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Having not gone to bed before two am each night for the past week of my vacation, has made it awfully difficult for me to get to sleep in a timely manner tonight. This heat sure isn’t making things any easier on me. It is now 12:30 am and my alarm will be going off in a mere four hours, but I can’t, for the life of me fall asleep.

Tossing and turning has gotten me nowhere, and reading about the Samurai code has not had its usual drowsy effect. As my usual methods of resisting insomnia having failed, I shall have to resort to drastic measures and help myself to sleep the old fashioned way; I must masturbate.

A week without so much as a touch has left many an eager nerve ending. Arousal is as simple as the thought of a beautiful, naked woman, pleasuring herself. Delicious. The thought of her pleasuring me is ever so slightly more effective. Yummy. But, the thought of myself pleasuring her is really what does it for me. Mmmmm…

My left hand has found its way to my breasts and is busy pulling at my nipple while my other hand softly caresses my belly. The tingly sensations of my touch are being sped right to my clit as my right hand works its way in that very direction.

A quick dip between my legs reveals a generous amount of sticky nectar, which Ümraniye Escort just turns me on even more. I absolutely love the feel of a really wet pussy, particularly my own. I give my clit a few good rubs before reaching for the lube. I’m perfectly willing to let my natural lube be enough on most occasions, but tonight begs for a bit more slick.

With juicy fingers, I return my attention to my femininity, which is beyond ready for me to begin. With the tips of my fingers, I slowly rub the length and width of my pussy, careful not to leave any bit of flesh untouched. I can feel that delicate softness warm and moisten beneath my fingers. I’m really getting myself worked up, here. The petting is nicely effective, but the nipple tugging is driving me crazy. I’ve got the strongest urge to attack this orgasm as if my life depended on it. Against my normally patient nature, I want to come, hard, as soon as possible.

With increased pressure and speed, I begin circling the hell out of my clit. I stroke counterclockwise, clockwise, north to south and east to west. I’m really grinding into my fingers, the most luscious sensations coursing through my body. Normally a very quiet lover, my own moans surprise me. This feels really, really Ümraniye Escort Bayan good. So good, in fact, that I’ve just got to add some penetration to this mix.

I keep the few toys that I own in their little satchels under my bed. I hope to grab a hold of my glass spine dildo, but my blind reach may yield different results. I enjoy all of my *toys equally well, but the spine is definitely the right tool for the job this evening. It’s a nicely curved series of blown glass spheres of slightly increasing diameters in the direction of the big handle ball at the end. It’s wonderful for a good g-spot pummeling, of which I’m absolutely in the mood for.

My reach proves successful as the spine is in my hands and being lubed at this very moment. This is going to be so much fun!

I slick my pussy lips one last time before plunging this beauty of a toy in for the kill. With seemingly reckless abandon, I’m going right for the masturbatory jugular, and begin furiously pumping away. Being that I’m right handed, I’m not all that dexterous with my left hand, but I was confident in its ability to perform the task at hand. Besides, I need my right hand for strumming my clit. My pace was as quick as it’s ever been, left Escort Ümraniye hand thrusting at my g-spot, in an almost twitchy manner, while my right hand takes swift control of the clitoral stimulation. I’m like some sort of ungraceful machine: left hand jackhammering away, right hand circling frenetically, hips bucking and gyrating, legs squirming all over the place. My breath lingers in the back of my throat, only allowed release by way of soft moans and groans. I might just faint from of how great this feels.

The ambrosial aura that’s begun to envelope me only serves to quicken my tempo. I buck harder, plunge more tumultuously and rub in a much more enjoyably vigorous manner. What began as a bit of a tingle deep within my abdomen had no sooner flushed my body with an intense and all encompassing climax, the likes of which I’d really known only a few times before. My bucks become twitches as both of my hands resist friction and focus direct pressure onto the two points at the origin of this orgasm. The glass dildo pressing hard into my g-spot as my fingers dig in and bear down on my throbbing clit. My long, sustained grunt goes the distance of my self-built zenith.

As the eye of this storm pass over me with three or four waves of pleasure, I’m slowly regaining my composure while my PC muscles continue to contract and release, tighten and relax.

I can but lay in post-climactic heap before sliding the beautiful piece of glass from within me and regaining a semblance of composure.

With this final yawn, I’m off to a glorious slumber.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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