Sexy Classroom Ep. 03

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Review from last time:

Eric came around to the other side of the bench and stood in front of it. She turned to face him.

By the time she did, the basketball player had finished her work for her. Her student’s cock stood tall, proud and so fucking thick! Right in her face. Mrs. Dawson’s eyes widened and she gasped with shock.

But before she could collect herself, Eric had grabbed her by the back of her head, pulled her forward and thrust with his hips. Suddenly she was gagging, trying to fit that big cock in her mouth all of a sudden. Eric didn’t hesitate, he just stood there, moaning, letting her suck him off. It was rough at first, but then she got down to a rhythm. Then she got hungry for it. Here she was, almost nude now that Eric’s hands had helped unbutton and slip off her shirt, in the middle of the park, sucking her student’s big dick.

Eric’s hands slipped down to caress her boobs. They were free, and so soft and warm. They hung there as she sucked him, so warm and so pert looking. He moaned as his teacher sucked him off and gently twisted her nipples. She moaned and the vibrations in her mouth made his cock twinge. She felt it and stopped sucking.

“I want you to fuck me.” She told him in a husky, lustful voice.


Eric stared for a second and then said, his voice a hoarse and reverent whisper: “Lay down, Mrs. Dawson.”

She smiled as she lay back leisurely on the bench. Eric’s eyes widened again as he saw his teacher there, this hot older woman who wanted to be fucked right now. Her tits bounced slightly as she shifted, the nipples hard and aroused.

Eric put his big hands on her hips and slowly slipped her shorts and thong down her legs. He pulled them off and tossed them on the ground in a heap of lacy bra’s, boxers, jeans, shorts, and a thong.

Centeral Valley School’s Mrs. Brianna Dawson moaned and spread her tanned legs. “Come fuck me Eric. Maybe I can give you an “A” on that report about African American authorship.”

He sneered at her as he discarded his shoes and moved up to the bench. “Listen to the little English teacher.” He mocked. “My report on African American authorship. Huh. Let’s see what you have to say when you feel this big cock inside you.”

Mrs. Dawson’s eyes grew wide and a blush rose to her fair complexion. From her bald pussy came the waft of a woman in heat. Eric grasped his hard shaft and moved it into position. It’s big head poked at her tight entrance, getting wet from the juices leaking out around it.

“Yeah…that’s it baby…do me…fuck me good.” She whispered, her eyes rolling in pleasure. She had a hand on each of her perfect titties and was softly pinching her nipples in anticipation.

Suddenly, they both heard the unmistakable sound of voices nearby.

Eric didn’t care and was all for thrusting his massive business into his fine teacher’s twat. He began to thrust again but Brianna stopped him. “No.” she said. “They’ll find us and it will be all over. Later, I promise. Tommorow-my house. Your T.S. Eliot paper needs work.”

They locked eyes for a moment. Eric was frustrated and considering fucking her good anyway. Her pretty eyes were firm in their resolve, but her pussy told a different story.

The voices sounded again, closer, louder.

Eric decided. He got off the bench, they both dressed quickly. Eric grasped his teacher one more time before she headed back out of the woods and kissed her deeply. She melted right into him and her tongue slipped smoothly into his mouth. Then she was gone.

The next morning…Sunday…

Mrs. Dawson had just gotten out of a soothing, warm morning shower when she heard the doorbell ring. All she had on was a pair of sensible, comfortable cotton panties. Slyly, she opted just to put on her satin robe and greet Eric that way.

She walked through the quiet, tasteful house to the front door. Behind her, in the kitchen, she had laid out all the materials they would need to work on Eric’s so far botched report on the works of T.S. Eliot.

She opened the door into the sunny front lawn. Eric was standing on the front stepped, dressed in jeans and a close-fitting t-shirt. His eyes widened and Brianna could imagine that hard dick growing as he saw how she was dressed. It made her feel so sexy to turn on this powerful, hormone crazed 18-year old cock so easily. She smiled at him.

“Welcome Eric. Ready to work on that report?”

Eric nodded as he came in. He held up an arm that had papers and a folder in it. “Yes I am, Mrs. Dawson.”

She shut the door behind him and turned around. He watched her with that big grin and one of his warm hands was at the satin edge of her robe, pulling it out and sliding down to rest on one of her boobs, still warm and wet from the shower. She moaned as he cupped it and started tweaking her nipple.

Then she stopped. “No. We’ll do some real work today. Come on, into the kitchen.”

They sat at the kitchen table and talked about the report. Eric kept casting lingering glances at his teacher, but she was quite cool and professional and ignored him. Well, almost. After they had discussed things and Eric had settled in to re-write a piece, Brianna “accidentally” slipped her hand into his lap. She just had to wrap her fingers around this boy’s huge sausage. Just once, right now.

She found it easily and felt it through his pants. God, it was so big. Eric was turning to face her now, putting his pen down. She quickly stopped and told him: “Sorry. No. Not yet.”

The phone rang. It was across the hall, in the dining room. As Brianna got up to retrieve it, her robe flopped open and Eric was treated/tortured to a view of her massive naked breasts, just hanging there, begging to be touched.

Brianna Dawson turned and grinned at him. “No. Finish your work. We’ll see about play after I’m off the phone.”

She went into the dining room and picked up. “Hello?”

“Hey lovie.” Came the familiar voice of her tall, tanned and handsome husband, Ben Dawson. “How is everything?”

“Ben! It’s great to hear from you! What’s going on?”

“Ah, we’re out for a minute and I figured I’d give you a call.”

Eric, eavesdropping from the kitchen, worried. He didn’t want Mrs. Dawson, talking to Mr. Dawson, to suddenly be overcome with remorse and turn into a cold fish. So he had an idea. It was a bit wild, could backfire on him, but his cock was in command, not his brain. So he snuck out of the kitchen and into the dining room, quietly.

Mrs. Dawson was giggling about something when Eric put his hands on her shoulders. She jumped a little, but did not say anything and did not turn around. In fact, she leaned back against him and continued talking.

Eric slowly slipped the robe off her. Again, she was very, very willing and let it fall to the ground. Eric let one hand maul her left breast while the other slipped her cotton panties off. His hard-on became almost painful as she stepped out of the panties. This was so easy! His English teacher was so willing! She was letting him strip her while she was chatting on the phone with her own husband!

Eric grew more confidant. He unbuttoned his own pants, slid them down a bit. As he did so, he also moved Brianna forward and had her bend over the table top, so that her ass was presented to his cock, now sprung free from his boxers and standing tall. And Brianna Dawson was still talking calmly to her husband.

“Everythings fine here, hon. How is the confrence going? How are the women out on the coast there?”

Ben laughed. “They’re awfully seductive and fine looking, but I’d settle for a piece of that English teacher back home right now.”

“So would-OH GOD yes-so would I.” she said as Eric began fucking her from behind.

Ben laughed again. “Don’t wet yourself there.”

Brianna tried not to moan. If he only knew. She was so far beyond wetting herself…it was like an ocean down there…she could hear the sloppy noise as Eric’s big meatpole slid in and out of her warm insides.

Eric put his hands on her hips and began fucking her in time. He pulled her fine body back to meet his cock as he thrust. Her body shuddered and she moaned as she began to get really well fucked.


“Brianna? What the hell’s going on?” Ben demanded.

“Tell him what’s happening.” Eric ordered softly in her ear. To reinforce this, he thrust a little faster and his fingers found her clit and began strumming it back and forth. Brianna’s head hung limp and despite all her controls-she moaned! But instead of regretting it, she caved in and the idea of this began making her hotter.

“Uhm…oh God yes…oh Ben…my…ugh…student…is fucking me!”

Silence from the other end. Then a sound from the speaker as if Ben had drawn in his breath sharply. “Really?” he asked.

“That’s right..and it feels so good…oh yeah…baby…oh…he’s here…he’s fucking me, Ben. His cock feels so big!”

Eric rewarded this by putting both hands on her tits and pinching her nipples just the way she liked it. Brianna Dawson moaned louder and ground herself back against Eric. His cock sank even deeper and she flung her head back in triumph. Now she set the pace, thrusting herself back against him.

“Oh-I’m fucking him, Benny. I’m fucking him so good. Oh God-you should see his face. Oh! His big balls are slapping against my wet pussy! Oh yeah this feels so fucking good!”

Silence on the line.

Brianna moaned loudly and flung her head back again. Her eyes rolled back deep into her head. “Oh YES…oh he’s fucking my cunt so good and your not here to do anything about it. Damn-he fills me right up…oh…he’s pumping me full…oh God I am so frigging wet right now! That’s right baby! Squeeze my tits! Oh you love my amazing tits don’t you? Feel how they bounce when you fuck me! Ohhh yeeaahhh…”

On the other side of the country, dressed in a crisp business suit and standing in a secluded alcove inside the Greenspa Confrence Center, Ben Dawson found he had a rock solid boner. As he listened to the taboo scene being relayed to him from home, his hand inadvertently slipped down the front of his suit and gave his cock a few quick strokes through the fabric.

His heart pounding, his conciousness transferred to his hard 8″ cock, Ben found himself whispering into the phone: “That’s right baby. Fuck him good. Make him cum all over you baby. Oh God…that’s so hot…Oh. What’s this kid’s name?”

“Oh…Eric…oh God…Eric!” came the moaning reply.

“Eric? Talk to me, buddy.” Ben said.

“Hello?” came the grunted, distracted reply.

“Listen up good, son. When I get home, I want my wife well lubricated and serviced. I want her to behave like a good, broken-in little slut. Make sure she’s nice and horny and ready for me. Is that clear?”

“Uh…yes…sir…I’ll do all that.” Eric groaned. There was a slapping noise in the background as Brianna fucked him like an inhuman machine.

“Good.” Ben replied. He heard voices and footsteps nearby. “I look forward to meeting you, Eric. Enjoy.” And he hung up, fighting to hide his erection, just as his secretary poked her head into the alcove.

“Oh-there you are!” she said perkily. “They’re ready to resume.”

Ben was so frustrated, so horny. He smiled his magical smile at her. “Thanks Kerri. And Kerri-“

She turned to face him again, smiling. Ben took her in with a sly glance. Her dirty blonde hair was cut to shoulder length and it framed her pretty face nicely. She was dressed in a professional black blouse and a short gray mini-skirt that ended a few inches above her knees.

“You look very, very…fine today.” He told her, stepping forward. He grinned and took her arm and they locked eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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