Stranded Pt. 01

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I hope you enjoy this new adventure. Part 2 won’t be far down the road if you all like this part. I will also be returning my attention to “Fun for the Whole Family” and “Andy Saves the Burks” soon.

Stranded Part 1

Help from a kind stranger turns into a life changing event for Jen.

Chapter 1

“Well, this sucks!”

Jen felt like screaming as her car coasted to a stop. She had been on a rare shopping trip to Columbus in preparation for her husband’s birthday. Two tires on her beloved Mustang had just gone flat and she had barely gotten it to the berm before it ran out of momentum. It was hammering down the rain when she got out of her car to assess the damage. The phone in her hand went flying as she slipped and fell on the rain covered street.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, sonofabitch!” She had just lost her phone, was dirty from the highway, and soaked to the bone. “Now what do I do?” she thought as she got to her feet. She was on a two-lane highway, miles from the closest town. She looked at the ground, searching for her phone. She spied it laying a few feet away in a puddle and picked it up. She punched the home button, but the phone was dead. Jen resigned herself to a miserable hike in the rain. She was twenty-eight and very fit so the walk was within her capabilities. It just wasn’t going to be pleasant.

She was reaching into the car to grab her driver’s license and credit card when she noticed head lights approaching. The car slowed as it neared and pulled over in front of her car. Jen was apprehensive as the door opened. She was relieved when a woman exited the car carrying an umbrella. The women who walked over to her stood at a bit over five foot and looked to be in her early forties.

“Are you OK?”

“I have not one, but two flats, I’m soaked to the bone, and I killed my phone when I busted my ass on this fucking highway! Outside of that I am just fucking perfect!”

The woman looked at her kindly, “Why don’t you sit in my car and use my phone? I have a blanket in the back you can wrap around you to stay warm.”

“That would be very nice,” a subdued Jen said.

Soon Jen was wrapped in a blanket and seated in the car. “I’m Alisa. Why don’t you use my phone to call a wrecker and your family?”

Jen called the closest wrecker company and told them her situation. The wrecker eventually arrived and the driver loaded her car. He walked over to Alisa’s car and spoke to Jen. “It looks like road debris took out both tires. Both wheels and tires will need replaced and the shop is closed until morning.” He handed her a business card. “Why don’t you call in the morning and we can provide an estimate for the repairs. If the dealer has the wheels and there is no other damage, we can probably get you back on the road before noon.”

Jen thanked him and called her husband. He didn’t answer his cell phone so she called his hotel. As she explained what had happened Alisa quietly eavesdropped. Jen’s husband was traveling on business so it was not possible for him to come and get her. Jen could have sworn she heard a woman in the background. “Is there someone with you?”

“My assistant is helping me,” he replied.

“Why is she helping you in your hotel room?”

“Because we it’s a quiet place where we can work after hours. Get a grip. Your acting jealous!”

“I don’t think it is unreasonable for me to want to know why you have a woman in your hotel room. I am sure they have a business office you could use.”

“Stop it Jen. You know nothing is happening. I have to go. I will call you tomorrow,” he said right before he hung up on her.

She was stunned. She was also stranded.

Alisa spoke up, “Why don’t you come to my house? I live nearby so it won’t be difficult to get you to the shop when your car is fixed. Your husband has my phone number now and I can give him my name and address if he needs it.”

When they arrived, Jen was reassured when she saw a well-kept mid-level home. Alisa invited her inside and escorted her to the bathroom. “Please get undressed and give me your clothes. I will get them in the wash for you while you shower and warm up.”

Jen undressed and handed her clothes to Alisa. She locked the door and enjoyed the warm shower. It occurred to her as she was drying off that she had nothing to wear. Alisa had heard the shower stop and approached the bathroom door. “I am sorry, but my clothes won’t fit you. My daughter’s won’t either, but I do have this old robe. I hope that will work for you until your clothes are ready.”

Jen opened the door and Alisa handed her the robe. Jen was five foot and ten inches tall with brown hair and green eyes. She was slender, but not skinny and her “C” cup breasts were a perfect proportion to her figure. The robe she was handed was flimsy at best and was for someone much shorter than her. She put in on only to discover that the front barely closed and the hem was only inches below her crotch.

Jen shrugged in acceptance and pulled the robe as closed güvenilir bahis as she could. There were no buttons so she tied the small belt tight and hoped that it would do the job. She wasn’t too concerned since it was only her and Alisa in the house.

Alisa escorted Jen into the living room and handed her a glass of Chardonnay. “I expect that you could use this about now.” Jen nodded her thanks and sat down on the couch. “I apologize for not having something more appropriate for you to wear. I have to say though that you look amazing wearing it.”

Jen blushed. She had noticed that Alisa was a very sexy woman. She had that magnetism about her that wasn’t explained just by her blond hair, blue eyes, and petite frame. Jen had never been with a woman, but she thought, “If I ever did, she would be the ideal one.” Followed by, “Stop thinking that way. She is just trying to help and I am married. I have no business fantasizing like that.”

Alisa sat down near her on the couch and they talked for a while. Alisa said, “I am married and have a son and daughter. My husband and son are with my brother in-law at our cabin supposedly fishing, but more than likely just drinking. My daughter just turned eighteen and is hanging out at her best friend’s house tonight. You don’t need to worry about being caught wearing that robe.”

Jen was relieved to know she wasn’t going to be on exhibition. “I’m twenty-eight and my husband and I have been married for five years. He travels a lot for his job and we don’t get to spend a lot of time together between trips. Lately things have been distant between us. I went to Columbus looking for a special gift for his birthday as a way to reconnect.”

The two women continued to talk and drink wine. Eventually Jen noticed she had a bit of a buzz and Alisa was now sitting close to her. Alisa reached up and brushed back Jen’s hair, “You seem like a wonderful person and are very beautiful. I find it beyond belief that anyone would let themself become distant from you. I hope you don’t mind, but I really need to do this.”

Alisa got up on one knee, tilted Jen’s face toward her, and kissed her lightly on the lips. When Jen did not move away, she kissed her more aggressively. Jen kissed her back. They began to kiss more deeply as Alisa cupped Jen’s face with her hand. Jen was not surprised when Alisa’s tongue entered her mouth. She felt a stirring in her groin and heat rose up her body as she returned Alisa’s kiss.

Alisa brushed her hand down Jen’s neck and slid it inside the robe, cupping Jen’s breast. As their kiss continued, she lightly stroked Jen’s nipple with her thumb. Jen began to breath harder as her nipples came erect. Alisa broke off their kiss and began to lick and nibble at Jen’s ear. She slowly licked her way down Jen’s neck and began to lightly bite her.

Goose bumps erupted on Jen’s skin as Alisa moved further down and began to lick Jen’s other nipple. She lightly moaned as her breasts were caressed and licked.

Alisa returned to Jen’s mouth and kissed her passionately. Their tongues swirled together as their heat rose. Alisa slowly pulled back from the kiss and stood. She took Jen’s hands and pulled her to her feet. “Come with me.”

“I don’t know if I should,” Jen shakily said as she trembled with desire.

Alisa replied, “I feel a need for you that I have never felt for another person. Please give this a chance and if you say stop, then we will stop.”

Jen allowed Alisa to lead her to the bedroom.

Chapter 2

Alisa approached Jen as she stood at the edge of the bed. Jen leaned down and restarted their passionate kissing. She couldn’t understand it, but she needed this woman. She began to kiss her way down Alisa’s neck as her hands unbuttoned her blouse. Alisa stepped back from the kiss and began to undress. Jen looked on in appreciation as Alisa exposed her body. Jen couldn’t believe that this woman had two children. Alisa’s body was fit and her pert tits still stood tall.

When Alisa at last stood naked in front of Jen she seemed to become shy. “Your body is amazing,” Jen said as she pulled Alisa close. A fundamental change came over Jan as she now took control. She had to have this woman! She kissed Alisa aggressively while pulling her hard against her own body.

Jen broke off the kiss and whispered into Alisa’s ear, “I won’t be saying “Stop”. I want you and I will have you.” Jen ran her tongue down Alisa’s neck and continued until her mouth covered her nipple. She began to lick it as her hand brushed down to Alisa’s crotch. Jen shoved her leg between Alisa’s to provide room and began to run her fingers between Alisa’s labia. She used the moisture that was nearly dripping from Alisa’s pussy to lubricate her slit. Her fingers began to tease Alisa’s clit as they passionately kissed, Alisa began to tremble with desire. Jen turned her around and pushed her onto the bed.

Jen didn’t know what had come over her, but she liked it. The thought of being the one in control of this türkçe bahis gorgeous woman, of making her as turned on as she was, was almost overpowering. Jen had never eaten another woman’s pussy, but she did not hesitate. Alisa sprawled on the bed and Jen moved on top of her. She began to kiss, lick, and nip her way down Alisa’s body until she reached her sweet pussy.

Jen put her hands under Alisa’s ass and lifted her pussy to meet her mouth. She licked Alisa’s slit slowly and then, plunged her tongue as deep as she could into her sopping wet pussy. Alisa was shaking as she moaned her approval. Jen continued to slowly stroke her slit until she began to lick and lightly nip at Alisa’s clit. Jen used two fingers to tease the opening of Alisa’s vagina, gradually inserting them into her. She began to stroke her fingers in and out of Alisa while continuing to lick on and around her clit. She then ran her tongue up and down Alisa’s slit, eventually returning to Alisa’s erect bud.

Alisa couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. It was as if Jen knew exactly how to please her. Alisa began to cry out her orgasm as her thighs tightened around Jen’s head. She put her hands-on Jens head and pulled her tight against her as the spasms of her orgasm washed over her. Jen continued to lick and finger her until Alisa’s thighs relaxed their hold and she collapsed onto the bed.

Jen moved up onto the bed and kissed Alisa as she trembled with the spasms of her orgasm. When Alisa could finally think straight, she looked up at Jen, “You are amazing! I don’t believe in fate, but I do know my life will never be the same.”

Jen breathed into Alisa’s ear, “I don’t know what came over me. The feeling of control, of making your body dance to my tongue, then making you come… I have never been so turned on. If we had not met, I would have never known. I would be willing to lose all my wheels and tires for that!”

They kissed and held each other until Alisa said, “I am sorry, but I have to pee.” Jen stood up and helped her to her feet. “We are definitely not done yet Jen,” Alisa said as she went to the bathroom.

When she returned she immediately moved into Jen’s arms. Jen looked down at her and they both smiled. Jen began to kiss Alisa passionately as Alisa ran her hands over Jen’s body. Alisa stiffened at the sound of the front door opened. “What the hell?”

Chapter 3

“Honey, where are you?”

“That’s my husband. I wonder why he’s home?” she said as she scrambled to put some clothes on. “I’ll be there in a minute,” she called out.

“Let me see what is going on and I will come and get you,” she said as she rushed out of the room.

Jen retied her loaner robe and wondered, “What do I do now?”

After what seemed like an eternity to Jen, but was actually on a few minutes, Alisa came back into the bedroom. “The rain storm that cost you your tires is also causing flooding near our cabin. They guys had to leave so they wouldn’t get trapped. I told my husband what had happened to you and that I was helping you. Please come and meet them.”

Jen had experienced two major events in her life so far this evening; having sex with a woman and being dominant. That feeling of power gave her the courage she needed to meet Alisa’s family while wearing a tiny robe, and nothing else. That did not mean she was looking forward to it. Things would have been much nicer and so much more fun if it could have stayed just Alisa and her.

They walked into the living room. Jen sat down at the end of the couch, very conscience of how easy it would be to flash someone. That was not a first impression she had every wanted to make! It didn’t help that the three men sitting around her looked like someone had smacked them in the forehead with a rubber mallet.

Alisa got their attention, “He, are you guys all right? Quit staring, it’s rude.”

All of them looked a little startled as they took their eyes off of Jen and looked at Alisa.

“Jen, this is my husband Ron, my brother in-law James, and my son Will. Guys, this is Jen.”

It was not difficult for Jen to see the family resemblance. All three were within an inch or so of each other in height at around five foot eight. They all had brown hair, hazel eyes, wide shoulders, and large muscular arms. She never would have believed a man shorter than her would impress her. A thought she now realized was petty and judgmental. These guys not only impressed her, she found them to be a bit intimidating. Her already wet pussy began to tingle in spite of her attempts to think of anything but sex.

Alisa jumped as the front door opened. Her daughter walked in the door and froze.

“Pardon my French, but “What The Fuck” is going on!? Is there anyone behind you Melody? Maybe a marching band or something?”

“I am sorry Melody. There have been a lot of surprises this evening. But, why are you here and not at Debby’s?”

“They caught us smoking pot and I told them it was mine so Debby wouldn’t get in trouble. They güvenilir bahis siteleri told me to leave and to stop trying to turn their daughter into a criminal. Pot is legal now and it would be funny, except that Debby and I are going to have a hard time seeing each other until her parents come around.”

“Melody I am sorry, but maybe next time you and Debby should be a bit more discrete. It doesn’t matter that it is legal if her parents are going to react the way they did. Sometimes you can be right or you can understand the people around you, adapt your behavior, and swallow your “rightness” for the sake of happiness.

“OK, lecture over. Melody this is Jen. I rescued Jen from the side of the road earlier when her tires blew.”

Jen noticed right away that Melody had her mother’s blond hair, blue eyes, and figure. She had just managed to suppress the tingle from meeting the men in the family when it started again. She began to think about ravishing Melody, but managed to stop before she lost her ability to communicate.

“Hi Jen. Nice to meet you.

“Is that my old robe?

“Where are your clothes!”

Jen was momentarily wordless. Alisa came to the rescue, “Her clothes are being washed. They got soaked and muddy while she was dealing with her car.”

All eyes returned to Jen. After a few moments Melody spoke up, “You definitely wear my old robe better than I ever did. You’re beautiful!”

Jen felt herself blushing and was again rescued when Alisa handed her a glass of wine. She raised the glass and drank partially because she needed it, but mostly to keep from talking.

They eventually settled into mundane conversation and Jen had managed to get a grip on her imagination. They had been drinking for an hour or so and were enjoying themselves. As happens when people drink a group discussion turned into a few smaller conversations. Jen was talking to Alisa and her husband Ron when they heard son Will and daughter Melody raise their voices.

“No way,” said Will. “It would never happen and you wouldn’t do it anyway!”

“What do you want to bet Bro?”

“Seriously? All right I will play your game. If I win, I want to see you naked, I want to play with your naked body, and I want to fuck you.”

“Ha, never gonna happen.”

“Yeh sure Melody, so what would you want if by some miracle you won?”

“I want to use a strap on to peg your ass.”

“Bullshit! You have got a bet!”

Chapter 4

Ron looked at his two children and said, “What the hell are you two talking about!”

“James bet me that I wouldn’t eat Jen’s pussy until she came on my face.”

Jen’s face turned beet red as shocks ran up her groin. She sat silently as her fate was being decided.

“Jen is a guest in our house and not subject to your perverted bets.”

“Oh yeh dad? Watch this!” Melody stood up and walked over to Jen. She put a hand on either side of Jen’s face and pulled her into a kiss. Jen didn’t know what to do. This was so far outside anything she had ever experienced that she acted on instinct. At this moment her instincts led her to open her mouth and accept Melody’s tongue. Their kiss became more passionate. Melody suddenly jerked Jen’s robe open exposing her beautiful tits and erect nipples. She leaned down and pulled Jen’s nipple between her teeth. Her hand snaked down Jens body while she lightly bit Jen’s nipple. Her hand moved between Jen’s legs and she began to rub her fingers up and down Jen’s slit. Jen couldn’t contain her moan as Melody’s fingers penetrated her pussy.

“Your pussy is wet. Do you like my fingers in you pussy? Do you want my tongue in your pussy? Do you?”

“Yes,” Jen whispered.

“You don’t sound like you meant that. I should probably stop,” Melody said as she pulled her fingers out of Jen’s pussy and began to stroke her clit.

Jen knew everyone was watching and that turned her on even more. “Yes, Yes, please eat me!” Jan called out.

Melody dropped to her knees. She grabbed Jen’s legs and pulled her to the edge of the couch, forcing the robe to ride up above her hips. Melody licked her way up Jen’s thigh and brushed against her shaved pussy before licking down the other thigh. She worked her way back up again. She used the tip of her tongue to lightly lick up Jen’s labia and flicked her clit. Jen instinctively pushed her hips toward Melody as a moan escaped her.

Melody continued to tease Jen until Jen thought she would lose her mind. Jen’s body was quivering in anticipation when Melody stopped and looked up at her. “Now what is it you want me to do?”

“For god’s sake, please, eat my pussy!”

Melody smiled and began to eat Jen’s pussy with exuberance. Jen braced her feet on the edge of the couch and raised her hips as she forced her pussy against Melody’s face. Jen’s hands gripped the fabric of the couch and her toes clenched as her orgasm exploded over her. She bucked against Melody’s mouth over and over as the spasms hit her. Melody continued to pump her fingers in and out of Jen as she molested her clit. Eventually her orgasm subsided, her hands and feet unclenched, and her body relaxed. Melody’s fingers in her sopping pussy were the only thing that kept her from sliding off of the couch.

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