My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 07

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After Grandma’s party on Sunday, it’s back to the weekly grind on Monday, but that meant that Tuesday was coming up… Not many people claim Tuesday to be their favorite day of the week, but not many people have families like I do…

Mom teased me all day Monday by saying things like “I think you’re going to like what I have in store for you tomorrow evening…” and “Tuesday fun night is going to be extra fun this week…”

I played along and asked what she had in store for use, but she wouldn’t divulge a thing. The only thing I had to go on was her “hint” Sunday evening as we pulled into the driveway after Grandma’s party “Now you see it, now you don’t…” That could cover a lot of things, and I haven’t been able to narrow it down in my mind. Rather than obsess about it, I’ll just look forward to whatever she has planned.

Mom has seemed chipper than usual. I guess seeing, and sucking her dad Sunday put a little pep in her step. She’s always a happy person in general, but a little extra smile and rose in her cheeks makes her look really cute.

Tuesday morning, right on schedule, I wake up as “my alarm” goes off and mom is slowly and sensually licking my balls. She’s told me how much she loves my aroma in the mornings, just slightly sweaty from the warmth being under the covers all night she says raises a scent of musk that really drives her wild.

She buries her face deep in my ball sack and takes in a deep breath… I bend my knees and open my legs wider for her and she nuzzles in deeper lifting my balls with her nose. I feel her tongue lapping to taste what she smells. I pull my knees back and she teases my asshole a little with the tip of her tongue… What a woman… what a lover… what a sensual being she is… My mother, licking sucking and tasting all of her son. Wanting to please me while she satisfies her own desires and wants… What more could a boy ask for…

After she’s given me a good tongue bath, she refocuses on my cock and I lay flat again and enjoy. She has turned herself so that she’s on all fours kind of beside me, kind of in a 69 position without straddling me. She likes this angle because of my cock curves slightly upward. This gives her the right angle to allow it to slide down her throat more easily. And I like this angle because it gives me access to play with her as she sucks me. This morning she’s just wearing one of Dad’s long t-shirts and nothing more. I reach under and rub her ass, tracing my fingers all over and around and finally to her warm, moist pussy. It’s freshly shaved this morning, very slick, very smooth… I rub her slowly all over and around as she methodically works on my raging hard cock. Licking my asshole, even just a little bit gets me harder than normal and she knows it. To enhance it, now she has one hand under my leg and snakes it into position so that she can tease my hole with her fingertip… she’s so naughty, but so damn good.

I run my finger up her slit which opens her beautiful cunt lips slightly and the next pass I can feel how wet she is. I do this a couple more times until her petals open like a flower and I slide a finger insider her. She moans on my cock as I push it in deep, then adding a 2nd finger to the party. She continues bobbing her head up and down on my rod and when I slide in a 3rd finger she starts bucking back on my hand while fucking me with her mouth faster. I finger fuck her with 3 fat fingers in and out in rhythm with her mouth. We pick up the pace and I curl my hand slightly and add my pinky to the mix… 4 full fingers in my mom’s sweet cunt.

I’ve mentioned how I enjoy how much she can take and there are times when she’s on fire and wants everything.

The 4 fingers of my hand are pistoning into her now, she’s pushing back to meet my movements while continuing to throat fuck me. It becomes too much for me and she senses my halting movements and swallows me whole and holds her head there until I explode repeatedly directly down her gullet.

I have my 4 fingers buried in her deep and holding them there and then I feel her shiver on my hand as she’s cumming from the sensation of my cumming and pulsing down her throat.

We both release and catch our breath. Mom is nice enough to help me lick my fingers clean… sharing her taste while looking into each others eyes.

“Sweet pussy, Mom.”

“Sweet cock, Son.”

She gets up, smiles down at me and says “Just so you know, I’m ready for more of that tonight…”

Not really sure what part she’s referring to but I smile and say “I’m always ready to give escort bayan you more of anything you want, Mom.”

She bounces out of my room ready to be Mom for the family as the new day begins.

Typical Tuesday for me, classes on campus, boredom, but excitement knowing that Tuesday fun night is approaching. Who would have thought that something as routine as my sister’s weekly volleyball practice would be so exciting for the rest of the family…

I get home from school late in the afternoon and Mom is bopping around the house almost giddy. I smack her ass and she giggles. “I noticed this morning that you were freshly shaved. Was that special for tonight?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I don’t want there to be any distractions from what I have in store for you and your father this evening.”

Distractions? What in the world is she talking about… I don’t bother to ask because I know she won’t tell me anything.

Mom has forbid me from going into the den, so I hang out in the kitchen. I hear Dad get home from work and head upstairs with Mom following him up. Used to be I didn’t give that a second thought. Now I wonder if he comes home with a full bladder and Mom helps him out… I get semi-hard thinking about it. Mom hasn’t mentioned drinking me since the encounter the other morning, she’s letting me decide if I want her “services”… she’s giving me time to think it over which is nice. It’s not that I’m against it, I’m just still getting used to the idea. And then finding out 2 days ago that she used to suck Grandpa off every morning before she moved out and got married… Wow… Mom is full of surprises… and I wonder what others I don’t know about yet…

I hear them coming down the stairs and Mom calls me, saying I can now go into the den.

I walk in thru the kitchen as they enter through the other entry and my Dad and I stop in our tracks as we see, laid out, nice and neat on a towel, on the floor… a large array of… toys… and I do mean “large” in size and volume…. Mom must have quite the toy box hidden somewhere… and some of the dildo’s I see are massive…

From the look on Dad’s face I’m not sure if these are new to him or if he simply hadn’t seen them in a while.

“Seeing my father at the party yesterday really brought back some memories and also made me crave some things I haven’t done in a while… I hope you boys don’t mind tonight’s fun and games being theme oriented… and that theme being a “magic show”… let’s see what we can make disappear inside me…” Mom is smiling so big and chuckling at herself.”

“Wow honey, we haven’t played like this in a very long time. Are you sure you’re up for it?”

“Well, Matt got a nice start to it this morning when he had 4 fingers pressed deep into my cunt this morning and I desperately want to feel myself full and gaping tonight. So yes, I’m more than up for it. And for the record, tonight, I’m in charge. Starting now. So… STRIP!”

As directed, Dad and I start shedding what little clothing we have on, just sweat shorts and t-shirts. Mom does the same and we’re all naked in the center of the room and the men await their next order.

Mom simply lays down on the floor next to her towel of “friends”, picks up a medium sized vibrator, turns it on and starts lightly dragging it over her nipples, down her tummy to her waiting lips.

Dad and I simply stand there watching… waiting… hardening. I glance over and see that Dad’s cock is coming to life just as mine is as we watch Mom spread her legs wide, bent at the knee, toying herself.

I unconsciously start stroking myself lightly and Mom stops, looks at me and says “No touching yourself.”

Her voice startles me as I was totally engrossed in watching her pussy lips open around the end of the vibrator. I let go of my now rock hard cock and resume standing and watching as Mom slides the vibrator inside herself slowly… inch by inch… the buzz starting to become muffled as it buries itself inside her body. She strokes it in and out a couple of times, removes it, turns it off and says “That’s enough warm up, I just wanted to get wet so the real fun can begin… Kneel down here boys and get ready for the magic show.”

Dad and I do as ordered and kneel down, one at each of her feet. Mom has a pillow under her head, her legs spread, her knees bent… looking at us as we almost drool at her sexy body, her pussy literally dripping wet… She reaches next to her and grabs what I would consider a large dildo. She positions it between her altıparmak escort bayan legs and starts to rub the head of the fake cock up and down her slit, just teasing… not sure if she’s teasing herself or us… or all of the above…. But it’s beautiful to watch. I almost start to stroke my cock but don’t want to be reprimanded again… so I put my hands behind my back as I continue to kneel at the altar of sexiness…

I watch as Mom starts to pull the dildo towards herself, seeing the head of the rubber cock start to penetrate her, open her… I swear I can hear her wet lips opening. She works the toy back and forth a little as she pulls it towards herself. I want to help, but I refrain from moving… I’m mesmerized as I watch the head start to slide in her opening. Her pussy appears to be sucking it in, wanting it… and then the head disappears… “Ta da! Disappearing act one.” Mom says… She can now move the toy deeper and does so while enjoying the looks on mine and Dad’s face, our eyes glued to her hot cunt being filled up.

She starts to work the dildo in and out of herself, slowly at first, picking up the pace while watching us, then she closes her eyes and gets into it a little more.

While her eyes are closed, I do something I’ve never done before… I reach over and put my hand on Dad’s cock and start to stroke it. It catches him off guard but he doesn’t do anything. Mom opens her eyes and says “I said no touching!” to which I reply “You said we couldn’t touch ourselves. I found a loophole your honor.” Mom smiles and doesn’t say another word. That’s all the approval my Dad needed as he now reaches over and reciprocates by grabbing my pulsing cock and starts stroking mine at the same pace as I’m stroking his.

Mom fucking herself, the men who worship her stroking each other… quite the sight…

Mom pulls the dildo out of her cunt and she gapes for a second as her hole closes back up. She looks at us and asks “Who’s going to help me with the next one?” I raise my hand and say a little too loudly “I WILL!”

Our sexy gal reaches over and grabs what anyone would call a rather large dildo. This one is bigger than any I’ve ever seen before and it has a matching set of massive balls at the base. “This one was my favorite a few years back, remember it Sweetheart?”

“Oh yes I do… after you had Matt we had a very good time with that for a while… You know how happy I was to keep you wide open. Matt, this is one of my fetishes… a gaping cunt… I love playing with a giant hole, stretching it, using it and then fucking it, barely touching the sides. This monster dildo got a lot of use. Mom’s asshole was a tight hole I could enjoy whenever I wanted a snug fit, otherwise I kept her cunt as large and open as I could. Your sister pretty much just fell out a couple of years later. Hahahaha!!!”

“Don’t listen to your Father, I wasn’t THAT big… although it was pretty damn close I guess. Your Dad knows what all of this is leading up to Matt, but you don’t. Yet… but you will soon… Now take Shane here and see if you can get him to fit into my hole again.”

“Shane? You named your dildo?”

“Just this one in honor Shane Diesel the biggest cock in porn… I always wondered what he’d feel like but I had to settle for my imagination and this rubber version that is much larger than the real thing by the way.”

I lift “Shane” and he’s heavier than I expected, no wonder Mom asked for a helper. I look at it and the head of the fake cock appears to be almost as big as my actual head and I wonder how in the hell this will fit inside my mother’s orifice.

Mom pulls her legs back giving me total access to her glistening opening. She reaches under her thighs and finds her pussy lips and spreads them for me giving me a target to aim at. I can smell her scent from here and it’s intoxicating.

I heft the toy towards her and press the giant head against her and press forward a little. Mom laughs and says “You’re going to have to do a hell of a lot more than that Son to get that into me. Just use steady pressure, don’t jam it in, I’ll tell you if I need you to ease up, but don’t worry you won’t hurt me.”

I swallow hard and sense myself shaking slightly. I’m not sure if it’s out of nervousness, excitement or just trying to hold this damn thing up it’s so heavy.

I begin to push forward, steady pressure… harder, firmer. Mom starts to grunt but at the same time I see her relaxing, trying to let her body go slightly limp to allow the invasion. It’s nilüfer eskort slow going but I sense minor progress, seeing Mom’s pussy lips start to surround the head, a little wider, a little wider… and then some real progress as Mom’s deep breathing is helping. Then it happens… an almost audible POP as the head enters her body. Mom gasps, her eyes shoot open and she just freezes. I worry that I’ve hurt her, but she starts to relax again and says “Holy fuck that feels good. It’s been way too long since I’ve felt so full.”

Dad has been silent and sitting back on his knees watching. I’m sure he’s reminiscing about times he did this with his wife and now gets to watch his son do it with his mother. It has to be odd to realize all of that.

Shane can’t go in too deep, hell just the head is about 6 inches long, so it’s taking up a lot of volume inside Mom’s womb.

I do slide it in another couple of inches, and then I start to rotate it back and forth a little and Mom shudders and screeches slightly… an orgasm and I barely did anything. I give her a breather and then she starts to rock back and forth a little and asks me to just let it down so she can enjoy feeling it inside her, stretching her open.

I oblige and in the meantime Dad has moved over next to Mom’s head and is feeding her his raging hard cock. This has turned him on to no end and he’s slowly fucking Mom’s mouth as she lays there with a giant rubber cock hanging out of her cunt. It’s so fucking hot to see her cunt stretched so tight around the toy. I lean down and flick my tongue over her exposed clit. It appears stretched as well and Mom shudders as she continues sucking Dad off.

10 minutes pass as Dad continues to get his knob polished and the massive toy continues to loosen Mom’s hole. Finally Mom unlatches from the cock in her mouth and says, “Let’s pull Shane out and give Matt a new experience.”

Dad moves down between Mom’s legs and begins to rotate Shane back and forth and Mom moans in pleasure and Dad starts to pull and the head appears almost stuck inside Mom and I wonder if it’ll come out. He pulls, a little firmer and her cunt stretches outward… wow, what a sight that is. Mom is trying to hold still and not be pulled with the dildo and then suddenly the head pops through, just like a baby head. Mom grunts hard and her legs collapse as the dildo clears her body.

Her cunt is pulsating and it’s wide fucking open. I can’t believe what I see… her hole has been stretched so far and held that big for so long it’s just sagging there… I’ve never seen anything so erotic.

“Matt”, mom says in a husky voice… “You had 4 fingers in there this morning… want to go for 5 now?”

What? Holy fuck I hadn’t even thought of that… this is something I’ve seen in an occasional porn clip, but didn’t give much thought to it… but fuck yes I want my hand… my fist in that hole. Now.

I shift forward and with my left hand I play with her sagging, stretched cunt lips as I slide 3 fingers inside her… easily… adding my pinkie like I did this morning… and curling my thumb in, my entire fucking hand slides right inside my mother’s beautiful pussy.

“That’s it Baby, you like how that just slid in? I like how it feels inside me. So much better than a cold rubber dick. Now move it around inside me. Explore. Enjoy. Fuck me with your arm, push in as deep as you can and then punch me a little… That’s it, holy fuck that’s intense. Punch my cervix Matt.”

I’m rocking my arm back and forth while it’s inside my mother and she’s loving it. Fist fucking, arm fucking her, punching her insides and she can’t get enough. She’s rocking back and forth taking it, wanting more, harder, pounding her… Look at this, my arm soaking wet from her cunt juices moving in and out of where I came out of her body 20 years ago. I’m going with her movements, reacting to her movements the intensity increasing as I continue fist fucking her and then she clamps down on my forearm and her entire body shudders and suddenly freezes in place as her head bends back and her back arches, cumming so hard her body has stiffened solid. I keep pumping my arm back and forth to keep her cumming and she finally collapses, I stop but keep my arm inside her. Waiting patiently as she comes back down to earth. Once she is able to speak again she tells me I can pull out of her which I do slowly and my arm and hand are literally dripping with her juices which I hungrily lick off as much as possible.

In the meantime I glance over at Dad and he has a stream of cum on the carpet in front of him where he jacked off watching his wife achieve the ultimate orgasm.

“Wow Mom, that was unreal. But what are you going to do to top that magic act next Tuesday night?”

We all laugh and after a few more minutes of rest, we clean up our play area before Susan gets home.

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