The Job Interview

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Big Tits

They stare at each other as she enters his office for her interview. He stands to greet her. She is wearing a sexy tight-fitting red dress. It low v-neck shows her ample cleavage, and round ass. He is wearing a grey pinstripe suit pants, shirt and tie, his jacket slung over the back of the chair. They don’t waste any time as he moves behind her to close the door. He knows what he wants, and she is more than willing to give it to him. She was already wet from the first moment their eyes met in the hallway as she entered the building.

HE: I lift your dress up and bend you over my desk.

SHE: “Fuck me hard,” I beg as I lean over, my legs spread apart.

HE: Grabbing your hair and pushing my hardness into you hard as I slap your ass and pull your hips to me.

SHE: I am so wet that you can easily fuck me fast and hard, I moan every time you penetrate me, enjoying it so much.

HE: I pull out and turn you around so you’re sitting on my desk facing me with your legs wide open. I kneel down and bury my face in your wetness licking up and down your inner thighs.

SHE: The more you lick, the wetter I become; my cum all over your face.

HE: Pushing two then three fingers in you, fucking you with them while I suck on your hard clit.

SHE: I moan and squirm with every feeling of pleasure.

HE: My tongue goes deep inside you licking and sucking all over your pussy I can’t wait anymore. I come up and kiss you hard pushing my cock inside you again at the same time.

SHE: I can taste myself on your lips as we kiss. The teasing and building pleasure overwhelm me as I orgasm and coat your cock in my cum. You feel your cock getting soaked as I moan loudly and shudder.

HE: I feel my own orgasm building now with your cumming.

SHE: You slow down a bit, forcing me to press my hips against you, circling my pussy on your cock. I press against you hard, wrap my legs around your waist and pull you against me.

HE: Pre cum oozes out followed by my cock jerking and growing inside of you.

SHE: I can tell you are close to cumming, I orgasm for a second time.

HE: Finally I moan as cum shoots so deep inside your pussy, my cock spasming over and over.

SHE: I grab you and pull you close to hold you Escort İstanbul while you finish releasing your fluids inside of me.

HE: Mmm we kiss deeply again as we both catch our breath. Have a seat on my couch. Tell me why you want this job while you play with your pussy for me.

SHE: I want this job because I like taking orders from you. I want to provide you some play time in between work (makes you more efficient). I want to be able to have sex during work and I know I can do that here. Also I can masturbate under my desk while I am on the phone.

HE: Show me how you masturbate. I want to watch.

SHE: I start moving my left hand up my abdomen towards my breasts, as my right hand trails down to my pussy.

HE: I sit on the edge of my desk to watch.

SHE: I am lying against the armrest of your couch with one leg bent on top of it, the other stretched towards the floor.

HE: I look into your eyes then I glance to your breasts seeing your nipples harden to your touch.

SHE: My fingers circle my areola and then pinch the nipple as they circle.

HE: You see my cock start to move slightly to semi-hardness again.

SHE: The desire to fuck you begins taking over again, my horniness increasing as I stare at your growing hardness. The fingers on my other hand are gently stroking the outside of my pussy, trailing some wetness with them.

HE: My gaze moves to your pussy.

SHE: Having you watch me, stirs me even more.

HE: Smiling as my cock hardens even more.

SHE: My fingers move into my pussy lips, stroking up and down from my clit to my vagina.

HE: I lick my lips as I watch.

SHE: Slightly moving my hips into my touch.

HE: My cock is fully hard now pointing up between my legs. I resist the urge to stroke it and continue to look to your eyes and all over your body.

SHE: I have the strong desire to attack you, sending you to the floor and taking you. Wanting you badly, knowing how good you feel from just moments before. I resist this desire as I can tell that I am really turning you on.

HE: I tell you to rub your clit with your fingers.

SHE: I like it when you tell me what to do, so I quickly oblige. I put the pads of my first two fingers İstanbul Escort Bayan and exert slight pressure and friction on my clit. I pause briefly to insert my fingers once inside me to spread the moisture on my clit.

HE: Now I can’t resist touching my hard cock, rubbing underneath it as I stare at your pussy.

SHE: I increase the speed of which I am touching myself, as it feels better and better.

HE: I tell you to rub some of your wetness on your nipples.

SHE: I return my gaze to your cock in your grip as this turns me on even more. As I continue to rub my clit, I insert two of my fingers from the other hand into my pussy.

HE: I stroke back and forth increasing speed as I watch.

SHE: I insert them three or four times, getting a rise out of myself. Still moaning, I remove my fingers and return them to my tits rubbing my wetness on my breasts and around my nipples. You can see the trail of the wetness as the light glistens off of it. I smile as I feel so good and enjoy watching you pleasure yourself while thinking about me, mmm. I reinsert my two fingers, keeping them inside moving them around.

HE: I just so happen to have a vibrator in my drawer so I reach into it and toss it to the couch next to you (always prepared).

SHE: My wetness increases as I look over to the cock shaped vibrator lying next to me. I remove my fingers from my cunt, bringing them to my face. I smell them and trace the outside of my lips with them, before seductively inserting them into my mouth. I suck them briefly to extract the taste; the taste is mildly sweet and refreshing. I finish by running my tongue around them while they are outside of my mouth to finish cleaning them off. I use them to reach down and pick up the newly introduced toy. I leave the vibrator off as I bring it towards my face, I teasingly lick the head of it while glancing briefly at your cock.

HE: My cock jumps a little in anticipation.

SHE: I close my eyes as I pretend it is your cock in front of my face. My tongue and lips licking and kissing the entire shaft before taking the tip into my mouth. I reinsert it, sucking it, in my mouth several times.

HE: So hard to not reach out there and touch you but I hold back and Anadolu Yakası Escort stroke faster.

SHE: I remove it from my mouth and lightly drag it across my tits, down my abdomen on top of my mound. I move it around lightly outside of me. With one hand I stroke and part my pussy lips, pressing the vibrator inside of my lips, inserting just the tip inside of me to get it wet with my cum. I start to slide it up and down my lips as the finger on my other hand circles my clit.

HE: I start to squeeze just the head of my cock, pulling it and caressing my balls.

SHE: Mmmm… I stare at you touching yourself and imagine that head teasing me as the vibrator does. I turn the vibrator on, low at first. My eyes still fixated on your rock hard cock.

HE: Stroking faster now under your gaze.

SHE: I pass the side of the vibrator against my clit, moving it up and down my lips, intermittently rubbing against my clit.

HE: I stand up now as I take in your whole body about two feet away from you. I let go of my cock, it sticks out toward you. I step closer slowly as I watch you rubbing the vibrator over your clit.

SHE: My hips thrusting towards you, desiring you even closer.

HE: I move closer to you my cock is now inches from your face.

SHE: I move my face towards it as my lips touch the head of your hard cock, kissing it with my soft lips.

HE: I caress your breast as my cock rubs against your lips.

SHE: I push the vibrator deep inside of me. I let a moan out and take your cock inside of my mouth my one hand guides your cock, while the other moves the vibrator in and out of me.

HE: I am so turned on from watching you that I can feel another orgasm building.

SHE: I suck your cock as I guide it in and out of my mouth stroking it as it penetrates my mouth.

HE: My eyes move back and forth from your mouth on my cock to the vibrator in your pussy. Cock hardening I start to move it faster in and out of your mouth.

SHE: I start to cum, fucking myself harder as I orgasm. HE: As I hear you moaning over my cock, my cum starts to shoot, filling your mouth with a load. Some dripping out onto your chest.

SHE: I swallow as your cock spasms in my mouth. I suck it a few more times as it starts to soften.

HE: My knees go weak as I release tension.

SHE: My body gets numb with relaxation.

HE: I sit down next to you on the couch and I reach out to kiss you. Lips and tongues together. I taste my saltiness on your tongue.

I think you’re hired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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