She’s The Boss

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“Hey, John. How are you doing?”

I knew immediately who was calling me, she was the mom of one of my daughter’s classmates, and I had spoken to her enough in the past to recognize the voice.

Only problem was…my daughter couldn’t stand her daughter. Well, that and the fact that she had had two girls about so many years ago and had really put on the weight. I really like ladies with some meat on them, but Madison was very large and she didn’t wear it well.

So when she started making her way towards my car from across the street, I didn’t even look up…not until she was leaning up against my VW.

WOW! She was wearing a pair of hip-hugging jeans that looked like she was poured into them, and a dark yellow top minus the sleeves and the bra, the front was cut low and I was looking at cleavage that was most inviting.

“What…what…wha…what happened?” I stammered. In all honesty, I hadn’t seen her since she left town three years ago.

“Oh yeah, you haven’t seen me since I got back in town. Well, you know Jeff’s job caused us to move and I guess you heard that he died a little over a year ago.”

I just nodded my head and said, “Yeah, I was sorry to hear about that. You have my sympathies.”

“Thank you. It is appreciated. But my mom is here, so we came back home to help her and we were never happy in Seattle anyway. Anywho, right after Jeff died, I tried to make it work where we were and I went through a depression and hardly ate at all. The weight started coming off and I liked how I looked and so, I started watching what I ate and started a regular exercise and yoga program and here I am.”

“Here you are.” I had to repeat things out loud and in my head because Madison had leaned down to my car window at one point and her breasts were in viewing and touching distance, and that top was doing nothing to hold them back. “You look great.” I averted my gaze. “Your hair looks fantastic.”

“It’s amazing how your skin and hair respond when you stop putting garbage in your body,” she replied.

Her face was surrounded by loose rings of golden hair and her complexion seemed to glow.

“It’s working,” I managed to say.

“Well, how’s it going with you? You look good. How’s the job hunting?”

Obviously, she had been in town long enough to have heard that I had graduated nursing school and was looking for a job.

“Oh, it’s going okay.”

“Well, I am now in charge of the medical department where I work. You say the word and you are hired,” Madison proudly announced.

“The Word,” I retorted.

“Can you show up tomorrow morning. We will get the red tape started.”

“Sure thing. Thanks.”

“In that case, I will see you later.” And with that, Madison turned about and walked to her own car, with an inticing wiggle in her rear-end that had me in a trance. The school bell ringing to release our daughters was the only thing that broke me out of the spell that her ass had cast.

Red tape was no exaggeration. Madison worked in the medical facility in a prison, and they examined my past, present, and future. Of course, Madison vouched for me and that cut that red tape a little short.

I started working a few days after being cleared and was enthusiastic about having the job. I worked the graveyard shift with a woman that went to school with Moses. To add insult to injury, I was in a men’s only prison, so testosterone was not in short supply, including my own. I had been divorced for etiler escort a year and a half, and my world revolved around my kids, that left little time for the affections of the fairer sex. Much like the men that I catered to, I was in my own private prison.

Finally, a break in the whole thing happened when Mose’s classmate retired. There was no replacement available, so Madison took over where “Miss-Older-Than-Dirt” left off.

Of course, she did not look quite the same as she did that day at the school. Her hair was up in a bun and she wore scrubs, but damn, did she make scrubs look good. They were tight in all the right places and hugged every inch of her. But even when I looked at her, I still saw her the same as I did the day her tits invaded my VW.

We spent moments each night getting caught up on old times and I let her know all the local gossip, (or more like, she let me know all the local gossip). She told me how things were since Jeff had died, and commented how nice it was to be working nights, as that was when she was the loneliest.

“I just really haven’t put myself out there,” she told me, “I don’t have the nerve and I’m sure that I’m too old now. Well, you know what it’s like, you’re divorced.”

And then, as quickly as she had said it, she blurted, “Oh, oh, John, I am so sorry I said that. I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay. I know what you mean. And you are right. I haven’t put myself out there, either. But as far as you being too old…I don’t think so.”

“John, I’m 43…almost 44.”

“And what makes you think that is too old for a love life?” I demanded.

“And just how old are you, kiddo?”

“I’m 34…almost 35. And believe me, if I ran into the right gal, I would have her in my arms in a flash.”

Madison turned red and stated, “I gotta get some air. Be right back.”

The next few nights were a series of calamities, as Madison and I tried to avoid each other. We fought to give the other space, both physical and in general. When we got near each other, the chemistry ignited and the pheromones flew through the air. There seemed to be some unseen line that we didn’t want to cross.

One night, she was reaching for some medical tape in a cabinet that was put in place for an NBA star. I rushed behind her to help her saying, “I got it. I got it.”, but I was having to stretch to reach the tape. That’s when I noticed, our bodies were in serious contact and the bulge in my scrubs was rubbing against her magnificent ass. I made one more lunge for the tape, ramming myself further into her backside.

“I told you…I got it.” I handed her the tape.

“Yeah, you got it alright,” she grinned.

The next night, I could have sworn it was my imagination, but it looked like Madison was not wearing a bra under her scrubs. No, that’s just wishful thinking. Except…later in the night, Madison asked me to look at some paperwork that was on her desk. As I stood by her, she showed me what she wanted me to double-check for her. Every once in a while, she would point at a section of the papers, leaning forward to point, I could see down her scrub top where her left breast was totally exposed.

She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples began to stiffen, exposing that fact even more.

“You need to fix this part right here.”, I began, “Let me show you.” I reached for a pencil on the desk and Madison leaned forward until my hand was “trapped” eve gelen escort on the desk by her left tit.

“How does it feel…huh…how does it feel to be teased and not be able to do anything about it?”, she demanded.

“You know, I can move my hand at any time.” I shot back.

“But, you don’t want to, do you?” Madison began slowly moving her breast back and forth on my hand.

“No, I don’t.”

She was actually using her nipple to massage the back of my hand.

She stood up, both nipples straining at the fabric of her scrub top.

“If you don’t put your hands on my tits right now, I will never forgive you.” she said through shallow breaths.

“We can’t. Not here. Where can we…”

“Follow me.” The way her ass was bobbing as she walked away, you didn’t have to tell me twice.

Within seconds, we were in her office. “Now, what was I saying? Oh, yes…” She pulled her scrub top over her head and stood topless before me. She was a C cup at least, with pink areolas and nipples that I had only felt with the back of my hand.

“Get over here.”

I obeyed and let my hands do what came naturally. I turned the tables and massaged her breasts with the other side of my hands this time. I flattened my hands and rubbed her nipples with my palms in a circular fashion.

“Yes, oh…it has been too long. Let me feel it!” I grasped her left tit, letting my fingers roam from her body to her nipples. I used my free hand to caress the back of her neck, locking her in an embrace as my mouth found hers. It started out as a furtive kiss, and then proceeded farther as we sought out our passion with our tongues. Her mouth was producing a liquid heat that was feeding me and urging me onward. God, she’s right. It has been too long, I thought to myself.

She ran her tongue up and down the length of my throat, before placing it wantonly in my mouth again. At this point, I could take no more and I cradled her ass firmly in my arms and carried her over to her office couch. She leaned into a corner where some pillows were and threw one leg across the cushions. I focused on her soft, welcoming tits and began to lick like a man possessed.

“Suck my nipples, damn you, suck my nips! Bite them! Let me feel it!” Her voice possessed a huskiness that I enjoy in a woman and I did as I was told. I tried to get as much of those mounds as I could in my mouth, sucking as hard as I could while my tongue lavished her nipples. I pressed her breasts together and sucked on both nipples at one time and when I bit them, she only screamed, HARDER!

I started running my tongue from between her tits, down her belly, and…”No, No, not yet.” she cooed breathlessly.

“But I…”

She stood and lifted my scrub top up and over my head.

“Oh, yes. I love a man with a hairy chest.”

Then, before I could do or say anything, she grasped my bottoms and pulled them down to the floor.

“Whoa, Hey, That’s not fair.” I protested.

“So, make it fair.” And I did. Besides lack of a bra, Madison was not wearing panties, either. We both stood staring at one another as though we were a couple of teenagers in the backseat of a car. And just like a couple of teens, we were back at it again. Our lips meeting, our mouths searching, our tongues exploring. Madison rubbed her nipples into my chest hair as I licked her neck. My cock kept stabbing into her mounds pubis, just fatih escort below her navel. Finally, she jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

“I just wanted to feel that shaft of yours bobbing around the entrance to my pussy for a change. Now, carry me over to the couch.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Madison pulled on the back of the couch and it let down into a small bed. She covered this with a blanket that was as soft as cotton.

“Lay down.” And I did just that.

She knelt between my legs and said, “How big are you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had any complaints. Are you taking a survey or what?”

“No, I am going to let you know right now.” And with that she gulped down my shaft, all the way to the base, and then came back up, slowly, so slowly.

“You are a little over 8 inches. And about 4 and a half inches in diameter.”

“You can tell that just by…”


“How do you…”

“I don’t know, I have just always been able to tell with my mouth. Length and width.”

“Have you tried to make a living at this at carnivals and state fairs. I mean, where’s my prize?”

“Right here.” And with that, she swallowed my cock again. She was in a really smooth rhythm, her head bobbing, hair flying loose. She kept moaning over and over again, especially as she would reach the head of my penis. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, I opened them again as I felt movement and saw the prettiest pussy just inches from my face.

“Turn-about is fair play.” she said.

I needed no further encouragement. I dove my tongue into her moist crevice and luxuriated in the taste. She was musky and strong with a scent that hardened my cock even more.

“Oh God.” she mumbled.

It had been so long since I had tasted pussy that I lost my head a little. I lathered every square inch of her sex with my mouth. When I used my lower lip and ran it over her clit repeatedly, she sat up, pressing even more of that luscious quim into my mouth. I lodged my tongue in her hole and used my lips on hers. As I began making a vibrating sound with my lips and tongue, she started rubbing herself all over my face. She leaned forward slightly and firmly grasped my cock with one hand.

“You have me right on the edge! We are going to do this together! When I say…Ready! Tongue my pussy NOW!”

I keep up what I was doing to her and I had to reach up and grasp her by the thighs to keep her from falling off my face.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I am cumming! Yes, keep your tongue right there, keep it in me! Please, oh yes…”

She increased the grasp and the movement that she had on my shaft. The faster I licked, the faster she stroked.

“Oh Baby, can you taste me! I am cumming all over your tongue! Cum for me, Baby, I need to see it, please cum for me now, I am going to explode again! Cum with me!”

I could not believe it, I had felt the boiling in my balls for a while and now, she was stroking me to an orgasm that was not to be believed!

“Oh Madison, yes, don’t stop! Please, that feels fantastic! Just like that…yes…oh, yes…that a girl!

Oh Babe, I am there! You are the best! Ahhhhhh! God, YES!

Even after I was through, Madison continued stroking me.

“When does this puppy go soft, huh?”

“Usually about 20 minutes after sex.”

“And what did we just do?”

“That was foreplay, Babe.”

Once again, just as before, I was snapped out of my trance by one of the correctional officers shouting, “Hello, anyone here?”

Madison threw me my scrubs and whispered, “Get your cloths on and get out there and stall him. He is here for the 2:00 a.m. check. Tell him you were helping me rearrange my office. Anything…GO!”

Once again I did as I was told, after all, she is my boss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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