Pulled Off the Road

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This story is pure fiction, all characters are above 18 and consenting. Enjoy some dominant cop and bbc action!


It was October and Bryan was wandering down some rarely driven road just outside Denver. He was 22 years old and had enough of regular life. He quit his job, sold just about everything he owned, bought a good backpack, and just started walking. He goes from place to place, just really seeing where trucks, drifters, and other drivers seem to be going. He isn’t searching for anything in particular, just wandering free.

It is about 5:30 in the afternoon when he hears a car coming down the road, and as he turns around, he sees the blue lights atop the Charger. He turns back around and keeps walking. The charger flips on his lights and siren, pulling off to the side of the road behind Bryan.

The officer gets out of the vehicle, walks over to Bryan, “you got an ID kid?”

“Yeah, what’s the problem, am I not allowed to be walking down the road?”

“We got a call of a hitch hiker that matches your description, and since you’re the only one walking down the road, it’s probably you. Wanna fetch me that ID?”

Bryan hands him the ID Card, and watches the officer walk to his cruiser. He stands with his arms crossed, obviously annoyed at having to wait. The office looks up Bryan, sees no record and no problems.

The office walks back to Bryan, hands him the ID, “Get in my cruiser, I’ll drive you wherever it is you’re heading to.”

“I’m good, but thanks.” Bryan snipped back.

“That wasn’t really a request, more of a demand. You can get in willingly, or I can arrest you. You decide.”

Bryan walks back to the car, not wanting any trouble, and goes to open the front passenger door, the office interjects, “nope, back seat. Gotta ride behind the gate.”

Bryan lets go of the handle and climbs in the back, setting his backpack down on the seat next to him, the office gets in front and starts down the road. After a while, the office speaks up, “My name is Johnny, I just got off duty and I live in the next county. Where you headed?”

“Anywhere, everywhere, and no where.” Bryan replied quietly.

“When’s the last time you had a shower or a clean bed to sleep in?” Johnny asks as he’s getting annoyed quickly.

“I don’t know man, why all the questions?”

“Listen here, you need to show some respect, especially cause you’re in my back seat stinking up the car. What do you say I take you to my house, let you clean yourself up, sleep in the spare room, and tomorrow you can be on your way?”

“Yeah? And what exactly do you get out of it? Helping the local homeless drifter get you off or something?”

“Just a good guy trying to do a nice thing, but you can keep walking and see if anyone else tolerates the stink in their car or truck. People can be pretty cruel around here. You ought to be more careful.”

“I’ll be fine. Usually find my way as it’s needed.” Bryan shifts in his seat, a sly attempt to actually smell himself. He gets a strong whiff, makes a face, and Johnny just laughs.

“I guess I’ll take that shower Johnny.”

Johnny steers the car off the main road as they approach the town’s center, turns down a few side streets and pulls into a nice looking house at the end of a road. Johnny gets out and opens the back door for Bryan.

Bryan scoots out and looks at the house, they both walk up to the door, and Bryan just waits for the door to be open. Once open, Johnny invites Bryan through with a wave.

“The bathroom is down the hall, second door on the right. Use anything in there you need.” Johnny says as he dumps his belt on the couch, hangs up his jacket, and walks into another room.

Bryan walks down the hallway, opens the door to the bathroom. He drops his bag by the wall, strips out of his clothes, and turns on the water. He waits for the steam of a hot shower, and steps in. Lost in the hot water, and the warm feeling from being clean, he doesn’t hear Johnny quietly open the door and grab his stuff.

Bryan runs the hot water almost completely out. He’s cleaned himself and just enjoying the water, but it’s gotten cold, so he shuts off the water. He steps out, wipes his face, hair, and upper body with the towel that’s sitting on the sink. He looks down to replace his clothes and notices his clothes are gone.

He wraps the towel around his waist and walks from the bathroom down the hall, “Hey Johnny, did you take my stuff?”

Bryan walks into the living room, sees his bag on the floor, empty, and Johnny is nowhere to be found, “Johnny?”

Johnny suddenly emerges from the hallway, sneaks up behind Bryan and grabs his arms behind him. He snaps on his handcuffs quickly, and puts a leather gloved hand over Bryan’s mouth and nose. He holds Bryan close to his body.

“Listen here Bryan. In exchange for my hospitality, I need a favor from you. I’m going to release your mouth, and you’re going to explain something to me.”

Bryan nods his head, and Johnny removes his hand, “Good boy. So what I need from 18 yaş porno you is real easy, and since I found the dildo in your bag, I don’t see it as a problem. I need a boy to service me. It’s been too long since my last one left. If you say no, you’ll be kicked out of my house with your empty bag and a set of clothes on your back.”

“And if I say yes?” Bryan asks coldly.

Johnny sits down on the chair in the corner, pulling Bryan with him onto his lap, “Well, you’ll need to do a few things for me, and then tomorrow, you are free to leave with all your stuff.”

Bryan looks down at the floor, his towel begins to unravel and falls to the floor. His semi hard cock is now exposed, “Guess I don’t have much of a choice.”

Johnny unlocks the handcuffs, sets them on the side table, “you do have a choice. Boys submit to me willingly, or they don’t, but I don’t force them. I get much more enjoyment from a boy who surrenders himself to me, no joy in raping a guy.”

Bryan stands up, and turns to face Johnny, “I guess I got nothing else to do, and you’re right, you certainly aren’t the first guy to want something from me in exchange for kindness. I’m all yours for the night I guess.”

Johnny stands up, grabs Bryan by the back of the neck, and leads him to the kitchen. In the back corner, there’s a staircase behind a door, Johnny pushes Bryan into the doorway and follows him up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Bryan steps on the landing and looks around. A full room of leather straps, belts, toys, hoods, gags, and anything you need to have a good time. He sees a bench, a cage in the corner, and a saddle horse. He walks around the room exploring all the toys, he’s never seen a place like this before.

Johnny walks over, sits on the bench, and pulls off his work boots. He slides out of his work pants and pulls the tank top over his head. He reaches over, grabs his leather chaps, slides his legs through the open legs, buckles the strap around the waist, slides into knee high leather boots, and stands up.

He approaches Bryan who’s staring at the wall of toys. He grabs the leather hood, “Go sit on the bench. You will be called slut until you leave my house, and you will address me as Sir. Are you a dumb slut or a smart slut?”

Bryan sits down, looks up at Johnny, “I’m a smart slut Sir.”

“Good slut.” Johnny slips a leather hood over Bryan’s head and tightens the strings in the back. He walks back to the wall of toys, grabbing a few items, he turns back to Bryan. The hood he just put on his head has no eye holes, but an open mouth. He places the thickest posture collar he has on Bryan’s neck and secures it behind him.

He then pushes two fingers into Bryan’s mouth, “Suck my fingers slut. Show me how good your mouth is.”

Bryan sucks the leather fingers, the leather tastes of dried cum. He reaches up to hold Johnny’s arm. Johnny smacks his hands away, pulls his fingers out of his mouth and reaches behind Bryan’s back. He quickly secures Bryan’s wrists with the handcuffs once more.

“Sluts don’t touch me unless given permission. Now you have to keep your hands to yourself.”

He grabs his cock, starts stroking it, and rubbing his head against Byran’s mouth. The precum that comes out coats the slut’s lips and makes them shine. He puts his other hand on the back of the hooded head and pulls it towards his hardened cock.

The slut knows his place quickly and opens his mouth, waiting to accept what’s being given to him. The thick 8 inches stretches his mouth as Johnny drives his cock further and further into the slut’s mouth.

Johnny begins to moan, holding the slut’s head in place, thrusting his hips back and forth.

“That’s right slut, take my fucking cock. Get it nice and wet so I can shove it deep in your fucking hole.”

The slut bobs back and forth on his cock, taking as much cock as Johnny can give him. Once Johnny is satisfied, he yanks his cock out of the slut’s mouth with a loud pop. He grabs the slut’s wrists with the cuffs and leads him over to the saddle horse. It’s padded leather and set with straps.

Johnny helps the slut up on the bench, securing his legs, then releasing him from the cuffs. He straps down each wrist. He walks behind the slut and presses his leather fingers against his hole. He pushes two fingers in, easily.

“Damn slut, how many men have been in this hole?” Johnny asks.

“About two per day for the last month Sir.”

“Fucking slut is right. ” Johnny says as he continues to push fingers in and out of the slut’s hole. He reaches over to the table, grabs the lube and a moderately sized dildo. He squirts the lube into the hole and pushes the head in. It slides easily into his hole and he begins fucking the slutty hole.

He plops the dildo from his hole, and stands up straight. He tosses the dildo onto the floor nearby, wraps a condom around his cock, and shoves it straight into the slut’s hole, “oh fuck.”

He grabs the slut’s hips and begins his thrusting. He’s getting a solid rhythm 3d porno and the slut is just moaning in his place. After some deep long thrusts, Johnny pulls his cock from the hole and walks around to his face. He picks up the slut’s head by his chin, and strokes his cock and starts to shoot his cum all over Bryan’s face and mouth.

Once Johnny is satisfied, he releases Bryan, pulls him off the horse by the collar and leads him to the cage. He pushes Bryan down to the floor, “clean my cock slut.”

Johnny shoves his cock into the sluts mouth, allowing him to lick him clean, all the precum on his cock soon dissolves into his mouth. He pulls from his mouth once more and opens the cage door. He pushes the slut in with his boot against his ass.

He shuts the door and places the lock over it. The slut just crawls in, finding the other side quite quickly. He adjusts around and gets as comfortable as he can.

“I’ll come back later slut. I need to recharge before I feed you more cock later. Don’t worry, you’ve delivered your side of the deal so far and I promised a warm bed.”

He walks from the cage, turns out the dim overhead light, and walks down the stairs.

A few hours later, Johnny returns up the stairs, he flicks on the light, walks to the cage and kicks it, “wake up slut.”

Bryan stirs and sits up as best he can. Johnny unlocks the cage door, reaches in and grabs the collar, pulling Bryan out of the cage. Johnny pulls his slut to the middle of the room.

“Okay slut, it’s time for you to please me again. You did well earlier, but how you do with the next task will determine where you sleep tonight. I brought a friend with me and I want you to service him as you did me earlier. He will report to me when he’s finished with you and tell me how you did. Do you understand slut?”

“Yes Sir,” Bryan answers.

Bobby, the friend, steps forward in front of the slut, “thanks Johnny, I’m going to enjoy this bitche’s holes. Can I call him bitch?”

Johnny looks back as he’s approaching the stairs, “you can call him whatever you want Bobby. Just make sure he gets fed your load, one hole or the other. I know how much you enjoy breeding boys.” And with that, Johnny leaves the slut in the care of Bobby.

Bobby grabs the ring on the collar, standing Bryan up, he’s right in his hooded face, he pushes his three fingers in Bryan’s mouth, gripping his jaw.

“Okay, you heard him, I’m going to call you bitch, and you’re going to fucking answer me, if you can that is. I want you to make sure you watch these fucking teeth when I put my thick black 10 inches in this bitch mouth. I won’t hurt you, not my thing, but if you misbehave, I will paddle your white ass. Do you understand bitch?”

The bitch just nods his head, wraps his lips around the fingers and tries to move his teeth out of the way. Bobby pulls Bryan by his mouth over to the bench. Bobby sits down on the bench, pulls Bryan down to his knees.

“Lick my fucking boots bitch.”

Bryan leans down and finds a right boot. It’s a leather harness boot, size 13, with a lot of surface area.

Bobby just watches his new bitch perform, and when he’s ready, he reaches down and smacks his face, “other one bitch.”

Bryan moves over to the left and gets to getting. Bobby grabs the collar and pulls Bryan up to him, “open your fucking mouth.” Bryan does and Bobby spits into it, “you spit is starting to dry up, get back to it.”

Bryan slouches back down, Bobby reaches around, puts two fingers in Bryan’s hole, it’s still slick from earlier. Bryan moans at the intrusion, but continues licking. Bobby pulls his fingers back and leans back.

Bobby then smacks Bryan again, “get up here and take my cock out. He needs some lovin’ bitch.”

Bryan fumbles around to try and find the zipper, he pulls it down, and fishes out the soft cock that’s obviously a good 8 inches soft. Bryan starts to stroke him gently, feeling this monster slowly start to grow.

“Did I tell you to stroke my fucking cock?” Bobby growls.

“No Sir, I’m sorry Sir.”

“You’re fucking right you’re sorry. You’re a sorry excuse for a white bitch and I’m going to teach you how to be a better bitch. Johnny tells me that you get to leave in the morning and I’d love nothing more than to see your white ass walking down the street. You come to my house on the back of my motorcycle and you’d be my little white bitch slave. Tied to the floor and only enough chain to navigate the bedroom and the bathroom. By the way, I’m not a Sir, I’m a fucking Master and you better adjust that.”

“Yes Master, thank you Master.”

Bobby gets up, thick cock dangling outside his leather pants. He walks to the wall of toys and finds restraints. He comes back to Bryan and attaches them to his wrists and ankles.

He clips all four together using a hog tie clip. He sits back down in front of his new bitch. Bobby reaches up and pulls Bryan’s head down to his cock, “put those pretty white lips on my cock.”

Bryan opens his mouth and sucks the Porno 64 video mostly hard cock into his mouth, and starts to bob on it. Bobby moans as he watches the bitch slide up and down, making his dark black cock slick with spit.

He smacks his face, “slower bitch. It’s not a sprint.”

Bryan slows down, taking his cock as far down as he can go, then pulls back to the tip of the head, then back down. Bobby’s moaning and enjoying the great head.

“Fuck, how many cocks have you sucked bitch? Probably the best slow head I’ve ever had.”

Bryan continues sucking, he knows better than to drop a top’s cock without permission. Bobby reaches down and pushes Bryan’s head all the way down until almost all of his 10 inches are in, Bryan’s gagging for air.

Bobby finally releases his head and gives him a second to breathe deeply when he pushes him down again. He does this repeatedly, moaning each time he can feel the head of his cock brushing the back of Bryan’s throat.

“Damn bitch, that hot throat feels so good on my cock, and seeing these white boy tears fall down your face makes me want to bust my fucking nut right now.”

Bryan grunts around the thick cock in his mouth, breathing through his nose every chance he gets.

“But I won’t, not yet. That white boy hole needs a thick black cock filling it up.”

Bobby pushes Bryan’s head off him, hard enough that Bryan falls backwards into the floor. Bobby stands up, reaches down and picks up Bryan. He walks him to the bench and sets him on his knees, he unclips the hog tie releasing his wrists and ankles.

Bobby walks back to the wall and when he approaches Bryan, he clips his ankles together and then grabs both wrists and clips them behind Bryan’s back, leaving him face down, ass up.

He smacks Bryan’s ass a few times, leaving red marks on him, “Damn I love a good white ass. Bobby is so tall that when he stands over the bench, there’s plenty of clearance between him and his white bitch.

He leans down and spits on the hole of his willing bottom and slides his tongue across the open hole. He jabs his tongue deep into the boys hole, using his spit to lube him up.

Bryan moans as he’s never been rimmed before and Bobby smacks his ass, hard, “did I tell you to make a fucking noise? I’m rimming this ass so I don’t tear you in half when I dive these ten inches all the way in you. You’re loose, but not that loose.”

“Thank you Master, you’re so generous Master.”

Bobby gets up from the bitch hole, walks to the wall and brings back the ball gag. He shoves it in Bryan’s mouth and tightens the strap as far as he can get it.

“I don’t need a bitch talking to me while I’m enjoying my fuck. Lie there and shut the fuck up,” he says as he smacks Bryan’s ass.

Bobby straddles his bitch once more, positions his thick cock at the wet hole, he pushes the head into it and slides all the way down into his hole.

Bryan’s pushes his face into the bench cushion to muffle his groan, Bobby’s cock is bigger than he’s ever had before.

Bobby can feel the hole stretching around his thick cock. He pulls back and slides all the way in again. He can feel the hole getting more and more loose as he does this.

“That’s a fucking tight white boy hole. I can’t wait to dump my fucking nut in this hole. God damn.”

Bobby repositions his body while he’s deep inside the hole, grabs the bitch’s hips, and pulls back. He slams deep into the boy hole, causing Bryan to squeal a little.

“Oh yeah, you like that bitch? You need a big black man to use these holes, don’t you bitch?”

Bryan grunts yes as Bobby slides back and forth into his hole. Bobby once again pulls back and slams into Bryan’s hole. He slides back and forth, and every ten seconds or so, he slams into the hole. Bryan’s hole is nice and loose, tightly wrapping around the thick cock, but causing pure ecstasy for his bitch.

His thick cock head rubs against the prostate every time he thrusts deep inside Bryan’s hole. After fifteen minutes, Bryan’s body is shaking, he’s feeling something, and when Bobby slams into his hole once more, Bryan’s cock shoots a load all over the bench.

Bryan moans as his orgasm is intense, he tightens up and his hole grabs Bobby’s cock, “did you just fucking cum bitch? Did my thick black cock cause you to fucking bust?”

Bryan nods his head yes.

Bobby reaches down and scoops up some cum off the bench, letting it drip on the exposed two inches of his cock. He scoops up some more and reaches up to Bryan’s face. He smears his own cum on his face. Normally he makes bitches eat loads, but seeing as how he’s gagged, this will have to work.

“Okay bitch, I’ve had enough of this right hole, I want my fucking nut. You ready bitch? I’m about to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

He grabs Bryan’s hips and does his deep long thrusts over and over again. He picks up pace, slamming forward and moving the bitch back against his hips.

“Oh fuck, a fucking white bitch taking my thick fucking cock as he should be. Yeah that’s right, take my fucking cock. Damn, bitch, I’ve fucked lots of pussy and lots of ass, but never felt like this before. Oh fuck! I’m going to fucking cum, you ready for this nut? Yeah, take my fucking load you useless white bitch! AAAARRRGGGGHHH!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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