The Gym

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It was two o’clock in the morning and my sleep was troubled. My dreams were clouded with distorted images, sexual tension that could not be relieved. For some reason my body was on fire and my mind floated restlessly in and out of a deep seated desire for the feel of a woman pressed against me. I finally gave up and decided the thing I needed was to exhaust my body, perhaps replacing the physical need for a woman with the fatigue that a good workout provides. Substituting one drug for another.

I got my gym clothes on- tight athletic supporter, grey, loose fitting shorts, and matching tank top. Not the most alluring of clothing, but I was not going to the gym to look good. Physical release is what I craved. The snugness of the athletic supporter actually felt somewhat erotic, firmly caressing the hardness of my still engorged manhood against my lower belly. I must somehow get these thoughts out of my mind, I said to myself.

I packed a clean set of clothing in my gym bag and set out. I was thankful that I chose to purchase a membership with a gym that stays open twenty-four-seven.

Ten minutes later I arrive at the gym. I was amazed that there were actually two other people there, in addition to the attendant; a sleepy looking guy who was watching TV on a miniature set he had apparently brought from home and barely acknowledged my entrance to the place. The other person was a vague presence back in the corner. The only sign of their existence was the distant occasion clang of barbells against each other.

I put my gear in the cubby and set out to find the treadmill that I like to use, in the approximate middle of the workout floor. The person in the corner of the gym appeared to be a woman, about thirty years old, just-below-the-should-length hair that was full of curls and shook in a mass as she went about her routine. She was apparently just getting started with her routine. I noticed her right away… medium height…thin build but with nice arms, strong shoulders and muscular legs. She glanced at me, barely acknowledging my presence and returned to her workout. I set the treadmill and went to work.

I caught glimpses of her in the mirror in front of me, and noticed that every so often, she would pause between workouts and look in my direction. My blood pressure was rising steadily with the intensity of my walking as my brow grew damp and the signs of my exertion began to show in a darkening line down the back of my shirt. My shoulders began to glisten and my mind began to wander. Through my accelerated breath and quickening pulse our eyes met every now and again when I would look in her direction. The tension that had formed in my muscles during my restless sleeping began to transform from frustration to a blind anticipation…

As I finished my work on the treadmill, I decided that I needed to move to the free-weights as well. She was beginning her chest workout on the incline bench and had difficulty in completing her first set, struggling with the last repetition. I moved over to the bench next to her where the dumbells are and selected the ones I needed to do my routine.

I said to her “It looks like you were having a little trouble there… would you like a spot?”

She replied “Sure… I could really use some help…” and smiled at me with a look that I only dared to think provocative. Up close she was stunning…a wonderful Italian face with deep blue eyes and ready smile with lips to make a man think of things he shouldn’t. “just let me know when you are ready.” I replied. ” I am ready now.” And she smiled that smile again.

She readied herself, arms outspread and hands on the bar. My eyes went instinctively Maltepe Escort to her breasts, nipples noticeably erect. She noticed the path of my eyes but made no efforts to cover herself. I straddled her torso in order to more effectively assist her in the exercise. Now it was her turn…her eyes immediately were attracted to my shorts, lingering there and traveling up my torso to come eventually to rest in my eyes. I smiled sheepishly and said “You ready?” she nodded sharply in reply.

She moved the bar smoothly up and down several times to four, and her breathing became more sharp. She began breathing coarsly through pursed lips, her eyes fixed straight ahead of her, directly even with the waistband of my shorts. I could feel the air escaping her lips, and it caused my manhood to grow… I could feel her rythmic breathing with each and every thrust upward of the bar. I was visibly hard now, and her gaze remained steady. Upon her last struggling attempt to push the bar upward, she looked up and into my eyes again.

I helped her to return the bar to its rack, and she said “that was really hard.” I replied “Yeah, it is. But it looks like you handled it pretty well.” She just smiles and looked into my eyes again.

“Well” I said “Time for me to hit the showers.”

“Hey thanks for the spot. I really appreciate it.” she said

“No,” I replied “Thank you.” and I turned and walked towards the mens’ locker room. This certainly did not help the sexual tension that I had come here to escape, but I was not one to complain. After having retrieved my things from the cubby, I disrobed in the locker room, got my towel and went into the large tiled room that has six shower heads, three on each side wall. I unconsciously chose the one farthest from the doorway for privacy and turned on the hot water.

The warmth of the water was wonderful after the workout. I was intensely aroused after the scene with the young lady on the bench press, so I was still erect. I began to soap my body thoroughly and used the soap to lubricate as I stroked the length of my penis, sending shivers of intense pleasure through my body as my fingers touched that special spot just under the head. I was savoring the sensations of this and the hot water running down my back, oblivious to everything. My eyes closed, I reached up to get more soap, and began running it through my hair, washing my face and chest, my back now turned to the door.

As I was washing my body, in a sudden rush of sensation I felt one incredibly soft and talented hand form around the shaft of my penis, a body press against my back and a soft cooing voice say “hello there… don’t turn around… just relax…”. Her hand moved expertly up and down on me, touching me in just the perfect way, sending me quickly into ecstacy. I could feel her body pressing against my back, her workout clothes getting soaked in the process. Her hand continued its incredible ministrations, as her other hand began to massage my buttocks, allowing the soap to lubricate her movements, her fingers rubbing me in places that were bringing me close to the brink. Her hand moving faster and faster now, my mind reeling, my breath coming in short gasps, her fingers pausing every so slightly to massage the head of my erection. I began to moan, feeling the inevitability of my orgasm… her quickening her pace so perfectly, her other hand moving between my cheeks and pressing, pressing, pushing me into a teeth-numbing orgasm as my moans echo off of the tile walls, drowned out only by the sound of the steaming water as I come, my juices flowing freely into her hand and onto my belly.

She stands quietly behind me, still İstanbul Escort with my hardness in her hand, gently caressing me. I reach behind and feel her, pull her closer to me, allowing the hot water to wash the stickiness from my torso.

I turn and face her. Without speaking, I pull her top off and hang it on the nob of the shower controls. I remove her bra, allowing the fleshy mounds of her breast freedom. I kneel before her and pull her shorts down to her ankles, then her panties. She is now as naked as I. I guide her so that the stream of the shower engulfs her, rinsing the sweat from her hair, her face, her body. Removing any trace of makeup and straightening her curly hair into a long trail running down between her shouldblades. Now from the back, get soap on my hands and begin to lather her body, beginning with her shoulders, her ribs, her lower back and her tummy. My hand glide smoothly over her skin, lubricated by the soap and the hot water. My hands move under her arms, massaging her muscles and move to her breasts. Her body feels incredible under my touch, cupping her breasts and massaging her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, sending shivers up her back causing her to press back against me.

I now turn off the shower and move her to the sauna that is connected to the men’s locker room. We have the entire place to ourselves, but the attendant could come in at any time, so there is some risk of getting caught. This fact only serves to intensify the electricity between us. I bring along a towel and we enter the sauna. The blast of 200 degree air as we close the door makes both our skin tingle and come alive. We feel every nerve ending, every synapse in our brains firing at maximum capacity.

I spread the towel over the upper bench and she sits, facing me, legs spread slightly. I look at her and take her in, my eyes roving over every inch of her. Her dark, erect nipples, her knees and beyond the darkness of her womanhood. I kneel on the lower bench in front of her, between her knees and gently part them. “It’s my turn now.” I say, as I move myself towards her and she leans back, her head and upper back supported by the smooth wood wall. The wood is hot beneath me and my hands burn when I support myself, but this increases the sensuality of the moment somehow. I begin to kiss her upper thigh and trace my way down to her calf, tasting the water from the shower, already beginning to turn to sweat.

She takes my head in her hands, and pulls me towards her. We kiss now for the first time, our mouths meeting and tongues eagerly search for one another, tasting the other in an electric sensation. My mouth moves downward now, to her neck, her collarbone, her shoulder. She is becoming more aroused now, moaning lightly and pushing gently down on my shoulders, pushing me to where she wants me to go. My mouth finds the outer curve of her breast, biting lightly, making a trail of nibbles, following a circular pattern and eventually centering on her nipple. I suck harder as she moans her approval. My hands now supported on each side of her hip, my mouth finding her tummy, her bellybutton, pausing there to lick the growing sweat. My mouth moving southward now to the line of her pubic hair, kissing and leaving wet trails on the skin of her lower belly, the bone of her hip, moving ever downward.

I repositioned myself so that I could access her more completely, kneeling in front of her, her thighs on my shoulders, my hands on her waist. I bend her legs upward so that they are almost touching her breasts. I lick the insides and undersides of her thighs, moving in slow circles, taking time to make sure that every inch Anadolu Yakası Escort is covered in nibbles, kisses, licks both light and full. My tongue moves in long movements from her nether regions to the center of her bliss, a moan escaping her lips with each pass of my tongue. He ankles come together on the center of my back as she pulls my mouth deeper into her with both her hands on my head and her feet. Her breath quickens, and I can taste the flow of her juices on my tongue, the smell sending me into an intoxication that only this experience can provide. He belly begins to quiver and her legs move inward and outward, her hand moves to her own hair. I look up to see her head turned slightly, lips parted, eyes closed, she whispers a moan “oooohhh… I am coming…please lick me deeper, oh please don’t stop… I…am…coming…” and with this her hips buck forward against my mouth and I concentrate on licking her clit rapidly with the tip of my tongue and she lets one a last, low moan, trying in vain to stifle her echoing moans…

She pulls me up to her and kisses me deeply, greedily tasting her juices on my lips, licking my mouth like a popsicle. We look intensely into each others eyes, and I take her hand. We stand together and wrap our arms around each other. The sensation of her breasts against my chest and my hardness pressed against the firm softness of her belly in heady.

We kiss again, feeling as though every square inch of our flesh is touching the other. She turns and kneels on the bench, the heat now taking its toll on us. I am beginning to feel dizzy with the heat, but not wanting to stop, savoring the sensation again. She bends, placing her hands on the upper bench in front of her and thrusts her beautiful rear end towards me. “Now. Take me NOW.” I place a hand on each of her buttock, and kiss her, licking full from her glistening outer lips to the dark crevice of her nether region, sending shivers through her and eliciting a loud moan.

“NOW, I said NOW!”

Not one to deny a woman her pleasure, I move my self behind her. I rub the head of my engorged hardness over her rearend, pushing slightly, then sliding downward to her waiting wetness. Pushing forward only an inch, and moving back out. Pushing in again another, then pulling to out nearly to the point of withdrawal, but not quite. She pushes hard back against me, sliding against the entire length of me, and we both moan in deep satisfaction. We begin to move together in unison, her thrusts meeting mine. She raises her body even with mine, reaching over her shoulder to pull my mouth to her neck. I find the hard muscle of her neck, biting lightly. I then find her earlobe, and gently nibble there, still moving in rhythm with her backward thrusts. She leans down again, now quickening her movements in earnest.

A long gutteral moan escapes her lips her body begins to shake again, pushing backward again with a force that nearly causes me to ball backward. I have her hips firmly in my hands now and push myself forcefully into her. Our pace quickens to a frenzy. My head spins with the heat of the sauna and my eyes begin to dim as I feel the rush and inevitable pulsing of my cock in side of her. Her voice raises now, and our bodies become a hot, wet blur of simultaneous movement. My body is out of my control now, as hers has become out of her control. I push myself deeply inside of her and feel her contract around me. My mind bursts into a thousand colors of light as I empty my come deep inside her womb and she lets out a stifled scream as she comes at the same time.

As I stand there, still inside her, holding onto her, I wonder if I am going to lose consciousness. She contracts around me again and the sensation is incredible, causing the momentary blackness to recede. I pull out of her causing another low gutteral moan.

We pull apart and look at each other again. We both say, simultaneously “I am SO thirsty!” and we laugh together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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