The Kitten and the Cop

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So once upon a time there was a very, very smart sexy female. She took care of herself and didn’t take shit from anyone.

Her tongue was as sharp as her claws.

Occasionally the kitten would get into a little bit of trouble and happened to run into a rugged smartass cop.

He was immediately drawn to her personality, she was a challenge. He was also drawn to her incredibly sexy smile and gorgeous eyes.

He couldn’t believe how some snarky comment from her sexy lips would make his body heat and cock twitch in his jeans. He tested his power out on her a few times and could see her body respond.

He could see the kitten visibly respond when her soft cotton t-shirt would show her nipples peek through. Sometimes when she was working he would do it on purpose.

Once he knew she was the only one for him, he went after her like she was America’s Most Wanted.

One night after work, he borrowed a beat cops patrol car and waited outside the club to follow her home.

She looked like she was thinking about something as he watched her walk from the building to her car. As soon as she pulled out of the parking lot he pulled behind her, trailing her. When they had reached the deserted stretch of road he flipped his lights on.

Pulling his cap down low on his head, he flipped the high beams on and waited for her to come to a complete stop. His body already on edge with energy bouncing off his skin. She would belong to him.

He slowly approached her window and asked for the standard identification. She hadn’t recognized him yet and that made this all the more of a game.

She handed him the information he requested and started to inquire as to why she was pulled over. He knew she had a dumbass customer spill a drink on her so İstanbul Escort he played that up. “Ms. Campos I need you to step outta the car for me.”

She hesitated but since she hadn’t done anything wrong, only protested a little bit. She had been trying to stay out of trouble in this town so why fuck with the cops.

As soon as she got out she caught his scent and a glimpse of his face. Damn, he thought, games just been upped a step. He quickly spun her around and grabbed her wrists so her breast were pressed against her car and her ask against him.

His body pressed closer and he whispered into her ear. “You are too sexy to be alone. Too hot to have all these clothes on and baby, I need to make sure you aren’t drinking and driving.”

With that he spun her around and caught a smirk play across her lips. His body responded and his shaft throbbed behind his zipper. “I’m gonna use the new Breathalyzer machine, hope you don’t mind” and he bent down and kissed her lips, opening them slowly and taking in her warm breath. His tongue broke the border and scraped across her teeth. A growl escaped him and continued into her mouth.

Her arms went around his neck as he continued to stroke her mouth with his tongue. His hands went to her hips and pulled her to the opposite side of the cars and back to the hidden blackness offered by the patrol car.

He pushed her back against the car and dropped to his knees in the gravel. He popped the button on her jeans and kissed the soft skin that had been hidden by the material. He kissed from her left hipbone across to her right, grazing her skin with his teeth.

Leaving his knees to a crouching position, he kissed his way up her stomach, his hands lifting her shirt with each row Escort Bayan of kisses. Teasing her lace covered breasts, he reached behind and broke the clasp of her bra, freeing her supple breasts.

Without a beat lost he had her nipple moistened and teased to a point with his flattened tongue.

He moved to the other side repeating the action as his hand slid into the front of her jeans and between the junction of her thighs.

It was wet and inviting. He could barely contain his own desire as his hands moved to inch her jeans down her hips. Once to her ankles, he dropped again to his knees to remove her boots and slide her jeans the remainder of the way off.

He ran the palm of his hands up and down her thighs and around to her ass. Spreading her legs gently he placed his mouth on the outside of her wet panties and sucked the material into his mouth tasting the sweet nectar her body had released.

He could hear her breath catch and some words escape but he kept going. His finger slid beneath the material as his mouth continued to work the covered mound. Silky hotness covered his first finger and then a second, with the third he softly purred into his kitten’s pussy and ripped the material away.

The material split at the seam but still hung from her hips. He flicked his tongue against her clit once twice and followed with a long swipe from the flattened tip. His tongue slid easily between the folds as he explored the warmth and wetness. His fingers thrust slowly at first then speeding up with the response from her hips. He sucked and grazed her clit and heard his name. That was it.

He stood up, kissed her hard on her full lips and spun her around. His hands moved to his own jeans and tore the buttons open letting Eskort them fall to his ankles.

One hand returned to teasing her swollen nub the other stroked his engorged shaft, stroking it to ease some of the throbbing before placing the thick head at her entrance.

His mouth kissed his kittens shoulder and up to her ear. “Kitten? Please baby?” She thrust her ass back into him.

His hand slid up her back and gently pushed her downward. His hands moved to her hips and he entered her from behind in a fluid thrust.

Both of them cried out into the darkness with pleasure from the motion. He continued to pump into her tight pussy. Her body welcomed his every move. He leaned forward kissing along her shoulders and cupping her breasts, kneading the full mounds.

He pinched and tugged at her nipples as his cock rocked in-between her thighs. She let out a soft purring noise that forced his to speed up. Her breath quickened and her nails raked across the patrol car.

Pulling out, he turned her again and wrapped her legs around his waist as he entered her again. His mouth assaulted hers in a furious kiss. “Kitten come for me. Come hard for me baby.” His hand reached for the bundle of nerves and his thumb teased with small circles as he fucked her hard against the patrol car.

Her nails marked his shoulders and she cried out before sinking her teeth into his shoulder. He held out until she was done and at the last moment, she screamed into his shoulder, heat coating his cock and her muscled walls teasing out his own orgasm.

Together rolled with energy, their bodies pulsed with power from the intensity of their orgasm.

He pulled his shirt off and slowly pulled out of her saturated center. Wiping her off and pulling up her jeans before cleaning himself and pulling up his jeans.

He brushed her hair back and cupped her cheeks pulling her in for a slow passionate kiss. “I’ll see you at home baby.” He walked her back to her car and followed her to their place to enjoy her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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