Nurse’s Aide

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My name is Mike; I’m a physically disabled guy confined to a wheelchair, living with my parents. I never was with a woman but I have perfectly normal urges. When I was 25 my parents had to go away for 3 days. They hired a nurse’s aide to stay & take care of me.

Friday this lady named Ally came, she was around 55, very well built. I always was turned on by older woman. In the back of my mind I thought, she’s nice looking could this be my lucky weekend. Then I said to myself don’t waste your time, she’ll never screw you.

My dad loaded their car while mom showed Ally where everything was & told her if she wants to cook the freezer & refridge are loaded & mom left money if we wanted to order out. Then mom & dad left.

Ally said are you o.k. watching TV, I want to unpack my suit case & change into something more comfortable. I said sure take your time.

Twenty minutes later she came back in cut off gym shorts & a short tee shirt, saying now I feel comfy. I noticed she has no bra on & she has nice big breast that are making her shirt tight.

I like what I see so I say Ally sit on the sofa next to my wheelchair. I figured I could look down her top while we talked & watched TV.

Well I watched very little TV, I could look right down her shirt & see her nice nipples, boy they were big. Now I’m starting to get hard.

After the movie she asked if I was hungry, I said yea I’m getting hungry. She pushes me in the kitchen, when she bent over to lock my break her boob brushed my hand & we both just giggled.

She looked in the fridge & saw leftover macaroni, I said that’s fine. She made 2 dishes then we sat at the table & she ate while Maltepe Escort she fed me. Some got on my jeans where my cock was bulging. Ally said don’t worry I’ll wipe that up. Well she bent down started cleaning my bulge. It felt so good & I was looking down her top watching her breast jiggle. I wanted her right then.

She stopped & we finished dinner then she cleaned the table. Afterwards Ally asked if I felt like getting my shower now. I said sure, I figured anything to get my cock out of my tight jeans.

We go in my bedroom she takes off my shirt; to lift me, she puts my arms around her neck & her arms under mine & around my back. When she makes me stand we hold each so close, her tits presses through her shirt into my chest & my cock is pressing into her belly, I was on cloud nine. We flopped on my bed

She unzips my jeans & tries to pull them down but my cock was stopping them from coming off easily. She said something really big & hard is making me struggle getting your jeans & underwear off. So she gave a strong pull, my jeans & underwear came down.

My hard dick flung back. She said, oh yes I see why I struggled, that sure is big, maybe about 8 inches. I just smiled, thinking could tonight be it.

Ally went & got my shower chair, put it next to my bed then again put my arms around her neck, her arms under mine & around my back then lifted me.

Now we’re standing squeezing each other so I don’t fall. My cock slides under her shirt & now I’m grinding it on her belly.

She sits me in my chair & has to take my dick out of her shirt. While she does this she gives it a little stroke.

She pushes me in Anadolu Yakası Escort my shower, adjusts the water then asks if I mind if she takes off her clothes before they get wet? I said I wouldn’t mind one bit.

She strips now I finally see how beautiful this woman really is naked. Her pussy was clean shaved, her breast was so firm & her big nipples were starting to become erect. Now I knew tonight was going to be the night I lose my virginity.

Ally walks in my shower washes my face & licks it then we start kissing I find her tongue & start sucking it. Her left hand reaches down washes my chest then reaches further down starts soaping up my cock. Our lips unlock I moan & groan. She continues to stroke me while she puts her tit in my mouth.

Oh my god I’m sucking her tit while she is jerking me off. I’m in heaven. She says o.k. Mike let go of my tit, I want to taste that big stick of yours. She bends down, puts her mouth on the tip of my cock starts kissing it then continues kissing down one side oh god Ally, oh yes oh yes squeeze my balls & suck me faster.

Now Ally is pumping & bobbing her head so fast, her tits are bouncing everywhere rubbing my leg. Then I feel her deep throat me, I say I can’t hold back, she said cum in my mouth Mike I let loose & filled her mouth so much it over flowed out her mouth. She stood licking her lips saying boy you taste great now her pussy was so wet, her juices were dripping on my leg she puts a dab on her finger & lets me lick it. Oh my god Ally I can’t wait to eat you.

She finishes washing me & washes herself a little. She pushes me to my bed & lifts me in.

Now my cock Ümraniye Escort hasn’t fully hardened again yet so she said I can eat her while she works on my shaft. She gently sits on my face.

I start licking her lips & stick my tongue in her cunt. Oh god it tastes so good. Each time I go up she presses down so it’s better for both of us. Then she adjusted herself so her clit is near my mouth.

I start licking her clit then I got it in my mouth to start sucking it. This put Ally over the edge, she started screaming, OH YES OH YES MIKE KEEP SUCKING I’M GOING TO CUM! With that she flooded my mouth & face.

She rolled off me laid next to me, we both laid there catching our breath smiling. With her hand she cleaned her juices off my face

I said, oh my god you’re amazing. She said Mike you’re pretty great too but I can’t wait to fuck you. I said, Ally I’d love that.

We rolled so we faced each other, we were kissing, and rubbing each other’s chest & Ally’s hand slid down my body then started rubbing her hand in my pubic hair and grabbed my manhood. It was no time before I started getting hard again. She rubbed me a few minutes, rolled me on my back straddled my hips then slid her hot pussy over my dick. She said your wish is my command, as she started humping my shaft.

I said, oh baby this feels wonderful. She kept it up faster & faster, I’d lift up my waist as she plunged down. All we could do is scream, OH YES BABY OH YES OH FUCK ME HARDER.

Then I just couldn’t hold back, I said I’m Cumming soon, Ally said cum anytime, she already started.

So after I shot my load, Ally rolled off me my cock was dripping with both our juices. She put some on her fingers & we both licked it.

She put my arms around her then wrapped her arms around me & we hugged all night.

I said this weekend will be great. Ally said, yes & hopefully even after this weekend we’ll continue to have great times too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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