Practical Examination

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You could have heard a pin drop when the class read the document in front of them. It simply stated,


This year the faculty will be doing an investigation into how males and females regard each other’s genitalia. We know a lot about sexual attraction but very little about how partners regard each other’s genitalia and whether this has any influence on their relationship. The class will be divided into males and females and each participant will agree to be both an exhibit and a reporter. Females will be expected to sit on a chair with their knees up and their vulva exposed while males will be expected to stand up. Participants will be given 10 minutes to observe and take notes.

Participation is voluntary. We will attempt to preserve your privacy by allotting each candidate a letter/number and when the results come in those letters will be replaced by a number in a lottery so that no individual can be recognised from their original letter and therefore comments can be made which will not be hurtful or embarrassing to any individual. Each person will expose their genitalia from behind a wall with a cut-out leaving only their genitalia exposed. Those who do not wish to participate can suggest their own topic of research.’

The class contained 10 males and 10 females, and only one of each gender withdrew from the examination. No instruction was given as to how each student was to classify what they were looking at – they were simply to describe what they saw and make judgements as to what was attractive and what was unattractive.

In groups of three, first the males stood in front of the cut-out and were examined by the females, and then the females were examined by the males. The results were handed in for collation and later discussion with both sexes present was held.

The discussion afterwards was most interesting as it became apparent that the range of difference was much larger than anybody expected. Hairy, shaved, large clitoris, small clitoris, large inner lips, small inner lips, short, long, light, dark, circumcised, cut – everything. It didn’t seem to matter. Further research was needed.

The week after the discussion Tony singled out Maria and his opening gambit was direct.

“Were you F7?”

“Whatever makes you think that?”

“You are one of only three girls in the class who are not blonde or brunette and I’ve been watching and I haven’t seen you with a man on campus. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t resist – what I looked at was so inviting that I touched the clitoris with my finger and the person jumped. So I thought it must be someone who wasn’t used to being touched.”

“Well there’s logic in what you say, but it wasn’t me.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. You had the best looking pussy of them all. Was it you?”

“Okay. It was me. Let me guess who you were. You were M4.”

“No. I was M6.”

“Let me look at my notes. M6 was just after M4 in total attractiveness.”

“What do your notes say for M4.”

“Let’s see. Nice pink colour, circumcised, estimated length 4 inches, prominent tip, I wonder what it would be like erect. Generally looks very good.”

“So what did you say for M6?”

“Let’s see. Length about 4 inches, uncircumcised, foreskin covers tip. Nice colour surrounded by light bush. I came back a few minutes later for second view. Now erect. Tip fully exposed – nice pink colour. Length now about 6 inches. Really attractive.”

“That was nice. I’m glad you liked it.”

“Okay, so what did you say about me?”

“F7. Very dark curly hair, neatly trimmed. Clitoris is very wide and large. The colour of the vulva is nice and pink and moist and stands out against the light covering of hair on the external labia. The lips are prominent but not too prominent. It smells very good.”

“So how did you know it smelt good?”

“Well I touched it with my finger and then you jumped and I smelt it. You remember that? Why did you jump? Was it the first time a man has touched your clitoris?”

“I jumped because it was the first time a man had touched me down there. I’m a lesbian and my partner has touched me many times down there but that was the first time a man had done it.”

“Was there any difference?”

“Yes. The pad on the woman’s finger is much softer than a man’s.”

“If you’re a lesbian, why did you participate at all?”

“That was my chance to see a man’s cock. I’d never seen one before in the flesh and I had been wanting to for a long time.”

“How did you become a lesbian?”

“I wasn’t a lesbian before I came to the University. I had a good Catholic upbringing and all the boys my mother allowed me to meet were very well behaved. My first roommate was Alice and literally on the first night she jumped into my bed and kissed me and used her vibrator on me and I had my first orgasm. I was pretty much hooked from then on. That hasn’t stopped me being interested in men.”

“What an amazing story.”

“So overall, what did you think Bostancı Escort of the results?”

“Well, remember, only the men looked at the women and the women looked at the men. I found it interesting that there were hardly any negative comments from the men. I think there was only one negative, comment about a woman being too hairy but apart from that everybody liked what they saw. I think women would have been a bit more critical. It seems that women are more worried about how they look and if they’ve got long inner lips, they seem to think that’s ugly. You have to remember most women have never seen another woman’s vulva close-up unless they are a lesbian or they’ve seen one on porn. As for the men, I found them all interesting. It didn’t matter what shape or size, I didn’t find anything objectionable about any of them. I really don’t think that it makes much difference what a man or a woman looks like unless they are virgins who don’t know what they’re doing. What did you think of the results?”

“Let me say that I have been with a few women and they were all interesting to look at. Nothing would have stopped me making love to them when we got that far. I found it interesting to look at the diversity just within our group but nothing more than that. I think there are a lot more important factors involved once you got a girl naked and you’re about to make love.”

Maria said, “I would like to see you again. I mean really see you. My roommate Alice goes away every Saturday for the day. Can you come over to my room at around 9.15?”


At 9.15 on the dot Tony knocked on her door. Maria opened the door dressed in shorty pyjamas and welcomed Tony into the room. She looked stunning. Her breasts and nipples were visible through the almost sheer top and you could see the shadow of her dark bush through the bottom. There wasn’t much furniture – two desks, a couple of chairs, two largish beds, a lounge, some paintings on the wall and a television.

“Sorry I cannot offer you anything to eat. We can go down to the cafe later.”

“Sure. I’m not hungry.”

“I’ve been fantasising about your cock every night since we last spoke.”

“And I’ve been dreaming about looking at you again. I haven’t got a girlfriend at the moment and I’m looking forward to seeing your breasts. I’m sure they have a beautiful shape.”

Maria took his hand and led it to her breast.

“Would you like me to take my top off?”

“I’d love you to.”

With that Maria took her top off and revealed a nice set of breasts. He put his hand back on her breast and she beamed as his fingers tweaked her nipples. Maria slipped his T-shirt over his head and then loosened his belt and pulled his pants and underpants down. Tony took his shoes off and stepped out of them. He was still soft and hanging down but as soon as Maria’s warm fingers wrapped around his shaft, he could feel his penis swelling are getting harder and harder. Maria just watched in amazement at how fast it could grow and get longer while still in her hand.

“Wow. It looks so good. It’s so inviting. It’s the same shape as Alice’s vibrator. I want it inside me.”

She sat down on the bed and engulfed the tip in her mouth, just as she had seen other women do it in porn. She had been waiting a long time to do this and looked up to see whether Tony approved. She couldn’t tell exactly but his face looked as if it was on another planet. She continued and very soon Tony came in her mouth and she swallowed.

Maria said, “Did you like that?”

“You were terrific for somebody who has never done it before.”

“Do you want to look at me again?”

“I’d love to.”

Maria took off her shorty pyjama pants and lay down on the bed. “Does it still look as good?”

“Exactly the same. Very inviting.” Tony’s finger moved to her clitoris. “You’ve got a really big clitoris and I love it.”

Maria reached under her pillow and produced a pocket rocket.

“This is what Alice uses on me and I love it. I can have multiple orgasms when she uses it. Do you want to try it?”

Tony applied it to her lower body in an ever diminishing spiral until he finally pulled back her clitoral hood and she jumped. The build-up of expectation as the vibrator got close had already made Maria excited. Tony’s finger slipped onto her vagina just the smallest amount and she came immediately. When she had stopped puffing, he started again and this time he pressed on her G spot and she literally exploded in his hands.

“Do that again please.”

After the third orgasm Maria pulled Tony down and kissed him on the lips.

“I think I could really learn to love you. You’re so gentle. You’re almost as good as Alice. Maybe even better.”

Maria pulled Tony onto the bed alongside her and held Tony’s still erect penis.

“Would you like to put it in? I have my period in two days so I’m safe. I’d really like to try it. What do you think?”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I like it when Alice licks me. Would you like to try that?”

Without hesitation Anadolu Yakası Escort Tony’s tongue was licking and sucking Maria’s now engorged clitoris. She had another orgasm.

“Please put it in. I can’t wait any longer.”

Tony positioned himself between her open legs and his penis slipped in without resistance. Alice and her pink vibrator had cleared the way and there was no hymen.

“How does that feel?”

“It is so much better than a vibrator. Your cock is so warm and I love the feeling of your balls knocking against my bottom.”

Tony seemed to take forever. His first ejaculation had done the trick.

“How long does it normally take? Do you mind if I use my little vibrator? I want to have an orgasm with you inside me.”

“Try it.”

Tony could see the concentration on Maria’s face as she moved her pocket rocket up and down her clitoris. He could feel the vibrations on his penis and they both had simultaneous orgasms.

“That was great. I’ve never experienced anything like that before in my life. It felt so different. Your penis is so warm compared to a vibrator and your thighs banging up against mine made it really great. I always wondered if I would feel anything inside when you came and I think I did. I’m not sure. Anyway I’d love to do it again with you sometime.”

“I enjoyed it too. Did you tell Alice what we were going to do?”

“Yes. She was excited for me and she said that if I enjoyed it, she wants you to do the same for her. She has never seen a real life penis in her life and she wants to. Can you come next week and I’ll go out for the day?”

During the week Tony got a call from Maria to say that she would introduce Alice to him at the cafe at the bottom of the building at 9.15 on Saturday morning. Tony was full of curiosity – up until Maria he had never been with a lesbian and now he was going to meet another one. At 9.15 Maria and Alice were waiting for him outside the cafe.

Maria said, “Tony this is Alice. Alice this is Tony. I’ll leave you to it. I’m going shopping. I’ll be back in about three hours. See you later. Bye.”

Tony and Alice found a table and sat down and looked at each other. Alice was a blonde and very pretty and very tall.

Tony said, “Where do we start?”

Alice said, “I suppose you’re wondering why I wanted to see you. Well, I’ve always had doubts whether I was a lesbian who wanted to remain a lesbian. I was straight before I came to the University to study architecture and I had a few boyfriends but each of them was very rough and inconsiderate. We would go out a couple times, go to dinner and they thought they could do whatever they liked with me but I objected and dropped them. Then Maria came and we shared the room and on the first night I could see she had a terrific body and I fell for her. She wasn’t in the least bit shy and didn’t seem to mind me looking at her. I got undressed to get into my pyjamas and she looked at me and I could see her staring. We both got into our own beds and said good night. She thought I was asleep, but I could hear from her breathing what she was doing and then she had an orgasm so I got into bed with her and that’s how it started. I reached for her clitoris and she reached for mine and we both had orgasms. So you can see I’m sort of an accidental lesbian.”

“I can understand. Maria’s got a terrific body. I don’t think she ever intended to be a lesbian either.”

“Have you finished your coffee? Do you want anything else?”

“No. Let’s go back to my room.”

They took the elevator up to Alice’s floor and Alice opened the door and welcomed Tony in. She closed the door and kissed him passionately.

“I like to be romantic. You are nice and I can see you are gentle.”

Tony’s hands moved to touch Alice’s breasts and she moved her hand behind to undo her brassiere and then removed it and her T-shirt revealing a really nice ample pair of breasts.

“They’re really nice.”

Tony massaged them for a while and then Alice dropped to her knees and undid Tony’s belt and pulled his pants down and then his underpants. Tony’s penis hung loose resting on his balls. Alice just stared and stared.

“Before you came I looked online to see how to do a hand job but you hardly ever see soft cocks with a foreskin over the end. Can I touch it?”

“Sure. I like it when the nice soft warm fingers of a woman touch my penis.”

Alice didn’t hesitate. She drew Tony’s foreskin down the shaft to reveal his large crown and then pulled back up again and up and down until she could feel it growing longer in her hand.

“Oh my God. It’s growing and getting hard.”

Tony expected her to put her mouth over it but she didn’t. She reached over and put a few drops of oil on her fingers and kept moving up and down.

“I’m going to come.”

Alice reached for a tissue and watched as he spurted into the tissue.

“I’ve always wanted to see that happen. Wonderful. It feels great when your cock twitches like that.”

Alice watched as his penis returned to Ataşehir Escort its flaccid state and lay on the bed waiting for whatever would happen next. Tony didn’t hesitate. He reached down and loosened her jeans and then pulled her panties down. Alice helped by lifting her bottom off the bed and she lay there completely naked. Her legs were together and there was a light covering of pubic hair and a prominent slit with her clitoris poking through.

“You’ve got a terrific figure. You’ve got blonde hair and I can see your pubic hair is blonde too so it must be natural. Are you Scandinavian?”

“No, my parents are from Holland. Kiss me again.”

“You want me to do the same as I did with Maria?”

“Yes. I will graduate soon and so I won’t be with Maria. I just want to be sure that I want to find a man next time.”

Tony’s hand landed on her breasts and slipped down between the legs and played with her clitoris.

Alice’s hand wrapped itself around his penis until it was hard again and she said, “I want you to fuck me.”

Alice lifted her knees up and separated her thighs and looked into his eyes and down at the penis that was sliding up and down her crack until finally she could wait no longer. Alice watched Tony’s eyes as they flicked alternately from looking at her open pussy to her eyes to see her excitement. She wrapped her legs around Tony’s body and pushed him down so that he was fully inside her.

“That feels so good. It’s so tight and so deep.”

“I would like to do it doggy style. I’ve never done that with Maria and I’d like to try it. Is that okay?”


Alice’s positioned herself at the end of the bed and Tony could see the crack between her cheeks. Alice reached round to guide him into her vagina and then pushed back.

“Oh that feels so great. I can feel you twitching. Feels really good.”

“I know Maria wants you to come again and so do I. I think Maria is going home next Saturday. Can you come then? I’m sure Maria won’t mind.”


“We’ve still got an hour before Maria arrives. Have you got enough strength to do it again?”

“Try me.”

“Just a minute. I’ve got to go to the bathroom and clean up. I must be a mess down there.”

Alice came back with a washer and wiped Tony’s cock and then sucked him into her mouth while simultaneously moving her hand up and down the shaft. When he was nice and hard Alice lay down on her back with her knees up in the air and separated her lips.

“Maria told me about the practical examination that you had. How do I rate?” “Pretty good. I’d say among the top two or three. Yours looks really good and you’ve got longer lips and when I lift the skin I can see your actual clitoris better but when we did the test I couldn’t actually see that on any of the others. It doesn’t matter. I can’t imagine any man not wanting to do what I’m going to do right now. You look very inviting.”

And with that he plunged his penis straight into her vagina.

“How does it feel? Do you prefer to make love with a man or a woman?”

“Let me think for a minute.”

Alice looked into his eyes as Tony continued his pumping motion for several minutes. Alice began to make noises as if she was about to have an orgasm and sure enough she did.

“There’s your answer. That’s the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm with a cock inside me and it really feels good. You know when I do it with Maria, she is always looking at my pussy when I have an orgasm and I feel like I’m a performer and she’s a voyeur but when I do with you like this I can look into your eyes and I feel like we’re doing something together. Does that make sense?”

“Of course.”

“The more I think about it, the better I think it is with a man. I think the real difference is that there are so many more possibilities with a man than with a woman. You’ve got a different smell altogether and I like it. Right now it feels good to have the weight of your body on mine and your skin touching me. I don’t feel that with Maria. Her thighs don’t rub against my thighs when we make love. I don’t know – it just seems more mechanical with her. There is no difference in the orgasms. An orgasm is an orgasm but it just feel so much better when there is a long bit of human flesh inside you which is warm and not cold. I think I could get used to this very easily. Anyway why do you ask?”

“Well, a man doesn’t often get a chance often to talk to a lesbian and I was just very interested. I don’t think men understand lesbians very well.”

“I have to be honest. I find it very exciting to see your penis again and again. I don’t find it exciting to look at a women’s pussy. Your penis is a source of wonder for me because it is something new. I don’t find looking at Maria’s pussy very exciting and I imagine you don’t find it exciting to look at other men’s cocks. Remember, I think there are two sorts of lesbians. There are those who are born to be lesbians and people like me who are lesbians by force of circumstances. I’m sure if I had found a nice gentle man like you in the first place, then I would not have become a lesbian at all. I’ll ask Maria if it’s okay for you to come every Saturday. I want to do this again and again. I’m safe this time but I’ll get myself on the pill for the next time. Maybe we can even have a threesome. How would you like that?”

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