My Sister’s Friend Ch. 02

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The parents were out and I thought I was home alone, up until I heard voices coming from my sister’s room. I wasn’t deliberately eavesdropping. My sister and her friend, Traci, were talking rather loudly, lamenting their current status.

Both my sister and Traci are what would be described as nubile young women. For those who don’t know it, nubile means sexually mature and attractive. That certainly applied to both these young ladies. They were both eighteen, hot of body, fair of face, and ready for Mr Right. From what I was hearing Mr Wrong or Mr Goodenough were also in with a show, with the strong possibility that Mr Wrong had the front running.

Now where Debbie was concerned, being her brother made me Mr NoWayKnown, but I felt I’d make a fine Mr Wrong for Traci.

The status that these fine young girls were lamenting was their virginity. Not the loss of it, but the fact that they hadn’t lost it. For various reasons any opportunities they’d had to rectify this matter had slipped past and they were wondering if they’d ever get laid.

So big brother sticks his nose into this potential hornet’s nest. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I thought a chance at Traci was worth the effort.

“The reasons the pair of you are still modestly virginal,” I drawled, leaning against the doorway and smirking at the girls, “is simple. Debbie is still a virgin because she’s a demurely modest young woman who wouldn’t dream of succumbing to a man’s blandishments before she was married. However, you, Traci, are a virgin because you’re shit scared of having a boy see you naked, let alone have him touch you. As for your seeing his cock, god forbid. You’d probably run away screaming.”

Debbie gave me a classic sister-to-nasty-brother look of loathing. We both knew full well that the reason she was still a virgin was my fault. She’d worked hard to bring her boyfriend to the point where he was peeling off her panties despite her maidenly protests, ready to take her whether she agreed or not. Then I’d come home unexpectedly and caught them.

With Debbie saying, “No, no, no,” quite loudly to prove her unwillingness, her boyfriend, Billy, had panicked when I walked in. He’d departed via the window at great speed, breaking the flywire screen as he went out.

Debbie had been spitting chips. She was even more furious when I pointed out that if Billy hadn’t been such a loser he’d have told me to piss off and continued to do the dirty. Still, she must have agreed with me, because she dumped him. You have to admit, if you get dumped for failing to rape a girl, you’re a loser.

Traci was matching Debbie’s dirty look.

“I am not, as you so quaintly put it, shit scared,” she snapped. “It’s just that I have high standards.”

“Another way of having a ready-made excuse not to let a man see your precious bod,” I said, smirking at her.

“I am quite prepared to let a man see me when I’m good and ready,” Traci almost snarled at me. “I think it’s only fair and reasonable to take a while to get to know someone.”

“So why are you whining that you’re still a virgin? You’ve had chances but backed off every time.”

“How the hell would you know what chances I may or may not have had?” she demanded.

“Men talk,” I said, spreading my hands to indicate what the hell do you think. “I heard what happened when a certain gentlemen whipped out his old fellow in front of you a few weeks back.”

“I haven’t,” chirped Debbie, looking with interest at a blushing Traci. “What happened?”

“Never mind,” Traci hastily replied. “I’ll tell you later.”

“Traci was out with Danny,” I said. “First date and all that. Traci didn’t know that Danny gets all amorous when he’s had a few and his dates need to control how much he drinks. When they left the pub to go home Danny took Traci’s hand and slapped his erection down on it, telling her to do something nice to it. She screamed and slapped it so hard it was a wonder she didn’t knock it off. Some of the boys saw it. They thought it was hilarious.”

Debbie was giggling and Traci was Bakırköy escort glaring at me.

“He was drunk and obnoxious,” she said. “He deserved it.”

“Not saying he didn’t,” I admitted, “but it was a chance for you to get laid.”

“Pig’s bum that was chance,” growled Traci, demonstrating a fine command of colloquial English.

“But your immediate reaction does tend to bear up my point – you were shit scared.”

I smiled benignly at her while she glowered back at me.

Currently Traci was wearing skin tight yoga pants and a tank top – also quite tight. I could see that she had a scrap of a bra on but I’m damned if I could see any evidence of panties under those yoga pants.

“Tell you what, seeing you’re so brave and all. Show me what you’ve got.”

I leaned comfortably against the wall, smirking enough to show I thought she wouldn’t do it.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” she scoffed at me.

“Not really,” I said. “I can make the suggestion with a clear heart for two excellent reasons. Number one, Debbie is here to protect you from my baser instincts. Number two, you’re shit-scared and won’t do it anyway.”

For a moment I thought she was going to slap me and I was getting ready to duck. Or run if that seemed more advisable. It’s not that I’m a coward. It’s just I see no up-side into getting into a brawl with a pretty girl.

Traci stood there, glowering at me. Instead of telling me to fuck off, which was what she should have done, she took hold of her top and started to lift it.

“Uh-uh,” I chipped in quickly. “Wrong half.”

“What? Do you expect me to take my pants down?”

“Not really,” I said, still smirking away.

Traci looked at me, looked over to where Debbie was standing, giggling, and hooked her thumbs into the waist of her yoga pants. With one quick move she pushed them down, giving me a split second in which to see a miniscule pair of thong panties, and then pulled them back up into place, looking smug and vindicated.

I strolled over until I was standing right in front of her.

“You’re kidding,” I scoffed. “That’s not showing anything and you know it. This is showing me what you’ve got.”

I took hold of her yoga pants and started drawing them down, looking her in the eye and daring her to protest. She stood there, glaring at me, flicking some glances at Debbie, not saying a word, although I could see she wanted to say a whole bunch of them.

I took her pants down slowly, continuing to hold her gaze, and she never even noticed that the thong had joined her panties on the way down.

“Foot,” I said quietly when I had the pants down around her ankle. She lifted one and I slipped the pants off her leg, waiting patiently for the other foot and then tossed the Yoga pants (and thong) over onto the bed.

“Satisfied?” she asked, putting an insolent note in her voice. I bet she wouldn’t have sounded quite so insolent if she knew her thong was also off.

“Not yet,” I said, placing a hand on her tummy and sliding it down. It wasn’t until my hand started moving over her mons that it dawned on her she was missing more than just yoga pants. Her face glowed red and she threw a frantic look at the bed, spotting the scrap of black sitting there with her pants.

“You. . .” she said, words failing her.

I moved my hands back up, catching hold of her top and lifting it.

“Arms up,” I murmured and she lifted them as though she was in a dream (or maybe a nightmare) and I lifted her top up and over her head, leaving her standing there in her bra.

“Debbie, bra,” I said, and a laughing Debbie darted over behind Traci, unhooking the bra. I drew it down off her arms and it joined the rest of her things on the bed.

I pushed Traci’s hands behind her back, casually holding her wrists in one hand, while I leaned back and admired her figure – her brightly blushing figure.

I reached over and touched each nipple lightly.

“Look,” I said softly. “They like being on show. See how they stand out.”

Traci Bakırköy escort bayan made a noise like a nest of hissing snakes.

“OK. You’ve seen me. Can I get dressed now?”

“Um, I think not.”

“Why not?”

“Because you want to lose your virginity and I’m willing to help you do this.”

There was stunned silence from both the girls at that statement. Finally Traci found her tongue.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she protested. “Besides, Debbie is here. She’d stop you.”

“Actually, as long as you’re willing, I suspect Debbie will just sit and watch with great interest. She will also drive you wild afterwards with questions about what it was like. So what I’m going to do is just tease you a little and see how you go. You can always chicken out of actually going all the way.”

Poor Traci wasn’t sure how to react. She’d been busy complaining about being a virgin and didn’t know what to say now it looked like the crunch had come. I guess, seeing she didn’t want to say either yay or nay, the fact that she stayed silent was probably her best bet. A case of wait and see what happens.

What happened was me starting to touch her up. I retained hold of her wrists and ran my free hand over her breasts, rubbing them lightly at first and then more firmly, rolling her nipples around and gently plucking on them. She wriggled slightly under my touch, her breathe coming harder, muttering feeble protests.

When my mouth took the place of my hand she gasped and squirmed slightly harder, and it seemed to me that she was pressing her breasts towards me, rather than trying to escape. As well as tasting her breasts my free hand went wandering downwards. By the time I lifted my face my hand was massaging her pussy, teasing and tantalising.

I moved over to the bed and sat down, pulling her down onto my lap. I released her wrists and started kissing her, letting my hands wander freely. Traci was relaxing, moving with me, enjoying the feel of my mouth and hands on her. Her excitement was slowly building, passion starting to burn.

There was a slight hitch when I unzipped and let my erection out. Not the revealing of the erection itself but more a case of nerves when I eased her hand over to hold me. She jerked slightly when her hand closed over me and a panicky look came across her face. I thought she was going to jump of my lap with a cry of no, no, no. I just sat quietly, a hand cupping her breast, gently stroking it. She calmed down and things continued, me teasing and tantalizing, her first holding my cock and then gently stroking it.

As far as I was concerned things were going well. Traci was hot and wet, well and truly excited, her body ready for me to take her. I eased her off my lap and onto the bed, easing her legs further apart. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Debbie watching with interest.

Then it all fell apart.

Traci saw my cock approaching and panicked. She gave a squeal and pulled hastily away from me, flapping her hands and saying no, and saying it most emphatically.

My god, what a disappointment.

“Sorry. I’m sorry,” she was stuttering. “I can’t.”

“That’s OK,” I told her. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Free choice and all that.”

She calmed down quite rapidly once she knew I wouldn’t try to force her. I returned to sitting on the bed, snagging her arm and gently prompting her to hop off the bed, getting her to stand next to it. I didn’t let go of her arm, though. I had further plans for that young woman.

“I have the feeling you’ve been leading me on,” I said, trying to sound mournful.

“No, I wasn’t,” she protested. “Honest. I just felt I couldn’t.”

“Yes, I think you were,” I said, nodding my head. “Deliberately stirring me up. I think a small penalty is called for.”

“I wasn’t. What do you mean, a penalty?”

I jerked her arm and she found herself sprawled across my knee. My hand came down with a firm spank. Traci squealed and kicked, protesting vigorously. I gave her a few more spanks then shifted escort Bakırköy my target slightly.

I started delivering a series of short sharp spanks to her pussy. Not hard, hurtful spanks, but little stinging slaps, the spanks coming in a fast, continuous stream.

Traci was squealing and panting, her voice getting higher and higher. The pussy spanking went on, agitating her, rousing her. She was squirming and writhing, bottom lifted high, accepting what I was doing, even if she was voicing muted protests. She finally reached the point I was aiming for and completely lost her voice as she climaxed, just giving out a long groan as she shuddered and gasped. She was too stunned to protest when I lifted her to her feet and bent her over the end of the bed, legs spread, my cock pressing against her slit.

I wasn’t trying to take her, let me say. The length of my cock was pressed along her slit, not a case of the head pressing against her.

“Alright,” Traci almost screamed. “Do it.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “You said no, you didn’t want to.”

“Shut up, damn you. Just do it.”

“What do you think, Debbie?” I asked. “Should I actually go ahead and take her?”

“I’m not sure,” she said with a giggle. “She did say no, after all.”

“That’s what I thought,” I agreed.

“Are you sure you want him to, Traci,” asked Debbie, oozing concerned interest. “If he sticks it in you won’t be a virgin. It’s a big step.”

“You’re a bitch and he’s a bastard,” Traci said with great sincerity. “Just do it.”

Well, that seemed clear enough. I adjusted myself slightly, pressing my erection firmly against her lips, at the same time pulling her lips slightly apart to give me a bit of room to move. I slipped between her lips, feeling her lips closing around me. I pushed gently forward.

Apparently I was too gentle. Traci said a rude word and pressed firmly back to meet me. A little too firmly, possibly. She gave a small shriek as her virginity vanished and my cock went sliding deep into her.

Not that the loss of her virginity seemed to worry Traci at all. She continued to press back against me, wanting more, and I was happy to supply, driving in firmly until my balls were banging against her.

After that I change from pressing home firmly to driving home hard. Traci was all, “Yes, yes, yes. Do it. Harder,” while I did my best to oblige.

Now I was young and hot and horny and it was plain to me that I wasn’t going to be able to last very long, not when I was taking something as sweet as Traci was proving to be. I was already mentally preparing my apologies, ready to offer to take her a second time with an oath I’d do a better job. Still, I did hold on for as long as I could, longer than I actually expected.

I was bloody lucky. Such strokes of luck don’t come the way of a horny young man all that often. It was something to remember for future affairs. The climax that I’d paddled out of Traci’s pussy had left her in a highly excited state. (Witness the fact that I was now fucking her.) This highly excited state meant I didn’t have all that far to take her before she was ready to climax again.

She suddenly convulsed, shuddering, as her second climax hit, and that was more than enough to send me over the edge, joyfully letting loose.

Traci sagged down over the bed and I melted down onto her. I was quite happy to just lie there and relish the feel of her under me, cock still engaged. I figured that if we stayed like that for a couple of minutes I’d have enough time to charge my batteries, harden up, and take her again, this time letting it draw out a bit.

I hadn’t allowed for my blasted sister. Mere moments after completion, she got into the act. She practically dragged me off Traci, demanding that I get my disgusting male self out of there as she and Traci had things they needed to discuss. Oh, great. They were going to do a post-performance review. Just what I needed. Well, as long as they didn’t try to involve me in the discussion I suppose I could let them go.

I wandered away, feeling two pairs of eyes skewering me as I went. I wondered if I’d be invited back for an encore. Alternatively, could I drag Traci away from my sister and suggest the encore myself. One thing was for sure, I was going to do my best to give Traci further instructions in the art of making love.

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