My Sort Of Guy

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I could not stop Ryan even if I wanted to, Such were his aspirations of me. To get a guy throwing compliments at you is encouraging indeed and he was a prima tutor at Uni giving me all the knowledge I required for my subject, philosophy.

“You will do well in the world Adam, you have everything going for you and more too!”

When he told me that, on reading my answers on my exam papers I was not quite sure what he meant but I was soon to discover when he suggested that as I was such a knowledgeable pupil he would give me some private time and of course I was open for that.

It is funny how it happened, that first time – he genuinely wanted to help my learning , I could tell; but anyone with whom one has grown a certain respect and liking for another ,who is helping you, will know just how that can be, and for me to hug him often when our session had finished and to greet him when the next started seemed natural enough.

He was bringing out the best in me academically and inadvertently much more too that had been hidden for too long.

But then that certain whisper when we hugged, his head resting on my shoulder. This time the hug lasted and I realized, feeling him leaning and gently pressing against my right hip, that he had quite an erection, either that or he had a mobile phone or something in his trouser pocket! – but no, it wasn’t that, it was something warm and pliable but very nice. I guess this told me just how he felt about me, that he was of a likewise sexual leaning to me.

He started to move his hips so that his swelling brushed across my thigh in a very seductive and suggestive manner and I found myself instinctively responding by moving my thigh in sequence to his movements, and it was lovely.

I think from that moment, he leaning back from my shoulder, his eyes looking deep into mine close up, we both knew the score and certainly when he grasped my right hand and guided it down to touch him over his trousers I felt warm and good, that all with the world was fine and this is just what I needed, someone who could cherish and need me and return the passion long held back, like a ship in harbor waiting for the tide to come in.

“Don’t stop Adam, this is so good” Sakarya escort Ryan said and I was glad to take a real good feel of him, it felt that good, very enticing and wonderful,

It was something I’d dreamt about so very long, just to be myself with a guy like Ryan; so I took the opportunity of feeling his passion nice and slow, feeling also the strong throb beneath -feeling his lips brushing into me neck warm and tender.

He was so hard, so warm and pliable and good to grasp.

“Want to go further, Adam? He asked breathlessly -and to show him my positive response I undid his trouser zip in a very provocative manner and he wasted no time in assisting me to free his glorious masculinity, grasping it by the girth and holding it upwards to show me his worth. Like he was presenting it to me as a gift and oddly enough that is just how I felt for it, that very well appointed example of pure undulated very stiff and wonderful cock which I adorned so much, just having the experience at last of holding and enjoying another’s instead of my own was something unimaginable until it actually happens.

“That is so good Adam” he whispered, “please don’t stop, I adore the way you massage it.”

“My pleasure Ryan, if you only knew just how much I have wanted this.”

“With me?” Ryan asked holding his head back and closing his eyes as my fingers squeezed his knob end, stretching it gloriously back and finding, with my small finger, the aperture that was his p-hole, perfectly responding to my tease with a shudder

“Well yes, Ryan, but I never thought it would have been possible, it is like providence has brought us together in the most delightful way” I exclaimed happily and he agreed; whispering that he felt he just had to have me completely and perhaps we could spend the night together, or at least the evening just to see if we jell, which he said he felt sure we would.

“I would love that but better let me finish you off first, I can see you want that, Ryan” and I was more than happy to do that, his cock was hot and ready in my hand and just to make it more pleasurable I used the other hand to gently ball him – after releasing his balls out of his trousers, a veritable Side escort bayan feel of ripe firm plums in my hand they felt like, and gently squeezing and giving him at first a gentle wank, and building it to a crescendo; I felt his breath fasten, his head moving to and fro, his eyes half closed as I gave him the most vibrant of firm stiff wanks I could muster.

Afterwards he said he would repay me later and I knew he would, he was that sort of guy. He was my sort of guy…

Well I can tell you without hesitation that our first real get together in his flat that evening and later in bed really initiated me into the joy and sheer happiness of sharing myself with Ryan.

That first evening, both of us finding each other in the most intimate way was dream come true and when he completely stripped I was treated to the most thrilling episode of discovery and a new kind of knowledge with Ryan still my tutor in the most satisfying way.

“I do love the way you help yourself; Adam. I love that – it makes me feel that you really want me and you do it so beautifully”

That went for the first time I sucked him too. There was a lot of mutual massaging first and I was learning fast how to present myself to him, the way he wanted me to. Not naked at first but in a pair of women’s slacks fastened with tight braces which he said really expressed the best of my irresistible ass, and with a zip at the back I was ready for his explorations and later more as I was soon to discover then I felt his first fuck inside me, me never thinking he could get that bulge up inside me, but with lots of gentle massage, playing about with anal dildo’s – he made it really appealing to me, even if at first it did hurt some, but the hurt was quickly diminished with the feel of his hot rod thrusting into me, stretching it open in a way I thought impossible but really nice, I grew to suck him regularly as he massaged me between my ass cheeks, rubbing lubricant up me, I felt like swallowing his cock if I could when he did that, moving his fingers inside me through my unzipped slacks. Then feeling something warm and so soothing, I soon realized, with Ryan nudging his head between my buttocks, sniffing me, that Escort izmir it was his tongue doing those wonderful things I adored so much, and to think he wanted to do that with me was a real treat and a wonderful sensation, the way he moved his tongue around and around my hole, making it feel so horny that I wanted the feel of his stiff hard fuck up it.

“That is so lovely Ryan” I said as I took a breather from sucking his lovely hot cock.

“The way you suck me makes me want to do all sorts of new things with you, Adam. You and me are going to have some wonderful times together and lots of fun huh?”

I took the hint to suck him more, feeling the release of some hot spurting cum spurt into my mouth giving me the most wonderful experience, I held my breath, closed my eyes and swallowed, you just cannot get more intimate than that and soon, after Ryan had sucked me out, he said I had the most spankable ass ever, and he asked me just to bend over his knee and I did, not quite knowing what would happen next but with the way I was feeling, just wanting his fuck so very much, I was willing to do absolutely anything for his pleasure and I felt sure it would be my pleasure too.

The spanking was gentle at first.

Then it stung as his slaps got firmer and I was yelling; ‘ouch, ouch ouch!’ And yet for all that, for all the hurt, what came after was more delightful, it felt like a numbness had stopped it from hurting any more, and as I bent over in a more appealing way, his spank finished and he then showed me just how good it was to be absolutely pampered with oils and lots of massage around my now flushed ass cheeks which Ryan said looked so wonderful – and when at last he had me on all fours for our first fucking, it didn’t take long for him to slide that huge hot throbbing cock inside, I felt the stretch hurt at first, he urged me to sway from side to side to help entry, was it there, was it inside, it all felt numb?

I asked Ryan as he groaned and he gesticulated to me with his fingers showing me that it was all but a half inch up me, and when I felt his start to thrust in and out I really felt it stretch and take me and it was our very first fuck of many to come and in so many delightful ways.

For my Sweet Ryan I wanted to be my very best, if he anted me in girl’s gear that was fine, it even helped out intimate times, he liked his role play and I adored his suggestions and ideas, always thrilling and good.

Yep! He was my sort of guy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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