Ranch Girl

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It’s been a while since my last contribution, I know. This is an “almost true” version of my first time. It is erotic just to be writing it down for you to read. I hope you like it and let me know, by your vote or your feedback, what you think. – Jenny


Growing up on a ranch has not been easy. Sure, there is the hard work – long days on horseback, locating strays, or patrolling the fenceline. But there are also advantages – the clean air, wide open spaces, and the love of a close family.

Dad wanted to be a rancher his whole life, having grown up himself on this 2,500-acre patch of Wyoming. He inherited it from Grandpa, who, having no other sons, was glad to know it was to be kept in the family. He met Mom when he was 16. She had come to visit the ranch as a part of a school outing from the city. For her, it was as if someone had finally shown her what life could be like…she could hardly wait to get back here. When she did, after corresponding with Dad for two years, she never left. She often says she was “born to ranch life”, and is ever thankful to Dad’s family for showing her how wonderful it can be. As for Dad, he seems to have found a soul mate in Mom, always thankful for the house keeping, cooking, cleaning and a thousand other things a woman is destined to do. He never lets her forget how much he loves her and that makes them happy together.

When I came along, they might have wanted a son, but they never let me know. I’ve tried to be the best daughter (and ranch hand) I can. We’ve seen our share of hands come and go. Some have stayed for several years, but none longer than old Charlie. He was a chum of my Grandpa. As such, he knows more about this ranch and its workings than any one else, my Dad included. He’s been like an uncle to me. When I’m confused or lonely and don’t feel like I can talk to Mom or Dad, I can always find Charlie, who, without question, will listen to me, give me advice, and even lend me his shoulder to cry on. He’s a man I can trust with my selfish little secrets, such as they are.

I’m just a simple girl, without high expectations. Educated through high school, which wasn’t so hard, and through experience with life on the ranch, I think I’m pretty well aware of what life is all about. Sure, I know all about sex. You can’t grow up with livestock and not see the reproductive act and its consequences all too frequently. Also, it’s hard to ignore the sounds of loving I hear from the bedroom down the hall. Both of my parents have been honest and clear in their explanations of loving sex. Although I have yet to experience such love, I’m not unaware of it.

The rest of my family is probably not unlike yours. Although Dad has no siblings, Mom’s got two sisters (my maiden aunts, Sharon and Denise) and one brother (my uncle John). John and his wife Lisa have two girls and one boy (my cousins Sara, Tara, and John Jr.).

When we were younger my cousins would often visit during the summer. Sara, Tara, Johnny and I would have happy times pretending to be ranchers, outlaws, or coyotes as we ran loose over the trails and through the woods to the pond for some swimming fun. Being the oldest, as well as the host, I wanted to be the leader, but we ended up taking turns. Except for one scary snakebite when Tara stepped on a rattler, we managed to stay relatively unbroken as we rode and ran the width and breadth of the wide open spaces. As we got older, my cousins did not visit as often. It’s been several years since I’ve seen Sara or Tara, even longer since Johnny’s come out. I miss what we did as kids, but I’ve been busy too. I’m still trying to decide if I want to be a rancher’s wife or just live here as long as I can. I guess time will tell.

Last year, Dad got a call from Uncle John, who asked if we could use another hand for the summer. Turns out he was calling for Johnny, who wanted to be a ranch hand. I encouraged Dad to accept the offer, and without too much debate, he agreed to have Johnny come and help. The timing was good, since another hand decided to get married to a town girl he’d been courting and move to town.

The day came when Johnny arrived, complete with new boots and hat! He looked so funny, I laughed out loud. I expect I embarrassed him, because he gave me a glare. However, it was good to see him again. Wow, how he had changed! He’d grown about a foot and filled out very nicely. With broad shoulders and a tight butt, he was the very picture of a handsome dude. If he wasn’t my cousin, I might have imagined him and me getting frisky in the hay! Of course, I have not been frisky with anyone in the hay. Not even close, except in my dreams.

After several days of settling in, Dad and Johnny set in a routine of rising early, eating breakfast that I helped Mom prepare, then getting out for fencing, branding, feeding, or other tasks that filled the daylight hours. My chores were time consuming, too. At the end of the day, we’d have Şerifali Escort a good supper, talking all the while about the things we did or the latest nutcase in the news. Evenings, we might watch TV. Sometimes, Dad would strum the guitar and we’d sing. Sometimes Mom could be persuaded to play the piano, or I’d join her for a duet. Weekends we’d visit neighbors or they would call on us for group meals.

I had been watching Johnny work. He was turning into a valuable asset to Dad’s operation. I like to watch him. When he caught me staring, he’d make a face and say, “What are you looking at?”

I’d be too embarrassed to say I was oogleing his butt or his shoulder muscles when he would lift and toss a bale of hay. “Not much,” I’d say. Over the course of that first month, we’d talk about everything from our childhoods to events of the day. Because we were close, or just because there were no other people our age within 10 miles, we felt comfortable with each other. Our private conversations turned to innocent flirting, sometimes accompanied by touches or brushes. Every contact with Johnny was like a little electric shock without the pain. That is there was a spark that I’m sure he noticed too. We were unsure of what it meant, if anything, but not willing to stop feeling whatever it was.

One Sunday morning when Dad and Mom were visiting a neighbor, it was just Johnny and me in the house. After chores, I decided to shower off the dust. Johnny was busy reading something. Letting hot water stream over my body was a luxury I loved, and I kept on most times until Dad hammered on the door to turn it off. I suppose I was hogging the bathroom, but I was surprised when I heard the door open.

“Hey Jen, you’ve steamed it up pretty thick in here!”

Trying to gaze through the frosted glass of the shower stall, I saw a Johnny’s outline near the toilet. “What are you doing, you pervert? Get out!”

“Sorry, but I gotta pee and I don’t want to use the stinky old outhouse.” He proceeded to lift the lid and let fly with a noisy stream. “Don’t’ look at me and I won’t look at you.”

Shocked but still curious, I peered through the steamy glass, but I could not see anything but an outline. Afraid that his flush would scald me, I turned off the water and reached for my towel, wrapping it around me. Secure in the comfort of the fluffy, white, oversized towel, I waited for the flush that signaled he was done. When I thought he must have left without me hearing the door, I stepped out. Surprise! There was Johnny. He was just standing there, towel in hand, leaning against the cabinet like he was waiting for something.

“Hey, you said you wouldn’t look!” I said.

“Oops. Besides, I sorta like what I see.”

I must admit I liked what I saw, too. I looked him up and down, from his tight tee shirt outlining his thick biceps, to his long legs filling out the denim of his jeans, to his bare feet. Even with his casual position, he looked ready to pounce. He was at least 5 inches taller than me. I wonder if his arms could lift me up and… Wait a minute!

“Are you gonna just stand there?” I asked.

“Depends. Are you?” With a look on his face that I had not seen before, he moved toward me across the floor. Part of me recoiled, wanting to get away. Another part continued to wonder…What if?

“Johnny, wait. What are you doing? I’m half naked here!”

“OK, then. I’ll be half naked too”, he said as he whipped off his tee shirt, exposing tanned, muscular shoulders, arms and a rippling chest. “Is that OK?”

Boy, is it ever! I thought, as he moved within reach of me, that this was a moment that was destined to happen, ever since he came to live with us. However, it seemed to be happening so fast. And it was so unexpected!

“Gotta admit, you have quite a body. But, Johnny, you’re my cousin! We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“Yeah, about that. First, we should agree that neither one of us will let the other do anything we’re uncomfortable with. OK?”

I could only nod, still clutching the towel over my breasts.

Staring into my eyes, he continued. “Secondly, I’m not really your cousin. I’m adopted, remember?”

Oh, yes. I knew that! “Yeah, but…”

“But what?”

“Johnny, you know I’ve never…” I said, blushing slightly.

“It’s your body, Jenny. You decide what you want.”

At the moment, I wanted him. I knew were going to be alone for several hours yet. His imposing figure, his smile, even his pheromones were drawing me toward him like the bug to the zapper. I couldn’t help myself.

“Drop the towel, Jen”, he commanded, reaching out to help me remove it. I did not resist as he unfolded the tuck over my breasts, peeling the damp towel away. Johnny pushed it away, letting it drop behind me. I stood exposed, naked in front of him. Shyly, I raised my hands to cover myself, but he took them in his own, holding them out, Göztepe Escort away from my body.

“You are beautiful. Don’t cover up.” Then, with a sweep, I was enfolded in his arms. He was holding me like a lover! Lifting my chin with his finger, he bent to kiss me. As our lips met, I melted in his arms. Virginity is over-rated! Take me now!

Ever so slowly, we broke the kiss. Enrapt in his arms, flush and still weak in the knees, I held on to his shoulders as I gazed into his eyes. “Johnny, that felt nice!”

“Yeah, I’ve wanted to do that for a log time.”

Pulling me closer, our bodies pressed together. Oh, my god! He’s got an erection! Of course he does, you silly. He probably had one ever since he came barging in here!

He kissed my nose, my cheek, my neck, all the while holding me close. My hand slid down his arms, over his chest, even lower. “Get these off! I want to see the rest of you!”

Reluctantly stepping back, he quickly unfastened, unzipped, and tugged his pants down and off. My gaze was unavoidably drawn to his cock. Strong and long, it jutted out, bobbing as he moved, but pointed all the while at me! Seeing my look, he said, “Go ahead, Jen. Touch it.”

“My god, Johnny. It’s huge!” At least it seemed so to me, but my experience in men’s cocks was extremely limited.

As I reached out, he took my wrist, guiding my hand to the length of his manhood. As my fingers touched the tip, it jumped, coming back down to hit my fingers again. I took him in both hands, gently caressing the skin. With one hand over and the other under, I held him gently. “It’s very warm!”

“That feels nice, Jenny. Go ahead and grab it. Rub your hand up and down. Yes, like that. Oh, yes!” His skin moved with my hand as I rubbed the shaft, alternately covering the big purple head, then exposing it again. Still holding my wrist, he helped guide me in the caress.

I loved the feel of his warm cock. Sliding the skin up and down, a drop of wetness formed out of his pee hole. With my fingertip, I spread the drop over the head of his shaft, feeling him squirm as I caressed him.

I looked up into his eyes, which were looking back into mine. “Johnny, you’re so hard! Let’s go to my room!” I led him out of the room, still holding his erection, as his arms encircled my shoulders.

When we reached my bed, I pushed him down on his back. From between his legs I gazed at his muscular frame, enthralled by his perfection, enraptured by his erection. Smugly, he put his hands behind his head and said, “Turn around, Jenny. Let me see all of you.”

As I turned slowly, I heard him hum appreciatively. Then he sat up, grabbled me by my hips, and began kissing my tummy and ribs, pulling me tight against him. His hands explored and caressed my back as his mouth caressed my front. His lips and tongue moved slowly upward, eventually encircling first one breast, then another. He paid lots of attention to my nipples, which were hard and erect. I got weak in my knees from his attention. Noticing, he said, “Lay down beside me. No, not that way. Upside down.”

I lay with my head to his knees, and Johnny continued his caress and kiss combination over my thighs. Then, spreading my knees apart, he kissed his way up to my pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. As his tongue poked and licked at my wet entrance, I felt the first shudder from within. Shudder turned to contraction and euphoria, as a mini-orgasm swept through my core. “Oh, Oh, Ahhhhh…”

Feeling my reaction to his gentle probes, he renewed his kissing and licking, probing deeper with tongue and fingers. I’ve never felt so exposed or so wonderful, as Johnny performed his magic down there. I reached new heights very soon as the world became very focused. Probing fingers, licking tongue, sucking lips, wetness. Relentlessly he pressed deeper and faster, licking me. My sensitivity increased until I knew I could not hold back. “Oh, Johnny! Johnny, you’re making me come again! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Ahh, yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhh!” I tensed as a mighty wave of pleasure erupted from my central being, causing a flood of new wetness from my pussy.

Johnny continued to lap it up until I pushed him away and said, “OK, stop. Oh my god! Johnny, that was so good!” He was grinning, his face and chin glistening with my juices. Both of us were breathing hard.

His erection looked even larger, so close to my face. I eagerly returned the favor by holding it in one hand as I licked the shaft from root to tip. Stroking gently, I caused another few drops of man dew to form on the tip. With my tongue, I spread them around, savoring the slightly salty flavor. Then forming an ‘O” with my mouth, I enveloped his cock head with my lips. Pushing down, taking him in, licking his shaft with my tongue, I heard him moan. “Jenny, that’s it. Feels so nice!”

From the corner of my eye, I could see he was watching me perform fellatio Ümraniye Escort on him. I wasn’t exactly sure how I should be doing it, but he seemed to like it. Withdrawing partly, I pushed again lower, my hand around his shaft close to my lips. As I repeated the action, he began to thrust upward. With my head bobbing and his hips pushing, we seemed to coordinate our movements. Each bob was performed with a tongue-swirl and suction on the way up. I gripped him tight, feeling the thick vein underneath so full of his cum. Soon, feeling him swell even bigger, I anticipated his cumming. “Oh god, Jen! I can’t hold back! I’m going to cum!”

And did he ever! The first shot from his cock hit the back of my throat like a spurt. Surprised, I withdrew my mouth just as a second contraction caused another spurt to shoot on my nose and cheek. I held his cock and could see close up spurt after spurt erupt from the tip, shooting inches high into the air, finally to land on my hand and his belly.

Johnny put his hand over mine, slowing the rhythm of my stroking. As the spurts died to a pulsing, the glistening white gob on my face dripped back on to his cock. I bent to lick it off, tasting a man for the first time. I licked to gather up more of his cum from his belly and my fingers. Swirling it on my tongue, I opened my mouth to show him the frothy pool before I closed and swallowed it in one gulp. I thought his grin made him look like the sexiest man alive.

“Jen, I want to fuck you now. Do you want to, too?”

“Yes, Johnny. Yes!”

“Get on and ride me then, ranch girl.” He pulled me over his legs until my head was above him and my legs were astride his. His two hands reached for my dangling breasts, as I positioned myself over his still-hard cock. I was still so wet and hot. Holding his rod in my hand, I slowly lowered myself onto it, enveloping first the tip, then more of the shaft into my body.

Easily, I slid until about half of his cock was encased inside my pussy. He lay still, except for the twitching I could feel from within him. Pulling back, I could see his expression of disappointment, but it was quickly erased as I lowered myself back down. My wet tunnel accepted more of his meat stick this time as I acclimated to his size. Feeling an itch from within, I used his cock to rub myself. Rising and falling with thrusts from my legs, I pushed again and again until he was completely encased within me.

“Oh god, I feel so FULL!”

“It feels so good to be fucking you Jenny. So damn good.”

I resumed my up-and-downs with renewed vigor rising until the tip was just about out of me, then thrusting down again to take the whole of him inside once again. Faster and faster I went, until I could feel the tingling inside again, signaling the beginnings of another orgasm. I began to tire and had to slow my pace.

Johnny noticed. “Roll over, Jen. Let me do some work now.” We rolled together, never breaking our connection, until he was over me. Strong arms to the side of my head, he slid in and out of my wet slit, gradually increasing the pace until he was hammering his meat into my pussy like a madman.

This brought on my second orgasm. It was much bigger with his cock than with his tongue, however. Rising again from deep inside me, the overwhelming feeling of rapture could not be stopped. “I’m cumming again! Oh, Johnny fuck me! Ah! Ah! AHHHHH!”

He continued to pound as I pulsed and squeezed his cock from the contractions of my cumming, further lubricating his cock. A few more thrusts, and I could feel his rod swell even more, filling my hole so completely.

“I’m going to cum, Jen. I’m so close…”

“Yes, Johnny, Cum for me. But pull out, OK?”

With three more mighty thrusts, he pushed so far within me I could feel him at my ovaries. He held that for a second, as I gave him one last internal squeeze. Then with a grunt, he quickly withdrew, grabbed his cock and pumped his semen in several big spurts over my belly and the trimmed hair of my pussy. I saw the squirts as he pumped his cock, squirting the juice onto me. Eventually, the spurts turned to drips, as he squeezed his cock to milk out the last of it. “Ahhhhhhh, GOD, that was good,” he sighed as he collapsed beside me.

Out of breath for the second time in less than a few minutes, we huffed as we relished the afterglow.

“I hope you liked that, ’cause I sure did,” Johnny sighed.

“Nice ride, cowboy. I could get to like this sex thing with you. Can we do it again soon?”

“Not REAL soon, but definitely again,” said Johnny with a smile.

We cleaned up together in the shower. By the time Dad and Mom got home, we had resumed our normal activities. I never new if they suspected that Johnny and I were lovers, but over the course of the summer, we made love in about every part of the ranch. Johnny got condoms for our penetration sex, but we still enjoyed each other “bareback” for everything else. We enjoyed each other’s bodies every chance we got. There was never a time when I learned or loved so much.

Thanks for your comments and votes, dear reader. It is only by those things that writers like me feel your appreciation for our efforts. Love- Jenny.

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