My Own Personal Trainer

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It was a hard day at work. I was up till 1 AM the night before putting the finishing touches on a new website I was designing, and today the emails just kept coming in. I like the independence of working for myself, but when there’s not a boss above you worrying about cash flow and profitability, getting paid at the end of the month means you have to work even harder yourself.

By 2 PM my head was aching and I couldn’t type another line of code, so I closed my pc and headed to gym to release some of the stress of the last few days.

My gym is quite upmarket, to say the least. I’m not much of a snob myself, but at the time I joined I was a bit overweight and very self-conscious, so I chose it because it was exclusive and never too busy. Today was particularly quiet; I guess because it was an unusual time, being after lunch time had finished but before the end of work rush.

I followed my usual routine and started out with a gentle jog on the treadmill, then a 400m row, then headed over to the exercise bikes. The bikes all have built in tv’s, but they usually show sport or the news, so I prefer to bring my tablet and watch series while I’m cycling instead.

I was halfway through an episode of Game of Thrones when I noticed the guy next to me watching my screen. He was probably around thirty and had short light brown hair, but very light, almost blonde, and well defined arms with the muscles clearly visible and moving under his skin as he cycled. I lost track of the program as I checked him out from the corner of my eye, glad he was focussed on my screen. He stopped cycling and got off the bike, leaning down pick up his water bottle. I try not to be too obvious when I’m checking a guy out at the gym, but his ass in his tight gym shorts was so tempting and so close in front of me that I couldn’t help myself. It was small, but looked firm and grab-able, and I had to stop myself reaching out and doing just that.

As he stood up and turned around he caught me staring at him. I quickly looked at the bike next to him, hoping he’d think I was looking there all along, but couldn’t help myself from blushing slightly. He moved off to another part of the gym and I heaved a sigh of relief. Being called out for checking out another guy at an all-male gym wasn’t exactly high up on my wish list. I finished my cycling set, pushing hard the last half. I imagined the sexy stranger’s ass in his tight gym shorts bent over in front of me, and if I rode fast enough I’d catch up to him and claim my prize… The motivation worked, and I covered more than double the distance than I did in the first half.

I jumped off the bike, panting hard and sweating. I had hoped a hard ride would release some of the tension in my body, but I felt even more wound up. “I guess that’s what you get for spending 15 minutes chasing an imaginary sexy ass,” I thought to myself as I headed to the change rooms.

When I got there, the stranger from the bike next to me was a few lockers down from me, pulling his clothes off. I stood transfixed in the change room entrance as first his shoes, and then his shirt and shorts came off, dumped in a pile at his feet. His chest was perfectly chiselled, with small, pink nipples firm and pointing. He was fully shaven all over his body as far as I could see, right down to the strap of his underwear; and his six pack glistened with sweat. He picked up his clothes, then turned back to shove them in his locker with his back to me. He put his thumbs in the band of his underwear, and pulled them down pas his waist, letting them drop to his feet. My breath caught as I stared at his ass. Perfectly shaped and chiselled like a famous David Statue. It was even better than how I had imagined. He bent over to pick his underwear up, and what must have been a second or two felt like minutes, as my eyes feasted on every inch of his perfect, tan skin, following the curve in to where I knew his perfect tight hole waited. He stood up and grabbed a pair of boxers from his locker and put them on, grabbing his towel and heading for the showers before I even had a chance to put myself together. I was still standing there like a statue at the entrance to the change room, staring after him, probably with my mouth hanging open. I shook my head and pulled myself together. “Get a grip.” I mumbled Escort bursa to myself as I walked to my locker and changed out of my clothes.

I decided to have a sauna, to relax my muscles after the hard ride, so I put my swimming costume on and headed for the showers. After rinsing off, I headed for the sauna and let myself in. To my surprise, on the other side of the door was the stranger from the bike, leaning against the far wall as he stretched his muscles. I took a seat on the first row of benches and leant against the wall opposite the stranger, so I could watch him without it being obvious. He stood on one leg and pulled the other up behind him tightly for a few minutes, then he swapped and did the other leg before sitting back down on the bench against the wall, looking at me.

The sauna was quite small, with only two rows of wooden benches and a small open floor space at the front covered in rubber mats. We both sat in silence for a while. I was trying my best to stare blankly into space and not make it too obvious that I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. He moved up to the second row of benches and lay down on his back, staring at the roof. After a few minutes he got up and moved back down to the first row, sitting next to me.

“Whew! It’s hot up there!” he said to me and gestured back to the second row.

“If you want to really cook go sit there.”

I hadn’t expected him to speak, so I panicked for a few moments before mentally scolding myself and found my voice.

“Oh, yeah it is.” I said as I lifted my hand up to the second row height and felt the heat.

“I don’t know how you stayed up there so long.”

“Well, every ten minutes or so I go take a cold shower and come back in. That way you don’t over heat. You should try it, you’ll see.” He said to me. Then he stood up and headed for the door.

I decided to follow his advice and went to have a quick cold shower. When I got back to the sauna, he was back, and doing more stretches on the rubber mats in front. I settled back down in my spot against the wall and watched him.

“The cold shower did help. I feel much better now, thanks.” I said to him.

“Sure thing.” He said. “I was at the Sandton branch of the gym the other day, and their sauna is much smaller than this; just big enough for three people. So it gets even hotter than this sauna. Last time the temperature was over 100 degrees. Now that’s hot!”

“No way!” I said. “Isn’t that bad for your health?”

“Nah. You just stay in for a shorter period. It’s crazy hot, but it’s nice.”

I moved over to the gauges on the wall and checked the temperature of the room. “It’s 80 degrees in here already.” I said to him. “I guess an extra 20 degrees isn’t too bad. I hadn’t realised it was as hot as it is in here. Thanks for telling me how to cool down. I don’t know any better, so I probably would’ve stayed in and gotten hotter than I should.”

“Any time.” He said with a smile. “I’m a personal trainer, so giving advice is my job.”

Now it made sense — his flawless and perfectly sculpted body. “Nice.” I said. “It must be a really enjoyable job, not having to sit in an office and work on a computer all day.”

“Yeah, it is. I tried an office job for a while, but I only lasted two months before it was too much and I went back to personal training. I’m much happier now.” He said.

“Well, you’re obviously very good at what you do, you look great.” I said. I was trying to pay an innocent compliment, but I couldn’t help blushing again. “I mean to say, you have a really good body, not..”

“Haha! Don’t stress.” He laughed and said with a smile. “I spend a lot of time getting my body right, so I appreciate the compliment. I wish I heard it more.”

“I’m Jason by the way.” He said. “Pleasure to meet you.” As I introduced myself.

By this stage he had moved back to the second row above me and was leaning forward on one knee, stretching his back calf. I followed every movement of his muscles with my eyes, tracing the beads of sweat as they trickled down his chest and stomach. He glistened in the soft light as he moved, changing legs. I followed another droplet of sweat as it rolled down his chest, along his abs and into the waistband, thinking how much I’d like to run my hands over Antalya escort that perfect stomach. I followed his leg down his shorts, and nearly fell off the bench in surprise. His cock was hanging out of the bottom of his boxers, thick and swollen, the head uncut, and glistening pink with sweat droplets in the heat. My breath caught in my throat and I swallowed hard, not believing my eyes.

He switched legs again, coming closer to me, just above where I was on the bench. He looked at me as he switched, and gave me the smallest of smiles. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but carried watching, not wanting to miss a single moment of this jaw-dropping show. As he stretched forward, his cock popped out yet again, and hung there freely in the air, inches in front of me, taunting me. It swelled even more, and hardened, long and thick, almost all the way out of his shorts. It was an incredible dick, thick and juicy, and suddenly I realised I wanted it so badly, that that was the release I needed. I hadn’t cum in days, and with this monster hanging mere inches in front of my head, I knew that I couldn’t let this chance go, so I looked up at his face to see where he was looking and saw he had his eyes closed as he focussed on the exercise. “He’s obviously straight.” I thought to myself. “But if I can just get that head in my mouth; get my tongue around that throbbing, moist, fat piece of meat, then there’ll be no going back. It’ll feel so good he won’t want me to stop. And the fact that he’s hard means he’s obviously horny so he’ll want it once I start. We all know how guys get once you start on them…”

I checked his eyes were still closed one more time, then quietly moved into position, bringing my head right up to his crotch. His musky smell, from the sweat and his work out wafted over me and turned me on even more. It smelled like a man and like sex and was hot as hell. I opened my mouth wide, and put my tongue out, millimetres from his dick head. With one last glance to check he wasn’t looking, I leant forward and swallowed his dick whole in one movement, as deep as I could take it. He let out a surprised grunt, and I sucked for all my life was worth, swirling my tongue around his head and tasting his salty sweat. He stopped moving and stilled, as if undecided if he should move or not, while I sucked on his head. I let it come all the way back to my lips, only just inside my mouth, and then let it fall out, flicking it with my tongue as it popped free. I took a deep breath and leaned back and looked at him. He kneeled there above me, unmoving, looking at me with wide eyes.

I leaned forward again and grabbed his cock with my hand, looking at him. I stroked it. He made a sound somewhere between a whimper and a grunt and turned his body a little more in my direction to face me. I stroked him harder, and smiled up at him. Holding his waist, I moved him into a sitting position on the bench above me, pulling his boxers off as he turned, and buried my face in his crotch, swallowing his cock all the way down my throat, right to the base. It was huge. I don’t know how I managed to do it, but the in the moment excitement, and my desire overrode my gag reflex, and I sucked up and down his shaft, for nearly ten minutes, like I was a born porn star.

By this stage any uncertainty he had was shaken off. He lay back against the wooden wall and knotted his fingers in my hair, pushing my head down into his crotch, forcing his thick member further down my throat and lifting his hips up off the bench and fucking my mouth. I’ve never been used so raw-ly before, but I liked it, and I couldn’t get enough of his dick filling up my mouth with his hard, throbbing warmth.

I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life. This incredibly hot guy, with a perfect body, and the fattest, thickest cock pumping in and out of my mouth, barely fitting my lips around it as it swells even more.

I lift my mouth up off his cock and it slips out with a popping sound. I look at him. His eyes are wild and misted over with lust. He looks at me and almost begs, “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop! You’re amazing! This is better than anything I’ve ever had with a woman before.”

“I know how to do something that feels even better than this, if you want.” I whisper to him.

“Yes! Manavgat escort bayan Please, yes!” he groans.

I put my hands on his waist and roll him over, so he is lying on his stomach on the second row bench, with his ass sticking out in the air. As he breathes heavily, his ass rises into the air a little and his cheeks spread open, showing his pink, tight hole. I put my hands on his cheeks and spread them open even further, leaning in and smelling his musky, sex smell. I dart my tongue out and lick his hole, with one sharp little movement, right in the centre. He flinches away, breathing in deeply, unused to the feeling. I go in again, this time licking tentative and slowly around the outside of the hole, slowly working my way in. He doesn’t flinch, and seems like it, leaning back and pushing his ass more into my face. I bury my tongue in his hole, licking for all I’m worth and lapping it up. As I push my tongue further in with each lick, his hole relaxes more and opens up for me. I give him one last, long lick, my tongue as far in as it can reach, teasing him, then stand up behind him and grab my cock.

The whole time I’ve been working on him, I haven’t given myself any attention, and I’m weeping precum all over in thick ropes. I take some precum on my finger and wipe it over his hole, pushing in slightly. My finger slips in with ease. I grab the base of my cock and line it up with his hole, right at the entrance. I move it around in a circle around the opening, pushing slowly as I spread the precum. His hole starts to relax and open, and all of a sudden my head slides in. He gives a long, low moan that seems to draw out for ages. I stay still to see how he responds.

“More. Don’t stop.” He moans. “I want it.”

To emphasize his point he wriggles his ass and pushes back onto me, going deeper to nearly half way up my cock. I put my hands on his cheeks and stop him pushing more. I’m in charge and he’ll get more when I want it. I slowly pull back out, till just the head of my dick is inside him, then I push it all the way back in to where it was before, about half way, in one smooth, slow movement. He moans and wriggles again that he wants more. I pull out again, and again, slowly push myself in, till nearly three quarters of my shaft is disappeared in his body. He wriggles. I rock back and forth slowly, with small, little movements, not giving him the depth he wants, teasing him. He moans and grunts loudly now, “I want it all! All the way! Please give it to me!” I chuckle and run my hand along his back as I slowly pull out once more, taking my time. He wriggles and shakes his hips. I grab his hips with both hands, and gripping them tightly, I plunge all the way into him fast, right to the base, in one go. He gives a grunt of surprise and clenches tightly around my cock, but now I’m in, so I pull all the way out and slam in again in one quick movement. He pushes his legs even further apart, inviting me in more, and I pound out and in, out and in, slamming deep all the way till my groin meets his ass cheeks over and over again and my dick seats all the way in as far as it can go. He bounces around against the wooden bench as I pump in and out of him like a runaway train. He screams that he’s going to come, then starts shooting ropes of thick, white cum all over the wooden bench. I pull out of his hole and roll him over onto his back. He looks up at me standing over him and smiles a huge smile as he pants to get his breath back. He grabs my cock with both hands and starts pumping it for all he’s worth. I lean into it and fuck his hands like I fucked his tight, warm hole.

I can feel the explosion building up inside me as his hands tighten and move up and down my shaft. I let out a loud, long gasp as I buck my hips into his hands, and spray thick ropes of cum all over him. Some falls on the muscles of his six pack, glistening with sweat, some sprays all the way onto his cheek, and in his hair, and the wooden wall behind him. I pump his hands till there’s nothing left, and he’s covered in strings of white cum.

I collapse on top of him and we lie together on the bench. After a minute he says to me, “Do you know how much water we’re going to have to drink to replenish what we’ve sweated out in here! Quite some sauna heh!” We both laugh, then grab our towels and go wash off in the showers.

He’s quicker than I am in the shower, and when I get out, he’s gone. I find a note in the top of my gym bag when I’m dressing:

“I have the same client here again next week, same time. Maybe we can train together again… Jason.”

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