Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 15

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Big Tits

Chapter 15

Friday Nights for Fuckin’

What happened next was totally unexpected. I went up to my room and showered, shaved and well, you know. Inasmuch as I had a good two hours before dinner, I decided to go for a run in keeping with my normal exercise regimen. I know, I know, I was no longer on the swimming team, but I still felt I owed it to myself to remain in tip-top shape.

So I found myself running in the park not far from home, something I had done all through high school.

If you recall I had come upon a couple making out a year earlier along this route and the guy had taken off, leaving the girl behind. After calming her down she’d been responsive to my offer to finish the fuck he’d started; and although I’d never seen her again, I still hoped to meet her again. Not necessarily along the trial, but somewhere in town. It just hadn’t happened—yet.

Then it happened: Déjà vu with a twist.

On the very turn where I had come upon the couple mentioned a moment ago, I caught sight of a couple copulating not twenty feet from where the other couple had lain.

I came to a halt and stealthily moved closer. It was two women engaged in a torrid 69.

The one on top was a brunette and the one on her back was a black pantied blonde. They were both semi-clothed—the brunette wore a dress; the blonde a skirt—but both were up around their respective hips. The brunette seemed to lack any panties. At least I didn’t see any lying around and she had none on.

I realized early on that I would have to remain a voyeur in this scenario, for my intrusion would in all likelihood put an end to their 69 and I might have to fight them off, or worse. And so I contented myself with watching and trying to learn something new.

Oh I wanted to fuck each of those juicy cunts; I wanted to slap each of those tight asses; and I wanted to cum all over each of their tits and faces. Yet I knew that was out of the question. It occurred to me that I still had not seen their faces, and I waited until they were totally engrossed in one another before improving my vantage point without calling attention to me.

In some respects I regret doing it, but what is done cannot be undone. The brunette shifted her thigh from the blonde’s face and I saw my sister, Ashley!

It mattered little that I saw the brunette a moment later. I didn’t know her. She was young, probably Ashley’s age, or possibly a year or two older.

I remained frozen and they continued to see nothing but each other and I carefully distanced myself from them and went directly home to think about what I had seen and what I would do about it.

I couldn’t deny that the blonde’s body was to die for. And emblazoned in my mind were all those nasty things I had wanted to do to Ashley before I knew who she was. And that she would be coming to my bedroom later that night for a second round of sex and probably more.

Had she told the brunette about me? About fucking her brother before trysting with her female lover?

I watched my sister get the brunette off, and then left, being careful not to make a sound as I exited. My cock ached for release all the way home, and I found myself jerking off in the shower thinking of my sister munching away between the brunette’s legs.

And still my mind perused what I’d seen—and what I’d been told: Two lovelies devouring one another’s pussy. What else did they do after I left? Was this their first rendezvous? Not likely; a chance meeting in the park wouldn’t trigger what amounted to public sex.

So then she must have been with the brunette before … but how often?

I recalled her body shaking as she climaxed from the brunette licking her clit. Then memory became fantasy, and I visualized Ashley rubbing her perky tits all over my face then around my cock, and then taking me into her mouth.

Hadn’t Ashley mentioned having anal sex with a guy from school?

I came suddenly, shooting a long string of cum against the side of the shower facing me.


I spied Ashley before she made her entrance to the dinner table. She looked very appealing for someone who had been fucked by her brother and then a lesbian session with a female friend in the grassy section of a neighboring park.

She had on some nice slacks that showed the perfection of her ass, and a very subtle top that only gave one a hint of what treasures lay beneath the surface. And her hair was done up in a style I’d never seen her use before. I will say it was just right for her and I was certain she’d given it considerable thought before putting it up as she had.

I found I was right on the money in that regard, for Mother commented on her hairstyling as soon as Ashley sat down at the dinner table. Ashley thanked her for noticing and a slow flush crept up from her neck to the top of her head after she glanced my way.

Had she noticed me at the park? Or was she thinking about our appointment for later in the evening?

For me, dinner itself was an ordeal xvideos porno of sweet sexual yearning shoehorned between polite conversations. Mother wanted to hear all about college life. When provided a detail on classroom events worth recounting, she quickly recalled a similar instance from her own days at university. I did not mention my recent dismissal from the swimming team despite several references to my performance and how vastly (her words, not mine) I’d improved on my times for those events.

She was delighted with some of my antic dotes (none of which involved my sexual activities) but I had some decent tales that were humorous enough to keep everyone’s interest up throughout the meal of rump roast, baked potatoes and asparagus.

To my surprise we had Jello for desert. I looked at Ashley and she told me it was part of Mother’s diet and not a punishment.

I objected to her putting it in that context, only to have Mother shush me and tell us a story of her own that neither Ashley or I had ever heard before.

A few minutes later I was caught off-guard when Mother announced that she ‘was tired, and would now excuse herself and retire for the night.’ Both her caretaker and Ashley reassured me that this was usually the case following an afternoon of chemo-therapy.

I kissed my mother goodnight, and thanked the caregiver (a woman about 60 years of age) for all she was doing to make my mother’s life as comfortable as possible.

The woman replied that my mother was a real trooper compared to her previous patients. She then took a moment to explain just how the chemo affects the human body and the pain and grief if brings while trying to kill the cancerous cells and that Mother was weakening on a daily basis.

She winked at me and added, “Your Mum is a sound sleeper, so I can watch television with the sound low until I find myself fallin’ asleep.”

Music to my ears.

Ashley promptly poured water on my sexual fantasies for the forthcoming evening, saying sotto-voice: “I think we need to talk.”

My heart almost stopped, but somehow I kept my face from revealing anything unusual was occurring as she stood beside me toying with an earring and this was part of a normal conversation. The only one left in the room was the maid who was clearing the dishes from the table.

“I’m okay with what we did,” she said. “I want you to know that. And … while I’d love to have you bone me again … oh, god would I love that ….”

“Get to the point, Ashley,” I said rather tersely since I thought I knew what was coming.

“I loved what happened this afternoon, Donald, really I did. I love you in more ways that you know, but ….”

There it was … the big BUT.

“… I think you know we….we’d never get away with it.”

“No, I don’t know that,” I replied, making certain we had direct eye contact as I uttered the words. Ashley visibly flinched at my words, and then composed her face revealing nothing further.

Oh, I knew better of course, if we were caught in an incestuous, sexual relationship it would likely destroy family relationships as well as our social and professional lives before actually starting them.

Still I pushed on; thinking of that night’s pending rewards before anything else. “I’m sorry, Ashley, that was cruel and unfair of me. Please forgive me. Actually I think we’ll be okay if we just accept what we’ve done, and leave it at that. We weren’t caught. No one knows what we’ve done, so it should be easy.”

“But that isn’t the case, Donald ….”

“But who else knows?” I said, already knowing the answer.

“Umm ….”

“Ashley … you’ve told someone else … already?”

There were real tears in her eyes as she came into my arms and hugged me tightly. “Oh, Donald … I didn’t mean too, honestly, I … it just slipped out in a ….”

It seemed to me that she didn’t want to believe her own words. So I pressed harder.

“In a what, Ashley? And just what the hell slipped out?”

“I … I … umm, how can I ….?”

“Spit it out, Ashley. What the fuck happened between then and now?”

“Not … not here, Donnie … your room might be better.”

Within two minutes we were in my room, the door locked and speaking in hushed tones.

“I swear to god, Donnie it was an accident.”

“What was an accident, Ashley?”

“Umm, my letting our … our thing slip.”

“By our thing do you mean the little incestuous fuck we shared this afternoon?”

“You’re so fuckin’ crude, Donnie.”

“Answer me, Ashley, crude may be the word of the day for us.”

She turned away from me and stared into the mirror over my dresser. “Umm, I have a lover … beside you, I mean.”

“Go on,” I said not unkindly.

“She … yes she’s a woman … we’ve been together for several months now … we met shortly after you and I ….”

“Ashley …” I said, letting a smidgen of exasperation into my tone.

“Okay, okay! Her name is Bernie, Bernice actually, and we … we’ve yerli porno been lovers for a while now. Anyway we met this afternoon ….”

“With my cum running down your leg, you met with her?”

“You … you’re being crude again!”

“Pardon me for being pissed off! Let me guess. She discovered my sperm leaking out of you and you panicked and told her everything.”

“Close,” Ashley admitted thoroughly chagrined.

“Yeah, right,” I shot back. “She probably had her face between your legs when she encountered my sperm. Am I right?”

Ashley began to cry, and old feminine ploy to garner sympathy when under duress. I wasn’t buying it. After all, hadn’t I seen the two of them going at one another?

Obviously stalling for time to put a feasible excuse together, she glanced in the mirror and rubbed a tear from her face.

“Shit!” she spat out as she rummaged through the small purse she never seemed to be without and failing to produce anything from it.

In those fleeting seconds my mind flashed through a series of images and experiences with her that I would never erase: the feel of her body pressed against mine; the exquisitely soft feeling when her lips first touched mine; her thick, pink nipples between my fingers; the taste of her cunt and clit when sucking on each; and the tightness of her pussy as my cock weaved its way into her.

When I snapped out of it, my erection was at full strength just as Ashley looked up from her purse and immediately saw the rampant bulge in my slacks.

Evidently Ashley was thinking along similar lines—that would explain the errant fumbling about in the purse. I could hear her unsteady breathing as sure as she could hear mine. I watched her eyes glaze over and her lips puff up ever so slightly.

“You bastard!” she moaned as we moved together and kissed, but with each swirl of our tongues, we drove deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I put my arms around her and held her. She put hers around me. I pushed my hard-on up against her body, and she pushed back. I felt her nipples harden against my chest.

“Ashley,” I gasped. “I want you…”

“Oh, God,” she gasped into my ear.

“I saw the two of you in the park.”

There, I’d told her … now what?

“You what?”

“I saw you and your girlfriend making love in the park this afternoon shortly after we’d ….”

“Oh, my god!” Her face was ashen and she began to tremble.

“It’s all right, Ashley. I don’t care about what you did with her. Really I don’t. You’re entitled to be with whomever you want.

“That … that’s soooo fuckin’ hot!” she panted before kissing me again. This time I thought I tasted a faint, but distinct flavor of pussy juice from her mouth.

With tongues swirling around in each other’s mouth, Ashley began grinding her pubis into my hardon. It electrified the both of us. We broke away, but held the embrace. “I want you inside me,” Ashley said, her voice hoarse.

“You seem to have a thing for sex,” I said, my voice matching hers in every way.

“You think I’m a whore?”

“No, but there is a possibility you’re a nymphomaniac,” I was smiling at her as I uttered the words.

“She returned the smile. “Maybe … just maybe I am. I can’t get enough, you know?”

“How many other guys have you fucked? I want the truth, Ashley.”

“I told you. Just the one and it was anal.”

“How many guys have you been with?” I asked, almost repeating my question, but varying it for a reason.

“I don’t know. Really I don’t. A lot, you know? Just a handjob here and there and some blowjobs. Mmmm, maybe fifteen or twenty blowjobs.”

“Don’t know for sure?”

“Honestly I don’t. It was a party. I had some whiskey. I was the center of attention and wound up blowing most of the guys. After that there were several dates … I mean dates with one guy, not the same guy, but one guy. Like I said, I blew some and jerked some off. I don’t remember. I just did it. I liked doing it.

“Ever think about pulling a train?”

“Huh? What’s that? It sounds dirty, but ….”

“It involves taking on four or more guys, one after the other, or even two or three at a time.”

“My God … they do that?”

“It’s been known to happen. I haven’t experienced it, but you know, I’ve heard talk.”

“That is soooo hot!” Ashley purred and reached down to give my cock a squeeze.

Our passion surged like an unstoppable flood. I pulled her top up and over her breasts. The plopped out one at a time. She pulled the top over her head and tossed it aside. I grabbed one in my greedy hand, then pried my lips from hers and ducked down to mash my face in her full, soft chest. I licked at her so ferociously that Ashley groaned and grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me.

Still kissing me, she kicked off her heels, raised one of her feet off the floor and wrapped her leg around me. I slipped my hands down, took hold of her ass through the slacks, and then tried to shimmy her pants down to get her cunt.

Ashley youjizz porno stopped me and did the job for me. She wasn’t wearing panties, so all I felt when I grabbed her ass was soft, hot, smooth skin. I squeezed her flesh, my fingers digging into her tight, warm crack.

Our tongues attacked each other the whole time; a wet, increasingly sloppy kiss that allowed me to taste the salivating hunger she had for me, and which I gave back to her. I took on the weight of her body when she lifted her second leg off the floor to wrap it around me with the other one.

Despite my strength and her comparably smaller size, when Ashley jumped up on me like that, I lost my balance. I intended to set her down on the bed, but my straining dick refused to lose contact with her crotch. So we fell awkwardly, rolling off the edge of the bed, tipping over a chair, and finally slamming my back into the wooden floor.

A surge of lusty heat filled my blood vessels and I used newfound strength to lift Ashley up until her tits were rubbing against my face and her rock hard nipples on my tongue.

“Mmmmm ….”

But I lost my balance again only to fall forward thereby depositing Ashley ass first on the bed with me following a moment later.

Looking back, I could have bitten one of her nipples off if I hadn’t released it just as we fell. But neither of us was thinking about consequences just then; we were both trying to get my cock out, fumbling with the button and zipper until it was freed and in her hand, her head already descending, mouth agape, as if starving for my cock.

A half second later she was sucking with a need that made my knees grow weak. She didn’t bob at first, and I wasn’t sure if that was because of her, or because I held her head tightly in place, not wanting to go further than we already had, but not able to relinquish her either.

But still Ashley sucked the half-length of my cock that I’d given her, and between swirling fits with her tongue, she talked with her mouth full like that, not really to me, but not just to herself, either.

“No-rit do-iss. No-rit! Rove you … rove you, other!”

“I love you too, sis,” I responded understanding her every word.

Pulling herself off my sloppy wet cock, Ashley looked up at me and smiled then rubbed it all over her face.

“Ohhhh, what a lovely thing you have, dearest brother! What a lovely thing!”

It was then that I saw the tears running down her face.

“What’s wrong with us?” she gently sobbed. “Why can’t I stop?”

She rubbed my dick, wet with spit and tears and pre-cum, back and forth over her face, licking it each time it passed by her lips.

“God, I fucking love this cock. I want it so bad. I want it in me. I want you in me, big brother. I want to suck you and swallow you and fuck you more than anything in the world!” she cried.

Then she stuffed my cock back into her mouth and sucked me hard before taking me out again to exclaim, “”Why don’t you tell me to stop? Why don’t you tell me how wrong it is?”

“It’s…it is wrong,” I managed as her tears fell faster. But her face was still pressed against my throbbing cock and her hand was cupping my balls.

“We … we know it’s wrong,” I said, “but obviously we don’t really care or we wouldn’t have gone this far. I want to fuck you so bad that I think I’ll die if I can’t. You can’t let go of my cock … so you must want it as much as I do. How can it be bad? Really … if we want it so much, how can it be bad?”

“Eve took the apple … gave it to Adam, remember?”

“That’s like a fairy tale … It never happened. Someone made it up to support a theological argument.

“You think?”

“Of course I think. Now let’s do what we set out to do!”

I pushed her back onto the bed and met no resistance. I fed my cock to her eager mouth and she took me deep, making gluck-gluck sounds until she compensated for my size, after that she was fine. We reached a fast, even pace in no time, with my balls slapping up against her chin and her throat issuing wet, involuntary sounds as she threatened to gag herself on me, before she finally pulled off me.

“Donnie, Donnie! We have to stop,” she said, out of breath, thick strings of spit and pre-cum dangling from her mouth yet still connected to my pole.

But then she allowed herself a glance at my slick, red, throbbing cock and she gasped, “Oh, my God,” and stuffed me back in her mouth.

Ashley sucked voraciously until gasping for breath, she yanked me from her drooling mouth to ask: “You gonna cum soon? You gonna feed your little sister?”

That’s all it took. An indescribable pleasure snatched energy from every cell of my body and then fused it together into a huge gush of molten sperm that poured funnel-like from my balls directly into my sister’s mouth.

It came with such force and quantity that the first spurt choked her and came spewing back out between the tight seal of her lips around my cock. But the thick white mess was what she had been begging for, and so Ashley kept at it, struggling to find a rhythm of swallowing that matched the relentless surge of my thick, syrupy sperm.

“Taste good … tastes soooo good!” she said in a sexy, throaty voice and she continued to swallow every drop of my load.

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