Sarah’s House Ch. 01

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*Hey guys, this is a new one. This is based on a few experiences, all jumbled together. Thanks so much to Sam, and LaRascasse for the edits (: *

“Night Claudia! I hope you sleep well, see you tomorrow.”

“Good night Sarah! Talk in the morning.” I yelled back, snuggling into bed. I had come down to Narrow Springs for the night, to spend some time with Sarah. Enrolling for university was a challenge neither of us wanted to brave alone.

We had been close friends for what seemed forever — our Mums met through university, then we met through external French classes in lower school. I felt like I had become an extra member in her family. The loud Spanish dinners were a welcome distraction to my quiet English life at home.

Sarah was probably my closest friend, which made keeping secrets from her hard.

And I kept a few.

The main one — my sex life. I had been sexually active since I turned 17 a year ago; and in contrast to her Catholic beliefs, I didn’t have any qualms about sex before marriage, or using protection. The friends I went out with ran in the same circle as her 20 year old brother, Ethan, but he never seemed to pay much attention to me. In fact, he seemed to dislike me, avoiding me, and always seemed to go out as I came in, or vise versa. I was, I admit it, obsessed, with his best friend Marcus. Tall, blonde, green eyes, Marcus was the Aryan copy of his darker best friend, the masculine reflection of Sarah and I.

My phone beeped a message at me, startling me out of my thoughts. Answering it, I laughed to see my exboyfriend begging me to come back to him. Replying that I was busy, I waited for the next text, unwilling to fall asleep just then.

My ex began to ‘sext’ me — we had broken up on good terms, and still hooked up when we were bored. He announced his cumming with extra vowels in his texts, and I turned my phone off; knowing he’d choose sleep over my orgasm, like every other time we’d been together.

I heard the front door ‘click’ as Ethan returned home from the party he’d no doubt been out to. I knew my door was slightly open, and so I stashed my phone under my pillow and pretended sleep. Marcus came stumbling behind him, clearly trying to be quiet as he drunkenly navigated the hall. Banging the door open, I could see him collapse onto Ethan’s bed and fall onto the floor, snoring Anadolu Yakası Escort softly.

I watched through the gap as Ethan peeked in on his sister, the light from the hall way illuminating how his face softened as he watched her sleep. Smiling softly, he closed the door, before moving from my view as he closed his door.

Drifting to sleep, I found my eyes closing and welcomed the dreams I knew would come (hopefully involving Marcus, I smiled at the thought).


My door opened, and I could feel the cool air wafting over my scantily clad body. Preferring to sleep naked, I had opted for a singlet and short bike shorts, without underwear. Sarah was used to my bra-less state, but she was the only one who really saw me ‘naturally’.

Laying under a light sheet, I could feel the change in air temperature quickly. A body stepped through the doorway, and I snuggled deeper into the sheet, sleep still holding its claim on me.

I saw shapes on the wall, bizarre shadows cast by the soft hall light, that I quickly put from my mind. The body stayed there, or maybe it had left, I couldn’t remember. Sleep took me quickly, and I ignored the memory of the shape.


I felt the sheet being drawn off my body, until it pooled at my feet. The shape (had it returned?) turned to the other side of the bed; the light keeping them in the dark as I closed my eyelids against the light. Again ignoring it, I rolled into my pillow to fight to keep sleeping. The shape pushed at my right shoulder, flipping me onto my back. This was comfortable too, so I allowed myself to fall into this position.


I could hear soft, squishing sounds at the edge of my dream. Faint moans were echoing in my head, but I couldn’t place the voice. I smiled, feeling pleasure at the knowledge that came, dreamlike, that they were enjoying themselves.


A flush of cool air came as I felt my singlet rise up, and instinctively I pulled my arms free, annoyed by the confinement that it would give pushed up over my chest. My breasts fell against cool linen, the fabric causing my nipples to pucker into hard nubs and I moaned instinctively. A moan answered me, quieter, before I felt my shorts drawn down my legs. Again, instinctively, I pulled my legs together, the cool air hitting my ass and making my Pendik Escort draw into myself.

I could feel something at my calves, gently pulling them apart. The warm object slid up, between my legs, and felt between them. I giggled sleepily, starting to awaken.

The rest of my body was starting to wake up too, as I became steadily slicker between my legs, and my nipples hardened further. My legs fell apart naturally, and the shape used this position for better access of the wetness between my legs.

Opening my eyes, I could see the shape’s arm moving, and I squinted sleepy eyes to get a better idea of what was happening.

The dim light started to process through my eyes, and I gasped in shock as I realised what was happening. The shape was jerking off!


He looked down and saw my eyes open, staring up at him. Stumbling back so that I couldn’t see his face, he kept wanking over the sight of me, my boobs falling out of my singlet and my shorts down by my ankles.

I reached down, starting to show off for him, and found my clit with my right hand. Drawing my knees to my chest, I pinched my nipples with my left hand, eliciting another moan from both of us. Moving forward, careful to keep his head in the dark, the shape reached out to me, his left hand finding my pussy. His body entered the light, and I smiled at the rippling stomach muscles and dark snail trail, dipping into his hand. I had always been turned on by seeing this ‘runway to the good stuff’ as a friend had once called it, and I was again that night.

Gently, then growing in firmness, he began to finger me and make me groan. I reached out with my other hand, and began to pull him. His turn to groan, and he didn’t disappoint. I giggled softly, motioning with my left hand towards the door, hoping to convey the need for silence. He just dug two fingers further into my pussy, making me scream into the hand he placed over my mouth just in time.

I could feel the preparation begin to kick in, as my orgasm began to coil around my navel. Precum was beginning to bead on the shape’s cock also, and as I thrusted up into his hand, I’m pretty sure he understood where I was going.

Strumming my clit with his index finger, he began to rock his hand into me harder as he became more involved in what he was doing. I noticed he had started Kurtköy Escort to thrust into my hand as I wanked him, fucking it like the pussy he was fingering.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, my orgasm uncoiled and flew down to my pussy. I abandoned the hand on my nipples as I held his hand to my mouth, gasping and panting and desperately trying not to wake my sleeping best friend down the hall.

His fingers slowed in their frantic fingering, and his hips sped up, thrusting into my hand with groans and growls. It was about a minute longer, before he bit down on his knuckle, trying, like me, to stay silent; shooting ropes over my breasts and singlet.

Wide eyes stared at each other as he slowed to a halt, and I squeezed the last of his cum from his head. The shape’s knees buckled, and he fell onto the edge of my bed, directly into the shaft of light.


Ethan and I stared at each other. I could feel his cum turning into a sticky mess on my chest, but I felt frozen in the one spot.

Reaching forward, he lifted my singlet up, and used it to wipe up what he could of his mess. I just sat there, a doll to his ministrations.

Standing, Ethan stood over me to check if I was clean from his mess. Dropping my soiled singlet in my lap, he reached down to wipe away some from my chin with his thumb. His head followed, dropping to reach me.

The kiss started out softly, gently, but as his lips touched mine, I exploded with passion. Pulling him down to me, I wound my arms around his neck, marvelling at how soft his hair was, and tried to climb on top of him. He laughed as he gasped for air, pulling back to look at me.

“What about Marcus?” He asked, hesitantly.

“Who? After that, the best orgasm I’ve ever had, who could compete?” I panted, falling into his arms as they opened for me.

Kissing my way along his jaw to his earlobe, I whispered, “how long?”

He shrugged, before kissing me back, hard and passionate. As I lay there, on the bed, panting, he rose, and walked out of my room.

Turning, he stopped in my doorway.

“Three years. Three long, cold shower, try so hard to avoid you, blue balling, exhausting years.”

Blushing, he walked back to his room, stepping over his snoring friend, and closing the door.

Smiling to myself, I licked up a bit of his cum that he’d missed off my neck. The taste was bitter, but had an underlying taste of sweetness.

Rolling back onto my stomach, making sure the singlet was on the floor, I fell asleep to dreams again. Only this time, the subject had dark hair, and a delicious tasting cock…

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