Sensitive Research Ch. 06

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I strongly suggest you read the earlier chapters of the series, as they provide important context about the characters and themes of the series.


I could not believe I was in this position, licking the crotch of this middle-aged doctor who only a few minutes before I had been interviewing for my research study on BDSM activities between women. I felt trapped, unable to resist her command, as my tongue soaked up the wetness that was pouring from her pussy.

As I licked her, she gently caressed my head, and I could make out her murmuring, “Yes, that’s a good girl, you’re doing so well, just like that.” Her praise further motivated me in a kind of sick way, and I worked harder to thrust my tongue even deeper between her lips. I twirled it around, then pulled back and sucked gently on her labia, first the left and then the right.

“You’re such a good pussy licker, aren’t you. You’ve had experience with this before, haven’t you?”

I continued sucking, but then she grabbed my hair and used it to pull my head away from her crotch and force it back to look up at her. I looked into her eyes, and she gave me a stern look. “I asked you a question, you little slut,” she said forcibly. She pulled me forward out of the chair. “Get on your knees.”

I complied with her command and knelt before her. “Yeah. . .yes. . .I have,” I mumbled out my response. “But only just recently.”

“So Lady Amber was your first?” she asked me with a smile.

I was shocked to hear that she knew what had happened between me and Lady Amber. “How did you know?” I asked her.

She laughed, still holding my hair, forcing me to look up at her from my knees. “Amber told me all about it, dear. How did you think I knew that you’d be interested in servicing me as well?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Well, I don’t yet have the ability to read people as quickly as Lady Amber does, so her filling me in made it a little easier to read you. With that information, it wasn’t too hard to get you in the right situation, right her on your knees before me.”

I was surprised to hear that she had planned everything out. “You mean, that was not an accident, the water. . .”

She interrupted me, laughing raucously. “Of course not, dear – I didn’t realize you were bringing your research assistant with you, so when you arrived with her, I had to figure out a way to get rid of her.” She had a very smug look on her face. “So the spilled water did the trick.”

Oh god, I thought to myself, I can’t believe I was manipulated again. But here I was, on my knees, my face just a foot or so away from this woman’s naked crotch.

“What do you say we make ourselves a little more comfortable,” she said, releasing my hair. “Or at least I’ll get more comfortable,” as she winked at me and turned toward the bed. She walked over to it, fluffed some pillows against the headboard, and lay down on the bed, propping herself against the pillows. “Take off my robe, and the rest of your clothes.”

I realized I was powerless to resist, so I untied her robe, put it on the chair on which I had been sitting, and then shyly shed my blouse and bra, placing those on top of the robe. I turned to face her. As I did, I saw she was staring at me intently.

“Not bad for a woman your age,” she said. “Your tits are quite nice, they don’t sag very much given how big they are. They must be what, about a 38D?”

I was humiliated listening to this almost-complete stranger talking about my breasts like this. “No,” I said in a soft voice, “I normally wear a 40DD.”

“Even larger than I guessed,” she said with a chuckle. “What do you say when someone compliments you, dear?”

I hesitated for a second, not sure of what she wanted. “Um, thank you?” I asked questioningly.

“Thank you what?” she responded.

I knew immediately what she wanted. “Thank you, Mistress,” I said, with a resigned tone in my voice. I knew where this was heading: another repeat of the humiliation I experienced the day before with Lady Amber. As much as I wanted to run from the room, I knew I was powerless. And never mind that I didn’t have any clothes on.

“Much better, my little slut,” she said, with a look of triumph on her face. “Now get up here and let me feel those huge tits of yours.” She patted the spot next to her on the bed.

I walked slowly to the bed, and got up on it, not sure what she wanted, so I sat on my haunches on the spot she had indicated, facing toward her. She sat up a bit so she could reach me. She extended one hand toward my right breast, grabbed the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and began to squeeze. It was already quite large, the result of my arousal, but the attention she was paying to it caused it to grow even further. As she continued to increase the pressure, I gasped, unable to restrain myself.

“Ah, my little slut likes this attention to her titties, doesn’t she?”

I could only nod, my humiliation continue to grow. She let go of the nipple, and when I looked down, I saw how swollen she had made it, causing it to grow to a size much larger than its mate.

“I want to see those big udders hanging down, just like on a cow,” she commanded of me. “Get up on your hands and knees where you are.”

I did as she commanded, my tits hanging down below my torso, just as she wanted. She began to caress them, one hand on each side, and then began to slap at them, making them wobble around.

“Very nice, slut, I could have a good time with these.” She scooted around me on the bed, so that she was now behind me. “Well, well, this must be Lady Amber’s handwork on your ass here I see.”

I had forgotten that my cheeks must still be red from my spankings by Lady Amber yesterday, and the reminder of them by Martha only increased my shame. I buried my head in my hands on the bed.

I felt a sharp slap on one of my cheeks. “Is it Lady Amber’s work?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, sucking in a sharp breath from the pain. “I hadn’t realized you were asking a question, ma’am.”

She started rubbing my ass more gently. “Not to worry dear – just a little discipline to make sure you understand who is boss. In fact, I have just the thing to help you – just what the doctor ordered, as we say,” she said, laughing once again. I kept my head down, but felt her get up from the bed. I heard her walking back toward her bathroom, and then come back and get on the bed behind me again.

I felt something cool on my ass, and shuddered as it touched my body. I felt her hand rubbing something onto my ass cheek. “This is some aloe lotion that will take the sting away from what Lady Amber did to you. From the marks, it looks like she used one of her paddles on you. I certainly know what those feel like!”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Her hand rubbing my ass felt good. She switched to the other cheek, rubbing some more lotion on that one as well. As she rubbed, I felt her fingers get perilously close to my asshole. I wasn’t sure if it was just an accident, or if she was doing it on purpose. As her fingers grazed there, I shuddered a bit.

Martha must have sensed my reaction, because she said, “Oh you little slut – you’ll learn that your body is mine, and I can do whatever I want to it, including playing with your little crinkled asshole if I want.” With that, I felt more of the cool lotion right on my crack, running down it, until it reached right to my rosebud. Since she had warned me, I did my best not to react, but it was hard not to with the sensation of the cold liquid on that most intimate part of my body. I felt her fingers start to rub the lotion into my crack, starting at the top, and then moving lower and lower, until one of them was circling my asshole itself. I knew what was coming, fully aware of just how humiliating this was to me. Against my best instincts, I tensed up to try to repel the intruder. Just as I did, I felt a finger beginning to push against my rosebud.

I felt Martha’s head very near my ear. “Open up, my little slut,” she whispered into my ear. “It’s only going to make it more painful if you resist, just relax.”

I did my best to follow her instructions, relaxing my ass to the intrusion that I knew would follow. She continued to push with her finger, gently at first, letting me get used to it, and then with a turning motion, pushing more insistently, until I felt it pop in. I had an immediate flashback to the sensation I had when Lady Amber had done the same thing to me last night. I did my best to relax, knowing it would make it easier, and as I did, I felt her finger push even deeper into me. I moaned, both in shame, but also because it felt so good.

“Oh you little slutty sub, you like this don’t you?” Martha asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, my head still buried in my hands.

“I know just what little girls like you want, they want their assholes played with, don’t they.” I felt her finger rotating around, exploring my ass at will. I then felt her other hand on my pussy, which by now, was dripping so much I was afraid the evidence was running down my legs. “Just as I knew,” she said, rubbing the wetness into my labia with her fingers, “you’re loving every minute of this.”

I was resigned to my fate, and gave her the affirmation she wanted. “Yes, Mistress, I am.”

She continued her finger’s insistent exploring, occasionally pulling it out a bit and then pushing it back in. Each time she did, I gasped once again, and found myself getting even wetter. With one of her fingers in my ass and the other hand rubbing my pussy lips and grazing my clit, I was afraid that I was going to cum, shaming me even further.

But just when I was thought she was going to send me over the edge, she stopped, pulling her hand away from my pussy, and with an audible “pop,” removing her finger from my ass. I was so close to orgasming, I almost collapsed on the bed, and groaned.

“That’s enough of your pleasure, now it’s time to see what else you can do for me.” I felt her shift on the bed again, and lifted my head to see what she was doing. I saw her going back to the propped up pillows, and lying back against them. “Get up here and finished what you started before.” She had her legs spread, displaying her hairy pussy to me, and had a finger pointing down at it.

I got up on my knees, and moved over between her legs. I lowered my head, and I could see that she was even wetter than she was before, confirming for me how turned on she was by dominating me. Her labia were swollen and full, easily visible and extending through her bush. I began servicing her once again, starting by tonguing and sucking her labia. I heard a gentle mewing sound coming from her, and she said in a far-away voice, “That’s right baby, you take care of mommy like a good girl.”

Her infantilizing of our relationship enhanced her domination of me and turned me on even further. I continued stimulating her labia with my tongue, and then moved on to run it around her clit, circling it over and over. As I did, I could feel it growing, extending out of its hood, seeming to reach out to me. I felt her hands continuing to caress my hair and head, pulling me in even tighter to her crotch.

Her clit was extended so far that I could now grasp it with my lips, and sucked it into my mouth. I sucked on it, gentle at first, but as I felt her body respond even more strongly I sucked harder still.

“That’s right you little bitch, suck me, suck me hard,” she was saying, pulling my face even more tightly into her. I had to gasp for breaths by pulling away from her for a moment, and breathing in the fetid air that was surrounding her pussy. I continued to suck, pushing her closer and closer to what I assumed would be a huge orgasm. But then she grabbed my hair again at the back of my scalp, and pulled my head away.

“Not yet, slut – I want to cum all over your face.” She got up, and pointing to the spot she had been lying, said, “Lie down there flat on your back.”

I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but immediately complied with her directive. I saw her swing one leg over my body, and she scooted up so that her pussy was now right below my chin. I had a front row seat to her pubes, glistening with a mixture of her juices and my saliva. The odor was overpowering; she was clearly so turned on by what she was doing to me, that all I could smell was her arousal right under my nose.

“Ready, slut?” she asked

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, knowing what was coming. She scooted further up my body until her wet, steaming pubes were right over my mouth. “Get to work,” she commanded.

I began licking once again, repeating what I had done to her before, playing with her labia and then seeking out her clit first with my tongue, and then with my lips. It did not take long for her to come back to a boil, no more than three or four minutes, and she was getting even wetter. With her position above me, I could feel the juices flowing onto my chin, and then down my neck. I thought that I would never be able to forget the smell of her and what she was doing to me.

She began to grunt, softly at first, but then more loudly and rapidly. I knew she was close to cumming, and I was glad to have the denouement, as I did not know how much more I could take of being smothered by her. As the pace of her grunting picked up, she began to slide her crotch forward and backward over my face, as if to get even more stimulation on her pussy. I tried desperately to keep my lips attached to her clit as she rocked harder and harder back and forth.

Finally, after another minute or two, I heard a loud, “Arrrggghhhh,” and I was showered by a blast of warm liquid. I was horrified at first as I thought she had peed on me, but then I quickly realized that she had ejaculated – something I had never experienced myself, so I had had no firsthand knowledge of this. It went on for about 10 seconds or so, and went everywhere on my face – my lips, my nose, my eyes, even into my hair. She collapsed even further on my face, grabbing onto the headboard behind me.

I turned my head to the side and gasped for some fresh air, taking deep breaths, trying to clear the smell of her out of my nostrils. After a minute or so, she lifted herself back upright. I looked up at her as she said, “Damn, you’re pretty good at that for someone who came so late to pussy licking. Amber said you were good, but I didn’t think you’d be this good.” She had a smile on her face, and hair looked as mussed as I knew mine must be. Her face and chest were flush, a pinkish hue that I knew was the result of the massive orgasm she had just had.

She swung her leg back over my chest and dismounted from me, lying next to me on the bed. She reached over to the nightstand next to the bed, and I heard her open a drawer. Her hand came back up, and she threw a small hand towel onto my face. “Here,” she said, “clean yourself up with this.”

I did as she suggested, the best that I could, happy to have something to wipe her cum and other juices off of my face. What I really wanted was to just go back to the hotel and clean myself up before I my other appointments in the afternoon.

I wiped my face as best as I could, and then started to sit up. Before I got too far, I felt her hand grab my tit closest to her, and she pushed me back down. “Where do you think you’re going, my little subbie?” she asked.

“Uh, I. . .I thought we were done,” I responded meekly.

She slapped at my tit, hard enough that I yelled “ow.”

“You’re done when I say you’re done, slut.” She slapped my other tit, and said, “You still have more work to do.” I couldn’t believe that she’d want me to lick her pussy more; I could only imagine how sensitive her clit must be with all of the attention I had paid to it.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied docilely, not knowing what she wanted. I felt her sit up, and begin to swing a leg over me once again. I was amazed that she wanted more, but before I knew it, she swung around, so that rather than putting her pussy over my face, she was facing my feet and plopped her ass down on my tits. My vision was filled with her ass cheeks; my first impression was that they looked very taut for someone who was a few years older than I. Her skin was milky white and smooth, nary a blemish diminishing the beauty of those two globes. Between them I could see her furrow, an only slightly darker shade than her skin at the top, but then darkening as it went further and further toward the forbidden center of her asshole, until it reached a deep brown color.

I knew what she wanted, but couldn’t believe that I could get myself to do it. I had never done this to anyone before, but I knew I could not say no to her. It was not the fear of what she would do to me that was stopping me; rather, it was a deep, down sensation that I had to do this to satisfy my own curiosity and craving.

She looked at me over her shoulder, a sly smile once again on her face. “You know what to do, don’t you, you little slut.” I nodded assent, but that wasn’t enough for her. “I want to hear you say, you little sub.”

I took a deep breath, and prepared myself for the next step in my degradation. “You want me to lick your ass, Mistress.”

“Not just my ass, slut, but the whole thing. I want to feel your tongue deep in my asshole, and you’re going to do it for me, aren’t you?”

Another breath. “Yes, Mistress, I’m going to tongue your asshole.”

“Good baby,” she responded, “I can’t wait to have your tongue up mommy’s ass.” With that she turned her head back, and scooted backwards to place her ass on top of my mouth. “Get to work.”

I began to tongue her cheeks, first one, then the other. I was surprised by how smooth her skin felt; not quite like the proverbial baby’s bottom, but again, for a woman of her age, it was incredibly soft and supple. I laved her cheeks, getting them wet with my saliva, exploring them as much as the limited movement my head was afforded would allow. My tongue was sore after all the time it had spent on her pussy, but I soldiered forward.

After about five minutes of this, she said, “Okay, enough foreplay, I want to feel you in my crack now.” I saw her reach back with both hands, opening herself up to me, so that I could now clearly see her brownish-pink rosebud winking at me. There was no missing my target, it was a mere inches from my tongue.

I lifted my head, and tentatively began a swipe from the top of her crack downward. I repeated this a few times, going lower with each pass, until I made my first exploratory foray to her asshole. The wrinkled skin contrasted with the smoothness of her cheeks and cleft, and the taste was just a bit tangy – not in an unpleasant way, but different from every other part of her body I had tasted. I circled my tongue around it, wetting it, and getting used to the feeling. I had a fleeting thought of whether she had prepared for this by cleaning herself back there before my arrival, a thought that almost made me shudder with the realization that she was so sure of her ability to dominate me that she had gone to that length.

But before I could explore that thought any further, I heard her voice again. “Get it in there, bitch,” she hissed, as she pushed her body backward, as if to force it onto my tongue. I did as she commanded, beginning to spear at her rosebud with my tongue. It met resistance at first, but after a few forays, I felt it beginning to ease open, and finally, with a strong stab, I was inside. Not far, but just enough for her muscles to be grabbing at my tongue, almost as if it was trying to pull it deeper inside.

“Ahh, you’re such a good ass licker, you little slut,” I heard her say. “Push it in there.” She rocked slightly back and forth, and I did my best to push in even further. After another minute or two, I felt her tense up, and then quickly, I heard the same grunts I had earlier when she came. A few seconds after that, I felt her shake, as another orgasm wracked her body. I don’t think she ejaculated this time, as I didn’t feel it on my chest, but she clearly had had another massive orgasm. Her asshole ejected my tongue, and she slid forward, her heard resting on my ankles, heavy breaths wracking her chest up and down on my legs. I was relieved to have my tongue back, and tentatively moved it around, trying to get the feeling back into it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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