Sweet Pea

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This is a little something I threw together. I come from a small fishing town and thought this idea was cute. Once you get to the end, you may recognize the characters from your childhood unless you are way younger than I.

This is not a serious attempt at anything but entertainment. However, any constructive criticism would be welcomed. I love comments and read all of them and rarely delete any. So, comment and tell me why you have your opinion. And vote if you’ve a mind to. All those in the story are over eighteen and consenting adults. They live in a mystery land where marijuana is legal like some places on the west coast, but the rest of the locale is made up. If you are sure you know them, I guarantee, you do not.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it.


I brought the boat in full. And by full I mean, the entire hold, every bucket, every nook and cranny that had space and the aft deck beneath the nets. I had fish everywhere. I’d found a school that was chock full of fish and I caught a bunch. This was a good thing because my partner and I, as well as most every other boat in our sleepy little town, was suffering from a lack of said fish. If the past month was any indication, I would get top dollar for a load that was bigger than I’d taken in a year.

I pulled in and unloaded and sure enough, I got a huge paycheck. It included the whole week and my two other big loads following the school. It was enough to catch me up on bills, pay off some of the costs on the boat, mostly maintenance, and leave me a nice chunk to last several months.

I used the showers at the docks, I hated to go home smelling like fish, though some of it was inevitable. I kept all my work clothes at the dock and washed once a week, well, double washed. I washed my street clothes at home, work clothes at a laundromat.

It was late in the year, so I tossed on a sweater, jeans and my boots, grabbed my hat and jacket and headed for the Rusty Anchor. I was about two blocks away when I saw a girl going into the bar and quickened my step. I didn’t recognize her and that was unusual. After all, Mayfair was a small town and everybody knew everybody.

I moved in and inhaled the smell that we all loved. Mammy always ran a small scent generator, stocked with a different odor each month, usually matching the season. Here in October, she had the pumpkin spice smell going. I moved inside and to the right. There was an open table and I slid my butt onto the bench. I pulled out my cob pipe and slipped a bit of smoke in there, then fired it up. Then I saw her again. She pushed away Audie Murphy and slapped him upside the head. But she didn’t stop there. She stomped on his foot and picked up a draft beer than tossed it in his face.

I got a good look at her as I watched. She was skinny as hell, with little tits, slightly flaring hips and a sweet pair of legs inside her skin tight leggings or tights or whatever they were. Her blouse, hung loose and covered her bottom, mostly, but her face, well, that was a prize. She was cute as hell and Murphy was always a pain in the ass.

Things were shaping up to be a bit of a brawl, so I walked forward and between the two of beşiktaş escort them and signaled Dob behind the bar to drop me a draft. I turned to Murphy and said. “You smell of sweat and fish, Murph, go home, sleep it off. And for god’s sake man, have a shower.”

For about twenty seconds you could hear a pin drop. Murphy had his hand half cocked already, though the last time he tried it, I laid him out well. He dropped his thought and turned for the door with a dismissive wave. I puffed my pipe and turned round.

“What makes you think I needed help?” said the girl. I noticed she had red hair that I hadn’t seen before her hood came down. She had a few freckles as well and deep green eyes that were very nearly on a level with mine.

“I’m Sean Nolan,” I said and stuck out my hand. “Pleased to meet you Miss…”

“Penelope, Penelope Eire,” she said defensively. Now Eire was a name known in the area. There was a gal named Olive Eire that had lived here until she married up with a sailor. Then she left town with her new husband and her infant daughter.

“You’re the one they named Sweet Pea?” I asked and immediately I saw that was the wrong thing to say.

“It’s Penelope,” she growled. “I hate that damn Sweet Pea crap. And no Penny either. Penelope.”

“Alright, girl, I hear you,” I said. I waved at Dob again and he set down another draft in front of her. She looked up at me, then around at the bar, appraised me fully then took a drink.

“You aren’t altogether hideous,” she said, “and you don’t smell of rotten fish. What are you doing in this bar among these men?” She spit out the last word like it was a difficult one to share and I chuckled lightly as I turned to the room and steered her to a table. I puffed my pipe a few times as we walked, letting the mixture of tobacco and pot soothe my nerves. She looked up and took the pipe from my mouth, sniffed it, then took a big toke before putting it back.

I grinned and slid into the booth next to her. I put my arm on the back of the bench and said, “First off, this is the only bar in town. Second, I saw you come in here and followed. Finally, I take to hygiene as a protection from mediocrity. What about you? I mean, you are attractive, sexy as most redheads I’ve met, a bit skinny and a bit abrasive. I’m thinking a nice dinner and maybe someone to hold you might go a long way toward bringing a smile to those sexy lips.”

“Now that’s a proposition,” she said with a tiny grin. “Much better than his, hey gorgeous, let’s find a room.”

I leaned in close and said low, “Well, it all amounts to the same thing. I want you. You want to feel better. I say we take a chance and see where it leads.”

She took a drink off the draft, pulling down a quarter of it. “What kind of dinner and here’s a hint, don’t say fish.”

I laughed out loud, finally letting my feeling out. She was more than just some girl now. She’d made me laugh, I found myself attracted to her more than just physically. I let my hand drop to her shoulder and passed her my pipe. “I was thinking some nice, thick, juicy steaks. There’s a place out on the highway, just beşyol escort away from the smell of the docks, up above the dunes. Or, we can head to my place, about three blocks away. I have some chicken stew in the fridge. We can warm it up and have a seat in front of the fireplace.”

“And then what,” she said. “You strip me and take what you want?”

“No, you strip me and take what you want,” I said. Then I pulled slightly and she leaned in until I was kissing her. She moaned lightly into the kiss and I dropped my other hand under the table to her lap. I pulled her close leg up on top of mine as I broke the kiss. “And don’t pretend you’re hard to get. You’re looking for a man to help you out.”

She leaned into the kiss and curled her leg down to trap mine beneath hers as she opened her mouth for my tongue and pressed in hard. Another moan escaped her lips and I slowly ended the kiss. Her hand was on my chest now and she slipped the other behind my back as she snuggled in to my sweater.

“Where’d you leave your coat?” I asked and she waved toward the coat rack. I slid out, took a last drink of my draft as she followed and did the same. I helped her put on her coat and she grinned a little larger. Then we left the Anchor, her arm in the crook of mine.

But Murphy wasn’t gone. He was outside lying in wait. “I saw her first, Nolan,” he said as he moved forward. Now Audie was a large man, burly and more built than the last time I’d had to take him down. We’d been rivals since middle school when he was the schoolyard bully and I was the new kid. He beat me up that first day, but I made him regret it, fattening his lip and blackening his eye.

I handed Penelope my pipe. “Keep that going for me, darlin’. This won’t take long.” I shucked my coat and tossed it over the railing then moved out for Murphy. He charged when my statement suddenly kicked in. I merely stepped aside, tapped his arms away and gave him a push. He slammed into the parked car and the alarm went off. Then he took a swing that, I swear, looked like it came from France. I pushed it aside and rabbit punched him in the kidney three times, then danced away. He tried a jab and I blocked and tagged his jaw. He tried a hook and I blasted his nose, breaking it again. Then he tried an uppercut and I jabbed him before he could get it off. Now he’d have a fat lip, broken nose and a sore jaw.

“Stop now, Murph,” I warned, but he didn’t. He tried to grab me and I danced aside then I drove six short chops to his kidney. He swung a mighty backhand, spinning his body and I drove a haymaker into his solar plexus. Then I slammed my jab into his face five times as he gasped for breath and followed with a right that stretched him out. Two of his buddies came and lifted him then dragged him off the street.

“It went out,” said Penelope, “and I don’t have a lighter.”

The adrenaline and excitement was eating at me though. I stepped to her and flattened her against the wall. Put the pipe in her mouth and sparked it. She puffed it to life, took a hit then put it in my mouth. My hands were on her ass now and it felt fine as hell. Her pupils beykent escort were dilated and her breathing was deep as I took the last puff off the pipe then slipped it away. I took her mouth hard and insistent and she reacted in kind.

“That was hot,” said Penelope as I broke the kiss. Then I walked her to my place, my hand on her waist. I opened the door and we went in. I don’t think we took three steps inside before we were groping one another and losing our coats. “Wait, wait, I don’t know…”

“Baby, you need this, I need this,” I said, my hormones raging. “Now strip down so I can have my way with you.”

I pulled off her blouse revealing her pale skin and small tits. They were just how I liked them, small and firm and I took one in my mouth, the whole damn thing. She pushed her tights down, underwear and all, contorting the get them off. I was unbuckling my pants and she pulled my sweater off then the undershirt and ran her hands over my muscular chest.

“God yes,” she moaned as I switched to her other tit and lifted her, took a pair of steps and lay her back on the arm of the sofa. I pushed my pants down as I checked her pussy with my tongue. She was juicy and almost dripping as I lapped from rosebud to little man, tasting every bit of her clean hairless labia and the juices flowing from her cunt. She spread her legs wide, then one hand pulled back the hood and I was ravaging her little man. She jerked and groaned as I pushed a pair of fingers into her pussy and one into her tight little ass.

She could not keep still and seconds later, exploded into an orgasm. I simply stood, folded her legs up a bit and pushed into her pussy. She gasped and her mouth went all fishy as I began to fuck her. She was soaked and ready and spasming and I followed quickly. Now, I go off pretty quickly the first time in general, but this was phenomenal. She was a perfect fit and her vaginal walls seemed to pull at my cock. I clenched and held back for all I was worth, but even as her orgasm finished, my excited body exploded into orgasm. I spurted ten good spurts inside her, buried to the hilt as she clasped at me.

“Fuck, Sean,” she said finally as her breath returned. “I didn’t think it would be so fucking hot. You have the best ideas. I am so glad you are my boyfriend. No one else has ever gotten me so excited, and I mean ever.”

“Oh Sweet Pea, you are so sexy,” I said softly, my breath still a bit ragged. “I love you, baby.”

“Oh lover, I love you so much,” she said. “How was the week fishing?”

“I had the best catch of my life this week,” I said. “Two days chasing a school, fully loaded hold each day, then today, I came in completely stocked. I overloaded the boat. But I have the maintenance paid for, the paint for the boat, the upgrade to the nets and a fist full of cash. Popeye is going to croak.”

“I knew you could do it, baby,” said Sweet Pea with a chuckle. “Olive believed in you too, you know.”

“So, this was what we were waiting for,” I said nervously and reached into my jacket pocket. “I got this and we could go down on Sunday and preacher said he’d hitch us. I mean, you know, if you wanted to get married…”

She grabbed me anew and kissed me hard. “You are a fucking moron, you know that? Proposing while your dick is getting soft inside me.”

So, I started moving, I wasn’t getting soft. I go off quick the first time, but I can inevitably keep going. And with my Sweet Pea, it was easy. “You have to cum again before I get soft, baby.”

“Oh Sean, I love you!”

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