Nearly Fucked, or First Fuck?

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It appears from reading stories on Literotica that many men share the same kink as my husband.

Namely, they get a real kick out of hearing about their wives and girlfriends sexual exploits either before they had met, or with a lover when the partner was not present.

Now, I suspect that many females have a curiosity about their partner’s sexual history, but in some men it could almost be described as an obsession.

So let me tell you a tale that my husband enjoyed hearing. The first part ends before I was penetrated and for years I told my husband that the encounter ended there. But a few years later I told him the second part of the story which describes how I actually did lose my virginity that night.

Only one version is true. Which do you think it is?

I suppose you could call me a late developer. I managed to reach the age of 18 without having had a cock in me. Most, if not all, of my girlfriends had done the deed, but somehow I’d never felt the urge with any of the males in our group of friends to go all the way. Obviously I had participated in a few fumbles with boys, but that was as far as it went.

I’m going back nearly 35 years to when one of my friends was able to have a house party as her parents were away for the weekend.

I knew most of the people who were going to the party so am looking forwards to a fun night. I dressed in a red mini skirt with tights (pantyhose) underneath, white sexy knickers under the tights. I put on my best white lace bra and selected a lacy white top. Red shoes completed the outfit. Looking in the mirror I considered that I looked very presentable for a night of drinking and laughs with friends. The thought of getting shagged that night never entered my mind.

Gathering up my coat and a bottle of vodka I left my parents house and walked down the road to the house which was hosting the party.

Going into the house the first person I see is my friend Lynn, it’s her parents who own the house “Hi Lynn,” I said in a loud voice, because of the music, “Is everyone here?”

“Just about, only a couple of no shows and a few will be here after the pub shuts,” Lynn replied.

“OK, I’ll get started with the vodka, guess the mixers are in the kitchen?”

As usual at parties there was a bunch of people in the kitchen so greetings were exchanged when I entered. “Who has the orange juice?” I shouted.

“Over here,” came the voice of a lad standing in the corner with a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale in his hand, Tatty Tate (yes we were original with nicknames). I’d known him for ages, all hanging round with the same people.

I manoeuvred my way to get beside him. “How you doing Tatty? Pass a glass for the vodka please.”

“Here’s the orange juice Shel, tell me how much you want,” said Tatty.

“Not too much to start with please, I feel like getting a little drunk tonight.” I replied.

So having had a bit of chat with Tatty and with a second large vodka and orange in my hand I make my way back to the living room to find a few of my female friends gossiping so of course I join in. Naturally, the main subject is boys and who is doing what with whom.

“Yeah, seems Jane and Tatty broke up last week,” says Lynn.

“That’s strange,” I say, “I’ve just been talking to Tatty in the kitchen and he never mentioned it.”

“You’ll have to watch yourself tonight Shel, there’s not many single girls at this party and you know Tatty likes female company,” Lynn comments with a wink to the other girls. “Jane did say he could push all the correct buttons and in the right order!”

“Well Jane has the experience to know, I guess.” Was the only reply I could think of. However, something inside me was thinking that Tatty was not too bad looking, was a decent, sensible lad and maybe? Wow, where did that thought come from? Me or the vodka?

Just then one of my favourite songs started playing, so putting down the now half empty glass I told the girls it was time to dance!

A few songs later I’m looking round trying to find my drink, but it looks like someone else must have taking a liking to it and finished it. Ah well, back to the kitchen for another refill then.

Still in the same corner in the kitchen is Tatty nursing what appears to be the same bottle of Brown Ale. I go over in his direction to fix another drink for myself. “Sorry to hear about you and Jane breaking up.”

“One of those things, at 18 I’m not looking for a long term romance,” he replies. “It was fun while it lasted, but how about you, are you seeing anyone Shel?”

“No, mostly out in Newcastle with Janice and Anna on Saturday nights, having a laugh round the pubs, you know.”

Looking right behind Tatty I see my vodka bottle lodged right in the corner of the work top. “Shift out a bit so I can reach the bottle please.”

He moves to one side then as I stretch over for the bottle he somehow gets right behind me and is pressing himself against me, hands round my waist and pulling me backwards into him. It’s the sort of thing Gaziantep Anal Escort which the lads would do with the girls in the group with no ulterior motive.

The cuddle is not unpleasant but my skirt has ridden up and I can feel his hard cock pushing into my bum. Giving him a wiggle of my bum to show that I appreciate the compliment I turn around so that we are face to face.

It was inevitable that we would kiss, he leaned into me and a passionate snog was soon happening. His hand is up the back of my skirt rubbing all over my bum and trying to pull down my tights at the back for easier access.

Breaking off the kiss, I told him to slow down, too many people around. The kitchen was a getting a bit too full for any privacy.

“Let’s move out into the hallway” I say to Tatty.

Taking our drinks we pushed past the crowd in the kitchen and into the less crowded hallway. Within a minute we had resumed the kissing, tongues pushing against each other. Tatty seemed to have given up on my tights and now was fondling my tits over my top and bra. As Lynn had said, he did have a good technique and was giving me great sensations by squeezing my breasts and nipples.

His hand went under my top and reached up behind my back to unfasten my bra. I quickly looked round to see that we were unobserved so did not stop him. Impressively, he managed to unhook the bra with one hand and it sagged forward to hang loose at the front.

Tattys’ hand slid round the front, up under the bra cup and covered my right tit. “Shel, I’ve wanted to do this for ages.” With that he was lifting the weight of my tit, stroking it, and squeezing and pulling on my nipple.

Yes, I do like his technique! I could feel myself getting aroused and was happy to stand there and let him play with my 34Bs.

Just then Lynn walks out of the living room to go up the stairs to the toilet. Seeing us in a clinch she walks up behind me and softly says in my ear, “if you want more privacy I don’t mind you going into my bedroom.”

I reach out and squeeze her hand by way of reply, not wanting to commit myself that far yet.

At this point the front door opens and another 10 people arrive, the ones who have just left the pub. Noisy and rowdy they crowd into the front hall. No more peace and privacy in the hallway for us!

Myself and Tatty look at each other. I wonder if he had heard Lynn’s offer about her room? Is he leaving the decision to me? What do I want to do? Should I ask him to go up to the room? If I do will he expect full sex? Do I want to lose my virginity tonight to Tatty? Could I stop if we start?

FUCK IT, decision time!

I whisper in his ear, “Lynn said we could go to her room if we wanted more privacy.”

A big grin spread across his face, “Yes please Shel, you know which is her room, lead the way.”

Climbing the stairs together I lead the way to Lynn’s room. I have been in this room many times, but this time is different, this time I am leading a man into the room with the distinct possibility I will enter as a virgin and leave as a well shagged woman.

Tatty takes a drink from his bottle then puts it on the windowsill and sits on Lynn’s single bed. I empty the rest of the vodka from my glass and join him on the bed. I have left the main room light off so the room is dimly lit from the street lights outside.

“We’ve got to take our shoes off,” I tell him, “A strict rule of Lynn’s, no shoes on the bed!”

Having removed the shoes we lay back onto the bed half facing each other. I don’t know when he unzipped his pants but he took my hand and guided it onto his cock. It was rock solid, I explored by feel the size and shape of it and then started wanking him.

His hand returned under my top and again played with my tits, “take your top off Shel”

I sat up and removed my top, taking the bra off with it. Then settled back down and reached again for his cock. He leaned over and started sucking on my nipple.

“Oh that’s nice, could you suck a little harder?” I asked.

Wow, I certainly like that sensation! To show my gratitude I take some of the pre-come from the top of his cock and rub it right over his cockend using my palm to smooth the liquid into his skin. I feel his cock jerk so presumably he does like that action.

His hand has grasped the hem of my skirt and raises it above my waist. I know from previous experience how hard it is for a man to get his hand down the front of a pair of tights, so rather than risk injury to Tattys’ wrist I say, “hold on a minute,” then peel the tights down past my knees and totally off.

Tatty immediately slips his hand down the front of my knickers, over my pubes and finding my hole slips one finger inside. He begins an in and out motion which feels a bit strange at first but as he plays more it becomes much more pleasurable.

He moves his finger up to my clit, moving it around and about, but somehow not quite managing to perfect the technique. After about a minute of fiddling he went back down to play inside me again. I got the feeling that he just wanted to make sure I ready to be fucked.

I feel that I am ready to do it, “have you got a condom, Tatty?”

“Of course I do,” he answered.

“Take my knickers off then,”

He sat up and grasping each side of my knickers slid then down my legs and off, throwing them onto the floor.

Putting his hand in his pocket he pulled out a condom.

Suddenly there was a crash of glass downstairs and a lot of shouting. That spoiled the moment for sure. I jumped up and quickly put my top on, without the bra, pulled my knickers back on and stuffed my tights and bra under Lynn’s mattress, I’ll get them later, skirt on, shoes on. Tatty has put himself right and we run down the stairs to see what all the fuss was about.

Going into the kitchen we see Lynn pushing a drunk girl towards to door, “Piss off and take your drunken mates with you” she is shouting. Tatty joins a couple of the other lads in shoving a few strangers out of the door.

“What happened Lynn?” I ask her.

“A few people I didn’t know came in with that lot from the pub, one lass was really drunk and knocked over a loads of drinks from the kitchen counter onto the floor.”

“Twats,” I said, “look, we’ll all help clean it up, no real harm done.”

“Thanks,” replied Lynn, “But it’s really spoiled the atmosphere, I don’t think the party can go on now. But anyway, you’ve got no tights or bra on, did you do it?”

“No, we were just about to when it all kicked off down here. I’ve lost the mood now.”

And that’s where I told my husband the night ended. But later on I revealed…

It didn’t take long to tidy up the mess, but meanwhile most of the people had called it a night and left.

Standing with Lynn in the now restored kitchen she got us both a drink and said quietly to me “So what are you going to do now? Tatty is still here, you can have my room for another hour but after that I am taking Kevin up there for the rest of the night.”

“Not sure,” I tell Lynn, “I was all ready to finally do it when the commotion happened, I don’t want to get back up to your room and just rush at it for the sake of doing it”

“Well, your choice, but he is on the settee in the living room, there are only a few people left here, why not take him a drink and cuddle into him? By the way, if you do go back upstairs make sure you tell him to lick you out, that’ll put you straight back in the mood.” With that Lynn went out of the kitchen.

I’d never been licked out. So maybe Lynn was right, she has lots more experience than me, get him to do that, if it’s rubbish I’ll just wank him off. If it gets me back in the mood, I’ll let him fuck me!

In for a penny, in for a pound then! I found another Brown Ale for Tatty, opened it and took it into the living room. Sure enough he was just sitting by himself at one end of the settee chatting to people across the room. Rather than sitting next to him I plonked myself down on his lap sideways, presenting him with the drink.

“Here you are, a consolation prize,” I said handing him the bottle.

“Well thanks for that, but I so close to getting a better prize,” Tatty said with a smile and his free hand went straight up my skirt. He soon manoeuvred a finger under my knickers and found that I was still wet from before, his finger slipping nicely back into my hole.

Across the room I could see Lynn watching us from over her boyfriends shoulder. It must have been all the vodka from earlier, but I wanted to do something outrageous so I moved Tattys’ hand from under my skirt, got up off his lap and stood facing him.

I reached up under my skirt took hold of my knickers and slowly pulled them down my legs, stepped out of them and presented them to Tatty. “There you go, a second consolation prize,”

I then sat back down on his lap, noticing that his cock had got hard again and moved his hand back under my skirt, pushing it right up against my fanny. Immediately he sought out and started playing with my clit, with a much better action than up in the bedroom.

I have to bury my face into his neck to stop my moans of pleasure being heard by the others in the room, but raise it enough to whisper gently and seductively in his ear, “For your third and final prize I want you to take me back upstairs and finish what we started and I want you to do it now.”

“Hell, yes please,” was his reaction.

So we walk out of the room, with Lynn giving me a thumbs up as we went. Up the stairs and back into her bedroom.

This time I’m getting naked! Shoes off, top off, skirt off. Tatty is not far behind and we both tumble naked onto the bed. I grasp his erection and move my hand up and down, watching the pre-come oozing out of the tip.

“Shel, I need to get it in you, go easy on the wanking or I’ll be coming all over your hand.”

“You know this is my first time, you’ll have to take it slowly,” I tell him seriously, “but first will you to lick me down there? I’ve never had that done to me and I want to see what it’s like.”

“Shuffle to the edge of the bed then Shel.”

Manoeuvring myself to the edge I open my legs and his tongue finds my hole and licks up and down, sometimes pushing into the depths of my hole. WOW. That is a great feeling! Then he finds my clit! Double WOW, I didn’t know such feelings could exist, I could let him do that all night.

“OOOhhhhh, Fucking Hell, that’s amazing,” I pant as he gives a little suck on my clit. Normal vocalisations are long gone. I feel myself on the road to an orgasm, but having heard all the stories from my female friends about how the first time is usually painful and unsatisfying I decide to stop Tattys’ oral wizardry! Decision made!

“Get the condom on Tatty, I want you between my legs right now,” as soon as he has moved from my fanny I get in the middle of the bed and open my legs wide.

I watch carefully as he puts the condom on, I don’t want any scares about it splitting.

Tatty positions himself between my legs and I feel his hand moving his cockend into position on my hole.

“Remember Tatty it’s my first time, you take it carefully now, nice and slowly.”

I feel him just pushing the tip between my lips so I grasp his hips to control his speed of insertion. “Easy, gently, slowly,” I tell him, enjoying the feeling as the entrance to my hole is stretched.

He pushes in a bit further and I feel a bit of discomfort, but no more than that. A bit deeper, then a real twinge of pain. “Ow, bugger!” I mutter. But it only lasts a second or so.

Still holding his hips I raise up to get more cock into me, I feel a strange, but nice sensation as his cock makes its way up inside of me. Tatty pushes steadily and then it’s in, it’s all in and I can feel his balls slapping against my bum. I am no longer a virgin! He holds it in as deep as he can for several seconds while I get used to having it in me.

It feels odd but somehow emotional and satisfying to be full of cock.

Tatty withdraws back a bit and then begins a gentle in and out movement with his hips. Good lad, he’s not just after his own pleasure but is caring and considerate of me.

“God, you fanny is so tight, Shel, I’m not going to last very long in you before I come,” mutters Tatty.

“Keep doing that, concentrate on other things, please don’t come yet I’m really enjoying the sensations,” I don’t want him to come too quick. I am starting to feel an orgasm building again. “Keep going, keep going, now a bit harder.”

Typical bloke, I said a bit harder and he’s going a lot faster now. I feel the orgasm getting closer and stronger.

“I’m coming,” he shouts, as he jams it up me as hard as he can and I feel his cock pulsing as it pumps the spunk into the end of the condom. I can feel the end of the condom expand as it is filled. That sets off my own orgasm. I wrap my legs around his waist and push up onto his cock!

He strains to push his cock as deep into me as he can then gives a few short sharp jerks in and out. My orgasm seems to go up to another level!

“Fucking Hell, Fucking Hell, shag me, shag me Tatty!” I half shout, hoping that he will keep riding me a bit longer. He manages a few more strokes then slows to a halt.

We stay locked together for a little while until Tatty takes hold of the condom at the base and carefully withdraws from me. He grabs a tissue from the dressing table and wraps the used condom in it then uses another tissue to clean his cock, before standing up to give me some space.

I am still on the bed with my legs open, trying to work out if my fanny feels any different. My hole certainly feels more open then I can ever remember it before and I can still feel a little stinging inside, but I consider myself lucky that there was hardly any pain. I certainly know I will be seeking more sex now that I have found out how good it is.

“I need a tissue as well please.” I carefully give myself a wipe, it’s hard to see in the dim light but I think I see just a spot or two of blood.

Sitting back down on the bed next to me, Tatty leans over and kisses me. “Wow Shel, that was amazing for your first time.”

“I certainly enjoyed it more than I thought I would for the first time, thanks for being gentle with me and thanks for making it such a great first time, I can’t believe I came from my first shagging.” I get up off the bed and put the main light on to check that there were no marks on the bed. Nope, all clear apart from a small wet spot which hopefully Lynn will not notice.

“Come on Tatty, we’ve got to get dressed and go downstairs.”

“Do you want your knickers back?” He asks me.

“Yes please, don’t want you showing all your mates my knickers as a trophy do I?” I answer with a smile.

So putting all my clothes back on, including the tights and bra which I retrieved from under the mattress we made our way back down to the living room.

Only Lynn and her boyfriend Kevin are left downstairs.

“We were just coming up to throw you out, we want to go to bed,” Kevin said. “So you finally did it then? No point in denying it, we heard the bed squeaking big time.”

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