My Neighbor Matt

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Matt is my neighbor in the townhouse across from mine. He’s a lot like me. Mid thirties, around 6′ tall, thin, glasses. Kind of a geeky type. We never really talked other than the usual “Hey” or wave when we saw each other out in the driveway. I’m not even sure how I found out his name.

I could tell he was a geeky type like me because he appeared to enjoy the same things. He had a lot of remote control cars that I think are cool. And who knows what he thought about me. But even though we seemed to be similar, I was too shy to go over and introduce myself. I’ve never been good at that and hoped he’d come over and talk to me.

One day as I was heading out on my bike, I saw him out with a remote control helicopter. Probably a new toy but looked like he knew how to fly it. It looked like the kind that even has a remote camera on it. I so wanted to go over and check it out and strike up a conversation. But, sigh, instead I just nodded and said with a smile, “That’s a sweet toy.” And I rode off.

Later that week I was lying on the couch. It was dusk so it was still just a little bit light out. I was checking out some nice porn on the computer. I even had all my clothes off. I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye go by my window. I had completely forgotten about the helicopter, and I see birds fly by all the time so I though nothing of it. Besides, I was pretty focused on my now hard cock reacting to what was on the screen. I was spread out straight on the couch, leaning my head back, and saw a flash in the skylight right above me. I looked and thought I saw the helicopter but I couldn’t tell for sure. Suddenly I had a great idea. Here was my chance. I pretended not to see it, hoping that it wouldn’t fly off, and hoping that camera was focused in on me. I made myself as exposed as I could so he could see everything. Then I put on the best show I could. I rubbed my cock getting as hard as possible. And when I was about to cum, I exaggerated every motion, pumping my whole body to get the most out of it. Finally I shot a huge load all over my chest. Whew! It felt so good. I glanced up and thought the copter was still there. I grabbed my towel, wiped off and slowly got up to wash off. alanya escort But instead of going to the bathroom, I went to the bedroom window that looked out at Matt’s house. Sure enough I saw a shadow carrying something inside. I could only hope he went in to enjoy his own jack off session.

After that I started the next stage of my plan. I hoped he’d do it again sometime soon. So I got a big piece of cardboard and wrote in big letters “COME OVER, MATT” and set it next to the couch so it was ready.

I was out the next night, but the night after that I got myself ready for another show. I was so hoping to see that copter again. But there was nothing. I looked over at Matt’s house and all the lights were off. “Darn. He must be out,” I thought.

But the next night things paid off! I was lying there naked again. After about 10 minutes my helicopter friend appeared. So I jacked myself for a few minutes. Then I casually reached over for the sign and held it up. Hoping that he could read it, and hoping it wouldn’t scare him off. A few seconds later the copter disappeared. I ran to the window and saw him hurrying inside, then all of his lights went off.

“Crap!” I thought. “He freaked out and now is trying to pretend nothing happened.” I figured I lost my chance. Now he’ll be avoiding me. I really wanted this to work.

I don’t know how long I sat there staring out the window hoping for a sign that he was coming over. It must’ve been an hour or more. Suddenly I thought I saw something. My heart started pounding. No, it was nothing. No… wait… there he was stepping out cautiously. He stood on the doorstep for a moment. He seemed to start to turn back, paused, then started walking to his driveway and stopped at the end. He was obviously wrestling with himself, trying to decide what to do. “Come on, Matt. You can do it,” I thought as if I could convince him just by thinking it. He looked at my door, then looked around to see if anyone was watching, then started slowly walking toward my house. “Oh shoot,” I thought. “I’m still naked! I can’t answer the door like that.” So I quick grabbed a pair of sweats and a T-shirt just in time to hear the doorbell ring.

I went downstairs quickly, but trying to hold back my excitement, and answered the door. With a big smile I said, “Hey Matt, come on in.”

He was obviously embarrassed, even shaking just slightly. He said quietly but as if he was pleading, “Uhhh, I’m sorry for spying like that. I shouldn’t have. Please don’t call the police. I promise I’ll never do it again.” Then he started to turn to leave.

“What?” i said, shocked that he was scared. “Man, I’m really glad you did! I’ve been hoping you’d make the first move because I’m too scared to.”

He turned back to me looking relieved. “Really? I’ve been watching you for a long time but I figured you weren’t interested since you never made any moves.”

“Shyness is a curse,” I said laughing. “Why don’t you hang out a bit so we can get over being shy.”

I brought him upstairs. “Gee, looks just like my place,” he said, joking since they’re all built the same. As we sat down on the couch I realized the porn was still playing. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed, but right away he said, “Oh that’s hot. Let’s watch it.”

It didn’t take us long to get into it. I was obviously excited with the tentpole growing in my sweats. And he was interested otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation. “Should we get more comfortable?” I asked. “We want the same thing, after all.” He looked at me, nodded and smiled. And with that we both got undressed, sat back down and started working our cocks. And wow, his was beautiful. I’m only an average 6″ cut and not very thick. But he looked a little more that 7″ and nice and thick.

He must’ve seen the big smile on my face because he asked, “You like that, huh?” He looked proud. Much better than the scared when he walked in my door.

“Oh wow, do I ever,” was all I could say.

A minute later he said, “Well you’re not bad yourself,” and reached over and took hold of my cock. I let out a soft groan of pleasure. “Oooo you like that.”

“Yes,” I whispered and closed my eyes to enjoy the feel of his warm hand on the most personal part of my body.

Then Matt leaned over and started licking my nipples. Mmmmmmm He gently pushed me to get me to lie on the couch… a position he’d already seen. His hands caressed my body while his lips worked their way down toward my package. The next thing I knew, his tongue was licking my shaft while his hands fondled my balls. I started to squirm when he opened his mouth and slid it all the way down my hard cock.

“AAAaaahhhhhhh,” I screamed. It was ecstasy. No one had ever made me feel like that before. And it didn’t take long before I was saying, “Oh man, I’m gonna cum!”

Matt took a break just long enough to say, “Yeah, do it, man. Cum hard for me!” He resumed sucking my cock and almost immediately I was groaning and shooting my big load into his mouth.

When I regained my senses and my panting eased up I said, “WOW That was amazing! You really are good.” He smiled and leaned over to give me a quick kiss. “Now it’s time for me to return the favor,” I said. I had him lie down while I explored his beautiful body which I was only now beginning to notice. Not real muscular, but fit. And he was completely smooth, whereas I have a small amount of hair. My hands explored his chest, and I licked his nipples. He closed his eyes and smiled. I started to concentrate on his package – one hand caressing his balls while the other pumped his shaft. I did that as long as I could, but I just had to see how much of that delicious cock I could get in my mouth. I followed his example and licked up and down his shaft, which he obviously enjoyed.

Then I did it. I slid my mouth over his head. The whole thing seemed huge. I couldn’t go all the way down, but by the sounds he made, it didn’t seem to matter. I pumped a couple times. He flinched when I accidentally nicked his head with my teeth. “Sorry,” I said meekly.

“It’s OK,” he chuckled. I went back to work and soon his breathing was harder and his whole body started to work with me. “Oh man that feels sooo goooood!” he exclaimed. He pleaded, “Oh please don’t stop! OH!… Oooohhhhh!” And soon he was ready. “Oh I’m gonna cum so hard! Don’t stop! Let me cum in your mouth. This feels so good.” And with that he shot what felt like gallons of warm cum into my mouth. I had to swallow several times before it was over.

While he lie there panting, I leaned over and kissed him back. Our eyes met. In that moment we both knew we were going to be great friends. “Thanks for spying on me.” We both laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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