My Very First Time Pt. 01

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While this is a true story, the names & location have been changed as we still live in the same town. I’ll call myself Rick, while not being the most macho guy I was still considered pretty cool. His name let’s say is Kevin, he was very effeminate in comparison to most other guys, I think his parents treating him more like a maid than a son had something to do with it. Although so many others didn’t like him, I thought he was ok and to be honest felt sorry for his parents treatment of him. Once while his family was visiting mine his father told him to do the dishes, my mom said no but he insisted. When Kevin protested he was spanked, imagine the horror an 18 year old must have felt, not only being spanked but having us in the room. My mom went ape shit yelling at his father & mother, we didn’t see them again for a long time.

The year is 1977, I’m 19 years old & in my 2nd year of college, Kevin 18 years old was graduating high school that year. We live in New Jersey, both belonging to the same boys youth organization (the organization shall remain nameless), I am the leader, being voted in for my third term while Kevin was two steps below me hoping to be voted into my position when I age out.

The lodge that housed our group was 3 towns over, we live only about a mile apart so I drove to our monthly meetings. One evening our meeting ended very early, on the way home I asked Kevin if he wanted to stop & talk a while. Kevin wasn’t in a hurry to go home and agreed. Pulling off the road in a quite neighborhood not far from where we lived, we spoke for a while when I decided, I just had to ask him a question that’s been on my mind for quite some time.

“Kevin, can I ask you a personal question?” I asked.

“Sure what do you want to know?” he asked.

“Well I don’t know if you are aware, but the other guys in the lodge have been talking about you, uh well they think you are gay.” I said.

“Well if I was would it be any of their business?” Kevin asked without giving an answer.

“I know Sakarya escort bayan I don’t care, I just wanted to make sure you knew it.” I told him.

“Yeah I kind of guessed, I saw a couple of the guys making fun of me while they thought I wasn’t around, you know trying to walk like I do while limply bending a wrist.” he said.

“I’m sorry you had to see that, I’ll talk to them if you want?” I asked.

“No I don’t think you can stop them anyway. To answer your question, I haven’t been with anyone, since as you know my parents never let me go out unless it’s to lodge, but I’ve never been interested in girls and I am always with guys, so yes I believe I’m gay,” he said.

“Ok, you see I really thought you might be and figured I could ask you some questions, but guess you really can’t answer them since you haven’t been with another guy,” I said.

“Ask me maybe I might know the answer, a few friends in high school were gay and I picked their minds about many things,” he said.

Not able to search the internet back then, the only way to get answers were asking questions, but who do you ask? I thought Kevin being a friend & thinking at least before tonight that he might be gay, I said, “Well you know I’ve dated girls and have had sex with a couple, ok I talked a lot and he knew, but I have sometimes had dreams about guys and wondered what it felt like.”

“I can only tell you what my friends told me, everyone said it felt amazing and the taste of a dick was wonderful,” he said.

“Do you think um, would you like your first feel to be mine maybe?” I asked.

His eyes opened wide and he asked, “are you serious, you want me to play with your cock?’

“Yes but can I see yours too?” I asked.

Looking at his watch and being still early Kevin said, “Yes oh my yes.”

Getting into the back seat of my dad’s station wagon we sat for a minute, I took a breath before unzipping my pants pulling them and my underwear to my knees, out popped my fully Escort Side erect 4 1/2″ penis. I sat hoping my size, being so small, didn’t change his mind as I sat there.

Looking at it Kevin looked up and asked, “Can I touch it?”

“Yes but can I see yours 1st?” I asked.

Kevin lifted his but in the air pulling his pants to his knees leaving him in his tidy whities. Pulling the band down slowly and his dick popped out, a massive one compared to mine, maybe 7″ or longer and fat.

“You like my cock?” Kevin asked as he saw the grin on my face.

“Wow that’s much bigger than mine,” I stated.

Reaching over he took my dick in his hand while slowly stroking it said, “I think that little thing is beautiful.”

Sitting back I felt a calming sensation come over my entire body as he was jerking me off. I imagined what it would feel like to cum in his hand, sticky hot cum covering his hand.

His hand felt so comforting and warm as he stroked my dick up & down. Finally as I felt myself getting closer to shooting it’s load, I reached down finding a towel on the floor putting it to my cock. As the towel touched my it’s tip cum started squirting out, Kevin took the towel and cleaned it all up.

Kevin then asked, “Do you want to touch mine, I understand if you don’t I was more than happy just having you be my first hand job?”

Without answering I put my hand on his cock, I had to know what it felt like. Was it like mine, was it warm, is the skin soft, what do his balls feel like so many questions. All began being answered the second my finger touched his soft foreskin. Kevin arched his back when I closed my hand around his shaft starting to slowly stroke his huge cock.

“Mmm Rick that feels so much better than my own hand,” he said.

“Glad you like it, it’s so hard but the skin is so soft. Can I touch your balls?” I said.

“Yes touch anything you want,” he answered.

While my right hand was stroking his cock, my left reached his balls, gently izmir escort feeling the soft sack around them then massaging each ball between my fingers.

“Ooh don’t stop that is so good,” he whimpered.

Kevin’s cock started jumping in my hand, but the towel wasn’t near, pulling my left hand from his balls I cupped it under his tip hoping to catch all of his cum. He quickly shot his first stream of cum, then his second, third, forth and finally fifth as I

caught every drop in my hand.

As I sat with a handful of cum, Kevin put the towel to my hand and wiped it all out, when he was finished he said, “Rick that was so good, I hope you liked it too?”

“I did, it was really really good,” I said.

Looking at his watch, it was now almost 10, Kevin said, “we better get going, my parents will grill if I’m home after 10:15.

Before I could answer he leaned over and kissed my cheek and said, “maybe if you rush through our next meeting we can do this again? I could tell my parents that we have to setup and breakdown the room that will buy us till almost 11 before they start to wonder where I am. Joey & Billy are supposed to do it, but if we tell them we’ll setup as long as they breakdown. If we hurry and setup quickly we can be alone for at least a half hour.”

“I guess you really liked it? We would have to find a place we can not only be alone, but can also hear when someone comes into the parking lot so we don’t get caught, but yes I would like that,” I said.

We drove to his house, getting there right at 10:10, Kevin jumped out and said, “maybe you could come over next week, I have to babysit my little sister & brother but they always play outside for a few hours before coming in for dinner. I have to clean and make dinner but if you help we could be alone for maybe an hour & a half.”

“Wednesday’s I have early classes and I could be here by 2:30 would that give us enough time?” I asked.

“Yes I’ll see you then,” he said as he ran into the house.

On the way home I thought about what just happened and wondered if maybe next time we can do little bit more. As I fall off to sleep I awoke the next morning with a hard cock as I lay picturing what I dreamt about, Kevin with his lips wrapped around my cock sucking me off.

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