Spying on My Sister

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[All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.]

This is a story about the first time I saw another person masturbate, which happened to be my sister. It’s a relatively tame story, but one of those experiences that I had that I have relived in my mind a thousand times.

It was a Saturday morning, and I had a soccer scrimmage. I got dressed, had some breakfast, and then said goodbye to my sister, Kari. Our parents had taken off already and were probably gone for the day. I jumped in my car and headed out. After getting to the fields, we found out that the fields were double booked with a boys tournament that should have been finished the night before. After about a half hour of trying to figure out what to do next, our coach cancelled the scrimmage and we all went home.

I was both happy and sad. Happy that I now had an extra couple of hours of my Saturday back, but sad also because this scrimmage was going to be a good chance for me to prove to coach that I should be a starter in our first game of the season the following weekend. I walked in the house and went straight upstairs to get out of my practice gear. I was wondering who to call and what to do with all this extra time today. In any case, I figured I take a shower and start my day. So I stripped down to my panties and my sports bra and headed to the bathroom.

When I turned the corner, I saw the bathroom light on and could hear the bath running. Damn, Kari was already in there. The door was cracked, so I walked up to it and was just about to knock on it while pushing my head in to ask if I could go first. Instead, I just stood there, shocked. My knuckles less than an inch from knocking and my face stuffed in the crack of the open door. From this angle I couldn’t see anything but part of the sink and the huge mirror that hung above it. However, in the reflection of the mirror, I could see Kari in the bathtub. Now, I have seen my sister naked a million times, as she has seen me as well, but this time was different. Escort bayan Kari was laying down in the tub on her back, with her legs up in the air pressing against the wall. The bath was still being filled, and the faucet looked like it was pouring straight down onto Kari’s stomach. What in the heck? If it didn’t look so weird, I would have barged in and asked her what she was doing, but something told me to stop.

I took a half step backward and sort of changed my position so I could see better through the mirror. Yep, she was laying in the bath so that the water would fall directly on her. While trying to figure what was going on, I heard a faint moan barely make it over the loud sounds of the running water. Now, I sort of started to get it. I looked again at the way she was laying and where, exactly, the water stream was hitting. Yep, she was having the water stream hit directly on her pussy. What in the heck? Does that feel good? Another moan, this one a little louder and more determined, and I had my answer. Yep, it does feel good, and I was standing here watching my older sister masturbate.

I was feeling dirty and mean for spying, but at the same time feeling super interested and a bit turned on. The feelings of regret were quickly being overcome by feelings of sexual desire as she continued to moan and I, myself, began to tingle down below. I tried moving around to see if I could get a better view or position, but I couldn’t. I sort of wanted to see her face to see how much she was enjoying it. From the sounds of her moans, this little water trick was seeming to work. I was getting hot just thinking of how I couldn’t wait to try it myself.

Another moan and then she lowered herself back down into the tub. What? It hadn’t sounded like she had orgasmed, or, if she had, it didn’t seem to be a good one if you know what I mean. She slid her legs back down into the tub, so now I could only see the bottom part of her legs. Bummer. Show over. I couldn’t believe I was getting Escort so hot watching my sister. Gross.

Just then I heard another moan, and couldn’t see much, but I did see the water level in the tub bounce around. Oh, the show was still on. She was still masturbating, but old school style. If you’re a girl, then you are well aware of what the water level does when you are getting busy. The rhythm of your hand makes these very distinct waves in the tub. And this was clearly what Kari was doing. I couldn’t see anymore, but the thought of her finishing herself off just a few feet from me was still making me hot and tingly.

I tried to get a better view, but still couldn’t see much of anything but the bottom of her legs and the shower wall with the faucet, which was still running. She must have had the drain unplugged. Even though I couldn’t see much, seeing the waves in the water and hearing her occasional moan was enough, and I decided I would play along. My nipples were already poking through the thick material of my sports bra, so I snuck in my fingers to give them some attention. Then my right hand went down my stomach to the waistband of my panties. No hesitation or time for outside-the-panty play – I went right for it. I slid my middle finger down over my mound, over my lips, and directly into myself. Just a little bit, but enough to break the dam of the liquid excitement that had been building up the last few minutes. I then took my now slippery finger and slowly brought it up through my lips and all the way up to my clit, making sure everything was wet and slippery. I went back down and repeated the motion, this time sticking my finger in a bit further and noticing how hot my hole and juices felt on it.

Another moan, and I looked up. She was again changing her position in the tub, and eventually got back to her original position with her legs up the wall on either side of the faucet. She was coming back for more, so this was probably going to be it. I pulled my finger out Bayan escort of myself and brought it up along with all the slippery oils to my clit and started to rub with focus. I was past the part of feeling embarrassed and intrusive – I just wanted to cum when Kari came. Her moans were becoming more pronounced, and I could tell that she had made up her mind to pursue the orgasm. I fingered myself faster and faster, with my little hard clit responding with every touch. “Yes, yes, uhm, uhm…” was now coming from the tub well over the sounds of the running water. I could feel my toes begin to tingle and new that my own orgasm was in the making as well. “Yes, yes…” getting higher pitched, and I could see her legs shake and convulse against the tiled wall as she threw her hips and naked bush closer to the faucet to maximize the impact of the water stream. Seeing this, I let myself go. A couple more circles around my nub, and then once my orgasm started, I slid my hand down, sliding two fingers inside me while rubbing the palm of my hand against my throbbing clit. WOW! And I mean WOW!

I stood there shaking, doing all I could to keep my balance and avoid falling against the cracked bathroom door. Forcing my mouth to stay shut, I didn’t shriek, but I must have made some moaning sounds, I’m sure. Kari was enjoying the final ripples of her own orgasm, so I’m sure she didn’t hear me. So I pulled my drenched fingers out of my panties, and quietly but quickly tiptoed back to my room. I threw my soccer gear back on, and then ran downstairs and out the back door. I counted to like a hundred, and then walked in the front door, making as much noise as I could.

A few minutes later, Kari came out of the bathroom and said hi, and asked why I was home so early. I told her that the scrimmage was cancelled and she got excited. She said, “Good, then maybe you can go to the mall with me. I need to get Stevie a gift for her birthday.”

She didn’t know what had happened in the slightest. Years later, after a couple of drinks, I had admitted to her what I had seen. I had even told her that I had “joined in.” We both laughed about it and still do. By the way, I have lost count of how many times I have done the “water dance” in the tub since learning about it. Thanks, sis.

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