One Night in Bangkok

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‘You wan’ go Boom Boom?’ he yelled back, sticking a finger through the circle he’d made with the thumb and fore finger of the other hand.

‘Yes, Boom Boom.’ Now don’t get me wrong here, it’s not like I’d done this a thousand times, or even a couple of times but hey, I was in Bangkok on my own with a hard on, thanks to my blessed brother’s Viagra, and besides a million other men had done it before me. Fuck it, I wanted adventure and new experiences, things I’d never done before.

The traffic isn’t as bad as you’d expect in Bangkok and after a short journey my man brought me to some dwelling that towered off into the sky and said, ‘Here my friend, you wan’ Boom Boom, come wi’ me.’

So he with greasy cap on and buckled smile, led me up some steps in the twilight of that humid afternoon sun, and ushered me up to what looked like the front doors of a posh hotel.

‘Here you go, Boom Boom.’

I paid the few hundred baht the meter said, and threw in a bit extra to him for bringing me here. He left me with a well suited brawny lookin’ local standing outside a dark door made of glass.

‘Welcome sir, won’t you come in?’ in almost perfect English.

The tinted gleaming heavy door swung open and I was led into a dim room with thick red carpet and mirrors on the ceiling. To my right was a little reception desk and directly before me was a window framed with all the golden carved excesses you would expect on a famous work of art hanging in the Tate. This picture though, was made up of about eighteen Thai women dressed in all sorts of garb. One for every occasion, there was the secretary, the slut, the beefy one and the burlesque one, the rabbit ears and the stylish.

They all had different features, different looks, this one with a round face, that with one a flat nose. I was a bit out of my depth here, and had been placed on one of four bar stools. There were no arm chairs or anything like that, just the line of bar stools in front of a giant window. So I dunno’, what do you do in this situation? You’ve come this far, can’t bottle it and leave.

So, I looked at the girls, tried to see one who looked confident, beautiful and strong, and with a dry mouth pointed and said, ‘That one there please in the red evening gown.’ There she was, not dressed down, or slutty, dressed nicely with a beautiful smile and deep dark eyes. They scooped her out of that exotic fish tank and led her over to me. She took my hand and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

‘That’ll be three and half thousand baht for the next hour and five hundred for me,’ the guy behind the reception desk said.

Four grand? I thought this shit was like twenty pounds a night? Oh well, I’d come this far.

‘Sweet as, and I’ll have a bottle of Sang som, a Coke, and some ice too please.’

‘Come, I’ll take you.’ It was her first words and they were as soft and silky as her kiss had been. Like the guy on the door my hostess spoke almost perfect English, but with that smooth lilt of the Orient woven into it.

Still with one hand in mine and the other around the elbow on the same arm she led me outside and around the corner to a Seven-Eleven store.

‘Would you like anything?’ I offered.

‘No I’m fine sank you.’ looking up at me with those deep dark eyes, before another tender kiss, this time just on the bottom lip.

She took me upstairs to a room with a circular bath built big enough for a party, and a circular bed, that too I guess built for a party. There was also a large air mattress on the floor beside the bath.

She took the Rum, and pulled a bucket of ice from the fridge, ‘Please, take off your clothes while I make you a drink.’

I undressed feeling a bit nervous about the whole scenario, but thanked God that the Viagra had at least given me a raging erection.

A smile crossed her face, ‘Well doesn’t look like you’ve had too much alcohol already tonight.’

She ran the bath, checking the temperature istanbul escort of the water as it filled. ‘Come here,’ she said, ‘I want you to undress me now.’ She turned around and lifted her long black hair across her shoulders, ‘Please help me with my zip.’

I took a mouthful of my drink and with hands shivering I pulled the zip down to her waist. She looked over her shoulder, smiled again and turned to face me, never letting go of my gaze. She had no bra on and her breasts were shaped like tear drops with dark brown nipples.

‘Now take off my dress,’ she said with a stroke of my cock and once more that enticing smile. As I slid her dress down to her ankles, her smooth, sweet, shavin’ pussy was right in front of my face, and she brushed herself against my cheek.

‘Lie down on the air mattress.’

I followed this gentle order too. Again she tested the temperature of the water. ‘First I give you massage, next I give you bath and then I give you me, Ok?’

Anything you say. ‘Ok.’

‘Start on your stomach.’

I tried to lie that way down but my hard on was sticking out like the mast on a ship. I shuffled about for a second trying to tuck it in somewhere.

Throwing me a reprieve she giggled, ‘Ok, we start with you on your back,’ then pulled out a bottle of menthol smelling oil and covered me with it, spreading it all over, adding a couple of smooth strokes to my penis at the same time. She rubbed my chest and my shoulders, always looking at me in the eyes, dressed only in that soft seductive smile, occasionally passing me my drink, which she would refill when required.

‘So why you pick me?’ she asked.

‘You were the most beautiful one there, and you looked the most natural, comfortable. It was an easy choice, the others seemed more; fake or forced in either the way they dressed or their makeup. You just seemed to have a touch more class.’ I could feel the warmth from inside her on my thigh and swallowed as for the first time during the massage she reached down and took me in her hands. It was only for a few seconds, still she never took her eyes from mine, still, she had that smile.

‘You can call me Mai Lee. You are my first customer of the night. I’m glad it’s a young, strong, hard man like you. Later it will be all old men. Indians are the worst, verly demanding. Commanding do this, do that. You let me do it my way, I like you.’ Another soft stoke, a rub of her hips on my thigh. ‘It is ok if we kiss, I am clean they test us, this is an expensive place, and you are my first customer of tonight, my mouth is fresh, try.’ Placing both arms around my neck, leaning forward, her B cup breasts, firm, touched my chest, her eyes still looking deep into me. She finally closed them and gently sucked on my bottom lip. A stroke of her tongue, to part my mouth, then a light touch of my top lip before our tongues met and caressed.

We separated and she drew back, another light touch of me. She started to slide around over my body, using her whole self to massage me before; ‘I think it is time for your bath.’ testing the temperature of the water once more, then adding a little cold.

The bath was foamy and the temperature perfect. I lowered myself in, careful not to slip because of the Tiger balm scented oil covering me. Mai Lee spent a few moments scrubbing down the mattress with some of the water from the bath and pushed it up against the wall to drain. She passed my drink and sat behind me on the wide ledge, then took a large clean dry sponge from the little cupboard beside us and with a kiss on my forehead started to clean the oil from my skin. She stayed behind for most of the time, her breasts bumping against the side of my head every now and then. After a short while she climbed in the bath with me, tying her hair up into a loose but firmly fixed bun. Mai Lee took each of my legs and rubbed them down from the top to avcılar escort the bottom.

Taking each toe individually she clicked it between her fingers. The whole time she kept passing my drink and refilling it, topping up the ice from the silver bucket with little tongs.

She took my drink out of my hands, put both of hers beneath the water and with one, reached beneath me and began to massage my balls, the other slid up and down my iron like shaft. I became lost in those deep dark eyes and nearly drowned in that full lipped smile.

‘I think we should get out of the bath,’ she said, ‘and onto the bed before you become too happy. Ok?’

Anything you say, ‘Ok.’

She stood in the bath in front of me, legs either side of mine, the water running off her glistened in the dim light. Her body was perfectly formed, her nipples hard like my cock and her eyes entrancing mine. Mai Lee reached out a hand and helped me step out of the tub, then took a towel and began to dry me off.

‘Just one second,’ she said almost apologetically as she towelled herself before letting her hair down again to sit over one shoulder and cover her left breast. My drink was filled again and I was led to the round bed with its purple velvet covers.

She took my hips in her hands and pulled me towards her as she eased further back on to the bed. I put a knee under each of her thighs to support her as I neared. I was just outside her; she was smiling that smile and guided me the rest of the way in. Inside she was like satin, and warm. I moved closer to her and we kissed on the lips once more before I kissed each of those wondrous eyes, then moved down to her neck, biting and sucking on the way. Together we moved as one, slowly getting a feel for each other. With my lips I circled round her breasts, teased her for a minute, me this time giving that gentle smile before kissing her right nipple and giving it a few flicks of my tongue then taking it between my teeth, causing her to let out a warm gasp and to take the back of my head in her hands and pull me deeper into her, rolling her hips at the same time.

We stayed in that position for a while before she rolled me onto my back and mounted me, riding me with her hands clenched in her hair as I teased and rubbed her breasts and belly. All the booze had filled my bladder and with Mai Lee on top, the need for the loo became an obsession.

‘I need to go to the toilet,’ I let out, and was replied with a shocked look, ‘Oh, now? I am enjoying myself so much.’

‘I’m sorry,’ I whispered, ‘but I really have too.’ I received a mild slap across the face and a giggle.

‘Ok, but come back soon, the toilet is the last door down the hall on your left.’

I made my way down the corridor. Just outside the toilet door a young guy was being led up the staircase by the Secretary and I high fived him as they passed.

I had to stand about five feet back from the bowl I was still so stiff from the Viagra, I emptied myself and made my way back to the room, Mai Lee removing a pillow from on top of her as I shut the door.

‘Come,’ she said as she moved onto her hands and knees, ‘Come and take me.’ arching her back down, and pulling her hair over her shoulder to expose the supple flesh of her neck. I crawled onto the bed behind her. Entering my mistress once more, the tenderness of her gripped me all around, her heat covered me entirely, and once again we moved together, finding a natural pace, and momentum. I reached around, cupping one of her breasts, taking the nipple between my thumb and finger, twisting and squeezing, adapting to which ever she seemed to enjoy more. I took her hips in both hands again and picked up the pace, the impact between us ever increasing. Reaching around again, this time I searched for the top of Mai Lee’s pussy and with kindness began to rub the small bump between the edges of her lips. A moan escaped her, and she responded şirinevler escort in-kind, supporting herself on one hand the other stretching below her to take my balls and to start to rub there. Never losing our rhythm she worked her hand towards the back reaching the point between them and my ass. Here she firmed the touch and I felt myself tipping over the edge. Electric volts shocked through my body, setting every receptor off in a wave of euphoria so strong I let a cry of my own. My sperm jetted and I collapsed onto her, our sweat mingling while I breathed in the scent of her hair, enjoying those few moments after. Then rolling off, I reached for my drink and for my cigarettes, Mai Lee pulled a lighter out from somewhere and lit it for me.

‘Oh my God, that was amazing, you were amazing.’ I gasped in between long drawn out breaths, my heart racing like I’d run the Marathon. ‘Thank you so much.’

‘No, you were amazing,’ Mai Lee replied, ‘Men never think to please me too, they are always all so selfish. I enjoy myself too. Ka poon kap,’ she purred putting her hands together almost like we would in prayer, in the Thai way of showing politeness. You must dress now, your time finish half an hour a go but I was enjoying you so much I let you stay. It is not very often.’

She pulled opened her bag and pulled out a scrap of paper and a pen, writing out her name and a number. ‘This is my personal phone number, I like you, maybe you could take me out sometime. I can take a night off if you give me notice. I not charge you, I like you.’

I pulled out my wallet and as I opened it Mai Lee reached forward and drew a note out. It was an American fifty dollars I kept in there for bribery purposes if needed. ‘I can keep this?’

Still a hooker eh? ‘Well I dunno’ fifty dollars, I could stay for another hour for that.’ I must have had pretty gutted look on my face, I felt it, the spell cast over me had been broken by this one act. To her credit though Mai Lee, my temporary lover, my sensuous and skilled teacher, my whore, placed the note back in my still open wallet and took a Thousand baht one instead.

I washed again quickly, put on my shorts, singlet and shoes then made my way down stairs, near empty bottle of Sang som in my hand, and a smoke in my mouth.

‘You have fun?’ the guy from reception beamed. ‘You want taxi, they are parked outside. The gentleman on the door will call one for you’

‘Oh yeah, yes I did, and a taxi would be great.’

He let out an unintelligible expletive, to my ‘Farang’ ears anyway and as I approached the door, our guardian opened it and led me down the steps to a waiting cab.

‘You enjoy Boom Boom.’ The driver asked in a high pitched tone, before saying, ‘Where to?’

‘Khao San Road please boss. I need a beer!’

He dropped me off at the Burger King end again, right by the guy selling grass hoppers, scorpions and other deep fried delicacies. I pulled out my phone, plugged in my head phones, put on my favourite tune, ‘Low’ by a band called Cracker, followed by the Doors and did a couple of laps of Khao San before a night at Gullivers ensued. Much later I stumbled back to my room and had the pleasure of having to listen to some Aussie cunt in the space next door abusing some poor local girl because she’d agreed on the street to let him, and to quote his exact words, ‘Do anal for three thousand baht.’ Not surprisingly now he’d already handed over the cash, she now wouldn’t let him. He was pissed off because she wanted more. They started yelling at each other and she refused to leave without more doe. ‘More money? I’m not giving you more bloody money!’

I yelled at them both to, ‘Shut the fuck up.’ and, ‘It was your fuckin’ fault mate! People are trying to sleep!’ He went down stairs and got the guy from reception, they eventually talked her out of the place. She was cursing and threatening to have all of us beaten up. I pulled out my knife and slept with it in my hand; my head spinning in the dark from being so drunk, with sweat streaming off me from the oppressive heat and tried not be sick on myself.

All the while my fan clattered away, attached to the wall above.

I was glad my experience had been a little different than my neighbour’s. Bangkok eh? She’s one hell of a city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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