Tales from a long marriage Pt. 01

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“Do you remember when we first met?”

As always seems the case when we have these conversations Julia is half naked. I never object and if you knew Julia you would immediately know why. Even now, at 60 she is still the same lithe figure, small breasts and slim hips but so full of life and energy you can almost feel it across the room. True her hair is silver now, not blonde, but it still has the same shimmer. She’s even gone back to the punky spikes she’d worn some 40 years ago when we met.

“I remember it well” she said. “That’s when you forced me into your bed.”

“Oh yeah. And I suppose that hour long blow job you gave me was against your will too.”

“You’re dreaming. As I remember it you only lasted 2 minutes”

“No that was the second one, or was it the third?”

To be fair Julia was right. The first blow job she gave me was also the first I’d ever had and she’d hardly wrapped her mouth around me before I blew my load into her mouth.

The day in question was our first day at Uni. All between 18 and 20, all nervous as hell. We’d had our inductions and been taken to our rooms. The halls of residence were organised as eight single rooms around a staircase over three floors. There were two shared lounges, a shared kitchen and bathrooms on each floor. At the centre of the site was a large hall of some sort, but we hadn’t been there yet.

For now we all sat in one of the shared lounges looking at each other, no one speaking until the sound of a rumbling stomach brought laughter. There were four girls and four boys. One of the girls broke the ice. It was of course Julia, always supremely confident in every situation.

“Well somebody is hungry, so it isn’t just me. I saw some takeaway menus over there so why don’t we order some food and get to know each other. We have at least the next year in this place and it’s quite small so we’ll need to be be able to get along with each other. I’m Julia by the way. I’m going to be studying International Law and Banking. I recognise two of you from the course induction, but not the rest of you. And I’m going to have pizza!” Everyone laughed and started introducing themselves at the same time until Julia took control again.

“One at a time, one at a time! Lets just go round the room.” That set the pattern for the rest of our time at Uni. Julia ran things, she was the organiser, the one the other girls talked to about problems and the one the rest of us lusted after — although to be honest they were all gorgeous.

So, we had Julia — spiky blonde hair, very slim with tiny tits and narrow hips. She had such presence though that she captivated everyone she met, male or female, young or old. She told me once that older men had been pestering her since she was about 13 and she had learnt how to cope with it, up to and including kick boxing and judo.

Then Angela. Effervescent in every way, bubbling over with enthusiasm for life with a huge tangled mop of hair and built like a 1950s starlet, big soft boobs spilling out of her top and a short tight skirt. Studying Maths. They wouldn’t know what hit them I thought.

Next was Blossom. A wonderful name and a wonderful girl. I don’t know her full ancestry, but it included Caribbean, Lebanese, Somali, Egyptian, Norwegian and Irish. Whatever it was she was stunningly beautiful. She was however quite shy and at first kept to herself. Also studying International Law and Banking.

The last girl was Natalie. She was the youngest of all, barely 18. She was Irish and hadn’t seen much of the outside world. Pretty with a round face and full figure, but dressed as if she was in her 40s. She was studying Modern Languages. Apparently she already spoke four.

Then the guys.

Matt looked like the rugby player he was, but officially he was here to study on the same course as Julia and Blossom. He was clearly already besotted with Blossom.

Duncan was tall but very dainty. He was going to be studying Software Engineering like me.

Gianni (Actually Scottish) was short dark and energetic. He was studying Politics and Philosophy

Finally there’s me, Nick. Tall, dark, a bit of a geek, but still had some success with the girls I thought. I was really taken by Blossom and Julia, but calculating the odds, as you do at that age, I reckoned Angela was the optimum target with the innocent Natalie as a long shot. How wrong can you be!

After the introductions we all ordered, pizza, Chinese — for Gianni!, curries. Duncan and Matt had already scouted out the closest off-licence so went off to stock up. After a couple of hours of eating and drinking and inconsequential chatter we were stuffed. Gianni had conjured up some Italian spirit and Natalie a bottle of Irish so we all had a glass in our hand and feeling pretty mellow.

It was surprisingly Natalie who started talking first.

“You know I’ve had a really great time tonight. I wasn’t sure what to expect, this is only my second ever trip outside Ireland. Before I came here our local priest decided to give me some advice. Students says he, they only have three things on their minds — sex, food and sex. So you be careful young Nat. Well, bollocks to that I’m thinking. There’s only one reason for leaving Ireland silivri escort to go to Uni and it sure as hell isn’t food.”

Everyone burst out laughing.”So,” she continued, “I’m telling you now, I’m still a virgin.” She obviously noticed the reaction from the boys. “Don’t worry now, I’m not looking for volunteers, so you settle down.” She laughed quietly. “I’m not moaning about that either, not much anyways. Back in Donegal if a boy spent more than 5 minutes within 50 yards of a girl the priest was either asking him to set a date or he was threatening hell and damnation. It didn’t seem to matter that half of them were diddling their housekeepers and a good chunk of the rest were fiddling with the choir boys the bastards. Sure the boys were not much to choose from anyway. Most of them were classic bog Irish. There was a few older ones sniffing around me too before I left. Single men with a couple of acres who’d buried their Mammy’s and now wanted a replacement. For most of them their idea of a good time was shagging their neighbour’s sheep instead of their own. As sure as anything that isn’t my future. I’m not going back, or at least if I do it will be on my terms. And the first thing I’m going to do is to get rid of these fucking granny outfits. I’m eighteen for fucks sake, not 80.”

With that her intensity seemed to burn out and she sat back, looking around the room at the rest of us. “So, who’s next for the confessional?”

We all looked at each other uncertainly. Eventually it was Duncan who spoke up. “I’m not a virgin, but I’m not really interested in sex very much either. I mainly prefer men, but the men I’ve met haven’t convinced me it’s worth the effort. I don’t want to say anything else, but I wanted to speak up because Nat has been so open. I wanted to thank her for that.” He looked around. “I know we’ve all had a great deal to drink, but I feel somehow at ease with you all. I don’t feel threatened, I don’t feel judged. I can be just me. Thank you all.”

He was sitting between Angela and Matthew who both reached out and hugged him, holding him between them. Everyone fell silent. Finally Gianni stood up. “I don’t want to seem as if I’m ducking out of this, but I’ve had a long day and have to be in by 8.30 tomorrow. I just want to say thank you to all of you for such a welcome to the group.”

Gradually they all got up saying much the same thing. Finally it was only me and Julia left. She scooted round and lifted her feet, laying them across my lap before lying back with her head on the arm of the sofa. “That was … unexpected.”

It was indeed. I was close to my two sisters and they would let me listen in on their conversations about their relationships, after swearing me to secrecy. The things that Nat and Duncan had said, exposing themselves to the rest of us were like those conversations of my sisters. Total honesty, no filters. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone so open before. We met as strangers but somehow I think we’ve turned into a family.”

Julia sat up excitedly, her feet grinding into my groin. I cried out. “Sorry” she said, easing her legs over. “I’ll kiss it better later” Did I hear right? “That’s it though. Now the rest of us have to show we are worthy of that trust.” She looked at me. “I mean it. What Nat and Duncan said to us tonight places them entirely in all our hands. They probably shouldn’t have been so trusting but they were. I’m not going to betray that.” “Me neither,” I agreed although I was still thinking about that ‘kissing it better’.

She stood up and moved to kneel astride me, her face close to mine. I didn’t dare move. She looked at me intensely. “I’m going to ask you a very important question in a minute Nick, but it’s important that you listen very closely to what I’m going to say first. I’m not a virgin, but the sex I’ve had has generally been shit. I’m sure they got what they wanted but I didn’t. At some time in the future I’m going to settle down with one man for the rest of my life. I think I may already know who that is going to be but I’m not sure yet.” I tried to speak but she stopped me. “That life will have to include lots of sex, but it has to be good sex. I’m not going to stay with anyone who doesn’t include me in his enjoyment. So for now I’m just going to focus on having sex with all sorts of people, some of whom will probably be wildly inappropriate but offer the prospect of a good fuck. I expect my future partner to do the same and like me make some mistakes along the way, but generally to work out the difference between good sex and bad sex. For the avoidance of doubt any sex that leaves the woman unsatisfied is bad sex. I don’t care how mindblowing she makes the experience for the man, if she gets nothing it doesn’t count.”

Her face was getting closer and closer to mine as she spoke. It was almost like being hypnotised, so intense was her unblinking gaze.

“So now Nick here’s my question for you. All this talk about sex has made me horny as hell. Are you going to make the effort and do your best to give me a good time? All I’m asking is you try. So what’s the answer Nick? Yes or no?” By now she was grinding herself into my groin and I was getting harder merter escort and harder, but she still terrified me. I tried to speak but could only squeak at first. Eventually I managed to get myself coherent enough to speak clearly. “I’ll do my best for you, but I’m not that experienced myself.”

Her face broke into a huge smile. “That’s the right answer Nick. You’ll try. Good. Now, lets go to bed and fuck ourself silly.” She kissed me then, not the fierce controlling kiss I had expected but gentle and tender. I was ready to explode with desire.

Suddenly into the quiet came the unmistakable sounds of a woman have a VERY good time. She looked at me carefully. “That’s the way to do it.”

“I think that’s coming from Angela’s room.” I listened carefully. “Wait a minute. I can hear three voices! I think that’s Matt but who is the other?” We listened, then simultaneously, “Is that Duncan?”

It turned out that Angela having sex was as she was the rest of the time — noisy, uninhibited and excitable. It was clear too that despite Duncan’s expressed preference for men he was perfectly happy to be making love to Angela tonight. We couldn’t tell exactly who was doing what to whom, but from Angela’s voice we could tell she was at the centre of most of it. “Higher, lower, yesss, harder now, ohh yes.”

“I think our Angela agrees with you…”

“She does doesn’t she? Now, where were we?” Julia slid back out of my lap. My trousers were damp, from her, but also from me as she had rubbed her exquisite little bum into me. She knelt in front of me and unzipped my pants, pulling them open and fishing out my drooling cock.

“Mmm, looks good enough to eat.” Without warning she took me in her mouth, taking me all the way, only backing off as I began to swell again. This was my first ever blow job. One girl had kissed the end before wrinkling her face up and recoiling “slimy”, but beyond that, nothing. Now Julia was really going to town, licking and sucking and tugging at it. “If you keep that up you’ll get a mouthful,” I gasped, “I’m really close.”

She ignored me and kept noisily slurping at me, licking the end like and ice cream, wiping her fingers across the drooling glans, then taking me in again. I moved to pull out but she held on and I came full in her mouth, jerking as if it had been weeks, not a day since I had last come. I’d been given a goodbye hand job from a girl back home but it had been perfunctory and cold. I hadn’t expected to get another when I next went home.

“I’m sorry” I said, “but…”

She cut me off. “Stop. What’s the point of it if I don’t let you cum in my mouth. I like it. You did come a lot though.” She giggled. “Don’t expect me to make a habit of starting with you though. I just thought the rest of the night would be better if I removed the urgency a bit. Now its time for the real business.” She stood up and held out her hand. “Your place or mine?” We chose hers. She had the next room to Angela and the noises still coming from there were entertaining and arousing. I think we both enjoyed the voyeuristic aspects of it.

Angela had quietened down a bit by now but there was still activity, groaning and heavy breathing. Suddenly we heard Angela again “Oh, that’s how you do it? Does that work on girls too? I think that needs some attention now though,” followed by some slurping noises we recognised very well.

“What’s going on do you think?”

“Sounds like Duncan or Matthew is buggering the other one while Angela sucks him off from the other side. I think she wants them to do it to her next though. I’ve never tried that,” said Julia. “I wonder what it would be like?”

My sexual education was broadening by the minute…

“Now it’s my turn though.” She stood next to the bed and stripped off without attempting to be seductive. Her naked body was slight but well defined. She cupped her breasts, “I wish these were a bit bigger, but they’d probably get in the way at judo.” She looked down at me lying on her bed. “Do you like what you see?”

I stood up again and undressed until I was naked beside her. It had never occurred to either of us to turn out the lights so we admired each other’s bodies openly. As I looked at her I began to grow again. “I love what I see. So does he. Now tell me what you want.”

She lay down on the bed on her back. “Just straight up and down plain vanilla flavour for now, but before you do you can do for me what I did for you.” She opened her legs to show herself entirely to me. Most sex I’d had up till now had been quick fumbles in cars or behind the sofa at a party. It was rare to get fully naked. I drank her in, then knelt and put my mouth to her wet pussy. She tasted sweet. I licked at her tentatively. As I did she reached down and parted her lips, showing me where to touch, and gently guiding me. Very soon I could see the lips engorging and she began to drip more. I licked it up greedily, burying my face in her sweetness, feeling it smear across my face. She began to breath more heavily. When I looked up I could see her face flushing and the flush spreading down across her chest. Still nibbling at her I reached up with one hand and tweaked at a nipple. mecidiyeköy escort They may have been tiny but she was ultra sensitive and cried out. Through the wall I could hear similar noises and heavier grunting. I redoubled my efforts, then lifted her legs over my shoulders so I could get closer. With one hand I played with her nipples, with the other I pulled her lips apart so I could work my tongue deeper. “Yes” she said “Yes, yes YES. Each yes got louder and louder, then finally with an explosive cry “OH GOD YES! as her body arched in passion.

As she subsided I moved up her body, my own hard cock rubbing against her. “Now” she said. “In me now, don’t wait, yes now harder now yes.” To be honest I had never seen a woman so affected by arousal as this. I knew what arousal was for me, but I had never achieved it with a woman. Given my instructions before I felt reasonably happy that I’d achieved what she wanted, but just in case I kept thrusting into her. As I did I felt her body begin to spasm again and she wrapped her legs across my back, forcing me hard against her. “Ohhhhhhh” she gasped “Ohh yes,yes yes. Oh oh oh yes.” She opened her eyes and looked into mine. “I think you were listening to me before. That was quite something. Thank you Nick.” I kissed her. “I’m glad I was able to make you happy.” I relaxed a little but her legs were still around me and although I was softening I could still feel her. She was working her muscles on me, clamping around me, making me against all the odds start to harden again. Her eyes widened. “Again?” “I think we may well be getting there” I breathed. Gently we persisted and I gradually hardened again, enough at least to bring her to another gentler orgasm.

“If this is plain vanilla, I can’t wait for the flavours” she gasped. I had no energy to respond. Holding her close to me so that I didn’t come out, I rolled us on our sides and held her to me and we finally slept for a while.

When I woke we had slipped apart. She was still asleep breathing easily. I lay beside her just looking. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous woman was lying naked beside me. As I stared at her she woke too. She groaned. “I wanted to wake up with you still inside me.”

“Sorry, I fell out when we were asleep. I’m sure we could make some alternative arrangements though.”

“Another one? Yes please — how this time though? I’m not sure I can cope if it is as intense again.”

“How about you on top of me then, You can control the pace then.”

“Ooh sounds fun.” I rolled onto my back and she slipped over me. I was already firm and as she placed her legs each side of me I slipped into her smoothly. “Oh that’s wonderful” she sighed. Then she placed her legs together and between mine so that she was gripping me firmly inside her. I could feel her gripping me, clamping down and releasing. “How do you do that” I groaned. She didn’t answer just concentrated on milking my still hardening cock. I started lifting towards her as she did so, gently reinforcing her muscle contractions, making my cock swell further. “Never mind that, how the hell do you get to come four times in one night?” “With you as a partner I’m aiming for a nice half dozen” I groaned as I felt both of us move slowly to a climax. I slowed down, trying to prolong things, but she was already on the way up so I speeded up again and we both suddenly came together, crying out inarticulately as we did. She placed her brow on mine and looked into my eyes. “Nick, I think I’ll have to chain you to my bed so I can have my way with you every night when I get home.”

“What about all these other men you are going to have in your bed?” “I’ll let you watch. You might pick up a tip or two to better satisfy me when I kick them out.” “So basically I’m your slave and my job is keeping you fucked and happy? “Exactly.” “OK then. I can live with that..”

We lay quietly like this and fell asleep again, my arms wrapped tightly around her, to keep her balanced on top of me. She was still like that when we woke again. I opened my eyes to see hers inches away from me. “I’ve still got you inside me” she whispered. “only just, but I can feel you. Now I’m going to hold you to that promise of six times.” She started her muscle trick again but this time I fell out. “Damn. I’m going to have to do this another way.” She slid down my body, every inch of her pressed tightly against me. Slowly she worked her way down and took my limp, soft cock into her mouth. By then I was tiny so she could easily take me all in. She let me slip again, before looking up at me. “I can’t believe this can turn into something capable of what you’ve done to me tonight.” She took me in again and slowly, ever so slowly I began to harden again. I couldn’t believe the power she had over me. Even in my most dedicated masturbation period I don’t think I had ever managed more than four times in one night. Now she had me well on the way to a fifth time. “You are amazing” I said. “So are you — I’ve never had anyone with your stamina before. This is number five coming up.” It was too, I was hard and firm again, perhaps not as much as that first explosive blow job but hard enough. She let me slip from her mouth and sat astride me, lowering herself onto my upright cock. She groaned with pleasure. “God I’m sore, but it is so wonderful to feel you inside me.” I didn’t answer, I was too busy trying to hold on to my strength as she rode me to yet another climax, then another. I wasn’t able to come, she’d taken it all but I felt my body spasm and arch. It was almost painful, but such a wonderful pain I didn’t care.

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