The Corruption of Sue Pt. 04

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Part 4

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Several months had elapsed since Sue’s boyfriend abandoned her and her subsequent transition to a high-priced escort. She was very happy with her situation and was now very happy that her ex left her. She and her lover, Mel, had purchased a penthouse condo from two of their clients and were ecstatic with their new digs. During the warmer months, they would sun bathe nude on their terrace and Mel had noticed quite a few telescopes directed their way from the surrounding high rise buildings.

Sue had been kept busy by her boss Margo with, usually, two dates per week with visiting business men, dignitaries and other well to do clients. They have run the gamut of shy unassuming men to butch women. Her most challenging date was with a severely obese man with an extremely small penis. He was an exceptionally nice man and Sue managed to give him the experience of a life time. He was so thankful that he tipped her $5,000. Life was very good for Sue.

The week before Thanksgiving, Sue got a call from Bill Bailey, her very first client. When Sue answered his call, she said, “Bill! It’s so nice to hear from you. Are you coming for a visit?”

“No,” Bill replied, “You’re going to visit me in New York. I have filed suit, on your behalf, against Todd Turner for fraud and palimony. Our court date is for the 12th of December. I’ll take care of your lodgings and transportation to and from LaGuardia.”

“Oh wow! I had forgotten all about the legal action you were going to pursue. That’s great, Bill. I’ve never been to New York City before. Maybe I can do a little Christmas shopping while there.”

Bill laughed and said, “I would be happy to show you around town and go shopping with you.”

The 12th was on a Thursday this year, so she planned to fly out on Wednesday and return on Sunday. She informed Margo of her unavailability during this time frame. It sounded as though Bill was pretty confident about their case against her ex which made her smile. Several days later, she got a text from her second date, Wade, a VP with a large computer company. He informed her that he had some friends hack into Todd’s computer system and discovered links to child porn sites and loads of child porn pictures on his computer. “If you would like to really fuck this guy over, I can let slip some information to the right people so his ass gets landed in prison for a long time,” Wade said.

Sue laughed and said, “The whole child porn thing makes sense because he made me shave my pussy to make me look like a little girl. What a total fucking creep. Thanks for the info Wade, but I’ll let my attorney who is suing him for fraud decide what to do. So, when are you coming back here to visit?”

Wade laughed and said, “As soon as I can. Things have been pretty busy here because we have a new product unveiling coming up. Have you been well?”

“I’ve never been better. You?” Sue asked.

“Just working too hard, but I like that. I’ll give you a heads up when I plan to be in your area again.”

Thanksgiving turned out to be a very slow time because their usual clients stayed at home. Margo hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for all of her girls which Sue enjoyed because she had only met 2 of the others in the past. All of the girls were very nice and were all beautiful. Sue and Mel enjoyed the day talking and comparing notes about different clients and, for the most part, none of the comments were particularly negative. The only client that seemed to be universally disliked was a guy named Ed. Apparently, he had a tendency to be very demeaning and cruel and the girls didn’t like that.

It turned out, Sue was assigned to have a date with Ed on the weekend before she was due to go to New York. As Sue was wont to do, she decided not to dwell on the negative, but to make the best of the situation as it presented itself. She was to meet Ed at the bar of The Grand Hotel at 7pm on Saturday evening. As she walked into the bar, she caught the eye of every man in the place. She had on an evening gown that showed off her assets in a sexy yet subtle way. Nobody approached her, so she made her way to the bar and ordered a Pepsi. Thirty minutes after their scheduled rendezvous, a smallish guy walked into the bar and then walked over to her and asked, “Are you Sue?”

Sue saw immediately what the other girls had talked about. This guy was a little prick and was very rude, so Sue decided to give him a little of his own medicine. “Maybe, who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Ed, aren’t we supposed to meet?”

“Yeah, 30 minutes ago. I was on time and you weren’t, I didn’t get an apology for your tardiness and I don’t abide by rudeness, so I’m seriously thinking of calling it a night.”

Ed began getting red in the face and said, a little too loudly, “You can’t do that! I bought you for the evening!”

Sue turned on her stool, looked Ed in the eye and said, “Yes, I’m a prostitute and I will admit it freely because I, generally, like my clients. But, I’m Kartal Escort not a loser like you who has to buy sex and affection. Because nobody will have sex with you of their own free will excludes you from the ability to demean, be rude, or to treat the women, who have condescended to take your money to give you some pleasure, in a hurtful way. People don’t like being treated like shit Ed. I’ll give you 5 minutes to make this right or I’m out of here. So, leave the bar, return and try again.”

Ed’s face was getting redder by the moment as he was being chastised by this whore, but he was really horny and she looked like she was serious. He swallowed his pride, turned and walked out of the bar. He calmed himself down, returned to Sue’s side and said, “You must be Sue. Sorry I’m late, I’m Ed.”

Sue was about to tell him goodnight when the woman who was sitting next to Sue turned and said, “That was damn near as bad as the first time. If I was you honey, I’d blow this clown off and save yourself a night of grief.”

Ed’s face now turned crimson as he screamed, “Who the fuck are you?”

Sue laughed and said, “You’re right! I’ll bet you that every meal or drink that he has ever been served has been spit in by every waiter and barkeeper he has encountered!”

The woman got off her stool and stood next to Ed. She reached into her hand bag, pulled out a wallet and then flashed her badge. “My name is detective Elizabeth Chan with the City police department. I’ll give you 10 seconds to leave the premises or I’ll charge you with intent to proposition for sex.”

Ed’s face turned white now as he realized that he was barking at a cop. He started to say something while pointing at Sue, thought wiser of it, turned on his heel and nearly ran from the bar.

Liz sat back on her stool, stuck out her and said, “I’m Liz and don’t worry, I won’t arrest you or anything.”

Sue smiled and said, “I’m Sue and I’m happy you won’t, but you would have a hard time making a case since no money exchanged hands…well, unless you happened to be recording our conversation.”

Laughing, Liz said, “I just came in here for a drink on my night off. Normally, I would have ignored you two, but that guy really irritated me and I loved the way you were dealing with him. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Only if you will let me buy you dinner,” Sue replied.

The two women spent an enjoyable evening together eating and talking. Sue learned a lot about being a woman on the police force and Liz learned a lot about Sue’s profession. They exchanged phone numbers and left each other with a hug.

When Sue got home, she texted Margo about her evening with Ed and how she ended up dining with a police detective. Margo sympathized with her about Ed and said she would no longer accept his business.

On the day of her flight to New York, Mel gave her a ride to the airport. She checked-in, checked her bag and made her way to her departure gate. Sue had purchased a first-class seat on a non-stop to LaGuardia and really enjoyed the service on the flight. She was sitting next to a business man who talked her ear off while sneaking peeks at her breasts. She had worn a sheer see-through shirt with a vest over the top. When they arrived in New York, the temperatures were quite cold compared to where Sue lived, so she had bought a long, warm overcoat which came down to her ankles. As she went outside with her limo driver, she decided she needed to buy some boots to keep her feet warm.

Bill had booked her into the Plaza and a suite that overlooked Central Park. Once she was in her room, she called Bill to say that she had arrived and to thank him for getting her such a nice room. Bill explained that they wouldn’t be able to get together this night, because he had some business to take care of, but would come to get her in the morning to go to the court house. Sue told him, “I understand and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

It was early evening, so Sue went down to the lobby and asked the concierge if there was a store nearby where she could get some boots for the colder weather. He directed her to a nearby shop and was assisted by a young woman about her own age. She purchased a nice, warm pair of boots and walked around the area for a little while. It all seemed so familiar because of the movies she had seen that were shot around this area. Finally, she returned to her hotel and decided to have her dinner sent to her room and then an early night to bed.

The next morning, Sue woke up to a cloudy and snowy day. As she was eating breakfast, Bill called to tell her he would pick her up in an hour, so they could head for the courthouse. She was excited to see Bill again and was hopeful that they would succeed in their suit against her ex, Todd. She waited out front of the hotel at the appointed hour waiting for Bill. As she waited, she struck up a conversation with the doorman, “I don’t get to see snowfall very often. It doesn’t snow where I live in Southern California. It’s quite lovely to watch.”

At Pendik Escort about this time, Bill had pulled up in front of the hotel and beeped his horn to get her attention. The doorman escorted her to Bill’s car and opened the door for her and offered his hand to assist her with climbing in the car. She thanked the doorman and then turned her attention to Bill, “It’s nice to see you again. How have you been?”

Bill smiled and said, “It’s great to see you again as well. I’ve been great and very busy with work. I should brief you on what to expect today. There will be a single judge who will determine the case. Our case is that Mr. Turner had promised to marry you after having you support him through college and when he had finished reneged on your verbal contract and left you while taking the money that you earned and saddling you with a high interest credit card debt. I will present the note he left you as evidence and will have you testify on your own behalf. Mr. Turner’s attorney will have an opportunity to question you as well. Don’t worry about what he asks, just tell the truth when you answer his questions. Okay?”

Sue smiled and replied, “Okay. There’s something else I should tell you. One of my other clients decided he wanted to try and help me as well. He works for a major computer company and had someone hack into Todd’s computer. It turns out that he is in possession of a lot of child pornography. I told him that I would talk to you about what to do about it. So, what do you think?”

Bill had a very big smile on his face and replied, “You really wanted to marry this creep? I tell you what, we will pursue this lawsuit first and if we win a sizable sum we will sit on the other news until we have garnished all the money we can out of him. When that well dries up, we will let your friend drop his bomb and see to it that he goes to prison for a good long time. Does that sound good to you?”

Sue laughed and said, “That sounds perfect. I can’t believe I wanted to marry him either, now. Back then I was naïve and in love. Now I know better. By the way, will you be able to spend the night with me tonight? I made a promise to you which I intend to keep.”

Bill looked at Sue with confusion and asked, “You made a promise to me?”

“I did, I promised that you could have my ass all night the next time we were together. You were a gentleman that first time, though I knew you really wanted my ass that time. I like to keep my promises, especially to people I like.”

Bill’s grin got larger and said, “I remember now. Well, I wouldn’t want you to break a promise either. I hadn’t planned to spend the night because I hadn’t made arrangements with Margo.”

“Tonight is all on me. It’s what you would call a ‘quid pro quo’, I believe, and is ‘pro bono’.”

Bill was laughing hysterically and when he calmed down he said, “I would be happy to accept your invitation.” Bill began pulling into a parking garage and said, “We’re here. Again, don’t be nervous and just tell the truth. We have right on our side.”

The two stood together in the lobby awaiting the opening of the courtroom. Sue saw Todd on the far side of the lobby with, she assumed, his attorney. As she looked at him, all she felt now was the deepest loathing and she hoped that over the years he would be brought to his knees by what was going to happen to him. At one point, Todd looked up, saw Sue and smiled at her causing Sue to frown and shake her head. Bill saw the exchange and pulled Sue close to him and turned her so she wouldn’t have to look at the pervert. Finally, the courtroom doors opened, so Bill ushered her to their seats at the plaintiffs table.

Sue sat in her chair next to Bill and looked around the courtroom. There were a handful of people in the room and Sue couldn’t think why they were there. A short time later, the bailiff entered, called everyone to rise for the Judge and announced the case of Higgins vs. Turner. When the judge took her seat, Bill indicated that Sue could now sit.

Bill started off formalities with his opening statement about how Todd had promised to marry Sue in exchange for her providing a home for him during his years in college. He presented the note that Todd had left and copies of Sue’s bank statement that showed Todd having withdrawn all of the money from their checking account and the maxing out of their credit card.

Todd’s attorney made his case that there was no firm contract and that people fall out of love all of the time. He tried to make the case that Sue had driven Todd from their home by becoming over possessive and threatening. Sue couldn’t believe that Todd would tell such brazen lies in a court of law and she whispered her concerns to Bill. He just smiled and said, “It’s obvious that they are desperate and will try anything. Don’t worry, all of the evidence is in our favor.”

Sue was called to testify by the defense attorney and asked her when exactly had Todd promised to marry her. Sue smiled and rattled off the date. The attorney asked how she Göztepe Escort could be so precise, so Sue pulled a diary out of her bag and said, “I kept a diary. I put everything in it. You are welcome to review it if you would like.”

Todd’s case began to unravel like a cheap sweater as Bill went in for the kill. Finally, Todd’s attorney asked if he and Bill could meet with the judge in chambers. Bill smiled and said that that would be no problem. He whispered to Sue saying, “He’s going to want to settle because he hasn’t a leg to stand on. If you are okay with it, I’ll listen to what he wants to offer, but I think anything under 2 million will be refused. I think we can take this schmuck to the cleaners and will ask to put all of his holdings on hold so that he can’t declare bankruptcy to dodge paying us. Sit tight and I’ll be right back.”

Bill and Todd’s attorney adjourned to the judge’s chambers where Todd’s attorney did exactly what Bill said he would do. He offered to settle for $250,000 dollars to which Bill scoffed and said that his client wouldn’t settle for anything less than $5,000,000. Todd’s attorney made a few more paltry offers to which Bill said no and that he would be happy with a determination by the court.

When all was said and done, the judge found in favor of Sue to the tune of $5 million. The judge, also, put a hold on all of Todd’s assets and that a representative hired by the court would assess Todd’s holdings and would arrange for the garnishment of Todd’s earnings until the dollar amount was reached with a 10% interest rate until all compensation had been made.

With the news, Sue hugged Bill and thanked him profusely. “I trust your payment comes out of the settlement?”

Bill acknowledged that it did but he wasn’t going to take his usual fee, but would only take what he owed people from behind the scenes who helped with the case. “I want you to keep as much as you can because you deserve it. I have plenty of money, I just took the case because I like you and I don’t like people who take advantage of others. Let’s grab some lunch and celebrate our victory!”

The couple went to lunch at an upscale restaurant near the courthouse. They enjoyed a nice meal with a bottle of wine as they talked about what they had been up to since they were last together. As they drank more wine, the conversation got naughtier and naughtier until the couple were ready to pounce on each other in the restaurant. Bill hailed a cab since he had so much wine and told the cabby to take them to the Plaza. When they got into the room, they began making out like teenagers just inside the door. They kissed very passionately until Sue asked to be excused for a few minutes. Sue told Bill to get naked while she went into the bathroom to freshen up a little bit.

Bill waited in the parlor of Sue’s room patiently while she was in the bathroom. His erection began to wane a bit as he waited and skimmed through a magazine. When Sue, finally, reemerged, his erection returned in an instant as he admired Sue’s naked beauty. The two embraced again and kissed with fervor for several minutes until Bill broke the kiss and said, “By the way, I love your new haircut and your piercings are fantastic. You look more beautiful than ever.”

Sue smiled and replied, “Thank you. So, are you ready to collect the promise I made you?” Sue could feel Bill’s erection twitch as she mentioned her promise of a night of anal sex. “Normally, I would suck you off in order for you to remain hard for longer in my ass, but since all you are going to do is fuck my bottom I don’t see a need. So, come on, I’m just dying to have you deep inside me fucking me hard!”

Bill was getting so enervated by Sue’s talk that he picked her up and took her to the bedroom and then dropped her on the bed. She had reached under a pillow where she had stashed a large tube of KY lubricant, handed it to Bill and said, “Lube me up and then have your way with my ass! I want you to ravage me and make me your little anal whore!”

Bill took the tube of lubricant, pushed Sue’s legs up so her knees were up around her ears making her anus easily available, her squirted some lube on her rosebud and worked it around and then lubed up his hard-on. He couldn’t remember ever being as hard or lustful as he was feeling at that moment. He thought to himself, ‘This woman is incredible and brings out the animal in me. It’s time to plunge into that little anus of hers and give her what she wants!’

Bill lined his cock up with Sue’s backdoor and paused for a second while looking at Sue. She was staring back at him with nothing but lust in her eyes as she said, “Bill, just plow into me! I want you in my ass so bad. Just fuck me as hard as you can, now!” Bill figured that Sue knew what she wanted, so he thrust forward into Sue’s rectum burying himself to the hilt in one motion.


Bill had wanted this since their first ‘date’. She was so innocent looking, yet, so carnal that she drove him mad with lust and lasciviousness. Her ass was so tight and hot as he began banging away with everything he had. He looked, again, into Sue’s eyes and saw nothing but pure licentiousness in her desires, like she was going to suck all of her pleasure from Bill’s body.

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