Stepmom Flashes

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[This story includes FIRST TIME, Exhibit, and Incest.]

Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I was in my head with resentment that my dad and stepmom had kept me in all-boy schools since I was nine. They were strict about dating, my ascetic lifestyle and the health risks about intimacy. With those fears drilled into me, I barely dated, and those dates I did have were always chaste. Emotionally, I knew I was still thirteen. When a girl tried to kiss me, since I wasn’t trying, I made fearful excuses and avoided the inevitably painful death from “sex.”

It was an especially hot and humid NY day when I got my first closeup view of a live pussy. We might have adapted to the 105 degrees heat if it weren’t for the 90% humidity. Since it was still well before noon, not yet at the peek of the heat, my dad was at work and I was alone with Jean, my stepmom. She was also dad’s third cousin and young at heart. I hoped she would get up soon so we could get out to a pool or beach and catch some breezes. Our window a/c was useless in that heat, so I had two fans on high blowing hot air around the rooms. My thin shorts helped keep me cool, but I found much more relief when I ditched my snug briefs and dared to be commando for the first time.

Jean threw open her bedroom door and rushed into the family room just as I pulled up my shorts. She didn’t comment and may not have seen my bare ass, though I secretly hoped she did and would ask to see it again. Ahh, lurid dreams of a young man rule again. She was sweat-soaked and wearing nothing but a translucent, thin robe that almost reached her knees. This was obvious by the lurching freedom her DD-cups had as she moved and because of the sheerness of the fabric which let her pale rose-colored nipples clearly reveal their size, shape and position. My now barely covered dick noticed and responded. I thought I caught her quickly glance at my nascent bulge and my big brain wasn’t sure if it wanted her to point it out. My little brain pulsed.

She was still attractive despite the sweaty bed hair. “Damn but it’s sweltering in here. I couldn’t take it in the bedroom any longer with no real a/c. It might be a little cooler out here.” We were face to face and less than three feet apart close to the howling fans. Her white robe was probably meant to be used as a swimsuit cover-up since it had two big pockets at mid thigh level. The oversized buttons, about five inches apart, also screamed that this was not to be any sort of modesty robe. Her top two buttons were open to let some air swirl past her huge tits; I mean “breasts” since moms and stepmoms don’t have tits. Right? Either way, she was showing off a mile of deep cleavage and, as the fans forced her robe to billow, the gaps between buttons kept opening and revealing her sweaty naked skin.

We complained about the heat and she put her hands in her pockets and began fluffing and lifting the robe to get air under it. I noticed her chubby thighs display more and more flesh. I’ve seen her in shorts and could adapt to this. But then the button that was at groin level suddenly popped open. She didn’t notice, but mini me did. I couldn’t look at it for fear she would follow my gaze—or should I encourage that? My dick rubbed against my shorts and created a wonderful friction; it swelled along the leg and threatened to stand straight out or pop free. Choices!

Jean continued to blabber about what to do; should she call dad or maybe we could go to a pool. She also continued to fluff her robe. With that critical button open, and the robe inflating in the wind, I had a teasing view of her naked groin. Though I resisted for longer than I thought possible, I had to steal a longer look. Every time she fluffed and pulled her robe open, my eyes darted down. My timing improved and I soon had a clear view of her bright red pubes and the bare, shaved labia under them. My heart raced, my dick pulsed and I enjoyed the illicit view. After far too few fluffs, she caught my eyes darting down. She followed my glance as she fluffed again and saw her crimson pubes in plain sight. Immediately, she glanced at my tenting shorts, gasped and ran back into the hot bedroom with her hand over her mouth.

I squeezed and rubbed my dick at its threshold to become a cock. After a brief, satisfying delay, I went to the closed bedroom door. With my heart racing, I wondered what to do. Should I try to hide my stiffness, or maybe help it escape down my leg before I approached her. Tit for tat, or pussy for cock? I left it tenting straight out and opened the door.

She was standing in front of the room a/c, her back to me, and couldn’t hear me enter over the high fan noise. As she stood staring out the window, she dropped her robe on the bed and just stood at the window, fully exposing herself to our neighbors. I wondered canlı bahis how often she did that and what it meant. Silently, I enjoyed the view of her chubby, bare ass and studied her legs which were suddenly not so chubby looking. My own chubby pulsed. I stepped closer until she saw me. She gasped. “No worries, Jean. I’ve seen totally naked women before.” I lied. “As soon as you came out there, I knew you were naked under your robe. Your sweaty nipples announced themselves, your prominent breasts swung freely and I could see the dark, furry patch between your legs.

“When I saw you looking at my tented shorts then start fluffing your robe, I wasn’t sure what you were telling me. Now look at it.” She covered her tits and twisted at her waist to take a long, hard look at my pulsing dick. I earnestly hoped it would come out for air. It didn’t. I stepped closer and she closed her eyes as she turned away. “Now that I’ve seen your bare ass and pussy up close, there’s no reason to hide them any longer. Come out to the fans naked as you are and we can talk some more.”

“N-n-no, I don’t think I can do that. Not with you anyway. I’m not sure I should be telling you this, but since I’m so exposed already . . . Your dad likes it when I expose myself in public and here at the window for neighbors to watch. I wonder what he’ll think when he hears I let you see me naked. He might like that I showed you my pussy. He knew I would some day. We have a special relationship that allows and encourages us to safely fuck anyone as long as we share every detail. We share partners too. Does this scare you?”

I stepped closer until my stiff cock touched her ass. She gasped, but didn’t move away. “An hour ago, it might have scared me. I’ve seen you looking at my dick before today. Did you want to see it? As you can tell, it’s bare too under these shorts.” She twisted around again to look. This time she didn’t cover her tits and I saw her nipples contract and stiffen. Brazenly, I pulled the leg of my shorts up and exposed my swollen bishop and half my stiff cock. She smiled and I brushed my seeping helm against her thigh. “If you want to see the rest of it, just turn around and show me your bared tits and pussy.”

She stared out the window a moment longer as I continued to slide my damp cock against her upper thigh. This heat I enjoyed. After a deep breath, she slowly turned toward me while pressing against my cock. She spread her legs and combed back her pubes for me. “I thought I saw you covering a bare ass earlier. You may as well have a good, long look before I do the same with you.” She lifted a massive tit and licked and sucked her nipple seductively as her other hand spread her labia and circled her growing clit. Though she sighed and blushed, she kept her eyes on my hard and pulsing cock. Her smile broadened when my foreskin popped behind my crown, unaided.

As she deeply fingered herself within a foot of me, she panted, “I’ve always wondered if you had your dad’s cock. I guess I’ll know shortly.” After stirring it inside her pussy, she extracted her finger and smelled it. Since she made a happy face, I guess she was pleased with her scent. She reached out with that finger and put it under my nose. “What do you think of this aroma? Would you taste it and tell me what it tastes like?”

Her scent was heavenly and I deeply inhaled it before sighing. Though I’d never tasted a woman’s nectar before, I licked then sucked her wet finger into my desperate mouth. “Mmm, you taste incredible—like nothing I’ve ever had before. More, please.” I slid my cock up and down her thigh before tapping it against a swollen lip.

“Easy, boy. I’m not that easy. There is more of that juice to cum; I’m sure. Now that I’ve earned it, let me remove your shirt. It’s much too hot for it. There. Now,” she brushed against my bishop on her way to releasing my button and I nearly swooned at her touch. “Let’s get rid of these shorts. Let me do it all.” After unzipping my shorts, she grabbed the leg next to my exposed cock and held my manhood as she slowly guided the shorts over it.

Despite getting lightheaded, I saw her lick her lips and she leaned forward to press her huge tits warmly against me as she pushed my shorts over my ass. Her gently caressing my bare cheeks was surprisingly arousing and I felt my cock swell against her bare chest. My cock was now completely covered by my shorts, yet my breathing was already ragged. She held her face and tits against me as she pulled my ass closer to her. Finally, she slid my shorts lower and paused again to stare at my dense pubes and my upper shaft. I felt I was about to cum already. Now that would be embarrassing.

She pulled my shorts lower until my bishop was barely hidden, smiled, then snapped the shorts to my ankles. We both enjoyed watching my cock leap free at last. It slapped her chin and bahis siteleri puckered mouth. “Though I want you to taste me directly, I’m afraid you will cum before I get to taste you. I can’t have that.” She smiled as she boldly held my balls and watched my cock bounce as I stepped out of my shorts. Now gloriously naked with my stepmom, my cock saluted her at full attention. Where was the strict parental unit who forbid dating and kissing as a form of sex?

She squeezed a large drop of Cowper’s out of me and licked it slowly with her hot, swirling tongue. My eyes rolled back. “You do have your dad’s cock. Same thickness and length. He’ll be happy to see that.” What? How or why would he . . . “Your clear, sweet precum tastes just like all the other men I’ve tasted, now we’ll see if your cum tastes like your dad’s.” Her talk of comparisons was making me uncomfortable and distracted until I felt the steamy heat of her strong tongue under and around my cock. All other thoughts vanished as she began slowly licking my shaft and balls. That was all new to me.

“Eim orta ina waush sho aiken cuum.” She popped my aching cock out of her mouth and stroked it, “Sorry. We shouldn’t talk with our mouths full, but that is an exception. When I start humming, you will cum quickly.” She swallowed me quickly, gulped three times before I suddenly felt a hot grip I was sure her tongue could not do. Just before my mind blanked completely, I realized that with my pubes pressing her nose, I had to be deep in her throat. Wow! She pulled one cheek away from the other and gently rubbed across my wrinkled hole. This too was new. Then she began humming the Star Spangled Banner and my balls sent my creamy army out explosively before she finished the ‘SEEEEEEE.’

One, two, three, four hard clenches and spurts and my cum went into her belly, filled and overflowed her mouth. My concern quickly vanished when I saw her smile as she licked her lips and swallowed my momentous load. She smacked her lips and guided my stray cum into her mouth. “Yup, you do taste like your dad, but with a hint of cherry.”

“Um, I had a frozen cherry pop about an hour ago. We’re not telling dad any of this, are we? I think it’s time to taste you since you put my soldier out of service.”

“Yes, we are telling him everything. Your soldier will rise again very shortly. Come, eat me now. Wait. You know I don’t mean really eat me, right? I’ll give you direction since this must be your first time. Do well and I’ll let dad watch you eat me and maybe more.” Where has this sexual, wild woman been hiding?

Watching her big tits collide randomly as she got on the bed and lay back was fascinating. They were so much more interesting bared than even loose under the flimsy robe. She put her feet on the edge of the bed and spread her knees for me. Her swollen pussy made a gentle wet pop as her labia split apart. Her inner labia poked out slightly, also swollen. I loved the look of her crimson, dense pubes and her denuded labia. “You studied female anatomy in school right? If you need help, I’ll give you a hands-on lesson later, after I cum on your face.”

“Promises, promises. Yes we did study anatomy and I did extra research, but we didn’t have a hands-on model. Now I’d like to go back and teach a class with Ms Maddy as my model. Where do you want me to start?”

“Start by gently rubbing your finger in circles around my pussy lips. Yes, press harder and spread my lips. Mmm, gently rub my inner lips and follow them both up to where they join. Press deep along both sides of my clit and shift it left-right-left. Gently. Keep one thumb next to it and keep moving it, now in circles. Use your free hand to push a finger deep inside me and tell me if I’m dry, damp or wet. Ahhh, damp. OK. That means you can put your tongue flat against my labia and push it slightly inside. You should be able to taste the same juices you did earlier off my finger. Don’t eat a gal if she’s dry. You probably won’t like the taste. Ohh, Al, your tongue is so deep. Yes, use your finger, two of them now, to explore inside me and take more of me into your mouth. Ohh, so good. I hear it squishing, now I’m wet.

“Use your tongue on my clit while you keep slowly pumping and circling inside my pussy. Push my hood aside and suck my clit out. It feels so firm. If you don’t know where a G-spot is, I’m about to make all your future girl friends very happy. Ohhh, you already know where it (gasp) is. No. Don’t hit it directly, not yet. Spread your fingers and slide along both sides. Press near, but not on it. When I can barely speak, squeeze it between your fingers then you can touch it and make me cum.”

I memorized her directions and followed them. She flushed from her pubes, up her abs, onto both tits, and as it hit her throat and her breathing became ragged, I stroked her G-spot and she screamed in bahis şirketleri orgasm then shuddered spastically. After watching all this, I opened her pussy and lapped every bit of nectar I could reach. She was jumpy, delicious and copious. I then noticed my cock was alive and at attention again.

I lay my stiff cock between her labia as if they were a hotdog bun and pressed it against her clit. “Give me another minute, Al, then we can play ‘hide the sausage’.” I pulled away and she hissed. Swollen, her pussy took on a special beauty. I was anxious to enter her deep, warm cavern now that I knew she wanted it too.

As I gently kissed her inner thighs, I studied her wrinkled hole. I always wondered what mine looked like to someone else and what a woman’s looked like when relaxed or receptive. I knew about anal sex and saw some in porn films, but still didn’t understand how such a tiny, tight hole could take in the huge cocks we see in porn. Her rear hole was gently pulsing, but never truly opening beyond the size of one side of a thick paper clip. I touched it, felt across the crinkles.

She sat up and stared at my stiff cock. She seemed about to comment on it, but changed her mind. “OK, Al. I’m ready for you, but not in my ass. I felt you exploring my rear hole. I’ll teach you anal another time. Maybe after your dad comes home tonight.” She smiled a wicked smile and gently pulled my balls to her. “If you are still a virgin, I’m about to cure you of that. I hope this becomes a beautiful memory you’ll have for life.”

As she slowly stroked my cock, she kissed me passionately like I had never been kissed before. I could have erupted just from the steamy kiss. She had me lift a tit and kiss around her nipple. After some minutes’ instruction on how to best kiss, lick, suck, pull, pinch and twist a nipple—sometimes coordinated with a clit pinch—she rubbed my bishop up and down her labia. Though that felt intoxicating, it also felt like a tease.

“OK, Al. Watch my lips swell and swallow you as you push just your helm into me. Pause and savor the feeling. Now push two more inches into me and pause. Besides the heat, notice my grip on you as I squeeze those muscles. I know you’re anxious to go all the way, but focus for just a minute. Now push in those last few inches. All the way, pubes on pubes, and hold still. Yes, inhale like that. Feel the energy, our connection and your blanked mind. This is the nirvana of sex. The rest is exercise—very pleasant as it is.”

It was all true. Now I knew what my goal would be forever—to connect with a woman like this. Jean suddenly backed away without loosening her grip on my cock. “Now it’s time for that pleasant, special exercise.” She tilted her hips and slammed against me. I took the hint and pulled out, watched her fattened lips stretch out as they tried to hold me in. Then they folded inside her as I pushed back into her.

The exquisite friction set off a cascade that quickened my breath, took control of my hips, and turned them into a jackhammer. I no longer had free will. My only purpose for living was to fill her pussy with as much baby batter as I could as deeply as I could. She squeezed; I hammered, and in seconds I filled her canal with several spurts and stayed firmly against her until the last launch. Then I collapsed on her and stayed still as my stiffness wilted inside her. My overly sensitized dick reluctantly slid out of her with a “pop” noise.

Satisfied, she smiled at me, got on her knees, and sucked my slippery dick clean again. “If your dad were here now, he would drink your cum out of my pussy. He likes cream pie. Maybe you do too, but don’t know it yet. You’ll have your chance. Umm. Have you heard of DP? We may get to that later tonight too. Let’s go out to the fans and cool off a little. Don’t worry about the open windows—I never did when you weren’t around.”

“Umm, Jean, are you serious about having sex with me while dad watches? If I can get used to that idea, I think you should meet him downstairs, naked. That should get him going.”

We stared out the window, both still naked, and Jean said, “Even better, let’s both meet him naked. I’ll keep your cock stiff as he and anyone behind him watches us. You can finger me from behind. You will get to watch your dad fuck me before you both do me at once. Isn’t this home schooling better than reading?” She smiled wickedly at her rhetorical question.

When dad got home, jacket over his arm, shirt open, he opened the front door and found his wife and son naked in the doorway. His jaw dropped and we heard him snap it closed as he watched her stoke my stiff cock as I fingered her wet pussy. One side of his mouth lifted into a tight smile and his wide eyes sparkled. I learned several more lessons that night. Maybe I’ll write about that too one day.

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