The Forest Witch Ch. 04

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Olivia’s cottage was a warm shelter in the growing cold weather. Autumn was in full swing, and the forest had already changed colours. The red and orange and yellow leaves were like a cozy fire in the trees. Frost should start forming in the mornings any day now.

Though Rowan didn’t need the magical warmth of a witch’s cottage when snuggled up with Juniper and their mistress. They had fallen asleep with Olivia holding Rowan in her arms and Juniper curled in a ball against Olivia’s back. Rowan stirred in the morning light, content with staying in Olivia’s arms, but a pair of soft lips pressed against her own.

“Morning, Roe,” Juniper whispered against her. “Come with me.”

She gave Rowan another quick kiss and crept towards the stairs. Rowan sighed. She might not have been as late of a sleeper as Olivia, but she was definitely not a morning person like Juniper. Carefully, Rowan slipped out of Olivia’s arms. The tall woman stirred but rolled over still asleep.

Rowan joined Juniper and the two made their way downstairs. With Juniper around to help Rowan do chores, it gave Olivia time to make some changes to her cottage. Like adding a second floor for the bedroom. In the kitchen, Juniper had set out some ingredients on the counter. Some of which they had to go out to the village for, like sugar and flour.

“You woke up this early to make breakfast?” Rowan asked tiredly. She hopped up to sit on the counter.

“We,” Juniper grinned, “are going to make breakfast. Mistress told me about the last time you tried, so I thought I’d teach you a few things.”

Rowan leaned back on her hands with a sigh. “It wasn’t that bad. I just left a couple pieces of shell in the eggs.”

“She said you burnt them too.”

“They weren’t-” Rowan started, but Juniper cut her off.

“I’m not saying you did anything wrong.” She laughed. “But I’m still going to teach you. What would you do if both Mistress and I got sick and couldn’t cook?”

It was a good point, Rowan had to admit. The two of them worked well together since they had different skills, Rowan handled the animals while Juniper tended the garden, but cooking was a basic one she probably needed to know too.

“Fine. What do you need me to do?”

“Hold this.” Juniper set a bowl on her lap. Then she started measuring all the powdery stuff. The sugar, flour, and others she didn’t know. “First you mix all the dry ingredients. That way everything mixes better. Otherwise, the liquids make it all clumpy and hard to mix.”

She started measuring the milk and eggs, which she mixed together before pouring them into Rowan’s bowl. Juniper also handed her a whisk. “Now mix it together. Making sure there aren’t any lumps.”

‘What are we even making?”

Juniper turned on their new stove. Instead of a fire, it used a sorceric device that produced heat. “A popular dish I grew up with in Retheria. It’s called pancakes.”

Rowan had never heard of them, but the batter tasted sweet. Some of it splashed out on her as she whisked. When she finished, Juniper walked up to her.

“Let me clean that off.” She set the bowl aside and innocently licked at the batter on Rowan’s breasts and stomach. It made Rowan shiver with pleasure. “All clean!”

“Looks like I got some on you.” Rowan dipped her hand in the batter and bopped it on her nose. She licked it off and pulled Juniper closer with her legs around the other’s waist. “And on your lips too.”

Rowan ran her hands through Juniper’s dark hair and kissed her deeply. Sucking on her lower lip before slipping her tongue in. Juniper moaned against her. She was so cute and kind that Rowan couldn’t help it. Rowan cupped one of Juniper’s breasts while Juniper wrapped her arms around Rowan’s waist. They weren’t allowed to insert anything into each other, but there were other things they could do together.

A knock at the door ruined the moment. Rowan pulled back panting with a trail of saliva between them. The knock came again. “We could just ignore it.”

Juniper looked up at her with big pleading eyes as she panted desperately. Her face was flushed a deep red that made her look cuter. But she shook her head. “As much as I want to keep going, we should probably answer. If it’s someone lost, Olivia would want to see them.”

They sighed and Rowan let Juniper go before slipping off the counter. The shorter woman went to the door and opened it with a smile. “Hello, how can I- “

She froze as a tall woman pushed past her. The stranger wore a blue dress in the same design as Olivia’s, and also had a similar scent, but more citrusy than sweet. Rowan ran over to Juniper, unsure what to do. The woman looked down at them with a smile.

“Well, aren’t you two just adorable.” She said. “I didn’t think Olivia had any slaves. She’s always been against that sort of idea.” She walked over to them. “I’m Talia. And I’d ask for your names, but you’re too busy sucking me off to speak.”

Before Rowan asked what she meant, she found herself kneeling with Juniper in Anadolu Yakası Escort front of the woman. As if she wasn’t in control of her body anymore. The stranger revealed a large cock between her legs, which the two women started licking without thinking. They stroked, rubbed, and kissed the massive cock in front of them. It was bigger than Olivia’s by a few inches.

“Gods that feels good.” The woman moaned. “Now who’s throat am I gonna fuck first?”

They opened their mouths for her to choose. Fluids started running down their legs despite not feeling aroused. The woman grabbed Rowan by the hair and rubbed her cock against her cheek. “I think I’ll go with this one.”

Rowan grasped it in both hands and plunged it into her mouth. It was so big that the length between her hands and the tip went deep enough to make her gag. It had been months since she’d last done that. Rowan instinctually bobbed her head on it while Juniper kneeled next to her. If it had been Olivia, Rowan would’ve been happy to gag on it. But instead, she was confused why she couldn’t stop.

She took it far down. Tears ran down her cheeks as it felt like the cock was strangling her. The choker Olivia had given her felt like it would snap from how much her throat bulged. Until Rowan finally felt her lips reach the base.

“All right, that’s enough.” The cock slipped out from Rowan’s mouth, and she collapsed on her arms coughing. Talia looked at Juniper. “Lie back and spread those legs for me.”

Juniper slowly laid on her back but didn’t spread her legs. It looked as though she was fighting something, and it was taking everything she had to not obey.

“Oh?” The woman asked confused. “Never had that happen before.”

Behind them, Rowan heard footsteps on the stairs. Olivia meandered down yawning. Her messy hair stuck out in odd places. “Talia, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Olivia!” She said with a smile. “It’s been too long. I was trying out your slaves, but I think there’s something wrong with your cottage. This one’s mind had enough control to fight back.”

“They are not slaves; they are my girlfriends. And I want you to let them go.”

Suddenly, Rowan had enough control to stumble back from the woman. Juniper sat up and tried to get to her feet before helping Rowan stand. The two ran behind Olivia.

“Girlfriends?” Talia sniffed indignantly. “Don’t tell me you fell in love with lowly Humans. Especially men with the little things between their legs they once called dicks.”

“You’d be surprised how Humans can be when they’re given a chance.” Olivia looked tired, but Rowan could tell she was also upset. “Why are you here?”

Talia held up an envelope similar to the one Olivia had thrown in the fireplace a couple months ago. ‘Mistress of Green’ was written in a pale blue ink that matched her dress. She tossed it towards Olivia who caught it.

“You’ve been ignoring my letters about the Coven, and Mother’s been… worried about you. Said she believes you’ve been going against our code.” Talia frowned. “So, I thought I should come check on you in person and make sure you’re all right.”

Their mistress sighed and sat down at the dinner table. She motioned for Talia to join her. “I’m fine, as you can see.”

Rowan and Juniper looked at each other confused before quietly heading to the kitchen. It was close enough that they could still overhear the witches. Juniper chopped some strawberries and Rowan prepped the pan as they listened.

“I’m glad, I really am.” Talia’s voice sounded concerned. “But we need to talk about the accusations about you going against the code. I noticed those two slav- uh, humans are too aware and not as dull-minded as they’re supposed to be. Is the spell damaged?”

Juniper tossed the chopped strawberries into the batter, which Rowan started whisking together. The two didn’t speak, working in silence.

“No,” Olivia scoffed, “I just don’t want it affecting those two too much. Their minds are dulled, but not enough to enslave them, just enough to increase the pleasure from sex. And it captures men for me to transform, as the code requires.”

“That’s not what the code says, and you know that, Olivia. You can’t fool me. The Coven wants us to transform, control, and dominate. Turn men into our playthings, not into whatever relationship you have with them.”

“They are my playthings, technically,” Olivia said softly. Rowan almost couldn’t hear her. “I fuck them when and how I want to, but I’ve also come to respect them as people. Rowan had the choice to leave yet chose to stay with me without the influence of spells or sorcery. And Juniper… she went out of her way to find me from halfway across the continent.”

That made Rowan and Juniper pause for a second. Rowan could feel her cheeks turning red. Juniper started pouring the batter onto the pan to cook. A sweet aroma filled the air.

“And the rumours from the village about people coming back from here changed?” Talia said incredulously. Avrupa Yakası Escort “No one’s supposed to return after you capture them. It puts the Coven at risk of being found out.”

A fist slammed against the table. “I won’t strip people of their free will. I’ll transform them like the Coven wants, and if they’re deplorable men, I’ll go even farther. But I won’t force good people to stay against their will.”

Talia sighed loudly. “You always were a thickheaded one.”

There was a long pause. The two women finished cooking but didn’t want to interrupt. Rowan stuck her head around the corner and saw Olivia massaging her temples. Something she only did when really stressed. She noticed Rowan and motioned her over. When Rowan came close, Olivia pulled her onto her lap and wrapped her arms around her waist.

“Is that all you came here for?”

Talia eyed them warily. “No. I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to make sure you’re all right. Coven code be damned, you’re still my sister after all.”

A moment later, Juniper rushed out with a small tower of pancakes and set them on the table. “We wanted to surprise Mistress for breakfast, so didn’t prepare enough batter for a guest. But you can help yourself if you’d like, Mistress Talia.”

Rowan nodded. “If Mistress wanted, Juniper and I thought we could have something else instead.”

“That’s quite all right with me.” Olivia nodded and spread her legs. “I’ve got plenty for you. And I think Talia can help Juniper out if they wish. Though my sister can be a bit rough.”

Juniper blushed and glanced at the massive cock between Talia’s legs. It was still hard from earlier. The shorter woman gulped before crawling under the table with Rowan. Talia smiled at her sister as she grabbed a couple of pancakes. “Well, how could I say no to this cutie? I wanted to feel her around my cock since I got here.”

Rowan gave Olivia’s cock a few licks before taking it into her mouth. Her tongue licked around the head until it slipped deeper into her throat. She sucked on it as she bobbed her head happily on it. Behind her, Rowan heard Juniper choking and gagging which was quickly followed by a loud snap.

“Whoops,” Talia chuckled. “Sorry Olivia, but this one needs a new choker. You really should make them looser or at least stretch a bit more.”

Olivia shrugged nonchalantly as she ate. “Hasn’t been a problem for me.”

“Because you never grow your cock when you transform anyone.”

“They aren’t slaves,” Olivia said, but also hesitated as she looked down at Rowan’s glazed-over face dumbly sucking her cock. She sighed and patted Rowan’s head. Suddenly her cock pushed further down Rowan’s throat and stretched it so much that her choker snapped as well.

Rowan immediately gagged and squirmed with the cock so deep, but she refused to back off. It felt so good to feel her mistress’s cock strangling her again. The thought of it between her legs made her cum all over the floor.

“Looks like someone really liked that.” Olivia cooed. “A natural born cocksucker.”

It was hard to speak when Rowan had a cock in her mouth. Instead, she just gurgled incoherently with a smile. She bobbed her head up and down, gagging herself on it until she earned her breakfast. Olivia came straight into her stomach. There was so much that Rowan was afraid she couldn’t keep it all down. Then, Olivia sighed contentedly and slipped it out.

“I have to admit,” Olivia grinned, “it’s kinda nice having a bigger cock. The look on your little face was hot.”

Behind her, Juniper kept choking and squirming as Talia shoved her head all the way down. The witch came again and again down her throat. Some spewed out around her lips. Juniper’s stomach had a slight bulge from all the cum.

“She could use a little more training to keep it down,” Talia teased, “but she’s got one hell of a mouth.”

Rowan crawled over towards Juniper and presses their lips together. She stuck her tongue in Juniper’s mouth to taste some of Talia’s load. Juniper in return groped at Rowan’s larger breasts. They were both very horny for more.

“Oh?” Olivia laughed as she pulled Rowan out from under the table and tossed her over a shoulder. Her sister did the same with Juniper. “We aren’t done with you two just yet.”

The two sisters carried them up the stairs and tossed them on the bed. Rowan shifted impatiently. She wanted that cock in her now and her mistress was taking too long. Juniper grinded on the sheets with a similar impatience. The witches just grinned down at them and took their time getting in bed.

When they did, Rowan laid back and spread her legs for Olivia while Juniper leaned over her and stuck her ass in the air for Talia. She kissed Rowan as the tall women moved into place. Olivia’s cock rubbed against her wet hole, reminding her how big it was now. Rowan couldn’t see what Talia did, but she felt Juniper shudder.

“I’ve never seen slaves act like this on their own before. Are you sure the cottage İstanbul Escort isn’t affecting them?” Talia asked amazed.

Olivia used her thumb to rub Rowan’s clit, making her moan softly into Juniper’s kisses. “Only when I fuck them. You’d be surprised how they act when they choose to be with you.”

Rowan’s soft moans quickly turned into loud ones as Olivia’s cock started pushing in. Slow, but unstopping. The pleasure made Rowan’s mind glaze over. It stretched Rowan in ways she never thought possible. By the time Olivia was all the way in, Rowan was a twitching and drooling mess. All she could think and feel was the pleasure from a massive cock.

A hand gently stroked her cheek and their mistress smiled down at her as she said something, but Rowan couldn’t understand what she said. Her hand moved down and firmly squeezed her breast. Rowan could also feel Juniper twitching and moaning next to her from similar pleasure.

The world shifted as Olivia slid her cock out and the pleasure exploded as she rammed it back in. She said something else Rowan was too dazed to understand. Olivia grabbed her feet and pushed them down on either side of Rowan’s head. Then Rowan’s mind broke.

Olivia fucked her with incredible speed in that position. Each thrust brought a new wave of pleasure that her body could barely handle. She couldn’t tell if she came every time the cock rammed into her or if she was having just one continual orgasm. Now she knew what it felt like to have her insides truly rearranged.

Beside her, Juniper grunted and moaned into her ear. Her face was equally glazed over with a trail of drool dribbling all over the sheets. A pair of hands were wrapped around her throat. It felt like an eternity of pleasure had passed when Rowan felt her insides growing warm.

She looked up at Olivia, who was still saying things she couldn’t comprehend, but her cheeks were flushed a deep red. Like during her blowjob, Olivia’s cum kept coming and coming. Some spurted out from her with each thrust. When she finished, Olivia slipped out and rammed it up her ass.

With her cock coated in so much cum, it slipped in easily. Rowan squirmed again, clawing at the sheets. She wasn’t sure how loud or desperately she was moaning. Olivia let go of one of her legs and rub at Rowan’s clit. Their mistress was going all out tonight, and Rowan was loving it. This time when Olivia came, Rowan swore she could see her stomach inflate slightly.

Now completely filled with her cum in every hole, Olivia slid out and stroked her cock fast. She blew another few loads all over Rowan, showering her with cum. It got in her eyes and hair. She felt a large load splat across her stomach and between her breasts. Next to her, she could feel some of Talia’s cum as she did the same to Juniper.

The two witches sat back and let out a long, satisfied sigh. Juniper collapsed face-first next to her, still twitching. No one spoke as they all panted, trying to catch their breath. Eventually, Olivia smiled at her and rubbed at her overfilled pussy. She said something, but Rowan still couldn’t understand, though she thought she heard the word ‘bimbo’ from Talia.

Olivia and Talia got up and headed for the stairs, leaving Rowan and Juniper still panting and twitching on the bed. Exhausted, yet content, Rowan drifted off to sleep where she dreamt of her mistress still fucking her.

It wasn’t until it was dark out that Rowan stirred awake. Juniper had moved over to her and fell asleep with her face against Rowan’s breasts, which looked as though the cum between them had been licked off. The shorter woman felt warm and sticky, though Rowan was probably just as sticky. Her hair was matted down where the cum had dried and some of Olivia’s continued to dribble out of her.

Rowan smiled tiredly and patted Juniper’s matted hair. They’d need a long bath together after that. By the staircase, Rowan heard footsteps climbing up. She tried to sit up to see who it was and winced. Olivia had really done a number on her.

“You all right, little one?” Olivia walked over to the bed with a tray of warm tea.

She nodded and fought through the pain to force herself upright. Their mistress handed her a cup, which she drank gratefully. Its gentle warmth soothed her. She tried to ask where Talia was, but all that came out were unintelligible sounds.

“Aw,” Olivia cooed and stroked Rowan’s cheek affectionately, “sounds like someone’s mind isn’t back in order yet. Give it some time. I have a nice warm bath prepared for you two downstairs.”

Rowan scootched to the edge. Took another sip before handing it back and got up. Then immediately stumbled on the first step. Luckily Olivia was there to catch her. “You need some help? I didn’t realize how much I hurt you.”

Their mistress looked worried. Rowan grinned happily and shook her head. That night had been amazing. She hurt, but it was worth it. Rowan limped towards the stairs, trying to hide her winces. Olivia chuckled and sat next to Juniper to gently rub her back.

It took effort, but Rowan managed to make it down the stairs and into the bath on her own. Her body relaxed in the water. The warmth soothed her muscles that ached from squirming so much. A moment later, Olivia walked in naked with a drowsy Juniper cradled in her arms.

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