The Full Service Literary Agent

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My first submission so please be gentle with me! I’d love feedback! Let me know what you think!


Celia Harris had been Tommy’s agent since he published his first fiction novel. She loved the book and Tommy was lauded as the next big author. There was talk of screenplays and sequels. His advances for his second book were in the six figure range. But he didn’t produce. She would ask him for a sample chapter and she got nothing or a piece of drivel that no one would pay a nickel for let alone make a movie with. She couldn’t figure it out.

After about six months she decided to have a heart to heart with him. She went to his condo which had a great view of the Philadelphia skyline. It was the perfect quiet place to write. After he invited her in and offered her a drink, she looked him over. Tommy was a handsome enough guy, he was around six feet, with short well-groomed blond hair. He had a little bit of a stomach from too much drinking but he had powerful shoulders and the exceptional ability to use his dark blue eyes to glance into your soul. He didn’t blink but could stare at you until you either smiled uncomfortably or looked away. He seemed to enjoy that part, as if it were a game.

After some mild banter about books and the weather she got down to it. “What the hell happened Tom?” she asked. “Your writing has gone from something I could sell in my sleep to something that would put readers to sleep,” she tried to laugh it off but he could tell she said what she meant.

He looked at her for the first time uncomfortably. She hadn’t seen him look away and wondered what the problem was. “Ever since she left I can’t get anything done,” he said while looking toward the ground. When who left, Celia asked. “My slut,” he replied. Now Celia took a big gulp of the scotch he had poured her. “I am a sex addict and if I don’t have someone to, well to, you know, to fuck, then I just can’t work,” he sighed. The words registered but he said them as if she would understand this everyday problem. She had dealt with crazy artsy types before but he was the first to just blatantly say it.

Now Celia was left trying to figure it out. “So you just need to get laid?” she asked. “yes,” he replied,” I just constantly need to get laid.” Otherwise he just sits and surfs porn, stroking his cock until completion and then trying to get focused back on his work before the next need strikes, he explained.

Celia thought it through. He was really gifted and she could do VERY well if he continued to do his job. So how the hell would she do it? A hooker? That could be way too expensive. She had to figure it out. Hell, he was attractive and she knew she was a bit on the slutty side but didn’t know if fucking him would be such a great idea. Still, she had a few of his drinks and started to feel bad for him. She asked to see where he worked.

As soon as she entered his office it smelled of semen. There was a hardwood floor and plenty Maltepe Escort of shelves full of books. On the table in front of a leather couch was a stack of hardcore porn magazines, she could tell from the glossy pages with pictures of naked blond women with huge tits adorning the cover. The smell of cum just hung in the air. She could almost taste the salty seed just by walking into the room. He had a few monitors behind his wood desk. One, she could see, had a word processor open on it. The other was a larger monitor and he didn’t even try to hide the fact that he had been streaming some pretty wild porn. On the screen was a young blond woman on her hands and knees on a tan couch. She had on very sexy thigh highs of white lace and high heeled red fuck-me heels on. There was a good looking blond male behind her burying his eight inch cock inside the blond’ s tight ass. The screen was large and the images were striking. Tommy’s eyes immediately were glued to the screen and Celia began to feel a little drip of wetness developing between her thighs.

She tried to make a coughing sound as if to get his attention. He simply sat down in his black ventilated office chair and watched the action on the screen. “Tommy,” she whispered quietly,” Shouldn’t we talk about your book?” He didn’t even look away. “I can’t right now, why don’t you wait in the other room, I need to try to release some pressure,” he said and she could tell he was breathing a little heavier. He was facing away from her but she could tell he was rubbing his manhood through his tight jeans.

At this point, Celia doesn’t know what came over her. Whether it was the booze, her desire for him to succeed so that she could succeed or her feelings from college coming back out in full slut like force. Back in school she had been a total cumslut. She hadn’t met a cock she didn’t love and had a taste for cum. She loved to see it, to taste it and to feel it on her skin. It had been years since she felt those urges, since she became an adult and tried to keep them buried but now they were fighting to come back up. She needed him and she wanted to please him right now. Now more than she had ever wanted a man’s cock in her life, she needed his.

As she stood back watching him slowly rub himself, she could hear the quiet sound of his zipper and she knew he figured that he was alone. She stood still behind him and slowly reached beneath her tight white skirt and into her red lace panties. They were damp from wetness at the images on the screen, the woman was getting rammed now steadily in her asshole, the guy leaned forward and told her how much he loved fucking her tight ass and how he couldn’t wait for her to suck his cock and take his load all over her pretty face. The woman on the screen whimpered loudly and the man’s words clearly pushed Tommy on in his stroking. It also led Celia to slide her finger along her wet slit until it touched her now engorged clit. A moan Ümraniye Escort escaped her lips when she realized that Tommy had spun his chair around. He was stroking his very thick eight inch cock while staring right at Celia.

What the hell, she thought, I am all about client service and I desperately need his cock. “Why don’t you let me help Tom,” she said looking straight at his stiff cock. She walked over and as she moved her high black heels clicked on his wood floor. He looked down, still stroking his shaft and saw that she had begun pushing her panties down her legs. She kicked them off as she knelt down in front of him. He kept stroking while she smiled and began to unbutton her white matching blouse. Underneath was a nice white lace bra that kept her perfectly fake 38 DD’s in place. She loved showing off her fake tits, loved the way guys responded. His eyes rolled down her chest and she smiled knowing the effect. A bit of his precum glistened on his shaft as he stroked. She pulled off her blouse and pulled her tits out from the underwire so they were pushed up by the tight bra.

On her way to her knees she had pushed up her skirt so she had full access to her sopping wetness. Her finger found its spot and began running along her folds, slipping in every once in a while. He stared at her body and she smiled. “You like this don’t you Tommy?” He nodded his head, his hand not stopping its motion up and down his now engorged cock. “You need a slut like me so that you can cum all over us like the whore on the screen huh?” She motioned to the blond slut who was now on her knees like Celia but had her mouth wrapped around the actors stiff prick. Celia moaned again as she watched the screen and now plunged a few fingers into her wet hole.

Tommy seemed more energized watching his agent on her knees with her perfect tits out and playing with her pussy for his delight. He stroked harder. Celia looked over at him and smiled, she moved her red painted lips toward his cock, and he inhaled deeply as he could feel her breath on his wet cum covered shaft. She opened her mouth and her perfect little tongue slid out and licked just the tip of his cockhead, just enough to pull a little bit of his cum in a string toward her lips. She sucked the juice into her mouth and never took her eyes off of his. The taste was one she knew so well. She loved the taste and the feel of the hot white liquid and knew now that she would be feeling more of it from now on. “Do you like it when you can cum on your own personal whore Tommy?” she asked in her sluttiest voice. Again, he could only nod his head and stare at her body. She was his agent and he had thought about her sexually but never thought that she could be such an amazing slut. Damn he needed to cum. “Do you want to cum all over me like the fucking dirty whore that I am Tommy?” She slid another finger into her pulsing snatch. She was a squirter and she knew that as turned on as she was İstanbul Escort now, she was going to make a mess of his floor. “I’m going to cum all over your floor Tommy and then, I need your cum on my face and tits. I need you to blow your jizz all over my fucking body.” She said breathlessly as she could feel her hands speed up and the feeling inside of her pussy began to pulse through her entire body. He kept staring and stroking, but he slowed down to watch, he didn’t want to cum until he watched her as he could tell this was going to be a good one to see.

Celia sat back on her high heels so that he could see her fingers buried in her pussy and her other hand now was playing with her left tit. She stroked her nipple and licked her fingers before stroking it again. Her eyes never left his although his wandered all over her now gyrating body. She was sweating and the sounds of her moist pussy echoed through his study. She began to moan louder and her eyes closed as she felt the amazing climax begin in her clit and mount from inside of her cunt. She began to shutter and scream as her pussy began to pulse and the liquid stream of girl cum just poured out across her hand and onto the floor. She continued to finger her slit until the feeling and the stream stopped. Her hand still playing with her tit and her eyes, now open staring at him as she came down from this amazing climax. It had been years since she came that much she thought.

“Now it’s your turn stud,” she smiled” cover me with cum. Make me your fucking slut.” He began stroking now in earnest as she got back onto her knees and inched her face and tits toward his shaft. She kept looking into his eyes while she held both of her tits in her hands, presenting them as waiting targets for his load. His breathing was intense now as she begged for his cum. Make me your whore Tommy, she urged him. “Give me your cum all over my face and tits,” she begged, “I need to feel your jizz and make me feel like your total worthless fucking cum slut whore.” Now pinching her nipples as his stroking became furious. He kept his eyes trained on her as the very first stream exploded from the end of his shaft. Pulse after pulse of his hot seed poured across her cheek and began dripping down onto her perfect tits.

She was moaning now, in heaven as the liquid landed shot after shot on her face and tits. She reached up after the spurting jizz slowed down and began rubbing his cockhead all over her cheeks and lips, taking a second to open her mouth to let her tongue slide across the tip of his cock, watching him shutter as she teased his now deflating shaft. He sat back in his chair as she began reaching up to rub his cum into her round tits and across her nipples. She reached up onto her face and scooped a few lengths of his ropy cum and slid them into her waiting mouth. He smiled and kept stroking his now shrinking cock. She looked up at him and said, “now that we know I can help you, we can find a way to work on that book?” She knew that she would spend some time in his office and more time on her knees for him. Her pussy and ass would be his, she realized. And she smiled knowing that this would become one hell of an agent client relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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