down the line. Kelly is a wonderful person and I bet she’d be willing to hear you out if you were up front and completely honest with her.”

Tony didn’t say anything, but, as I thought about what I was seeing and what I was hearing, my heart was jumping for joy with the knowledge Tony liked me, and my loins were on fire and reacting in a way that I couldn’t explain. Seeing this man dressed in panties and sniffing the silkies I’d worn to bed last night while he stroked that magnificent tool in his hands was making me hotter than anytime I could ever remember. I had to resist the urge to shove my hand down inside my jogging suit and rub my pussy, which I wanted to do in the worst way. I wasn’t in any way put off or grossed out about what I was watching, and if anything, I wanted to see more. I wanted to be involved…… I wanted to be in Kayla’s place, right there next to Tony, enabling him to be “Tina”.

For some reason, Kayla happened to look toward the door and froze when she saw my head peeking into the room from the hallway. As quickly as I could, I held my finger up in front of my lips to keep her from saying anything, and as we exchanged a frantic look panic back and forth, I mouthed the words, “Its okay” to her. Kayla’s eyes popped wide open when I moved into the opening of the İstanbul Escort doorway and held my hands up, again mouthing the words “Its okay” several times.

Stepping closer to her and Tony, I felt the butterflies in my stomach increase with each step. All the while, Tony kept stroking his cock and Kayla stared at me, wondering what I was going to do. Once I was right up next to Kayla, I leaned in close and as quietly as I could, I whispered into her ear, saying, “It’s okay. Please don’t stop. I’ll be quiet. I just want to watch.”

I only had to wait a brief second to get Kayla’s answer, and when she leaned away from me and nodded, I knew she understood what I was trying to tell her. Then, motioning me in front of Tony, she moved up close to him and lightly scratched the tip of his nipples with her fingernail.

“Tina,” Kayla said, “I should probably bathe and shave you tonight like I used to do. It’s been way too long since we’ve done that and you know good Sissies like you are supposed to be hairless.”

“But,” Tony stuttered, “what about Kelly? Will she be gone?”

“That’s just it, Tina.” Kayla said, turning to smile at me. “Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for you. I could tell her you lost a bet and it was time for you to pay up. I could tell her you have to let me bathe you, and shave your legs and your pubes and dress you up in a bra and panties for losing the bet. I’ll tell her it’s just for fun and we’ll see if she’s interested.”

Tony’s stroking started to speed up and Kayla didn’t stop him.

“I can get her alone and talk to her when she gets back from her errands. I’ll see how she feels about it, and if she goes for it, I’ll set it up.” Kayla continued. “I’ll ask her if she wants to help and if she says ‘Yes’, I’ll spring it on you after dinner. You just be sure to act surprised, okay?”

Tony’s fist was flying up and down his cock faster than anything I’d ever seen. I stared at him while he masturbated — looking at his body in a way I’d be shameful about under any other circumstances. Kayla pointed out the steady drip of precum that dribbled from the tip of Tony’s pink cock, and while I watched, she rubbed her fingers around the ballooning tip of his cockhead and held it up for me to see.

“Are you thinking about Kelly’s pussy, Tina?” She asked her brother. “Are you thinking about her seeing you naked in the bath later? You know, I might have to ask her to help wash you…… I could have her wash that cute little butt of yours, and that nice, hard cock. I just bet she’d jump at the chance to help, don’t you?”

Tony’s breathing began to shallow out and he was huffing and puffing as his hand stroked his erection.

“I might have to ask Kelly to shave you, too.” Kayla added. “And wouldn’t you be embarrassed if you got hard and your cock started jerking and swelling while she was shaving you? She might make you stroke yourself, Tina. Would you like that?”

Between watching Tony jack his cock and listening to Kayla taunt him, I was just about ready to cum — and I wasn’t even touching myself! Poor Tony was sweating now, his hard cock had turned to an angry red color and I could see the purple veins running down the length of his erection were bulging and pulsing with every stroke of his hand.

Kayla reached out and put her hand on my forearm to get my attention. When I looked over at her, she raised her eyebrows and nodded toward Tony. Then, without any warning, she turned to her brother and sharply said, “Stop!”

Immediately, Tony stopped stroking his cock and he let his hand drop to his side, but he didn’t stop sniffing my wet panties. She looked at me, pointed down to Tony’s cock and smiled.

Turning my attention to Tony’s cock, I was besieged by emotion and excitement. His penis was stretching out in mid air, throbbing and quivering unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Then, as I was watching, Kayla reached out for my hand and started to draw it out toward Tony’s cock. Once I realized what she was about to do, I pulled my hand back and glared at her, but she reached out for my hand again — this time holding it tightly, and moved it again towards his incredible package. When my hand was only mere inches from his cock, she made a circle with her thumb and forefinger in mid air while her mouth made the words, “Just around the tip. Twist your fingers around him.”

I couldn’t believe what she was trying to get me to do! Stumbling upon their little game and watching them was a matter of luck. Her allowing me to participate without her brother knowing it was amazing and I was truly grateful when she let me watch. But, actually inviting me to touch him…… to touch his hard, throbbing and vibrating cock was something I wasn’t ready for. Kayla sensed my hesitancy, but, she wasn’t about to let me continue anymore merely as a passive participant.

Again, she made a circle with her thumb and forefinger and pushed my hand close to Tony’s penis. Then, looking up at her brother, Kayla said, “Tell me, Tina, have you tasted Kelly’s panties yet? Did you get a good lick and a good suck of her juices?”

“Hmm. Yeah. She tastes sweet.” He replied. “But, Kayla,” he added, “aren’t you going to let me cum? You said if I was good you’d let me cum.”

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