Susan Ch. 02

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Group Sex

Susan picked the shopping cart that had the baby seat attached on the front. Not the one where kids put there legs through, but a seat like the one in her car where she has to put a newborn baby in. She pushed through the many isles of the women’s clothing section, trying to pick out some new clothes for herself as well as her daughter who would most likely not where anything that she picks out for her; but she will still try anyway.

She was wearing a yellow dress with little red flowers on them. As soon as her husband left to work that morning, she undid the top three buttons on her dress to show a small but noticeable cleavage that she hoped would get her some attention. But as it was in the middle of the day, in the women’s section of the department store, she wasn’t finding that much attention except from the disapproving eyes of some of the older women shopping there that day.

As luck would have it for her, a stock boy who was passing by pushing a cart stacked with boxes was passing by. Instantly he took a notice to her as she slightly flipped blonde hair. She gave him a subtle smile and a seductive look with her blue eyes. And of course, it didn’t take him long to get a look at her cleavage that stuck out like a sore thumb. He kept looking at her as he kept on going before she was out of sight.

Susan was finally happy, all she wanted was to be noticed a little by a man today and she got it. It has been three weeks since that incident at the gas station bathroom, and it’s all she’s been thinking about since then. She kept wondering when and how she will be able to get to experience the joy and excitement that she felt that day.

After she paid for her items, she went back to her car. She placed her purchased items in the trunk and put the baby in the safety seat in the back. She was already to go except for one minor detail, her car wouldn’t start. She popped the hood of the engine and looked inside. It was then that she remembered that she knew nothing about car engines and had no idea of what she was supposed to be looking for.

“May I help you miss?” A voice said.

Susan turned around and saw the stock boy that she saw earlier out of his uniform and into his casual clothes. He was a good looking man, about 25 or 26 years of age. He stood at least 5’8, medium build, and had brown hair and eyes.

“Oh yes, can you?” Susan replied.

He turned the key in the ignition first and then checked the engine.

“Well I don’t know miss, I’m guessing it’s the battery but I’m not avcılar escort completely sure.”

“Damn,” she said. “I have laundry to take out of the washer. The timer is busted and I don’t want to ruin my clothes.”

“Well,” he began to say. “I could drive you home if you want. You could call your mechanic to pick it up later.

“Oh, could you really?” She said, pretending like she was a woman in desperate need of a man’s help.

She didn’t really have laundry to do. But while he was checking her car engine and she was checking his ass, she got an idea. After they put her items in the trunk and the baby, who was sound asleep, in the back seat they were off.

“Thank you again for doing this,” she said.

“It’s not a problem miss,” he replied.

“Please, call me Susan.”

“Ok, you can call me Mick.”

During the drive Susan hiked up her skirt a bit to show off her well toned legs. She can tell that Mick was trying to drive and take a few glimpses at he legs, and a few times trying to get a look at her cleavage again. She knew what he was after as soon as he came up to her to ask if she needed help. But what she didn’t let on is that she wanted the same thing. And she was intent on playing that game just to tease him and then give him a big surprise.

When they got to her house she pulled out the spare garage door opener that she had in her purse and told him to drive right in. He took her bags into the house and she brought in the baby.

“I guess I’ll be going now,” he said.

“No,” she said. “Just wait there one minute I’ll be right back.”

She took the baby upstairs to the nursery room and placed in his crib. She looked at herself in the mirror hanging on the wall. She fixed her hair a bit, and undid two more buttons on her dress to make a bigger cleavage line.

“Now I’m ready,” she said.

But before she could leave the room, the baby began to cry. By the pitch of his cry, she knew he was hungry.

“Shoot,” she said.

She undid the last two buttons on the front of her dress and pulled down the bra cup covering her left breast. She picked up the baby and began to feed him. She rocked him back and forth and sang him a song as he suckled on her breast. As she turned around she came face to face with Mick. His face was in shock with seeing her breastfeeding her baby. At first he couldn’t get his eye off of her naked breast, but then he covered them to make it look like he wasn’t trying to ataköy escort be perverted.

“Oh, gees,” he said. “I am so sorry. I just wanted to say goodbye.”

“No, it’s Ok. I’m the one that should be sorry; I forgot that I had a guest. Can you please wait for me in the kitchen? I’ll be right down in a minute, I promise.”

He left and went back down to the kitchen. Susan chuckled at this incident, she knew he wasn’t shy about seeing her breast but wanted to be modest about it. After she was done feeding her son, she placed him back in his crib to sleep, redid her dress with that extra cleavage that she wanted and went back downstairs to the kitchen where Mick was waiting with a smile. She still wanted to have fun and tease him some more.

“I’m sorry about that,” she said.

“Oh, it’s Ok,” he said while trying not to look at her cleavage.

“I’m glad you didn’t leave,” she said as she slowly walked up to him with a seductive smile.

“Oh really,” Mick said. He was smiling even more; she can see that he thinks that she’s coming on to him.

“Yes,” she said. “What kind of person would I be without offering you a drink for all you help?”

And with that she walked away from him and to the refrigerator. Mick’s smile turned into a disappointed frown. He then realized that Susan wasn’t coming on to him for sex, just as she hoped he would feel.

“What would you like?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing really, but thanks anyway.”

“Are you sure? I got some apple cider here.”

“No, that’s Ok, thank you. But I really got to be going.”

“Oh, Ok then. Thanks again for all your help.”

“It’s cool; I always like to help people as much as I can.”

He went back to the garage and got into his car. He was about to turn the key into the ignition but then he saw Susan yelling for him to stop, and ran into the front drivers side of the car. She bent over as she went in showing off even more cleavage then before. At that moment he thought that he was going to get lucky.

“I forgot my purse,” she said and picked up the purse she purposely left in the car.

And again, Mick regained his disappointment.

“Oh,” he said.

“Plus, I think I know a better way to thank you for your help than to offer you just a drink.”

And with that she placed her hand on his cock and grabbed it. Mick looked at her hand and then at her face, and gave her the biggest smile of his life. There, in the car she undid his pants bahçelievler escort and pulled out his cock that quickly erected at her touch. She balanced herself in the car and pulled the parking brake back down for comfort. She first stroked his cock gently and slowly sped up the pace. She then started to lick around the shaft and kissing the head of it. Finally she took it all into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat. She began to rapidly pump his cock into her mouth making loud sucking noises as she did this.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth and sat up. She pulled off her panties and threw it in his face. She then pulled down the top half of her dress to reveal the sexy, lingerie like bra that lifted up and pushed together her 32dd tits. She then pulled down that bra to reveal the actual size of her tits. Mick’s mouth dropped in awe at the sight of best pair of tits that he has ever laid his eyes on. She then moved in closer to him and sat on his legs. They were face to face, with her back resting on the steering wheel.

They started to kiss first, sucking in each others tongue. She then guided his cock to the tip of her pussy and took it all in. They both moaned in unison at the first penetration.

Susan had her hands on Mick’s shoulders. Mick had his hands on Susan’s tits and massaged them gently as she rocked herself back and forth on his cock. She grinded him slowly at first and then suddenly, without warning, started to hump him very fast and wildly. He had his hands on her ass and thrust his pelvis upward each time she thrusted hers. Before she knew what hit her, Susan began to come over and over again.

After fifteen minutes of this animal like passion he gave one last thrust before firing his load right into her and they stopped. Susan can feel the sperm swimming its way into her body. It’s a good thing she’s on the pill, she thought. Mick rested his head on her chest, he could hear her heartbeat slowing down. And without asking for permission first, he took her right nipple into his mouth and sucked on it and drank the milk that came out. She liked the feel of a grown man milking her tits with his mouth.

She got off of him after a few minutes and dressed herself back up in her car. She made him promise not to mention this to anyone, because she liked going to the department store he worked at and didn’t want to be pointed at by other employees or possibly have it getting back to her husband. He promised and he was true to his word. She also told him that this would be the only time, and he didn’t mind that at all.

She gave him one last kiss, got out of the car and he drove off. She went back into the house to hear the baby crying to get changed. She walked upstairs with a smile on her face, thinking about what just happened. She couldn’t wait for the next guy that comes along.

To be continued…

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